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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Robert and Kristen- I Love How You Love Her

Yeah, I know...
Intrusive Paparazzi Pic.
But it has Thomas
With a beard...
all scrunchy and cute.
And it has Kristen
 squished up next to Robert
all smirky and cute.
(She is next to Robert, after all... heh)
And last but not least...
It has Robert.
Need I say more?
Didn't think so.

Yes. More paparazzi pictures.
Let's face it...
90% of the pictures we see of Robert/Kristen
are taken by people who stalk them for money.
I've discussed this before...
But I won't go on any self righteous soap box
about using the pictures.
Of course there should be LAWS against how they get some of the pictures.
The double edged sword analogy again.

The reason I posted the above picture of Robert 



(and lookie there... he still looks annoyed!
And no Kristen in sight. Imagine that!)


I'm trying to be all nice and shit today...
(No Foam Talk)
So I won't even venture into the 


At least not for today.

Pretty Ridiculous
Pathetic Ramblings
Progressive Rabies
Psychotic Ranting
Or not.

Just one thing...

Promoting a movie that hasn't even been made.
That won't be out for another year.
Impressive dedication.

Positively Rolling in the aisles

Robert is TWIRLING!

So much to TWIRL about...



All the lights are on...
But I'm afraid it is a dim bulb...
So they can't see very well.
And they are SO angry right now.

On that note...
I laugh.

Because I'm incredibly giddy and happy today.
I have been for a while now.
But my face is all smiley right now.

Be Happy.

It's more fun than foaming!!!


This post is brought to you by the letters *R* and *K*

I love him
I love him with Kristen.
I love that he loves Kristen.

I love her.
I love her with Robert.
I love that she loves Robert.

And keep smirking...
You have every reason on EARTH to smirk.
I'm smirking with you.

Bye for now


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Anonymous said...


Rose, I'm sick of the hate. It's disgusting. On that site, and before anyone starts - I'm not causing trouble whatsoever. I've come across this hate, from Rob's fan site.

Right at the bottom of the page:
"I can't wait until they break up. I'm sick of this couple."
"ME TOO. it's going to be a great day when it happens." just why, as a Rob fan, would you wish for them to break up?? As any fan, why wish for them to break up?

Break ups involve unhappiness, hurt, and a whole lot of recovery unless your stuck feeling something too deep for a long long time. Let me know I'm making some sense. I'm finding it extremely odd they call themselves fans. I even replied to those sore horrible, morons. I'm a fan of Rob and Kristen. I don't wish for them to break up with whoever they are dating. They'd be sad. None of us want them to fall flat on their face in life.

~J~ said...

I absolutely adore you, Rose.

Kami said...

How tiring it must be to deal with all those paparazzi, always there like circling vultures.

Great post today Rose...loved the P R rant!

Anonymous said...

I FLOVE you, Rose!! Awesome!!

May said...

Just how Mr. Van Morrison would say...

I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles
And the heavens open every time she smiles
And when I come to her that's where I belong
Yet I'm running to her like a river's song

She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love
She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love

Its all about the love,bb.<333

But unfortunately,stupid people in this fandom will still remain blindly stupid.


hcat said...

Love your blog, keep it up. I want them to both be happy.

Sydney said...

Yay, love the simplicity of this post. The squeeing and twirling is contagious right now and I am very happy with these two.

Kstewrocks: I left that community, for just that reason. I don't want to see it or hear it. I don't go to nonsten and I don't go to the AT. Sometimes the crazy comes here and I lose my shit. Imagine me at a site that promotes the crazy and the hate. It would not be pretty. Just don't go, then you don't have to get worked up!

Stay here where it's nice and pleasant and sane. Yes, sometimes the insane make a visit here, but we all handle them pretty quickly.

Kami said...

kstewrocks, I'm just sick of hate period! No matter who it is directed at, whether it is direct toward Robert and Kristen or my next door neighbor. I can't understand how people can actually waste their lives by hating someone they do not know, it's ludicrous.

Jill said...


Why are you doing this?
Jeez, this is getting really annoying.
There is hate on BOTH sides. BOTH sides!
Do you want me to send you some Lj comms and twitter accounts that hate on Rob? or ship kristen with anyone but Rob?
All these haters are only few but they are just loud.
Ignore the negatives.
It's so much easier when you don't read all the crap and just focus on them. Js.

deb said...

Rose I love the walking pic of Rob and the one with all 3 of them I'm happy to I'm sure we well get a pic of his smiling face soon Thank you my dear Like you say I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE HER. DEB.

Robin said...

Love this post, Rose. It just makes me feel good.

In the first pic, Rob and crew are not scrunching down because they're trapped animals. They've really got this down pretty well now. They're scrunching down to avoid giving the paps anything to make money from.

A great photo with clear headshots and animated faces is going to be worth a lot more to the paps than this uncomfortable looking shot. Rob, Kris and Tom are simply not going to give it to the vultures.

30 said...


Believe ME, when I tell you don't even go there anymore, your just going to get nausea with a hint of a migraine, the mental stability of those there and ANY of those sites will never change, I have been done arguing with the stupid and mental for a while now, not to say if I don't come across it I don't flip my shit because I would be lying if I said that honestly that's why Rose and others like her are SO needed. I like it here, with sane fans of R and K. Even though we have a few drive by of crazies It wont be tolerated , unlike those other sites who just promote the hate an bullying, have there click, I hate clicks ya know like in HS! bull shit drama, I am so sure they were bullies there also. Gang like. Now they have upgraded to internet bullies.

What can I say about the above pics?? Poor R and K and T? being hunted like a piece of meat for the paps, Is it are fault for being fans? Who knows anymore, All I know is it looks like the paps were blocking them from leaving, NOT SAFE all fucken light bulbs going off in there faces. Glad they are together and safe those 3! :)

Tom has a full beard now? He looks like a handsome lumber jack LOL

or Moses. :)

30 said...

By the way, R and K are bringing back the grunge era with out even realizing it.:)Such trend setters! With out giving a shit. Only Rob could pull off sexy in a sweatshirt way way to small for him, and make a bleach spot cute no less LOL

I personally love the grunge look, I was K age when that was so in, Nirvana and the mid 90's :)

Anonymous said...

Sydney, yeah I never joined. I waited to see if it would become nice if I'd fit in there. But the people are dreadful. I'm hardly ever on there. But I had to say something yesterday. They find it normal and acceptable for a fan to do that, to say such things. Phew, so I'm not crazy. What they're saying is horrible indeed. I wasn't getting lost in translation.

Jill, not gonna bother with you. If you understand English, you'd understand my comment. You don't. You're coming up with multiple things. I wasn't asking at all if there was hate on both sides. I was asking if that is hate - because they seem to think it's not on there - and this is the sane place. I wasn't asking if there's hate this side and hate the other side. You've created all that up from goodness knows what.

Kami, yeah. So it is hate? Everyone agrees? I'm not trying to start some war. I just found these comments, and thought, is that how normal people act, so wanted your opinions. I wasn't looking for who has the most hate. I wanted to know whether you think it's normal behaviour for a fan.

30, I know that's another thing I was curious about. I was trying to understand whether the mods there find it acceptable to wish pain for the one your a fan of.

Thanks anyways, 30, Sydney, Kami.
I was losing my mind thinking, what the fuck - this cannot be a real fan right? This is not right behaviour...Thank God I'm with the sane ones.

MLH414 said...

Great post! The pappz suck and they should learn boundaries, but all that's important to them is a stupid fucking picture!!

Bless those kids and the shit that they have to put up with!! Nobody deserves that, even celebrities!!


Anonymous said...

Kstewrocks... I'm going to offer a word of advice. Please listen and take it in the spirit in which it is intended... no malice intended, no malicious intent, not arguing with you at all.

But please.. just stop bringing up examples of ANY of the hate on here, please. PLEASE. We are ALL aware that it's out there. We have ALL seen it. No posting links, no referring to other sites, no talking about what so and so said here, or there. We're going to concentrate on what gets said HERE. And we're going to block out the noise, block out the hate, and focus on the positives.

It makes for a MUCH calmer, nicer environment.

That being said...

Great post today, Rose :) *hugs* I absolutely love how they love each other.. and I'm twirling right along with everyone else!!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Tracy :)

Focusing on the positive is good! There is SO much positive.


How are ya??

DreamerKind said...


Right on, baby!

Love, love, love,
Da, da, da, da, da.

katy said...

Hi, wonderful Rose

I also look at the Paparazzi Pic, I feel guilty afterwoords, coz i know Robert and Kristen hate the paparazzi but i can't help myself, it's like you said it has Robert and Kristen...I'm sorry.

Right from the start I thought Robert and Kristen were meant to be...so I absolutely love how they love each other...and I am absolutely happy for them.

Ohh, and It's also great to see Scruffy Tom...he does look cute with the beard!

Lots of love

DreamerKind said...


Home run out of the ballpark!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, I find whenever you comment your always trying to prove some kind of point. And you are malicious.

Anonymous said...

But that said, Tracy, I just saw the hate. Thought it was hate. Queried it with users here, because well the people there seem to think it's fine to be that way. I didn't think, "oh this is source of hate, must post", I was querying it. If people said here "it's not hate", I'd think there's something wrong with my way of thinking. They act so normal there.

Anonymous said...

It's a "so far, so good" kind of day today Leigh :) Hoping the rest of the day goes the same.

Kiddo's playing for the first time since the injury tonight.. we'll see how it goes.

All well with you?

katy said...

Tracy...very well said

'...We're going to concentrate on what gets said HERE. And we're going to block out the noise, block out the hate, and focus on the positives.'

Keep the hate out of Roseland...and focus only on the positives...so much better. :)

Take care

katy said...


Tracy is a very wise women...you should listen to her.

Anonymous said...

I'm saying it's malicious, probably wrong word Tracy. But only because I've posted here before, with normal comments. The comments you reply to from other users to engage in some random conversation or a friendly one. You never once reply to them when I post normal/happy comments, only these comments such as the first on here.

So you do have horrible unkind intent in your comments. And it's unwanted by me. For all the rest people will admire you, I don't.

Anonymous said...

I'm good :) Thanks! Just a busy afternoon. Good luck to the Girlie tonight! I hope she doesn't have any pain.

For some reason I have the Kesha song..."blah, blah, blah" playing on a loop in my head.


Anonymous said...

katy, wise or not. Unless you actually all approach me when I'm commenting with happy and normal comments, which you don't - you go off in your own conversations and leave every other user out.

Well I'm not really gonna listen. Why should I? You only talk when I've posted a comment similar to the first on this post. I'm not gonna think, ah she's admirable. Your strangers to me plus quite unfriendly.

Anonymous said...

But I'm not gonna listen when the only days people talk to me is to say in the politest way possible "shut up". Plus laying down rules.

katy said...

Bla bla bla bla

Anonymous said...


I think the point Tracy is trying to make is please don't post links here that promote hate. I know that wasn't your point. But my point is that it is still here. If we wanted to look at it we would go visit that site. While I do understand your point...we don't discuss much here that occurs or is published on other sites.

We like to stay positive and not discuss it (the hate and crazy) at all. I don't think she was trying to be malicious at all. Just trying to give you her opinion.

She's a pretty cool chick ;)

Anonymous said...

Your memory is troublesome Kstewrocks, because I have defended you in the past. I have talked and responded to your comments before. You have brought the subject up of hate many many times and I usually won't respond to them because I have noticed you become argumentative and combative. I was trying to suggest that you just "leave it at the door" so to speak, and just not bring it up in the first place. Then people wouldn't be arguing with you about it at all.

Think ill of me if you want though. It doesn't bother me a bit. I won't lose any sleep, and I won't waste away with worry. The world keeps turning whether you like me or not.

DreamerKind said...


Oh, darlin', don't be this way.

I posted lots and no one ever answered me because I hadn't earned it yet.

And it's really impossible to answer everyone's comments, each time they post.

You'd have to be on the blog, well for hours and hours, all of the time, every minute, without a life.

We do have outside lives.

Chill and have fun with Rose!

Hope said...

Twirling and Smirking along with everyone in Roseland....so much to be happy about!!

Anonymous said...

Leigh, well Rose often talks about the current hate. In the way of people saying it's PR. So it's sometimes initiated by Rose herself. :)

And erm, well I'm not gonna say she's a cool chick - Tracy - because well she's not cool to me. She doesn't show any interest to comment when I've commented before. sharing happy comments. Which is like a lot of people here, so yeh. Why think and believe someone is cool, when they are ignorant nearly all the time. I can only base my opinion on people when they talk to me.

Thanks for understanding what point I too was trying to make.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, don't come up with crap.

Don't make yourself out to be a saint. You've never defended me. You never talk too, only when to set rules. So quit commenting me, unless your going to actually make yourself a pleasant commenter from time to time. I won't listen to you.

Now goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, DreamerKind, the one user who's made an interest to respond to people. :):)

By the way, that whole uni day: Rob left London a bit too early before I went to the Barnes area. xD

DreamerKind said...


All better then, alrighty!

This blog comment section is like a conversation people are having and the rules of courtesy always apply, right?

Anonymous said...

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

Just sayin'

Anyways--I'm out for a bit. Have a nice afternoon everyone!

Hopefully by the time I get back this song will be gone from my head...

DreamerKind said...


Last comment for me until later as I am up WAY TOO EARLY TO DO THINGS!

I'm happy I answered you before....

But, I am not working, mostly retired, idle, lazy and unmotivated (unlike the others here with busy lives) to do much else but play around in Roseland!

Elaine said...

Lovely post, Rose! People don't realize the true power of love. It might sound cliche but love can really get you through any situation. It is so much easier to love than hate...the amount of energy that is spent hating someone leaves you drained. Love is easier, natural, it's fluid and should be shared with everyone.

Perfect post, perfect couple...in love...simply perfect!


Hope you're all having a lovely day!


Penny Lane said...

Hi Tracy, Leigh, Katy DK and anyone else I've missed,

Just popping in to see how everything is going. This is such a fun place to be usually. Hope a bitch fight isn't starting. Everyone just put on your happy faces.

You know what I think the best thing about Rob and Kristen is? Its that they make us remember what it was like to be young, newly in love, and just having fun. Enjoy!

Tracy and Leigh,
Aren't you good ole southern girls? I saw that you all have been posting recipes. Do either of you have an "authentic" pecan pie recipe? You know, the kind grandma made. I have tried so many and they just don't seem right. Light corn syrup, dark corn syrup, bourbon, rum, so many to choose from.


Kami said...

kstewrocks, here's my opinion...I was trying to find a way to give it without giving some creepy "It" who has made it's presence known on this blog several times, any more fantasy ammunition for his daily beat off sessions.,having said that let me start by saying...I know you were not trying to start the who has more hateful fans debate again...and neither am I, pffft...who cares bout that anymore? Now as to my opinion..YES there are creeps out there who hate Robert...and YES Honey I AM looking at you...but for the most part, while irritating,stupid, ignorant and sometimes downright comical...they are harmless, besides Robert is a big boy and can handle the likes of Honey.

I'm concerned about the hatred spewed towards a young woman, who by all accounts and observations, is a beautiful, kind, very grounded, wonderful individual, has become more repulsive in it's degree of venom lately...I'm sure that other people on this site who have witnessed the vile ravings of a lunatic...and NO Honey I'm NOT looking your way this time...will back me up that the hate is real,twisted and sick more so towards Kristen lately...it's pretty scary out there right now. So like I said before I'm sick of hate, it is a vile and ignorant tool of evil.

Kami said...

Tracy girl I love and admire you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (note the extensive use of !!!!)

Anonymous said...

Penny--I'm in the car..but I do have one at home. If I don't get it posted tonight (it's gonna be a busy one) then I will post it tomorrow :)

How's the new job?

Later Taters ;)

Anonymous said...


Well Said..Your my girl...I flove ya, bunches!!! Your Awesome!!

Great post today, Rose!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi Rose and Regs. My first post ever.I finally found a moment where i could sit down for a period of time and figure out how to do this,,im not the most computer savvy person on the planet. I am a wife, mother of two grown kids, an expectant grandmother, a nurse anesthetist in surgery and a laser med spa owner...i love it all. I say this just to give u an idea of how busy i am...but not too busy to check your blog every day! Love you and the other bloggers comments except for honey of course. Just wanted u guys to know i am here and lovin it! Love Tilight and Kris and Rob with all my heart and soul and wish them all the best.Rose, your profile is almost identical to what i would say..we must be close to the same age> that kinda freaked me out but made me feel better. My husband thinks ive lost my mind and can u believe he erased all my Rob shows from Oprah etc. in the Spring? i told him that might be grounds for divorce! I would never erase his Myth Busters episodes! Thanks again u all make my day light up like a christmas tree no matter how stressful it is. And thank you Rob and Kris...following your careers is truly inspiring...dont give the haters a second thought.
I hope you guys if u happen to read this can feel the positive vibes out there! I am definitely twirling!

Penny Lane said...


Thanks so much for checking on that for me.

Job is good. I'm only here like a consultant so its not permanent. Should be finished in a few months if all goes well.


Kami said...

Penny, as another southern girl...I'll give you my great grandmother's secret recipe (well up until I lost her"s and found another just like it) it's on the back of a bottle of Karo syrup...lol I think it was the first printed. Kami

Anonymous said...

Just sayin...

kstewrocks said...

keset your a moron then :) well done

and team necklace, if people stopped commenting me and making ridiculous accusations about me, when i'm trying to state a point and a different opinion: i wouldn't be so "cuckoo" to you.

be respectful, yet another moron.

i love rose's blog, so i'll keep on visiting it.
why don't you tell the others to quit commenting me then I wouldn't have to comment those morons back, team necklace? of course you only bother to view one side. i'm sick to death of you lot.
then again, there are nice people here. katy, tracy and i think deb too.
Friday, August 06, 2010 3:59:00 PM

That is my name up there, isn't it?

I'm out for a while :) Places to go! Soccer to watch!

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

❤ you too Kami!! :)


quick *waves* to Penny!!

I'll look and see about the recipe.. I have a very old cookbook with some family recipes in it

*HUGS* Manjen!

laters Leigh! (my it's windy outside today.. bwahahaha)

Later Dreamer!

*waves* to anybody I missed! I'm being rushed!

Penny Lane said...


Seriously, on the bottle of corn syrup? But that begs the question, dark or light?

I haven't been keeping up too well here, but (forgive me if I'm wrong) is it your husband that is gone for some time? How are you holding up? I can't sleep when I'm alone in the house. Are you the same?

Kami said...

This is how I feel about people who come here JUST looking for a fight ------------------->

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...

Yep, my husband left yesterday morning...I'm pretty good, I have an 80lb dog who stays in the house and bosses me around, so I'm not quite as lonely as I could be.

Kami said...

Back to work...that oven won't completely clean itself...mind numbing chores, make me sleep well..that and the Bob and Tom show cds I have..love them!

30 said...

DreamerKind said...

"I posted lots and no one ever answered me because I hadn't earned it yet. "

DK, you have always been cool to me, always have recognized me being here, I appreciate that, and I do kind of get what KS Rocks was "trying" to say,IMO no one should have to "earn" being replied to. It's common courtesy,as long as people are here for the right reasons, and you defiantly have courtesy. Thanks sweetie. I just wanted you to know that.

Penny Lane said...

Super RN,

Welcome. I think I'm probably in the same age group as you. This blog is my guilty little secret too.

Nurse aenesthetist I can never spell that word)and spa owner - wow! Please tell me you are in Michigan because I could really use a laser peel.

Penny Lane said...


Bob and Tom ...lol. Mr. Obvious is my favorite, of course, after the infamous Scrotum Song.


Penny Lane said...

Thanks everyone for looking up the pecan pie recipes for me.

Gotta go now. I'll check in later.

Laura said...

What's happened to that sweater of Rob- it looks as if it were full of yoghurt or something lol
Really, what in the world was in his head to dress like that??!! He's a public person!
K is cool!
I'm glad they're together out an about, but still Rob's clothes...

katy said...

Penny Lane

Waves :)...How's the new job?


LJ said...

Hi everyone! *WAVES*

Hope you are all good and having a lovely day!

kstewrocks I have commented to you a couple of times but it's impossible to comment on everyones posts unless you are sat on here all day. If you have asked a question and received no reply when I was on then I apologise...sometimes the comments come on so fast its easy to miss one.

I can promise you though, the things you have said about Tracy could not be more wrong. Shes a really cool girl who is interested in what everyone on here has to say, which is why she is so popular and loved by so many on here. Including me!

Tracy you rock lady....hurry up and come back on I keep missing you!

Much love,

Sierra said...

Rose love the PRs lol

and what is up with the fussing. take that somewhere else. i have a long tiring day at school and work then have to pick up my niece come home take care of her and post on my own blog.
the last thing i want to see when i read these comments is disagreement this way.
if you have to settle a disagreeent take it elsewhere and that's real shit!
and I'm not being disrespectful, but guys lets make this day a good one and lose the ranting and raving about nothing.
Rob looks great. Kristen looks great beside rob, and tom is the most beautiful lumberjack looking guy i've ever seen. lol
everybody smile! and have a blessed day.

keset said...

Tracy hey,

I didn;t post here today.
Wht did you write that i'm a moron :( ???

katy said...


If go back to Tracy comment, you will see that she was reposting a comment from someone else.

take care

Melinda said...

*deep breaths-exhale slowly*

First- Rose another great post! Smirking and twirling right along with you, the fab 3 and my other Roseland friends.


Kstewrocks- someone who I admire once said if you have nothing constructive to say or add then don't comment.

With that said you DEBATE EVERY SINGLE THING and boy does it get exhausting to all of us.

Rose's blog needs to be drama/hate free. This means DO NOT BRING IT HERE!!! Don't bring up hate sites and don't talk about things we know nothing about that is pure speculation and gossip. It's gets old really fast.

You tend to do this a lot. I tend to believe it is because of your young age.

Now I am done addressing this. If you want to be taken seriously then think about what you are saying before you comment and if someone responds negatively shake it off and move on. Not everyone is going to agree all the time. That's how the real world works.

Laura- I truly don't understand why you comment. I'm glad you think Kristen is cool (I happen to agree) but why must every positive comment be followed by a negative one?

Who care's what he is wearing. Why do you let that bother you?

Personally I am glad that they aren't so self absorbed (as many celebs are)that they are just themselves. That's why many of their fans love them. They are anti-hollywood. They are a breath of fresh air.


Penny- glad the job is going well.

To the rest of the Roseland peeps you all are awesome!

If I pop back on today it will be after 10PM(EST) so if I don't talk to any of you then hope you all have a great rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

You didn't post today Keset.. that was a repost from back in august. And I don't think you're a moron.. I was proving a point to kstewrocks.

LJ said...

Also what I meant to say first....

Hi Rose thanks for another epic post!

Yep we are all smirking with you Kristen....because we love you, so when we are not twirling together we're smirking together!

Oh and some totally handsome beardage going on in the front there....just sayin.... ;-D

Liza ღ

keset said...


didn`t have time to read all the posts so i just read quickly and i saw the remark.

Thanks for the explanation.

keset said...

Ditto Tracy.

katy said...


Your welcome

Have a nice day or night :)

Sydney said...


I think Rob looks fine. It doesn't really matter what he's wearing because he always looks hot. It's not as though Kristen is in a ball gown. I love the way they are completely 100% themselves no matter where they are.

Why are people bringing the negativity here today? It's not as though we didn't have enough of it yesterday. Speaking of...did I miss the daily Honey drive-by? I look so forward to that hilarity.

Melinda said...


I think many are just trying to show the young one here that sometimes she makes it hard for this blog to be happy and drama free.

She isn't hateful to Rob or Kristen. She just always brings up stuff that shouldn't matter here on this blog because we don't want to dwell on it. Hence why we post here and not other places.

She is young and just doesn't get it. She also has a tendency to think that if you say something against what she is saying then you are rude or a moron etc. Once again she is young.

That being said it gets exhausting to read day after day.

I hope she will learn the proper way to have a conversation with people on here one day.

DreamerKind said...

"How do we forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes?

I guess by accepting what comes along after the mistake and forgiving that."

SueBee said...

So much happens when I go to the store! Let's get this straightened out.

Hi, everyone!

LJ said...

SueBee!!! hello my friend :-)

DreamerKind said...


Yes, you can't go to the store!

Just popping in to forgive and forget and to quote myself, tee hee.

See you all later.

DreamerKind said...


Hi, Cutie! I keep missing you, but think about you, mucho.

See ya.

LJ said...

Hey DK!!! *hugs* (still loving 'cute bug')

keset said...

Here something for the haters

How Robert and Kristen Manage to keep up with all these terrible stories and crazy fans.
How they do it?

These two are very strong.

SueBee said...

Okay, to begin

Just in case...

IF I ever made someone feel badly, it was never my intention.

IF I ever didn't respond when posted to, it was an oversight on my part and never an intentional snub.

I like everybody (except Honey-she's mean!)

I know it's easy to misread intention in a post because it is hard to express inflection in typing.

Let me add, this is a fun place and sometimes posts can get missed in the action.

Even so, I have to say--Tracy is one of the nicest people I know and quite a good friend of mine. She does her best to be friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Her opinion of not wanting hate sites linked here was given calmly and rationally.

Honestly, we get enough hateful craziness without that. Lately, we have been inundated with some of the nastiest posts imaginable.

One more link is a little like the straw that broke the camel's back.

Tracy was not hateful--she usually doesn't even get grouchy unless it was in response to someone else's snarkiness.

Come to think of it, neither do I.

Let's try to to get back on track and bring back the calm!

Sydney said...


Oh I know...I have been here long enough to see many drawn into arguments they did not start and name calling and other such nonsense. I totally agree with your earlier post...it gets old. I don't give a shit about who gets more hate and I couldn't be more sick of that fight.

It's so obvious in some that post here, whom they prefer by their thinly veiled insults to either Rob or Kristen. They're not fooling anyone. And no one here will engage in that kind of fruitless debate. We don't need the natives turning on each other with unnecessary hostility. Though...there is usually only one person who starts it.

Anyway, enough of that. Does anyone know when exactly they have to be in Baton Rouge? I wonder how many more nights out we'll get before they go. Nonsten must be about to spontaneously combust.

Susan said...

Happy Roseland!


Was it you or SueBee (I can't remember, and I don't want to go back, and read all of yesterdays posts.) that made mention about the freak, at the "New Moon" interview, that knew Kristin had a dental appointment that day?

Well, I was thinking, I wonder if it has anything to do with this person or persons being in the papz business? They would know where she was, or where she might be going, or even what she might be wearing, if they were in this type of profession. I don't know, maybe I think too much.

Rose, love, love your blog today. I also worry about you too. You are one gutsy broad. (I mean that only in the nicest way!) One of these days, maybe they'll combust into flames after reading your blog of the day.

Things are coming up Rosie!

Sue ;-)

Kami said...

AMEN SueBee..well said!

I am used to kstewrocks trying to pick a fight with me every time I post, I have no idea why, I always try and word my response in a nice way knowing she's young...but when she took on Tracy I was FLOORED...Tracy did nothing to deserve it.. I just get sick of people wanting to fight...tired of drama we've reached our quota for the month.

Anonymous said...

Well Said, SueBee!!

Tracy is a great person and an awesome friend!

LJ said...

Hi Manjen...Hi Kami!!!

I concur...Tracy is an awesome friend :-)

Anonymous said...

LIZA!!!!!!! **HUGS**

And **HUGS** to everyone else!!

LJ said...

Manjen **HUGS BACK**

Did you have a good day without twatty face boss man?

SueBee said...

HI LIZA!!!! (shouting since you're acrossed the ocean!)

Hi Manjen !

Hi Kami!

Hi Dk!

Hi anyone I didn't see hiding in the back!!!

Tackle hugs all around!!!

Gaga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gaga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LJ said...

SueBee!!!!!! I feel like I keep missing everyone. How are you????


Kai El said...

hi Rose...
It's always been a pleasure to read your blog. We're all still and always fascinated by these couple. They are just two normal people (with the celebrity status) who fall in love in this crazy fandom.
I agree with Penny Lane that these two remind us of being young and in love and just wanting to having fun. But, it's apparently so hard for some people to see it and be happy with them. Yeah, we all know that there is always Ying and Yang in this world. You just have to choose what bring peace to your mind. I choose Love.

Anonymous said...


I had a WONDERFUL day without my twatty boss!!

Thanks for asking!!

LJ said...

Aww....looks like I have missed everyone again :-(

Smitty my friend....gutted I keep missing you! hopefully we will catch each other soon. Keep smiling beautiful!

Gruff....lots of love.

Syd....*sighhhhhhhhhh* my wonderful, handsome Syd....miss you ;-) Hope you are having an awesome time *kisses*

Lots of love to you all....hopefully catch more of you tomorrow!!


jen said...

great post rose!

They are adorable. They are living their lives, bucking up and taking the attention - along with the newfound freedom.

Good for them. People who don't like it needs to stfu already with their conspiracy theories. lol It makes them sound all sorts of crazy.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You guys are fighting? I thought that didn't happen in Roseland. Everyone just have a Mai tai and a brownie and chill! Life is too short and good for such fuckery.

jen said...

ps: and people need to realize that Rob and Kristen are sorta owning the repurcussions of going public since Montreal. I like that, this is a consequence. Paps are gonna pap them when they go out to do normal things int he city. It sucks when it happens, but look on the bright side folks. They also got to spend an evening out together in public last night. Ditto the other night too, doking normal stuff. It's give and take, going public like this. I think they are dealing with it and that makes me happy.

Kay said...


Thanks to you I have been woo woo'd tonight!! It really IS sunshine in a glass, just what I needed!! :)

LJ said...

Ha ha I saw Tracy was spreading my Woo Woo love last night! glad you liked it Kay.....good cocktail huh?


Kay said...

Hi 1RoseFan - hope you are having a good day. I'm thinking some of the argumentative have settled down at this point, now that they have heard that we really don't want BS here. :)

Cate said...

An Ode to Tracy

I suck at this
I am afraid
I do not have her poetic ways
She can multitask while writing woo
Give Massive *Hugs* and *Smooches* too
A friend like her isn’t easily found
She picks you up when you are down
Smart as a whip
Sassy and funny
I think the new shed digs may have cost ME some money??
The whole point of this ridiculous post
Is to show my friend
I heart her TOTES
No matter what others say
I FLOVE her LOTS every DAMN DAY!!!!!!




LJ said...

Love it Cate :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Cate!!

SueBee said...

Great poem, Cate!

Kami said...

Good Job Cate!

Liza, I to am enjoying a woo woo...so good!

1RF: No we aren't arguing...someone started an argument with Miss Tracy and she finished it!

DreamerKind said...

I am "Meritage-ing" and listening to Edith Piaf, and so in love with, love. Isn't that why we are alive and here?

God, if anyone would see me now and judge me for my ugly plaid and greasy hair (pre-dye job so it is necessary).

OT, am I? In any case:


Odes! Ode to Tracy! Yes, well deserved she is. More odes, maybe to pie or cocktails. Or could you do an ode to each and every one of us? Fun!

I've been music bereft lately. Help me!

Kami said...

ok DK I've GOT to see the plaid hair...lol

DreamerKind said...

In any case, I can share what I am listening to:

"Bravo Le Clown"
Edith Piaf

Clap as you listen:


DreamerKind said...


Yes, yes my plaid hair (which it is multi-colored and striped).

Oh, keep them coming, I need the stimulation cause I run on, and on.

Yes, take me to task, I am thrilled!

30 said...

Just wanted to let you all know Kristen will be on the Tonight Show Friday with Jay Leno. To promote Welcome to the Rileys,In case you wanted to support. I am hoping it comes out by me I love the roles she picks and This one seems especially deep.

Take Care!

Kami said...

I really need to have my hair done...now that I think of it.

SueBee said...

Okay, I couldn't find either of the recipes that I was talking about earlier so I am going to substitute with this one.

This is one of my favorite Fall/Autumn recipes---

***Spiced Pumpkin Muffins With Streusel Topping***

Muffin Ingredients

2 cups all purpose flour
2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/3 cup sugar
1 tbsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. ginger (I use pumpkin pie spice)
1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1/3 cup buttermilk
2 eggs, slightly beaten

Streusel Mixture

1 1/3 all purpose flour
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 cup butter or margarine

Heat oven to 400 degrees F.

In large bowl stir together all ingredients except butter, pumpkin, buttermilk, and eggs. In medium bowl stir together remaining ingredients. Add to flour mixture; stilr until moistened. Spoon batter into greased 12 cup muffin pan.

For streusel

In large bowl combine 1 1/3 cup flour and the brown sugar. Cut in butter or margarine until crumbly.

Sprinkle evenly over muffins. (There may be extra)

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned. Let stand 5 minutes. Remove from pan.

DreamerKind said...


How sweet was that message you posted for me earlier, darling!

I'll adopt you, too, if you'd like and we will not argue because it is a waste of good sherry, so to speak.

In summary, I know the rules of engagement and that is in person or online. Merry on we go.

DreamerKind said...


What is wrong with me? Do you have an Apple Muffin recipe?

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, loved the post today. I too am tired of all the haters, and I don't care who the hate is directed at, it doesn't matter, hate is hate. I wish the haters would give it a rest, because I am positive neither Rob or Kris care what they have to say. Also, a fan, whether a Rob fan or a Kristen fan, would want them to break up because breakups cause pain, which can last a long time. A true fan would not want either one of these two very special people to suffer like that. So please haters, give it a rest, get a life of your own and leave these two wonderful people alone, to live their own life. I get so angry whenever I think about all the hateful comments and remarks. I love you Rose, and look forward to your words tomorrow.

SueBee said...

I would have to look for an apple muffin recipe, DK.

Usually, I make apple pie and I've made apple dumplings too.

DreamerKind said...

Barbara Fenwick

I just love your name! It reminds me of a romance novelist of the past.

Also, at one time, my name was Wick. A double-like.

And you are very savvy on the R & K point of view.

May I adopt you, too?

DreamerKind said...


Don't look for the rest, give me the apple dumpling recipe!

DreamerKind said...

Bear with me, I'm gonna post like a maniac and then shut up....

I have several very old, cookbooks and baking recipes from the 30's on, from my ebay business. Anyone want me to look for special dishes/etc?

Vangie said...


DreamerKind said...

I started to write an Ode to Cate and it was so lame, I gave up.

Please, you witty, clever ones, amuse yourselves and us.

Need a new game to play like scrabble, ha.

DreamerKind said...


Where you been, girl?

gwen said...

Good day it is!

Great post today Rose. It is good to start a day reading your blog. Im twirling with you with a big smile on my face. But gotta stop for awhile, im off to work.

Enjoy your nite ladies!

DreamerKind said...

Piaf and Streisand, I'm thinking for later tonight but I am open to what you want (liar, liar pants on fire).

Want some guys instead?

Yes, I am aware that I preach to the chorus.

Love you, my patient and charming, familia.

(The Silence is Deafening!) Not....

Anonymous said...

I admit I read this site purely for entertainment but I'm amazed at the rare insight provided this past few weeks. The ones here are very supportive and protective with words but there seem to be many more who have done so with silence. That's my perspective anyway. There are good people I think.

Dreamerkind...I love your comments and suggestions! You could adopt the world!


DreamerKind said...


Honey, I will adopt you for sure because we want to be happy, yes?

Hope said...

@ 30

Thanks for letting us know about Jay Leno Show...just set DVR... otherwise would have missed it.
Cannot wait...I am sure she will look smashing!!!

LIZ said...

WELCOME, SUPER RN ..... I am about your age, kinda think of R & K as my grandchildren, want as much happiness for them AS IF they were my grandkids. Like you, I'm here each and every day but don't always have the time to comment. I have about 3 jobs and also have elderly parents living with me, in other words, way too busy!!! But not too busy to keep up with R&K and everything Twilight.

ROSE .... great post as always. I don't know how you ALWAYS seem to know what we all are feeling about these two (sorry to leave out Tom).

I can't help but feel bad for them, not "sorry" for them, but bad that they can't have normal love lives and really enjoy themselves. BUT I am so happy that they are making the effort to go out and be normal.

As for the "hate" apparently i've never been on THOSE websites, hope I don't find them. Honey is enough "hate" representation here in Roseland.

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert.

I just saw that Kristen is scheduled to be on the Tonight Show this coming Friday night, apparently to promote WTTR, can't wait to see her.

Anonymous said...


Awesome job! You ladies are so talented!

@ 30,
Thanks for letting us know! I'll have to make sure to set the DVR.

*waves* to 1RF,

Hope all of you are doing well :)

Howdy to everyone else!!

30 said...

Awww no problem DK! I meant what I said earlier :)

You can adopt me, but I have to warn you I tend to lose it on the crazies at times, other than that I am sane I swear. LOL

Have a good night all!

30 said...

Your welcome Hope, and Leigh :)

Christina said...

Hey all! :]

@Dreamerkind, Hon please LISTEN when they say U DON'T have to EARN your spot here!! U always have such lovely & kind things to say about everyone!! But honestly U just need to like being here.

@Kstew I'm not sure what UR truly thinking/feeling because I can't SEE your expression as U speak. But looking at the words gives the "Impression" of anger & hostility. (I hope I've misunderstood because I'd hate to know that your life is so dark & sad that anger is all U can express! It makes me sad to think it!)

@Kstew Perhaps a better interpretation is that U desire the comradarie of some of the posters here & thought this is how to get people to respond? Hmmm I'm sorry it didn't work but do think carefully before responding to someone. Maybe they R NOT attacking you but misunderstood U, & therefore U may misunderstand them!!

@kstew We ALL do it no matter our age. What is important is HOW we HANDLE it!

Ask 30 she & I had a "tiff" that came about because I didn't understand she was angry at the "Origional" article NOT me! Luckily I finally understood & see her as a kind person w/a valid point! *hugs/thanks 30*

If I hadn't come to my senses Tracy was racing to the rescue! She wanted to help me SEE where I got confused!*hugs/thanks Tracy*

@Suebee PLEASE don't feel U need to appologize for ANYTHING!! U have not been mean!!

@ Everyone
In fact I've sad it often it's a pleasure being here because EVERYONE cares about each other!! We R a family & yes like ANY family we have misunderstandings & arguements, but we are there for each other! AND TOGETHER WE SUPPORT ROB & KRISTEN & THOSE THEY LOVE & SUPPORT!!! Look how the Love can keep growing!
Thanks for everything!! =]

@Tracy & 30
Thanks again for helping me & forgiving me when & got so "confusticated" (quoting my 5yr old!)

Thanks so much for Todays Blog & picts. Glad to see U R returning to a cheery, twirly, giggly U!

SueBee said...


Thanks. I wouldn't call it so much apologizing as covering my bases.


DreamerKind said...


Thank you, you are adopted, too. Good post, with great sense. I want to earn my spot, it makes it more valuable-To Me. Somethings are worth it. The rest I give away...

Easin' on down the road, with all of you.

Anonymous said...

Good job Cate--very cute.

SueBee said...

No one has to EARN anything here. Just be who you are and you will be accepted for it!

DreamerKind said...


So true, ma petite!

Elaine said...

Cate-That was awesome! I must be like the only one here that can't rhyme.
You totally rocked!

SueBee said...

Hi Smitty. I left a recipe for your printer. :o)

Hope you are doing well!

(Hugs & such)


DreamerKind said...


Exactly-don't take my words as gospel.

There is a kinship that is recognized or not.

Anonymous said...


Nope you aren't the only one ;) I have zero talent in that area!

How are you tonight?


Elaine said...

Hi Suebee & DK!

Leigh-Hi! I'm OK I guess, had a very long day and finally made it home. I had to make the trip to where Em is staying and sort some things out.

How about you...hope you're having a good night!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone!

Susan--I was just about to thank you sooo thank you!
Looks awesome but we are still kind of obsessing on the cookie one-lol.

Hey E--what is up with Em if you can say here.

Hope everyone else is well.

SueBee said...

Hi Elaine and Leigh!

Anonymous said...

E--did you get to see Em?? How is she?

DreamerKind said...


Cate and Tracy rock on rhyme!

As far as earning anything, it is my goal, not that anyone has set it for me, I have set it for myself. It is not a problem to solve, it is what it is.

Like earning an income, or being a good parent or choosing to be a responsible citizen or giving what you can to make the world a better place.

Oh, I wax philosophy.

Let's play...

Anonymous said...


I'm good thanks! I hope you got everything straightened out. You guys are still very much in my thoughts and prayers :) How is Em?

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!

SueBee said...


You are very welcome! Glad you liked the cookie recipe. It's my favorite!

Hope you are okay.
I'm glad you could stop in.

How's Gruff and Syd?


Anonymous said...


Cate, I flove you for the poem, and everything else. :) It did indeed brighten my day.

*HUGS* for everybody! You guys are awesomesauce.

Penny, I found a couple different recipes for a pecan pie, one with light syrup, and one with dark.. go figure.

olivia said...

Thank you Rose for another
GOOOOOOOOOOL of a post! You are the best!
Love to the regs, the newbies
and of course to S, S, and G.
Only have a moment tonight, but DK, saw the mention of Edith Piaf and here is a gift for you. My high school French teacher loved her and he often played this song for us.


I do appreciate him having enlightened us about this unbelievably talented chanteuse.

Such yummy recipes tonight. Plus White Sangria! Love it! Thanks y'all.

Also, thanks for the info on the Leno show. Will watch. WTTR is being shown at the Austin Film Festival this month. I believe it may be a regional premiere. Can't wait until it hits the theatres.

Cate, you rocked the Ode to Tracy. Awesome job!

I can't rhyme if my life depended on it, but I do so appreciate the talent here in Roseland.
(Pablo Neruda, by the way, wrote the most wonderful odes, many to simple everyday objects, like socks, an old house, the tomato, and more. They are lovely.)

Special hugs to you Elaine and everyone else also with worries and concerns. You are in my thoughts.
Happy twirly, whirly, skip and tip toe smiles and hugs to all the faithful in Roseland. Life is good!
Olivia (TX.)

Anonymous said...

Awww Tracy

I've never been told I was awesomesauce before..I feel extra special!!


Elaine said...


Yes, I saw her. She is not doing well at all. I have a meeting with the "team" of doctors and some others tomorrow afternoon. There's got to be a better way for her recovery.

SueBee said...

Hi Manjen and Tracy!

Christina said...

@SueBee okay U can cover your bases AS LONG AS it doesn't tone your diary down! Bwahaha! :]

@Dreamerkind UR welcome, but spots here are easily earned then for those like you who've NEVER been anything but kind! So if U R truly stuck on "EARNING" your spot then don't change because we all love your kind & generous spirit!! :]

Its 10:30am & for somereason my laundry is refusing to sort/wash/dry & fold itself! UGH RL is getting so bossy!!! *giggling*

Love to all "my family" (that is anyone who comes Kindly & Sanely Here to Roses "BLOG of EDEN From Insanity)

OKay! OKay I'm coming *Yelling at the BOSSY RL chores!!*

Anonymous said...


How are you???


Penny Lane said...

Hi Hi Hi everyone!

I don't want to leave anyone out so its a collective Hi!!!!!!

I admit to not always acknowledging individuals and since we've been kind of called out on that, I'm going to try.


That's what I'm talking about with the pie. Every recipe claims its the real southern thing. I even tried one with bourbon in it. Thanks for looking. Do you have a favorite?


Anonymous said...

Here's the pecan pie recipe. I've never tried it because I'm not a fan of pecan pie. But it came from one of those old church recipe books that I had in my collection.

Pecan Pie (clever title, I know)

4 eggs
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 cup pecans, chopped
1/2 cup dark Kary syrup
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
3 tablespoons melted butter

Combine ingredients and bake in an unbaked pie shell. Bake at 375 for the first 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 300 and bake for 35 to 45 minutes.

And if you don't like that one, let me know and I'll find some more. I've got several of these kinds of books.

Elaine said...

Leigh-Thanks, please continue to send positive thoughts her way...she needs it.

Olivia-Thanks! hugs!!

SueBee said...


I'm going peachy. How are you?


If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know--even if it's just to vent.

Anonymous said...


I am great!!

SueBee said...


I meant "DOING" peachy. :o) I obviously can't type tonight!

LIZ said...

I have just looked at all the photos of R/K from last night and there are a couple of things that really bother me.

1. Where are their bodyguards?

2. R/K not wearing their seatbelts. I don't know the CA law, perhaps it's not required to wear seatbelts in the backseat BUT, I can't help but remember what happened to Diana. There have been many speculative reports that said if she had been wearing her seatbelt she might have survived the crash.

I'm just saying .... like I've said before I kind feel like they're my grandkids and if they were, I'd probably let them know I was worried about them.

I'm still Twirling ...

Elaine said...


Thank you, you're very sweet! And thanks for the recipes. You were right about the cookies, OMG they are sooo good!!

olivia said...

I love this, I think you may understand it,
?eres hispanohablante, no?

"Nada te turbe,
Nada te espante,
Todo se pasa,
Dios no se muda.
La paciencia
Todo lo alcanza;
Quien a Dios tiene
Nada le falta"
-Santa Teresa

Olivia (TX.)

DreamerKind said...


Give me, say 200 points for every post that enchants you, okay.

I'm here for the long run and I run at the mouth.

Anonymous said...

If I ever forget to say hi to anyone, or don't comment to someone specifically, it is not intentional. It's hard to catch everything, and sometimes people don't stick around regularly enough to create a dialogue with. If I am addressed directly, I will try to make sure I respond. I am not trying to make anyone feel left out, or excluded from anything.

Now.. hello to everyone here :) I'm glad you're here.


SueBee said...


You tried them? Awesome! Thanks!

Remember the offer is always open.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Tracy..MOST of us get that :) You are AWESOME! Some people just seem to like confrontation.


How was the game?

Elaine said...


Si, claro que comprendo. Gracias de nuevo!


olivia said...

! El placer es mio!

Elaine said...


Yes I tried them, didn't actually bake them myself, our sitter did. But I plan on making more this weekend. The boys just couldn't stop eating them.

Anonymous said...

We tied 1-1 on a questionable call. We were in the lead 1-0 for most of the game. The other team got the ball in the net, but the center ref called no goal (which, is supposed to be official, since he's the center ref.. the line refs can't make those calls) But the line ref said it was a goal, so the center changed his call (which he's not supposed to do)

So there were some very pissed off soccer players tonight. Kiddo did okay, but the brace is a bit of a problem, and we may have to make adjustments. The season's almost over, so hopefully she'll have some time to rest it before we start track season.

Christina said...

Okay 1 last thing then I'm gone! Saw the cutest "Twitter" comment on google

*To Rob* "Hi, I'm Mackenzie."

*Rob looks at Kristen* "I want one, now."

Can't U just picture that convo!! Tehehe!

Elaine said...


Hi!!! Love you bunches!!

SueBee said...

Totally random

Anyone watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO yet?

I have always had such a thing for the 1920's and 30's.

Um...okay...return to your normally scheduled conversations! LOL

Anonymous said...



Loves you too!

Melinda said...

Hey Ladies-

Just popping by to see what's shakin...

Anonymous said...

Hi All! I really love this blog. It's like an addiction! Great to see so much support for Rob and Kristen. Rose u're brillant!
Just wanted to point out that though it seems hard to keep up with everyone on here u always try to at least respond to everyone.
You truly are a very KIND person.
Hi Lacey!!!

Anonymous said...


I apologize for the extremely late response. Thank You for adopting me. YES, happy is the operative word here!
I know you used the word "honey" in a positive light?! Teasing.....


DreamerKind said...


We're dying with you here, doll and as best you can, you must breakwaway from the norm. No cost, no difference. Forgive me.

Bren said...

Mama Rose,

I tried to post twice today, but everytime I came in I had to dodge the bullets...so I left...LOL

Seems much calmer now, sometimes you just have to blow off a little steam.

@ KStewRocks

Don't be upset, I get what you were trying to say...in fact I enjoy everyone's posts....I have stated this here before...everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether anyone agrees with it or not---no one is right and no one is wrong, it is just that, someone's opinion.

Are you sure about Kristen being on Leno Friday? When I tried to set my DVR to record it and hit info,it says Terry Bradshaw and One Republic are the guests......

Gotta go----let's all be friends!

Monica said...

Dear Rose, I love Rob that he loves Kristen too~~ You have so many comments lately. I don't have time to go through them one by one. All I want to say is staying with the positives folks~

Monica from Asia

DreamerKind said...

"Why Can't We Be Friends" WAR versus SmashMouth?

I choose War because it is more peaceful, peaceniks!


Anonymous said...

My dog is looking at me and barking and grumbling at me as if I actually understand what she's trying to say.

Hey Mel..

whatsa happening?

Nothing's shakin here.. well.. I'm shivering a bit since the dude's got the air conditioner on for who knows what reasons...

DreamerKind said...


Are you my Irish sister? You get it.


DreamerKind said...


A/C is for fresh air when it is still to hot in the South but it stinks!

Kami said...

LOL Dk...you're so right

Melinda said...


Not much here. Glad that your daughter got to play again. Still glad it was nothing more serious.

Elaine said...

Hey Melinda...how are ya?

Anonymous said...

Hey Melinda :)

I have my windows open here. It's wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't really been hot the past few days.. Actually had near freezing temps the other night. I think it's just that he's moving around and feels like the house is stuffy.. I think the fan would work better.. he's just trying to freeze me, I think.

DreamerKind said...


The fan would work better but what would make you want to cuddle more, ol' smarty hubster knows?

I am wearing flannel at night and it is 75 during the day. But, feel so sad my children, I am alone except for youse (as they say here in Chicago).

Here is: "Since I Fell for You" Lenny Welch

Make love, not War.


Anonymous said...

Well Ladies...I'm outta here for the night. Tomorrow is Thursday...that means payroll :/

Gotta go pick out my Bitch shoes ;)

Hope everyone has a nice night!

*hugs* to EVERYONE :)

Melinda said...

Hey Elaine, Leigh, and DK!

Leigh- what is the temp down by you? You are I think about 3ish hours from me. Wasn't sure if south Fl is getting the cooler weather yet.

Elaine- how I wish things were better for you. I believe I read you have a "meeting" tomorrow, correct? I will send out positive thoughts your direction that things go well.

Anonymous said...

I'll just hold SueBee's hand if I get cold.

Won't fall for the hubster's evil plot to cuddle...

I've got to tell you guys what the principal at the middle school here told the girls one day.

She tells them that they can't be hugging on guys, because you KNOW what hugging will lead to. And that boys think about sex every 20 seconds.

So I told Lesley to have her guy friends sit there and count to 20, and every time they got to 20, they should just sigh, or shiver, or act startled, groan or do something. Then count again to 20 and do it all day.

Anonymous said...


It's about 55 right now. Beautiful weather :) I love sleeping with my windows open listening to the waves! We only have a small window here that we can do that! I'm in South Alabama...not Florida :)

Now, I really am out of here.

Night, Night ;)

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