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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Do You Hate Kristen Stewart? Redux


I'm doing this for 2 reasons.

1) This post still stands.
Every fucking word.

2) I found words from this post on someone else's site.
My exact words.
I wasn't mentioned as the writer.
That kinda bugs me.

3) I'm lazy.
There isn't anything to really say.
At least until Robert shows up in NYC with Kristen.
Wink Wink
Nudge Nudge
*fingers crossed*

So here goes.

Do you ever wonder why people hate?
Because it takes an incredible amount of energy to do it.
You have to invest a lot of time
Because hating someone so deeply...
Being so immersed in the feeling...
is almost like loving someone
isn't it?

It's always been said there's a fine line
between love and hate...
So why bother to cross it for someone you don't know?
Why bother to hate someone who doesn't know you exist?

Yes... I'm talking about all the hate that Kristen gets.
And don't fucking give me shit about how unfair it is
that I talk about Kristen's hate and not Rob's.
I mean...
Fucking A.
Isn't it motherbitching PATHETIC that there is hate at all?

Why hate Kristen?
I bet you didn't even fucking know who she was until Twilight...
Why go to the bother of hating her?
Just because she is where you want to be.
And don't give me no bullshit about not being jealous.
It's all about the JEALOUS.
She's gorgeous
She's rich
She's famous
and most of all...
She has Robert Pattinson looking at her like she is
not only the most delicious woman on the face of the planet...
("he looks at you like you're something to eat")
But like she is the ONLY woman on the planet.

You don't know her.
You don't know her motivations...
Her thoughts...
Why she does the things she does.
And that goes for Robert as well...

You don't give Rob much credit, do you?
So Rob is this insipid ragdoll
who just goes whichever way he's thrown.

As Fucking If.

Robert might be an extremely nice guy...
He might be charming and sweet...
But to think that Rob is willingly being lead by the nose
by Kristen for her own gains...
While he sits idly by
Really is a fucking insult to Robert.
Rob says he knows what he wants...
He goes after it.
He admits to being a bit of a control freak...
So... he is now letting Kristen control him?

You might not want to admit that Robert and Kristen are together.
And hey... if you want to keep scavenging for scraps...
Fucking go for it.

Wallow deep in your denial.
Dive headfirst into the foam...
But quit trying to drag Kristen into your bullshit.
You don't have to like the girl.
You are allowed...
But when I don't like something
I don't want anything to do with it.
I ignore it. I stay away from it.
What do you do?
You fucking make up shit...
and talk about her and Robert...
Like you have access to their thoughts
And then to fucking hate on her...
For things YOU make up about her
that you have no idea she is feeling...
No clue what it's like to be her...
But use as an excuse to attack and insult her.
It's insane.

Kristen hasn't done anything to you
to deserve such bitter resentment.
Kristen hasn't done anything... to anyone
with the exception of flipping off the paparazzi
(which she has totally earned the right to do)

Is she perfect?
And she admits her flaws.
Embraces them.
She doesn't even ask that you like her...
Just understand her.

She's just trying to live her life...
The best way she knows how.
She will make mistakes...
She is human
And yes...
She has the most deliciously handsome boyfriend in the world...
Robert seems to adore her.
Robert seems to want to be with her.
He's allowed to live his life
and make the choice of who he does or doesn't want to be with.
I'm sure if he didn't want to be with Kristen
He wouldn't be.
Then you could hate on someone else...
Is it so hard to believe that Rob is exactly where he wants to be?
No secret agenda.
No PR.
Not anything but two people who want to be together.
Is it really that hard to comprehend?

We don't know what goes on between them...
We can only speculate by what we see...

You see bitterness and hate

I see sweetness and love.

What I see isn't hurting anyone.
Can you say the same?

This post is brought to you by the letters *S* *T* *F* and *U*

That's right.


Bye for now


Fucking lights, straining my eyes.
No sleep at night. It's just a waste of time.
And LA's burning... NY's painted black .
London's calling, calling me back.
Simple patterns make me crack.
Fucking lights, Hurts my head.
Borrowed youth.
All those wasted years.
And LA's learning. NY too.
London's calling, I'm calling you.
What doesn't matter, Still holds its truth,
That nothing matters, When I'm with you,
Cities only fill the void of people wasting, wasting time on you.
Pretty lies and secret love,
Nothing gets me what I want from you,
From you, All I want,
what I want from you.


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nita said...

*yawn* same shit different day..Yeah,we know kstew gets hate,and when freks start hating on hermwe all defend her..But I`m still waiting for the day you`ll address the Rob hate,because it exists.But seems like the fandom ignores it..kstew fans are saints right? lol

Lisa said...

Jealous! :( She's got what they'll never have..

@nita maybe she doesn't comment because she doesn't see it. Maybe she doesn't read or follow the ppl who hate on Rob. I know I don't.. At any rate.. Any hate towards Rob is for the same reason they hate Kristen.. Period

Kami said...

Rose I gave you a standing ovation the first time you posted this and I'm giving you a standing ovation today!!! FUCKING BRILLIANT!

And to everyone bitching and saying "Yawn" that you don't do the blog their way Rose...I say to them..Ok if you don't like Rose's blog, feel free to bypass it, simply don't read it. If you want to address something that Rose doesn't address here, start your own blog and then WE all the Roselanders that love Rose, her opinion, oh and love Kristen (Rob and Tom too) can avoid YOUR SITE.

Off to shop...excuse my language but I feel like saying this, this way..Everyone have a Fucking great day!

Chiara said...

Kristen ROCKS!!! ù.ù haters...they don't matter!! fuck -.-

Sydney said...

Lisa: Indeed it is all 100% jealousy. It's so transparent it's embarrassing. As you said Rose, there are people I can't stand..I don't care for Hillary Swank. Everything about her bothers me. So I avoid any and all mentions of her and have never once gone trolling the internet looking for sites dedicated to her or about her. I don't pick fights with her fans. I just avoid anything to do with her.

The opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference. Kristen haters don't hate her, they have frightening obsessions with her. And yes, it is entirely because she has what they want. Rob.

Same thing with Rob haters. They want what he has. Kristen.

And Nita: I'm fairly certain Rose addressed you at the beginning of her post when she said:

"Yes... I'm talking about all the hate that Kristen gets.
And don't fucking give me shit about how unfair it is
that I talk about Kristen's hate and not Rob's.
I mean...
Fucking A.
Isn't it motherbitching PATHETIC that there is hate at all?"

Take your whining elsewhere. You should be appreciative that someone addresses this at all. And if you have been here before even once then you have seen us all DAILY go apeshit on the resident Rob hater, so spare me.

jen said...

HOw hilarious that your post is just as relevant today as it was two months ago, Rose. lol

No one said much about Kristen for a long time--until she started getting linked to Rob.

And then all hell broke loose, and the negative scrutiny began. Now the poor kid has to dot all her "i's" and cross her "t's" or else she gets crucified.

As an a) adult and b) feminist, I find the way the Kristen scrutiny has gone down in a fandom FULL OF GROWN WOMEN just really backwards and embarrassing.

If all the hating was coming from teen girls, I'd just shrug and blame it on immaturity and inexperience. But it's coming in large part from GROWN WOMEN. Women with husbands. And kids. DAUGHTERS!

And to know these broads, who hate on a girl who just barely left her teen years and call her all sorts of horrid things because they Tiger Beat on some stranger whose a decade their junior, are raising daughters?

Yuck. It's quite unsettling.

SueBee said...

I agree, it's all jealousy.

AND please, people, no more damned debates on who gets hated on more!

Who cares? It sucks either way.

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
manjen said...

Jealousy is exactly what it's about!!

OH also, don't bring the "who gets the most hate" here!! If you feel the need to do that...I suggest you just STFU!!

MLH414 said...

I can't believe that someone did that! It's insane!!

Great post...the reason I like Kristen is because of the person she is...she's real, she doesn't try to be fake and plastic and someone that she isn't...she's humble and down-to-earth, which is refreshing to see, especially for someone soo young that has been in the game for such a long time!!

You can really see the way that they (Kris and Rob) adore each other, and for some reason, it makes the haters go insane!! I really don't understand the hate they BOTH get...

And by the way, I fucking lurve when Kristen flips off the pappz!!

Have a great day everyone!!! :)


SueBee said...

I figure, if you hate someone, why waste your time? Why spread such a negative emotion to poeple who obviously feel the opposite way?

Stupidity should be painful.

Melinda said...

Rose the first time you said this it hit the mark and was right on point. Glad you re-posted.

These women who hate Kristen are just bitter nasty hags. They wouldn't know love if it hit them.

And yes the nut jobs that hate on Rob are just as deranged.

It all amounts to obsession with either Rob or Kristen. These people are not fans at all. They are simple miserable people with no love in their life.

Sydney- wanted to say way to go on what you are doing about Honey and her filth.


A word to the not so wise- if you decide to post negative comments about Rose, Rob, Kristen, or Tom be prepared to be bitch slapped by the Roselanders.


As always happy they are happy.

manjen said...


I agree with you 100%
They sure do put ALOT of time and energy into someone they supposedly hate!!

and if stupidity were painful, there would be some people hurting around here!! I would never (Honey, Marlen) call anyone out or anything!! :-)

Jude said...

Oh, A-freakin'-men, jen! I absolutely couldn't agree with you more. I always have this pie-in-the-sky idea that women should have, like, I don't know -- a sisterhood or something, where we support one another rather than rip each other to shreds. But it's not to be, and I know personally from past experience that you cannot reason with the unreasonable. They'll either ignore the good sense being explained to them, or they'll run back to their fellow torch-and-pitchfork-waving buddies so they can have their blind hatred and misogyny validated. It's both sad and frightening.

And thank you, Sydney, for mentioning the fact that every day on this blog we're visited by that infamous Rob-hater and her nonsense. EVERY FREAKING DAY. And every freaking day she's made to look like the deranged idiot she seems to be, often by Rose herself. So instead of *yawning*, nita, maybe you should try keeping your eyes open to see what's right in front of your nose.

Leigh said...


I'm so sorry someone decided to use your words for their own. But you know why they did right??

Because you are FUCKING AWESOME!!

Thank you for the Redux! This was true then and sadly still so relevant now! Bunch of jealous bitches!

Leigh said...


Unfortunately stupidity is painful...for us! Not for the muffalumps who come here to spread their hate!

But that's ok. Karma is a bitch and one day it's gonna bite them in the ass!!

deb said...

Right On Rose I agree with you why all the hate BECAUSE KRISTEN has what others want and that is ROBERT bur guess what ROBERT PATTINSON WANT KRISTEN STWART I dont like all the hate she get ether. Thank you Rose for being a good fan of rob and Kristen and @nita go find a life your just JEALOUS because Rob loves kris and would NEVER WANT A PERSON LIKE YOU GROW UP you know you'll have to one day DEB.

Penny Lane said...

Kristen doesn't deserve anyone's hate for being herself and loving the man who loves her. Just as Rob is not an innocent little boy who needs to be told who he should and should not be with. Let them live the life they've chosen.

No matter what the detractors given reason is for this dislike as Rose and so many others have stated, it is based on jealousy. And, I'm sorry to admit, but women are so very cruel in their jealousy. Bitchy is the apt description, malicious sometimes too.

There was an article written in the NY times a few years ago concerning women holding other women back in the workplace. It applies here as well.



Leigh said...

Penny :)

Been missing you! How have you been? Thanks for the article. So true! I don't understand how some women become this way? I mean...what excuse could you possibly have? It's sad really. We should be supporting and helping each other! Not trying to step all over each other to get what we want :(

Hope said...

Rose...THIS was one of your finest posts..I remember it well and still shake my head in disbelief that people are so downright cruel for NO reason at all.

I see 'sweetness and love' too....

New York City is beautiful this time of year....crossing my fingers and my toes...

Rose said...

Yes nita... kstew fans are saints.
*written in sarcasm font*

Please stop telling me what to address on my blog.
If you wish to talk about Rob hate... go and do it on YOUR blog. K?

*yawn* Same shit different day.

LJ said...

Loved this post the first time and I think I love it even more now!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Rose my friend and your posts are always spot on so I suspect this wont be the last time you are plagiarized.....cheeky beggars.

Kristen is beautiful, funny, intelligent and I imagine a thoroughly amazing person to be around. So the fact she gets so much shit can only stem from jealousy...otherwise like so many others have said, if you don't like her why pay her any attention at all?

Jealous fuckers the lot of them.



Penny Lane said...


How are you? I was standing in the checkout line today and saw a magazine cover stating that they had the best lasagna recipe and thought of you. I even looked at the recipe but thought it was too involved for my simple tastes.


Leigh said...


I'm good. Supposed to be working..but I'm really finishing off party favors for my Daughter's B-day! If the recipe was too complicated for your simple taste then I'm POSITIVE it's too complicated for mine ;)

Candi said...


I started reading your blog about a month ago, and I just have to say that I think you are my soul sister! It is amazing to me that I feel exactly the same way you do on EVERYTHING you write. I am 35 years old, married (happily I might add), and I have two boys. If my husband knew about this crazy obsession I have, he would probably have me committed! I am obsessed with Rob, and I love Kristen. I feel very protective of them. I hate how the paps shove cameras in their faces, but I love seeing pictures of them together! I love that Kristen and Rob ARE together. I love that Kristen makes Rob happy. I love that Rob waited on Kristen while she was still with MA. I love that you call MA Oregano and Shorty Spice. I could go on and on and on. It feels good to know that there are other people out there that feels the way I do. It's not like I can talk about this with my girlfriends, you know? They would think I'm crazy. Maybe I am. I don't know. Rose, thank you for your blog. I think it actually helps my addiction, or maybe it just feeds it. I don't know. Either way, I love your blog!

Alya said...

Who are these people attacking Kristen? Link please?
Seriously all I see everyone defend her to death.
Nonstens? Well, they now hating on Robert too. Don't worry. even his own fan site.
Actually Rose It's not about Robsten anymore. It's all about themselves. They are attacking you,delaney etc that's why you always talking about 'haters' from other side.
And yes you probably sick of hearing this but Rob gets so much hate even more than Kristen. It's everywhere.
but If we dare to mention the hate Rob gets we are crazy 'go away, this is Rose's blog' etc. I can't defend Robert his own blog. This is really annoying.
I used to like your site, I used to love your thougts but now all I keep hearing is 'hyenas,haters' etc. Why cant we just focus on good and positive things in this fandom? Why this is so hard? What I do know is there is a VERY LARGE double standard going on in the fandom. If we continue to ignore the hate Rob gets then we should also stop talking about the hate Kristen gets.
I have been a loyal visitor for about almost 2 year but have to say with all these 'hater' talk this blog is no longer entertaining.

ps;Some of people here act like only some Rob fans hate her and she can't have any haters other than Rob fans. No. Many people hate Twilight and Twi-cast and Kristen is like any other Twicast member.
Also, you can go some gossip sites or blogs some of them very negative towards Kristen.
This has nothing to do with their relationship. Just like Ted, Lainey and their hate towards Rob.

Kristen fans.. Rob fans.. Nonstens do NOT represent Rob fans. Period. and I really don't think trolls like Stewridge, Honey or some bitter people on Kstew's LJ comms or twitter. can be classified as kristen fans. They make them out to look so bad. They are just trolls. I wish people would stop pitting their fans against eacother.

Penny Lane said...


Did you decide on your costume? Aren't you having a Twilight theme? I mean, really, what other theme would there be?

How did payroll go today? Pointy shoes being put to use? I only have a few more weeks then its back to volunteer extraordinaire and women of leisure for me.


katy said...


We all are fuly aware about the Rob hate...we know it exists, everyday Rose's blog is visited by one of them (Honey) and we all jump to defend Rob from this Crazy person...so don't you dare saying that we ignore it.
And please lets not start the who's gets more hate issue and who's got the wrost fans...as Rose said 'Isn't it motherbitching PATHETIC that there is hate at all?'

Rose...Loved this post the frist time and still do.

I hope Rob shows up in NYC with Kristen.

Hi to all the Roseland ladies.

Leigh said...


Yep, I did :) I'm going to be Wilma Flintstone and the DH is going to be Fred! LOL I just really couldn't do the Twilight thing.

Haha...payroll wasn't too bad this morning. Or, maybe it's just that I seem to be in an amazing mood :D I'm not going to let anyone eff with my magic today ;)

Will you be glad to get finished with this job or do you think you will miss it?

Hi Liza!!!!!
How are you today?

Leigh said...

Hi, Katy!!

*waves* How are you today?

LJ said...

Hi Leigh! I'm good thanks...nearly weekend woooooooooo!

Hope you are well?

Leigh said...


I'm fabulous, Dahling!! I know! I can't wait until this weekend :D Only one more day! And I see that you will get to see Baby Tom! I hope you enjoy that immensely ;) Babies are awesome!

AngeL said...

LOL!!! This blog truly is my happy place.. I love you Kristen.. I love you Rob.. Love you Rose..

and F*** to all the haters and Hyenas with shitload of foams.
Kstew fans are not saints. We just see and understand her the way foamers dont. She's very natural and that's what I love about her.

Lorena. said...

why do you spend so much time of your life loving and defending people who dont even know you exist? Dont you understand that people who hate robsten actually hate the way you crazy people care about their private lives more than you care about your own?
Its not that they hate them, its really just that they dont give a shit, and then they see people like you.

I'm pretty neutral here, i couldnt care less about either of them, even though I like the books and films. I just think its funny how you guys who love or hate them are passionate about sth that doesnt even exist in your world.

katy said...

HI Leigh!!

I am fine thanks. And How are you?

Leigh said...

I'm awesome, Katy!! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood :)


Ummmm, ok. And you felt compelled to tell us this why? Guess what?? We don't care what you or ANYONE else thinks :) So don't bother!! And leave Rose alone! If you really don't care...then don't bother to come visit here. Simple really!!

Bren said...


Rob haters will NEVER have Kristen, and Kristen haters will NEVER have Rob....

Total waste of energy, I say

Devious Dee said...


I believe when you posted this last time, it was the very first time I posted on your site. Well Done. Well Done. I dont post on a regular basis at all, but I do read your blog every day. I think that "Nita" just wants to stir you up. Dont fall for it. Some people just get off by getting other people stirred up and want you to respond to them. Best thing to do is probably not address the nonsence. Then all the foolary will probably go away.

AngeL said...

To Lorena

Citing my fave Jacob's line.. " I couldnt care less bout what you think.."


Seriously..We just love Rob and Kristen even tho they dont know that we exist. Is that too much to ask?

30 said...

Lorena, WHY do people spend so much time hating on Kristen and Rob? and US who support them? If you look at the comments here we don't obsess about R and K. We are friend's here and talk about are own lives for the most part.

THAT should be your issue though,the hate, not people who love them, who are we hurting?

Why are there numerous hate sites against K? rumors on Rob being gay, a drug addict. People that go site to site/harass. We are hurting NO ONE. Rose calls the hate out, you should give her a bit more credit IMO. Just Saying..

Brenda said...

She's beautiful. And talented. And has Rob. *sigh*

Hey, speaking of our beloved Mr. P., there is Oscar buzz starting for his Water for Elephants role. For example: "When Rob’s Elephants co-star, Christoph Waltz, was asked by fans where he kept his Oscar (he won the Supporting Actor trophy this year for Inglorious Basterds) on the Filmore, Calif. set, he responded, “It’s in my house, but the way things are looking, I might have to hand it off to Rob next year!” (Hollywood Life). Hee, hee. How awesome would that be!!!

Penny Lane said...

Hi Katy,

I see you're still fighting the good fight here. How have you been?


I bet you are just the bestest aunt. I don't have FB but I hear little Tom is a cutie. Is he bringing out the maternal instincts? It happens to most of us sooner or later.


Thimbles said...


Imo, this is one of your best posts. And no, I'm not discounting the unstable and ridiculous persecution of either RP or KS. It's the central theme of this post: Hate. Hate is anger and shame and fear in oneself, really. And in this technological world, it's given a lot of very insecure and unstable people the anonymous power to persecute others...celebrity and non-celebrity. I often wonder how these people would feel if in their everyday life, the community around them would treat them so horribly and then go viral with it. It makes me truly pity them that they'll never live up to a better potential. And that's the only thing they really should be concerned with. And yet, if society today actually encourages this kind of anonymous power to spit and defame on others, what kind of a future are we heading to?

Penny Lane said...


Why exactly are you here?

kstewrocks said...

Lisa, that's a smart and agreeable comment. :) The first bit.

Kami said...

Damn! Retail therapy did not help me today! Ok..

Alya..if you don't like the way the blog now is...please feel free to bypass this site...Rose's site she gets to pick the topics..and you get to pick whether or not to come here..simple fix. As for the haters and the links..let me just say this..unless you have been on this site a lot lately, or unless you are Rose..you do not know how much vile, disgusting, replusive stuff gets posted, mainly about Kristen,..here...HERE..by someone who then like a coward quickly deletes it thinking they can't be traced if it's gone, people who are so disgusting and vile in their thoughts that anyone with a heart and a mind would stand up and defend the person they attack. So don't come here demanding sites..as a matter of fact..don't come here.

Lorena, Seriously??? you come onto a site where there are fans of Rob and Kristen and tell us that we have no lives and no one cares about our opinions? And that we need to get a real life..or some kind of drivel..REALLY? Cause YOU are here worrying about US...I think you win the sad life contest.

Everyone wants to know why Rose and all of us "Roselanders" defend Kristen so vehemently and for me it's as simple as this. Where I come from people do not stand idly by as a young woman is brutally attacked by people who get no greater pleasure in life than they get by hurting people. We jump to her defense because she reminds us of our daughters, sisters, nieces,mothers or even ourselves and we all hope that someone would defend us if the situation was reversed, we defend her because Rob loves her, and we know she loves him. And finally and the most important reason of all WE DEFEND HER BECAUSE WE FUCKING LOVE KRISTEN STEWART!!!

Leigh said...


I totally agree with that WHOLE statement :) 100000000 %

kstewrocks said...

I don't know whether it's jealousy. 'Cause they're the people who say Rob will look lovely with Emilie. Even now there are tons of shippers who want Rob to go back and bring Emilie into his personal life. Weird.

Anyway so yeah they're sticking him with other females, just hating Kristen and not approving of Kristen. I do feel sorry for her. But I'm glad Rob in that one particular interview, seemed to defend her when she was addressing the hate and what she had to do to correct her quotes. Gave a brief look I think, as to what he thinks in regard to the hate she gets. And the face he pulled when she was called a bitch.

I'm more glad it's on the internet than to Kristen's face. There's hope Kristen doesn't see the hate with Rob as a distraction from searching for hate comments. It'll never die down, so I'm hoping she doesn't see them.

SueBee said...

Isn't it funny how people who don't care, care enough to post to tell you that they don't care?

Kami said...

sorry if I rambled but I've been wanting to say that for so long..and whew I feel much better...so now to celebrate, I'm going to go steam clean my basment carpet.

Annie said...

To those who feel a need to come here and preach to us........Here's the thing, we (that's a collective we as in Roselanders by the way) don't give a damn!

Moving on........

kstewrocks said...

And I don't think we'll ever get an answer. Except an invalid one where they use hate as some sort of "opinion".

kstewrocks said...

"Dont you understand that people who hate robsten actually hate the way you crazy people care about their private lives more than you care about your own?
Its not that they hate them, its really just that they dont give a shit, and then they see people like you."

Really, are you a hater then and trying to speak for them all? Well you know what, forward my link and I'd love to tell them what I've found. Their main discussion is Rob and Kris, not us. One along with a lot of others who agreed with this one user, said they'd still hate and go that site even if Rob and Kristen confirmed dating. So hearing that from a hater of the relationship myself, I'd believe that nutcase over you. And if you want to get into an argument, I suggest you check back on the nonsten posts (that site your joined to no doubt), and argue with the user who's made an impression of what you nonstens are.

People who hate a relationship they know nothing of, who will continue to even when Rob and Kristen are together in the next 1-50 years. :) Your saying they just have that site made for "Robsten" fans. Your deluded. They have a poor way of showing that if that's the case.

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...

Waves Penny...I am fine and I always fight for what it's right :)
How are you?


DreamerKind said...

Waving magic wand again....


DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...


You think Kristen is a monster? Are you out of your mind? Seriously, you have to be unhinged to care so much about one person's personal habits.

How does this effect your life? Does the quality of your day depend on Kristen's clothing choices?

You are superficial and lacking in class. To so publically try to debase a person is indicative of a sadistic personality.

Having said that---Fuck Off!

IcallBullSqueeze said...

"But when I don't like something
I don't want anything to do with it.
I ignore it. I stay away from it."

These words, in fact this entire post is a contridiction of your very own words posted here everyday...

If this were true you wouldn't have a blog because you would not have a single thing to write about. You write about your hate everyday.

Your blog is based on hate, you can call it anything you want, but it's based on hate. Hate for those who see things differently, hate for those who may not be as in love with Kristen as you are, hate for those whom you call names and make fun of.

The only difference between you and those other people who might believe something different are the sides of the fence you stand on.

Mean people are mean people period, and you are not a nice person. My opinion is based on what you write every day. It's mean and you thrive on the confrontation and the hate, you eat it with a spoon and you are one of the reasons people look at the fans of Kristen and Robert and think of us all as asinine.

As a fan of both Kristen and Rob I really wish you would stop waving the "All hail Kristen and Rob are a couple get over it" banner. It's been done. Stating the obvious repeatedly doesn't make it your idea.

kstewrocks said...

Marlen, whatever. Seriously, I was allowed alcohol before I turned 18. This whole generation is. Get with the times! She's not a "girl" either, she's 20. She's an adult.
If Rose disapproved, it wouldn't make a hell of a difference. Rob approves of his choice. Oh wait, right, he's a little kid isn't he? He's not 24. Oh jesus, I didn't realise he was still a teenage boy.
Please open your eyes and stop being such a monster yourself.

kstewrocks said...

Oh and Marlen, you want a friend off of this site?

Take some kind advice. You would be just perfect for the nonsten site. They would welcome you, so go type the comments you type here, to the nonsten site. You'll be accepted in no time.

Marlen said...


You look like a lovely young lady but it is distressing to read you curse in such a manner. Please dear, express your opinion in a more appropriate manner.

And it is not just the girl's clothing, there is so much about her that is crass and distressing.

SueBee said...


You're opinion of my appearance means less than nothing to me.

You don't know me.

Your rudeness deserves the same.

Fuck Off

Marlen said...


I am sorry that your upbringing included alcohol as it seems to have adversely impacted your development as a member of polite society.

Leigh said...

I will not feed the trolls, I will not feed the trolls.....

Marlen said...


I have not been rude in any way. Please stop cursing at me or I will leave here!!


Sydney said...


You're just proving Rose's point better than even she could. She defends herself ON HER BLOG. She doesn't go anywhere to spread the hate. Yet, every day, YOU ALL come here to spread yours'. Thanks for proving her point so soundly.

You are the one who thrives on the confrontation and the hate because of all of us here, YOU are the only person who sought it out.

TracyMelinda said...

The crazies are coming...

Rose I love your blog!!! I have a horrible way with words and you say everything I can't seem to say!

Hi Everyone!!

SueBee said...


You'll leave if I keep cursing. Do you promise?

Fuck Off

kstewrocks said...

Lol, your hilarious. You know what I'd do Marlen? You'd be the one of the people, who I'd throw up on if I just so happened to drink excessive amounts of alcohol one night.

For someone who's apparently lived a terrible life yourself - speaks volumes. But shouldn't be too surprised you took my comment and imagine I've turned out bad. You know, not all of us are alcoholics. Not all of us drink and that's our lives for for 70 years. I've tasted wine, I've tasted beer, I've tasted vodka. I didn't drink it excessively, and it doesn't seem to affect grades whatsoever.

So my gosh, there you go Marlen, you've made yourself look like a complete moron. When I'm your age, I won't be on the computer hating a young adult. I'll be out there focusing on my work, hanging out with friends, living an enjoyable life.

kstewrocks said...

Fuck off Marlen. :) If we get everyone to say, you should leave. Or you've contradicted yourself.
And I suggest you leave for good. We want you to fuck off forever.

Marlen said...

I do not understand why you are so hostile Sue Bee? Perhaps you did not comprehend what I wrote to Rose. By the way, notice that i addressed my comments to Rose and not to you.

Regardless of the fact that you forced yourself into my exchange with Rose, I will point out that I simply expressed my opinion since Rose continues to defend this girl. I believe that Rose sees the pictures of Kristen all dressed up and believes that these pictures represent how she actually behaves, but that is not true. When you see her in her ridiculous men's clothing and behaving like a pig at a formal dinner, it is impossible to believe that Rose would support such a person. I only want to open her eyes to these traits and behaviours as they are disgusting and not admirable.

LJ said...

I'm thinking one of these is called for -------------------------->

SueBee I second that, you are a fucking lovely young lady....and I 100% agree with every fucking word you fucking say....because I fucking love you! heh heh heh

Bye bye Marlen!

(I just fear its going to be a fucking revolving door again SueBee!)

Marjorie1211 said...

Marlen, Kristen is a wonderful person and a great role model for young women who don't want to be clones. Now get the fuck out of Rose's House (Roseland).

Sydney said...

I'm sorry but I call bullshit on Marlen. This person is not representing a real opinion. No one speaks that way. This is a joke to simply get the board riled up. And it always works. Nobody in their right mind would say anything this asinine. Well, okay, nobody that isn't Honey. I think this is all a big joke.

Marlen said...


I am not "hating" the girl, but pointing out that she should not be placed on a pedestal. I would disagree that your upbringing did not affect you as you seem quite disagreeable and angry.

For your information, my life is quite happy and rewarding and I am proud to never have conducted myself in the manner that I see displayed here.

I am leaving now and can only pray that all of you come to an awakening and realize how wrong you are about Kristen and whether she is appropriate for Robert.

Leigh said...


It doesn't work...we have ALL tried before!

On second thought what could it hurt??


Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose, I loved the blog this time and I loved it the first time. I cannot understand why people hate Rob or Kris, it doesn't make sense. These two are simply trying to live their lives, they love each other and they should be allowed to love anybody they want to love, and evidently they want to love each other...they seem so happy. I don't understand hating anybody, it takes too much time. We Roselanders (love that name) love both Rob and Kris, and we will defend them forever. We will also defend Rose---this is her blog and she gets to say whatever she wants...leave her alone. Take care Rose, I am with you all the way.

kstewrocks said...

LMAO, disagreeing on things means you have a bad upbringing! What BULLSHIT.

No one would get very far in life if we were all the same people with the same opinions. There's got to be difference in the world.

Thank goodness the scum has gone.

kstewrocks said...

LMAO, disagreeing on things means you have a bad upbringing! What BULLSHIT.

No one would get very far in life if we were all the same people with the same opinions. There's got to be difference in the world.

Thank goodness the scum has gone.

Alya said...

To Kami

I know, we won't agree and don't worry I'll leave soon.

You have KS fans who hate Rob, you have Rob fans hate Kristen but I really believe that they are not their true fans. People like honey and Marlen are incredibly transparent.
Everyone could see what they are trying to do/start. Don't pay attention to the trolls.
and please just please.
Stop pitting R/K fans against each other.

SueBee said...


I fucking love you too!

SueBee said...


Do you honestly think Rose cares one iota about your opinion? Really?

Just go away already. I cursed at you. Keep your promise and leave.

dina said...

Hi everyone. My first post here. Awesome blog and awesome ppl.
IMO they don't actually hate her cos she is with Rob they hate her because of the way Rob loves her. Every woman in the world would like to be loved and worshiped the way Rob adores Kris. Very few are the lucky ones, Kris is one of them and they cannot endure this.

LJ said...

Tracy where are you? I miss you :-)


Annie said...

How many times can someone type the words "I'm leaving" before they really, actually, totally mean it.
Starting a countdown........

kstewrocks said...

Marlen, I'm sure Rose would probably sooner or later delete your comments. Your an unwanted person here. Honey's funny but nuts still. We can tolerate her ish. You? We don't like one bit. Nobody likes you. We dislike you. Your not Rose's friend, because your always complaining about her site and the person she likes and likes to talk about : meaning Kristen.

Fuck off. Nobody likes you here.

SueBee said...


Seriously! Marlen keeps teasing me with her promise to go away.

Sierra said...

true true true!


Annie said...

LOL........ She/ he/it is stuck in the revolving door and it refuses to let them loose!

Sydney said...

Oh come ON! This Marlen character is such a fucking joke.

msfrancy said...

Hey, sorry for my English, I'm Italian, but even if I can't speak well, I need to support her.
I really love Kristen. It's so sad that some people hate her. I don't know how they can do that. She is so nice, lovely, wonderful actress. At that age... still so young but very talented already. She is great and brave to handle that situation. I'm happy she found Rob.

SueBee said...


It's a sad state of affairs. This clueless cross dresser can't take a hint--or a direct statement.

ray said...


What? You can tolerate Honey? You're kidding right?
FFS She has pictures of Rob bloodied and/or dead. How can you tolerate this?

LJ said...

Marlen we can't remove your fucking ignorant comments unfortunately.

Seriously please just do as you promised and get off the roundabout, its time to leave.

Marlen said...


I am not sure why you believe I am a joke but could you please refrain from the cursing dear. It is inappropriate and unnecessary.

Marlen said...


Please stop using curse words dear, it is unbecoming and unnecessary.

Sydney said...


Don't fucking call me Dear. You are a fucking joke, it's clear as day. Nobody who preaches to be so "appropriate" would ever say the vile things you say about an innocent 20 year old.

You've mentioned you're leaving 423 times now. It's time for you to do the 'appropriate' thing and be a man/woman/thing of your word and fucking GO.

SueBee said...


G _ F _ C K Y _ _ R S _ L F, would you like to buy a vowel? Or maybe you can solve the puzzle?

Toni said...

Just stopping in to say great post!

Oh and Sue Bee I love the Chronicles you are a wonderful writer. They make me cry with laughter.

Penny Lane said...

Repeat after me:

Do Not Feed the Trolls!!!

Besides I agree with Sydney. This is all BS just for reaction.

Annie said...

"I am leaving" ( Marlen says but not really ...........
# 1
To be continued.........
Marlen: What an insulting fuckwit you are........ Did the pic of Rob sharing food with Kristen set you off?
Too bad because you know deep down he's sharing a whole lot more than that with her.
Don't come to Rose's blog thinking that your BS will be tolerated. It will not be. Not here!

Rose said...

Even though I eat 'hate' with a spoon... I should have remembered that any post defending Kristen would bring out the soap boxers.

Believe whatever you want.
I don't hate people who don't have the same opinions as me.
Do I discuss the hatred in this fandom? Most definitely.
I give *MY* opinion on *MY* blog.
That's it.
Unlike you who preaches to me about hate... but then comes here to hate on me.
I have admitted in the past that I like to write about the ongoing debate that is Robert/Kristen...
Do I poke fun at it? You bet.
Do I laugh at it? All signs point to yes.
But who do I hate?
No one.
Not even you or people like you who admit they read my blog EVERYday and then proceed to whine about what I have written.
I don't chase you around the internet. I don't force you to read my thoughts.
You are the one who comes HERE.
Take it or leave it.
It's really that simple.

SueBee said...


Thank you!

Rose said...

Ignore Marlen. He/She doesn't really care about Kristen... he/she just wants to get a reaction.

Sorry Marlen... Just ran out of Purina Troll Food :'(

Penny Lane said...


So funny! Would you like to buy a vowel?

olivia said...

Love ya Rose and Roselanders.
Great post the first time and worthy of the repeat appearance.
The banner by the way is so gorgeous.

Gut feeling - we have a big phoney baloney poster. Someone who loves the attention. Rose did advise in the past to just ignore and not engage.

Hi and hugs to all the regs and the fab trio.

Tracy and Liza, wish I had facebook to peek at little Tom. The tiny blankie pic looks beautiful.
Olivia (TX.)

Kami said...

ahh I missed the feeding of the troll show. Dang...marlen..I left you a message on the last post, please go read it, I even used my big girl words, no cussing.

Ayla, hate on both sides, check..got it..tattooed it on my forehead..now enough..have a great day and a wonderful life!

Annie said...

Sorry Rose.......... I wish the trolls would take up cliff diving. Jump off just once and be done, never to return.

Have to run. Be back a little later tonight.

SueBee said...

Okay, Okay. I suppose I've made my point.

Turning my back on the cross dressing troll.

Penny Lane said...


Hello you silliebillie. We didn't get any new terms of endearment today from the troll.

Did you get the carpeting clean? Want to come to my house now?


Kami said...

Suebee, Sydney, Liza and whoever else got slimed by the troll.. ((((Hugs))))) Yall did so good

Kami said...

P lol no not yet, I just finally got the dang thing put together so i'm taking a coke break (coca cola for all of you out who automatically jump to something else) and catching up on Roseland

LJ said...

Ok Rose, you are right my friend I am ignoring.........one last time though because I'm so unbecoming.....FUCK OFF MARLEN!

Hi Kami, Penny, Annie, Olivia and everyone else!


katy said...

I see that Marlen gave us the displeasure of his/her presence again.

Ok...I will Not Feed the Trolls!!! I will NOt feed the TROLLS!!! i WILL NOT FEED THE TROOLS!!!

30 said...


Can someone make the fuck nut go poof again? Please. I don't know how much longer I can keep my self contained and I don't want to give her what she wants, A reaction.

Melinda said...

Did I not say today that if you said anything negative about Rose,Rob, Kristen, or Tom you would be bitch slapped by the Roselanders.

Well Roselanders... job effing well done!!!!

I'm amused by the fact that hyenas love to come to a blog they don't agree with and call us crazy and obsessive.

Excuse me while I laugh in their sad miserable faces!

Plus you know that koolaid you drink. It makes you sick so it might be in your best interest to quite drinking the stuff.

Kristen is one cool chick who has the most delicious man to call her own. Are we roselanders jealous? Nope b/c we all have rich rewarding lives and are happy for them. It's really that simple.

DINA- thank you for saying that. I too agree that some of these women wish they had a man look at them the way Rob looks at Kristen. You know the whole love and adored no matter what look.

Neither Rob nor Kristen are perfect. It's their imperfections that make them so sweet together. We get it.

Sorry you don't but it we won't lose any sleep over it.

One last thing...

we wear the tiaras around here and Rose wears the crown so your stupid nonsense is invalid.

lovesit said...

this is a fantastic post! great job once again Rose!

Maria said...

Rose ... you are AWESOME!! You are 100% correct ... they hate because they are jealous of the love between Rob and Kristen. They are jealous of what is missing in their lives ... 'cause we all know, that if they had it, they wouldn't be foaming at the mouth.

Melinda said...

Okay having said that my Bailey's brownies need to come out of the oven.

Oh my I am drinking alcohol...well it's 5:00 my time so time to start the party!

Susan- love the avi...I am surprised no one in the editing room "caught" that!

It cracks me up that he did that. They are both bird flippers...perfect for each other. :)

Sydney said...


I'm about to join you in cocktail hour. So it's only 3:15pm here. It's 5:00pm where you are and that's good enough for me.


Bren said...

Hi Guys,

I left for a little bit, and while I was gone, you were attacked.

I see that you circled the wagons....good job, carry on.LOL

Tracy said...

SueBee!!! I flove you.. even if my phone is trying to autocorrect that word... flove... as in fucking love :)

Liza, my love!!! We must catch up soon. Let's make a date :) *HUGS*

Hi everyone else.. minus the stupidheads..
just dropping in real quick.. will be back later tonight hopefully... I think my friend gave me her cold.. bleh..

As for all the shit stirrers, the drama queens, the haters, the crazies, and the idiot muffalumps who have nothing better to do with their time than to try to tear down a sweet young woman... shut the fuck up and leave her the hell alone.

LJ said...

Night all!!

See you tomorrow....

Smitty, gutted I keep missing you...hope I catch you soon!

Syd I don't even know if your ever lurking but just in case wanted to say I miss you....I heart you....and your still my 'F' ;-)



Kami said...

Night Liza, sorry the troll slimed you

LJ said...

Tracyyyyyyyy! hope I catch you tomorrow my love....


Thanks Kami :-)

LWA said...

Hello Roseland,

I have missed you terribly. I am going to have to set aside time to catch up but wanted to wave hello to all of my friends.


LWA said...

Liza...is that you my friend???

I tried to catch you a few times and kept missing you. How are you?

SueBee said...

*Waving Back*

Hello, Syd!!

LJ said...

Syyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyd its me your ever adoring Liza.......miss you.....adore you.....love you.....hoping all is wonderful in your world.

Lots of love,

LWA said...

Hi Sue you wonderful diary keeper!

What is with all the crazy hate here today? That is so not in keeping with the rules of Roseland. I think we have to build a large moat around this wonderful place to keep out the trolls.

How's life with you sweetheart? Good I hope?


LWA said...

excuse me Roseland as I carry Liza over to the closest shed or barn for a proper reception heh?

How are you beautiful girl? Tell me everything that has happened since last week when we talked.

LWA said...

Tracy was here also and I seem to have missed her--I hope you are feeling better soon love. Take care please.

SueBee said...


Life is just wonderful with me. I sort of slipped my leash and tried to eviscerate a troll earlier--but I'm feeing MUCH better now! LOL

Someone needs to lock the door so all of these haters will stay out!

How are you? I certainly have missed you. :o)

LWA said...

Well Sue--everyone slips now and again. I have been known to give them a little FU know and again also. I am sorry you had to guard the castle alone though :)

All is well with me. Busy as can be but things have been good. I was fascinated, along with the rest of the world, about the miners who were rescued. Simply a wonderful story (well, except for those with wives and mistresses both showing up to welcome them--stick situation heh?)


LJ said...

**SWOON** heh heh...good lord my darling Syd if only!

I am ignoring the crazy hate and embracing the crazy love :-)

There is not much to tell my beautiful Syd...just work & play nothing exceptional. I can promise you though you have never been far from my thoughts....I have missed you awfully.

How are things with you? are you having a wonderful time?

Now enough of the small talk.....wheres that shed?!......lol

SueBee said...

I would have thought the wife and mistress might have thrown him back in. Hell hath no fury--and all of that.

I had some help guarding the castle but some of these trolls are absolutely crazy.

SueBee said...

Enjoy the shed, Liza. Just remember to stay hydrated and grab a snack every now and again!


Kami said...

Susan, I would have certainly made sure he was back in the ground rather quickly had it been my husband...but this time for good!

LWA said...

Oh Liza, you make me laugh. I think if we ever did meet that we would both be so embarrassed of the things we've said that it would take months for us each to look up at the other. Or, we would simply jump straight...well, now nevermind.

I am glad you are well and I seriously doubt that anything about you or your life is ever boring. Wonderful and enchanting but never, ever boring.

SueBee said...


Sometimes a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do! :o)

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kami said...


SueBee said...

Sorry for all of the FO's earlier. Will you all forgive me if I say I was provoked?

LJ said...

Well whatever happened Syd we would definitely have fun! ;-)

So glad things are really good for you......please don't leave it long until you visit again.

**Sending you kisses**

Liza ❤

Kay said...

Excellent defense of Roseland today everyone! The troll bitchslapping was amazing and I'm sorry I missed it! :)

Kami said...

Susan, I'm sure everyone forgives you for the FOs earlier...I however can't forgive the fact that I was at the store and missed out on being able to tell marloony to FO...I will cry myself to sleep tonight.

SueBee said...

Guess I was just in the right place at the right time!

My tolerance just wasn't very high today!

Kami said...

yep I understand that feeling..had a day like that last week....and I'm sure today wouldn't have been much better..I feel like the crazies are coming out of the wood work...I guess it's that time of year.

Elaine said...

Rose-I loved it when you first posted this and I love it even more now!

T-feel better-Love you!

Hi ladies of Roseland-Hope you all are having a great night.


Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LWA said...

Liza--back at you sweetheart. And I agree, we would have fun no matter what.

Your adoring Syd

gwen said...

hello all!

(peeking) Who let the dog out? Is it back to its proper cage? lol..

Great post today Rose. You always beat my morning coffee :)

I love the last pic... It says to 'get off her ****' I like it when she do that, those people deserved them anyway.

Kami said...

Gwen, not sure who let that dog out,but you should be extra careful, we're pretty sure it's got fleas and rabies.

wig4usc said...

I love what jen had to say, I completly agree that the jealousy and hate put on Kristen, mostly and especially by women, in the fandom is EMBARRASING! I mean, let's be real, the majority of the drama in the fandom is women.

The judgement that people are engaging in, seen here and in the Robsten world, is really shocking at times. Nita - what's it to you that Rose is talking about the Kristen haters?? She's not saying ANYTHING today about those hating on Rob, good, bad or indifferent. Tomorrow, maybe she will, but listen, read, learn something, think about something other than what's in your own head, for God's sake!

gwen said...


sure there's a lot of stray dogs these days. Hope the dog catcher get to them. We dont want them spreading their rabies and fleas all over the place.

Boogie with Stew said...

hello my Rosie friends.. Rose darling,(( hugs)) ,Kami,Gwen, Sue Bee, Tracy, DK, Manjen, Leigh, Penny Lane,30, Kstewrocks, LJ,Elaine and all the other regs..I saw a sign today.. to change the world you need "love" well there is definitely love on this page, and for those who just don't get it I declare my allegiance to the defenders of the hyena slayers.. I love the french "Redux" awesome do over post!
what the world need now is Love and the removal of stupid..
peace and love Stephanie aka Boogie W/Stew

SueBee said...

I don't know about slaying hyenas. I think the best we can do is turn a cold garden hose on them.

They just keep coming back!

You know the only reason they return is to cause trouble.

Honey does it with hate and stupidity. She has started her own personal war against someone she doesn't know and will never meet.

Marlen criticizes to an extreme degree under the veneer of civility. She/He is not just expressing an opinion but hurling insults. This person truly believes that she/he is teaching us something.

These haters are spewing venom and thinking that they KNOW the celebrities in question.

I find it more than a litte chilling that Honey thinks she knows what is good for Kristen and vice versa with Marlen and Rob.

Ironically, they say that they worry about us. They sit there in front of their computers and feel as if they are honestly justified in what they do.

It's sad and disturbing.

Boogie with Stew said...

Hey Sue Bee well written..they scare me and I watch way to much SCI FI ..sorry maybe since I work @ the CDC we could crogenically freeze them to science catches up to give them a "real brain".. just a thought and yes they scare me..

Boogie with Stew said...

just read that post I repeated my self.. I'm really tired.. sorry

Kami said...

Susan, I agree it's sickening. With Honey, I mean yeah it's pretty obvious second word out of her mouth that we aren't dealing with someone in touch with reality.
Marlen on the other hand sets me off because he/she/it wraps their poisonous blather in that civilized veeneer, it's chilling. People like Honey are harmful mainly to themselves..(and YES I know bout the creepy pics of Rob, I wrote bout them please don't bombard me with e-mails telling me I'm wrong), but someone like Marlen, they have real potential to actually rally hate. I guess that's why he/she/it sets me off the way they do, I hope this creature is playing some huge joke on all of us and some day will tell us we've been punk'd.

Boogie with Stew said...

maybe they can work on a 'stupid vaccine"?

Kami said...

Stephanie, hopefully some day they will come up with that cure for Stupid..Honey can be first in line for the shot. If they come up with one for pure Evil..then Marlen can be first in line.

SueBee said...

I have to agree that when I read their comments, I think, "Seriously?"

It's so far out in left field that it almost seems like a joke.

Boogie with Stew said...

Kami I saw how Marlene played it..hello the "F" bomb gets dropped on here all the time WTF..get over it

Boogie with Stew said...

well if we've been "punked" I still wanna give a swift kick

Kami said...

Yep, in my humble opinion, I feel that saying Fuck every few seconds is a LOT more civil than using that disgusting "We Must Use Proper English" attitude and saying things like "Sue Bee you look like a love lady and that language is so unbecoming" I almost gagged when I heard them say that to you Susan..loved your response.

SueBee said...

As for the use of profanity, I really don't think we are disturbing Marlen/Marlene's delicate sensibilities.

She/He is playing a part, nothing more.

Kami said...

I'd be willing to bet though that Mr./Mrs/it Marlen is probably from some obscure little town in the middle of the U.S. sitting in his mother's basement 48 no job, no wife, nothing but his little "Dame Edna" routine.

Boogie with Stew said...

I shook my head and thought you fuckin snoob..good come back and hello we are grown women all plugged into Roseland and we like each other that's why were still here.. and like it was stated we have real lives share recipes and jokes and tid bits about our lives... I have truely met some amazing women on here and am thankful for the silliebillies I forget who calls us that

Kami said...

Marlen dubbed us that..Sillibillies and Muffalumps and Rudlings

Boogie with Stew said...

Kami its creepy the whole he/she or
shim.. I betcha you are so right in some basement on old computer surfing eeeeeeeeeewweeeeeeuu

SueBee said...

Yes, the tripe about my being a lovely young lady was a bit over the top.

She/He/It coud almost approve of me if I wouldn't swear.

What this person doesn't realize and is too deusional to understand, is that she has absolutely no right to sit in judgment of anyone.

Boogie with Stew said...

oh shit really damn I though it was Leigh or someone like that oops my bad

Boogie with Stew said...

spot on Sue Bee like there the fucking Queen of good manners or what?

Kami said...

The crap that comes out of "It's" mouth is really creepy, it kinda reminds me of all those hate rallies you see from before WWII and how the Nazi's picked apart every single thing about a person if that person didn't fit their idea of "Perfect" it's fucking sickening!

Kami said...

Stephaine, I love the term Sillie Billie, cause it means I'm as far away from that psycho bitch as I can be. lol

Boogie with Stew said...

edgamacte me WTF is a mufflelump?

Boogie with Stew said...

I used to call my kids silly billys when they were little and now there are grown there retards.. no offense to the challanged

Kami said...

hmmm not completely sure what a muffalump is but I'm guessing it's either an Oompa Lumpa with mumps or a muppet who is getting lady lumps..lol she's a nut job

SueBee said...

I find it laughable because this troll doesn't know me--not one thing about me.

For all she knows, my picture could be of the lady who lives down the block.

Boogie with Stew said...

Kami yes chilling how it reminds me of that scary time in our History..

Kami said...

Well Susan You are beautiful, but your most beautiful where it counts on the inside..ole Marloony can't appreciate that fact..too superficial.

Boogie with Stew said...

now I'm got the giggles about the lumps and mumps @ Sue BEE your pic could be anyone for that matter

Boogie with Stew said...

Marloony like in luney tunes ha ha ha
you so funny kami

Kami said...

Yep...for all old Marloony knows..this ---------->
is a picture of me and Not Emmitt Smith.

SueBee said...

Thanks, Kami. I appreciate your kindness.

Boogie with Stew said...

It would be fun if we could met each other like a Rose reunion I know some of you are friends on FB right?

Boogie with Stew said...

Sue Bee I ditto what Kami said about you darling you are so beautiful you hyena hmmmmmm master you..

Kami said...

Just call it like I see it Susan.
That's what upsets me the most about a lot of the haters, they judge Kristen AND Rob on their looks they could care less what kind of people they are. I guess that's why I liked Rob (not LIKED like miss Smoochy) he was and is so openly crazy about Kristen, and when he looks at her it's like he sees her soul and finds it the most beautiful thing in the world. Of course being a sappy female, I swooned, and well I figured if she could make him look like that at her she must be special..and she is.

Boogie with Stew said...

Oh Kami I thought that was a pic you?

Boogie with Stew said...

they are both special young people in love and that's what makes me happy to see them happy..♥

Kami said...

Yep Stephanie, little known fact bout me...I was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys in the 90 .shhhh don't tell anyone especially my hubby, he doesn't know...LOL

Boogie with Stew said...

brb dog barfed all over the floor

SueBee said...

Thanks, Boogie. You're sweet.

Hyena Master--hmmm...

Annie said...

Many of the people who spew the BS are sadly twice Kristen's age and I think it's nothing but jealousy.

I have very little tolerance for people who sit in front of a computer and spew BS with every key stroke. I would like to think that no life can be that empty that anyone needs to be so pathetic.
Kristen and Rob have more integrity than the lot of them put together.

I hope I'm quoting Kristen correctly here when I write that she said she'd rather be hated than to be fake and fool people. I admire her for the way she's true to herself. It's a rare quality.

Ignore the fuckwits, their asininity speaks volumes and shows there's nothing admirable about them.
.......Then again, if they come here with their BS, Roselanders bitch-back in the best way! :)

SueBee said...

And...everyone knows I'm secretly the head of the SueBee Honey Company!

Boogie with Stew said...

ok Kami & Sue Bee.. I'm back shhhhh mum's the word I'll never tell you were a football player

Boogie with Stew said...

well said Annie and yeah I heard that about you Sue BEE can I buy stock in you company?

SueBee said...

Sure, just send me a check and I'll hook you up. :o)

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