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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Rob and Kristen- DING DONG PR IS DEAD!

I mean...
There is just so much cute about this picture.

1) Rob and Kristen are laughing.
It's so damn nice to see them laughing.

2) Kristen's hand is on Rob's thigh.
Robert's hand is holding on to hers.

3) Did I mention how fucking cute this picture is?

Here's the BIG difference between people who love 
Robert and Kristen together...
(Sorry... Hyenas are biting and howling... Hard to ignore)

Where *I* am happy because Rob and Kristen are laughing and giggling...
Hyenas are all pissed off and foaming.
I love seeing them spending time with each other...
Hyenas just spend time ripping Kristen apart
Making excuses as to why they are together.

This is the part where I should just ignore the Hyenas.
Because they are seriously chasing their fucking tails
and trying to rationalize their irrational thoughts.
It's not working.
They know it's not working.
They know they are just going around in circles...
Trying to get something that is always just out of reach.

And I should just be happy with scoffing and giggling at them.
Doing my twisting and twirling
(that pisses them off)
And be done with it.
Not today.
It's just too good to pass up.

Rob and Kristen are FORCED to hang out together.
First they look miserable together (ALL THE TIME).
Then when they are smiling...
It's because SUMMIT reads the blogs/boards/Twitter
and told them to fucking SMILE OR ELSE!
Rob is pushing Kristen's hand off his thigh...
or Kristen is just all touchy with everyone she meets.
Thomas is always there... HOW ROMANTIC!
Kristen was REALLY on a date with Tom!
Rob was really on a date with Tom!
It's all just predictable PR!!!
SUMMIT is making Rob and Kristen go out together
to promote a movie that hasn't been made!
It's always important to do PR over a year in advance
of when a movie comes out!!
I know someone in the 'BUSINESS' I really do...
And they say this is all PR!!!
Of course...
Kristen's "TEAM" is making everyone do this to 
help her tarnished image.
It has roped Robert and Thomas into hanging around with Kristen.
Because no one cares about her otherwise.
And we all know that Robert, Kristen and now Thomas
have signed away their lives to a movie studio!
That makes the MOST sense!
Now we will always have PR to back us up!
No matter what happens...
PR is the explanation!
IT IS!!!
We all KNEW that this would happen.
We knew this WEEKS ago!
(we had to protect ourselves when it happened, right?)
 Kristen is a famewhore.
Robert is just locked into a contract that he can't WAIT to get out of!
It's OBVIOUS he can't stand Kristen.
Rob is so nice to beard for her for years and years.
Rob is so nice to PRETEND to be with Kristen
for the sake of a movie.
I mean...
Who wouldn't fucking give up years of their life
to promote a movie that needs little promoting?
Sure sure...
Robert Fucking Pattinson
has decided to not have any kind of REAL relationship with a girl...
He's decided to forgo any romance and love
for the sake of a FUCKING movie.
That's right!
The most eligible gorgeous man on the face of the earth
is willing to FAKE it because some movie studio told him to!
Of course!!

That was exhausting.
How do they keep this up day after day?
How do they say these things with a straight face?

There is some bitter angry foaming going on right now.
Steer clear of the foam.
I have a feeling if it comes in contact with any body part
It will fucking BURN.

If a hyena whines in the woods and nobody hears it...
Does it make a sound?

A) Robert and Kristen are together because they WANT to be.
The only thing that makes them miserable is the paps who
chase and harass them and say rude things.

B) Take a good look at those pictures.
Hand on thigh.
Big smiles.
Arms linked.
And let's not forget...
Kristen was all kinds of glowing on Leno.
(No, not pregnancy glowing... sheesh)
She's happy.
Robert's happy.
They are happy TOGETHER.
(if I had a dime for every time I wrote TOGETHER
I might have enough money to pay for rabies shots for the Hyenas)

C) How can you not look at these pictures and smile?
If you can't smile... and enjoy the happy...
I feel sorry for you.
If looking at these pictures makes you all angry
and shouty
and bitter
and irrational...
I feel sorry for you.

"Jealousy is all the fun you think they had."


This post is brought to you by the letters *T* and *D*

T for TRUTH.
It's looking you right in the face
See it.
Believe it.

D for
As a Blogger I must admit, I thoroughly examined it.
And it's not only merely dead, it's really most sincerely dead.

Yes, let the joyous news be spread The wicked PR at last is dead!

*Munchkin Twirl*

Bye for now


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JennB said...

I think you're the one foaming. Does your head spin when you're coming up with your fantasies? Who the hell cares, really?????!!!!!!

Rose said...

Well, JennB... you must care enough to come to my blog and read my words. So you tell me who REALLY cares?
Get back to me... I'm on the edge of my seat here.

Anonymous said...

LOL, at JennB. Your the one who cares so go back to your little hole and cry your little foamy tears.

jentoo said...

Ewwww! I hate when I share a name with dumbasses such as the one above! Rose, you're funny as shit and I love reading your stuff everyday!

Anonymous said...


Bwahahahaha!! I see you lost your Rose Colored Glasses ;)


Love ya!
Leigh ♥

Rose said...

I know Leigh! I don't know where those glasses disappeared to!
Oh well...

keset said...

Love them.
That's all.

Anonymous said...

hi Rose
long time i'm not posting, cause seem so busy in RL but i always read your blog every time you post...and i read all comment..hi regs (waves) you are all guys hillarious..

good posting rose standing ovation to you and to sane peeps..ooh not Honey and Who are u JennB?? or would i said you marlooney..LMAO, just like Rose said why you botheres to read, and even post in Rose blog??? hmmm

rose right now i don't care anymore the nonsense ("theire ship are sinking in the ocean"), haters non believers, hyena... thinking, delusion, anymore they are just ignorant...

i'm just happy and twirling, dancing with you Rose and regs..cause we happy when see Rob and Kristen are happy too..

lovesit said...

great post - LOVE the pictures, I've been looking at them all morning!

Honey said...

Kristen doesn't look happy here http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/edseth27/Oct%25202010/oct10-hq6.jpg or here http://i846.photobucket.com/albums/ab26/edseth27/Oct%202010/nobu10-2.jpg You didn't include those pics. It looks like a forced date to me!

lovesit said...

who cares what others say...

opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one

what I don't get is why they bother posting on sites like this...you know we can see the truth, they're together, and happy, if you don't believe it why come to a place where 99% of the people do...like they're going to change any minds...
it's just so bizare to me

khushboo said...

dis was soooo cute to see them together smilin like dis...

love ♥♥ ROB N KRISTEN ♥♥...

yay..m in ma ROBSTEN happy bubble..n mood...:)

i alwaz want them to be happy like dis wid each other n i knw ROB N KRISTEN..will alwaz be like dis together n happy...

n i never see nethng negative,,,jus keep my eyes close 4 dat...

only ROB N KRISTEN...together n in love n happy....:)

4 their 4ever love.....
‎"I wished on a star, I prayed every night; when I saw you, I lost my sight.My love is deep, so pure and true, I have eyes n smiles n love only for you."..♥

love u 4 dis post....:)

i love MA ♥♥♥.. ROBSTEN.. ♥♥♥ soooooooo much....

lovesit said...

Honey, maybe she has her mouth full and would rather not chew like a cow!

Anonymous said...

Honey...she was thinking of you! LOL

Do tell...we are ALL wanting to know...

Have you achieved maximum blurple yet?

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for these 'people' too.
It's soooo good be happy with Rob and Kris happiness...
With their smile
With their LOVE.

I am just saying 'awwwwwww' today...haha

<3 You!

Rose said...

Bitter Honey. You are an oxymoron.
Or maybe just a moron.

You tell me.

Penny Lane said...

Just a quick peeking in here.

I just can't not smile at those pictures. You know when you see someone happy and you just have to smile along with them? That's how it feels.

Why are the disillusioned first in line to post? They must keep returning to your blog just to be able to do that. What kind of person does that?


Are you humming that tune today? Or did the wine cause you to forget?


Anonymous said...


You are in a fabulous moob today ;)

I flove it when you are in this moob!! It makes me smile so fucking big!


acullengirl said...

Ok I have lurked here for a while I must comment
that is some funny stuff love it I am twirling with you
oh and JennB I have a family member that is an optomatrist and he said that he would be willing to do free eye exams to the delusional people out in the world do you want me to give him your name and number you might want to get those eyes checked you dont want to run into a wall or anything do you

30 said...

"They are happy TOGETHER.
(if I had a dime for every time I wrote TOGETHER
I might have enough money to pay for rabies shots for the Hyenas)"

I can donate also Rose, we should start up a Rabies shot fund :P

Penny Lane said...


I think using the word oxymoron might be a little advanced for Honey.

Moron is appropriate.


Anonymous said...

LOL Penny!!

Right now I have the wizard of oz running through my head...

angelica1 said...

Yay Honey!! I have to admit,I'm always a little disappointed when there's no comment from our very own little Eeyore, it always guarantees me a good laugh on the most miserable of days :)

Today however, is an AWESOME day!!

mujhiko_mujhiko said...

Ding Doooong! Your time is up! Get out you fucking idiot! Go chase your tail or stay under your mouldy rock, but stay away from here! You're dead and so is your fucking PRRRR!! You're fucking history!

Tara said...

If I wasn't already married, I'd ask you! Your take on things is insightful and entertaining. Hyenas are just digging for anything they can to keep themselves the topic of conversation!

Sydney said...

Monday's are so shitty, but not so with pictures like this. They are so cute. It's like an embarrassment of riches to be given so many cute R/K moments these past few weeks. The good thing is, there is no imminent separation. They will be together for the next 6 months.

Honey, I heard Tom is being forced to hang out with Kristen for On The Road PR. See? Idiotic reasoning works both ways.

We should start placing bets now on who Honey starts pairing Kristen with once BD starts filming and Tom is MIA for weeks at a time. Will it be Jackson? Peter? Kellen? Taylor? It will have to be someone she could be photographed with more than once so that Honey can say "look? See, she's obviously broken up with Rob and is now moving on. Kristen and _________ have so much more in common."

Good times ahead!

30 said...

Now ladies of Roseland be prepared. I am sure the hyenas are having horrific episode's today. As we know they love to come here and spew there foam at times. Lets all ignore, and secretly laugh are asses off at the "new delusions" they are coming up with at the moment.

ignore ignore ignore..

I am so happy for R and K tons of xo to them both.

Carly said...

I effing love this post. and I adore those pics. there is more from the night that I dont adore so much because those are just sad but these 3 picures of Rob & Kris smiling and touching and happy, these pictures make me smile. they made my day.

The Wicked PR is dead indeed. unfortunately the hyenas have an answer to everything. always. I think they may somewhat change the tune. the new song I heard is called FWB and it fucking pissed me off. serves me right for not staying clear of the LF, though

love you Rose

*twirl you later*

Ana Matos said...

Hi Rose and Roseland.

Long time lurker (since early 2009) but first time poster.
I'm Portuguese,so sorry for my English (it's been a while since high school..).
I just wanted to thank you and all the Roseland ladies: Suebee (I absolutely ADORE the Hyena Chronicles), Tracy, Lisa, DK, Elaine, Manjen, Leigh, etc...I read Rose's blog everiday and your comments..your guys are brilliant!
I decided to post today because yesterday I realized how you all became a part of my life: hubby and our 20 months old daughter were watching "The Lion King" and, in the scene where the hyenas were planning Simba's father death, hubby turns around and says: "That hyena Ed is so dumb it hurts".
I instantly thought of Honey! And I realized:Honey IS ED, the dumbest hyena ever!
This sounded funnier in my head, but I decided I'd shared with you all anyway...to thank you for all the laughs, the joy and the sanity you bring to my day.
Now, switching back to lurker mode...

Anonymous said...

LOL Ana!!

You are SO right! That's Honey!! Don't lurk..come join us! As Kami said, we don't bite...unless your name is Honey. Or you are a troll! LOL!

I have to get some work done! Really, I do!! BBL

mimi said...

Honey take a look at this picture....


It is the same one that you posted, just not zoomed in on Kristen. From this view it is pretty obvious that not only kristen, but Tom and Robs manger as well, are all glaring at the paps. Sorry to burst your foam filled bubble but Kristen is giving a dirty look to the paps not Rob.

Lisa said...

Let me first say.. Rose, your comment to Honey was the best "Bitter Honey. You are an oxymoron. Or maybe just a moron." I'm glad I wasn't drinking at the time! LOL

As for your post, do people really say all those outrageous things? I mean, it's just so ridiculous it's hard for me to fathom! And I've been saying it over and over since I started reading here. Why do people like JennB come HERE to read??

The pictures are just great! The smiles are priceless! Not to mention all the touching.. :) I love Tom but gosh, it's time to clean up the beard (he can leave it, just clean it) and for God-sakes, change clothes! LOL

@Honey, you just like the drama huh? You come every day to just disagree with Rose. Why don't you write your own blog? In those pictures you posted.. The first one.. She doesn't look happy, just just looks normal. When you are out, do you always have to be smiling? It actually looks like he's eating off her plate in that pic. As for the second.. She looks like she's giving a pap the bitch-face and Rob is clearly amused by it.

GO ROBSTEN! ;) Happy Monday all!

twatty said...

Honey is @garretttomstew a lunatic on twitter hahaha . Go jump off the bridge honey.

Toye said...

Brilliant as always. I could barely stop laughing. It is really sad that some people actually believe those things. Hope everyone is having a good day.

RKsoumates913 said...

The BLINDENAS follow this map






ROSE I love your blog and you have real people who love you my dear!

Lets wear our T-shirt to make the stupidenas go away


XOXO from Brazil

you say everything we want to read.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe the images at first. I thought no way, there's been too much this week. I'm too tired, and imagining things. Then I thought, oh okay, they are real images. :):)


Hey, I wonder what the majority PR is between the mental ones. Rob only went to see Tom? Or him and Kristen, just happened to be at the same restaurant, same table and hated each other so much they were engaging themselves into conversaition with one another.
Oh well, who cares what the majority votes are.

Us sane ones can tell they are out together for one another - because they are friends AND more. :)

LJ said...

Rose I bloody love it when you lose those glasses ;-)

Great post....great to see Rob & Kristen together, happy and having fun!

I'm doing my best to ignore the idiots......

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh Lisa, I'd be in hysterics if Honey made her own blog up. Just imagine if so many people wandered onto it- such as Doctors, well just the whole sector of sane people.

Ana Matos said...

Hi again!

Thanks, Leigh, for the warm welcome.
I wish I could join and talk to all of you (and express to Suebee and Rose how amazing their writting is) but when you all come here, I'm about to leave.
Here is almost 18:00h in the afternoon and where you are is still morning, right?....
So, all I can do is read your commments tomorow,laugh with them (leaving my co-workers with the idea that I'm nuts..) and be happy to know that there are still sane people left in the world.
Thank you once again

LJ said...

Oh and Lisa I have to disagree....Tom could grow his beard zz top style and go out dressed in a bin bag and he would still look like the hottest man to walk the planet.



Anonymous said...

How can anyone not be happy for these two incredible persons is beyond me.

Lisa said...

@kstewrocks LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy to see Rob and Kristen in this way. They are both great guys, I love them so much!
All the best! :)

deb said...

HO HELL YES Rose Now if only the NUTS who come in here would only SEE what you'v been saying all the time BIG FUCKING SMILE ON ROB AND KRISTEN FACE can you feel the LOVE Yep i know I can And you are right the ASSWIPES ARE GOING TO BE PISS HO well.THANK YOU ROSE. DEB.

Kami said...

Goodness the Hyena's have really started howling loudly at you Rose early for a Monday...you know what that means don't you? They're running scared cause they know you're telling the truth.

Please Rose forgive me.....

JennB is someone holding a gun to your head FORCING you to read Rose's blog? Cause if not, I'm not sure if you're aware of this...but YOU DON'T HAVE TO COME HERE! From now on just avoid the site...no anger issues for you!

Honey, from you I expect stupidity and bullshit spewing out of every orifice you have...you're damaged sweetie, no way we can fix you.
Believe what you want to believe, even if you're wrong.

Penny AWESOME Avi! and I'm humming the tune today even if Leigh isn't

Lisa said...

@LJ LOL To each his won.. He can't be the hottest guy on the planet.. That's reserved! ;) But maybe second! hehe

Seriously, I don't mind beards at all. In fact, my husband has one at my request. But, I like it clean on the neck and brushed! LOL And I can't do smelly.. Wearing the same clothes for 4 days, can't smell good! LMAO

Kami said...

Ana Matos Hello and welcome! I loved what you said about Ed and Honey being the same hyena...priceless!

Jane said...

Rose, you have some real a..holds on this blog but that is beside the point. The point is that the date of 10/10/10 will always be with me to remember how happy Rob and Kristen were last night. These pictures made my day, gave me a wonderful start for Monday. They are having so much fun, paps or not, I love it and them. Keep up the good work, for we people who are sane, love it.

SueBee said...

Awwwwwwww---how cute are those photos?

Sincerely sweet.

Guess I'll read on and see how much foam there is.

Caroline said...


In anticipation of the flood of foam that's headed our way today, I thought these rose patterned wellies would be most appropriate. Thanks for another great post!

Kami said...

Caroline..nice avi

Breebles said...

"if I had a dime for every time I wrote TOGETHER
I might have enough money to pay for rabies shots for the Hyenas"

Ha, ha! You're so whitty! Thanks I needed that. Rose, I L-O-V-E your blog!

Kami said...

Honey- looked at your link...ever realize that no human being smiles 24/7 especially while eating...oh well once again sweetie believe what you like, live in your happy place, who cares if it's all make believe.

Sierra said...

wow that must have been a mouthful. lol

love the pics.

but really love the face that she's glowing. u were right she was glowing on Lena. There is a new Kriten in town you guys!

those who can't hang need to keep it movin'

Sierra said...

i mean Leno

SueBee said...


Come on. I am getting so disappointed in you.

That's the best you can do?

A picture where Rob is reaching over Kristen's food (like most guys trying to snatch a bit of food off said gf's plate) and a pic of Kris looking annoyed while being papped.

Seriously, how am I supposed to take notes when you aren't willing to put more effort into it?

Brenda said...

I have the hugest smile when I look at these pics. I LOVE them.

I have a theory about the hyenas and the haters: they just want to see how many people read their comments and answer them. That's all they want. For people to notice them. Otherwise why would they keep coming back? Let's ignore them, poor things.

dc said...

HAND ON THE THIGH! SMILEY, SMILEY!! What is not to like...? Today is a big 10!!!!

Hope said...

Fucking MASTERPIECE Rose !!!!!!

Kami...these new photos of R&K snapped me quickly out of my "Cowboys" depression...WTF happened yesterday??!!!

DK...so sorry to hear of your injury....perhaps a few Mai Tais and a viewing of P&P will ease the pain...ha...heal quickly.

Sydney said...


I smile all the time. When I'm eating, chewing, drinking, I'm smiling. When I work, I smile. When I work out, I smile. The whole time. When I'm with my boyfriend, I smile constantly. When I'm going the bathroom, or sleeping, I am smiling. To suggest otherwise would be to suggest that I am miserable all the time and that I have never been happy.

Kami said...

Caroline, I honestly don't know what happened yesterday except weare now 1-3...you're right though the pictures make me feel slightly better..not much but slightly...you know...Honey if you'd show me a picture of you at maximum blurple I'd feel better.

Caroline said...

Hello Roseland!

Kami-Thank you! Your avi is pretty cute too! : )

SueBee- Your latest HC is hilarious! If they ever make a Lifetime movie based on Honey's memoirs (as told by you), they can call it The Color Blurple.

Kami said...

LOL Sydney Brilliant response!

Anonymous said...

Sydney, doesn't your face hurt from smiling all the time?
Just one big emotion, or expression.
I'd get the urge to screw my face up to someone one day. :D Like little kids who think it's cool to bob their tongues out at strangers, when in a vehicle. I'd get the opposite feeling from smiling. I'd want to pull an evil face for the hell of a change.

LIZ said...

ROSE, I really love your blog today (as always). However, you could have just typed "anything" and posted the "smiley" pics and we would ALL have been gaga, they look like children laughing, so wonderful to see them happy. We all knew they were but to see it, well there are no words to describe all the feelings out there today. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ....

JennB (aka Honey?) --- some things never change, find a new blog.

katy said...

Hi Rose!! awesome Post, Hi Everyone

Foam everywhere, we may need raincoats, umbrellas and galoshes for the foam storm...heynas, nonbelivers are pissed and I'm loving it.

I look at those pics and I am happy because Rob and Kristen are Happy...so why can't you (heynas) do the same?!...just enjoy the happy and you'll feel so much better.



shut up, your anoying has hell. Do you even know how pathetic you sound?...good grief
'T for TRUTH.
It's looking you right in the face
See it.
Believe it.'

SueBee said...

Swwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Caroline!


Oh, and Sydney, I thought I was the only one who smiled through everything. Great to find a kindred spirit! LOL

Kai El said...

Dear Roselanders,

I think we don't have to be bothered by comments from Honey or JennB or other haters, hyenas, or whatever. We saw RK actions and their actions speak louder than any words.
We are having our moment as the believers, so lets not the hyenas ruin it.

God Bless our beloved Rob and Kris
and God Bless us All.

Sydney said...

Yes, Kstewrocks, it does hurt my face to be smiling all the time, but that is what I must do for people to know I'm happy, right? Right? I mean, if I didn't have a smile on my face the entire time I was with my boyfriend, how would they know I was happy? We've been together for three years, but what would that prove?

Bren said...

"Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising..Higher, higher it's burning through to my soul"...

Look around you, there are trolls crashing and burning everywhere..LOL

Rose, you said it all....

As for Honey, I just smile and nod, smile and nod....Bwahahaha

real pr pro said...

I have been lurking in the Rob and Kristen fandom for months, and despite seeing some seriously deranged comments about PR from what might politely be called the fringe group, I've been loathe to post.

Whenever I would be tempted to add a comment refuting the inane PR theory,I was stopped by the certainly that whatever I had to say would fall on deaf ears -- despite the fact that I suspect I have a tad more experience in PR than those who so fervently espouse this theory.

To be specific, 25 years in the business.

As a matter of fact,I am currently the director of PR for one of the largest media companies in the world. ( Rose -- if you have a PM function I'm happy to supply proof to anyone who asks.)

But Rose's post this morning inspired me. So I'm coming out of lurking to say two things:

First, Rose nailed it. And with such style.

Secondly, clearly none of the PRstens have a clue about how PR works.

As someone who has actaully done PR for media and film companies, I can attest to the fact that it's a very strategic and controlled process that is defined by a film's overall marketing plan, creative platform and timeline.

It's driven by specific milestones of proximity to release date that generally start counting down about 4-6 months from the premiere -- any further out and message fatigue sets it.

Nothing is left to chance, nothing is random, and NOTHING is left to the actors to execute on their own (as in telling them to go out to dinner and concerts, travel across county to see each other, spend the holidays with each other -- and then trust that they will do just that, sacrificing their own lives for the sake of boxoffice.)

Above all, PR for films must delvier measureable ROI in terms of box-office impact (for the people out there whose deep knoweldge of PR is confined to declaring a romance to be an outcome of same, ROI stand for Return on Investment.)

Now this is the part where you might expect that I am going to argue the legitimacy of Rob and Kristen's relationship. But I see no need to argue the obvious or make the case for simple common sense. Instead I would like to ask a favor of the PR theorists -- one that i more relevant to me than the romantic relationship of these two very attractive and talented young people:

Please stop maligning my profession.

Obviously you have no problem with insulting Kristen and Rob with your assumptions that two actors who take their craft as seriously as they do would so easily compromise their integrity, independence and self-respect just to promote a movie.

But can you stop throwing the term PR around when clearly you are clueless as to how that particular marketing science works?

Thanks for indulging me. Going back to lurking now.

real pr pro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
real pr pro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melinda said...

Can't help but smile and be happy today! Do those two know how cute they are?

Love the bitch faces on Kristen, Tom and the blond! Rob's smiling, amused face at his beloved is a win too.

Stupidity is the name of the game for some people. All you can do is laugh and hope the meds start kicking in soon for them.

Great post today Rose! Their ship is sinking without any life jackets on board. Maybe all the foam will keep them afloat?

As always happy that they are happy...

Anonymous said...

Go real pr pro for that comment! =D

I learn marketing and pr, used to anyway. And not once did celebrities really come into it, a part from say celebrities like David Beckham, who has his own aftershave out etc. Only celebrities were mentioned then.

I guess teachers were smart enough to not get mixed up in who apparently is dating for PR, lol.

As well as Katie Price formily known as Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Sydney, geez your right. Gosh, I need to smile more. Time is nothing, no proof whatsoever. Thank you for waking me up. (': Well appreciated.

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hope said...

Kami....that was me,Hope...ha ha...yeah a 1/3 record is sad. No smiley Tony today.
Waving hello to Caroline...another Texas gal

Melinda said...

Real PR Pro-

THANK YOU for coming out of lurker mode to say this! Much appreciated.

If Rob and Kristen were being forced to "fake" a relationship then someone needs to be fired b/c it isn't working.

Rabies affects all kinds and they don't want to see whats right in front of them.

Two actors who have this amazing chemistry and who want to be together.

Plenty of celeb couples have found romance while filming a movie together. It's nothing new.

Marjorie1211 said...

Rose lovely post today, I can't stop smiling after seeing those Happy Faces.

30 said...

real pr pro,

Thanks for the insight. The real issue is though these people who preach "PR" are really hurting Rob and Kristen reputation to a point, IMO that is. The constant posting all over any and all blogs, then they create twitter accounts to harass and spew there craziness to anyone who will listen, then the mags and such pick up on it...

That is what can potentially hurt R and K. Then gives there sane fans a bad reputation also. We all know its not PR but these naysayer's are mostly young jealous fanatic's, and in there mind will one day be Robert Pattinson girlfriend. Plus with the way things have changed with the internet these day's, rumors and lies spread so easily. Me personally ,and I know other R and K fans get pretty upset when we read the lies, it's a never ending circle. We feel we have to defend them, then that gives the crazies more ammunition to come after people like Rose and others. They lurk here, post there insults. The issue is what can K and R people do to stop this craziness? Can they do anything? I have read so many death threats in the past against Kristen it made me sick, a few Robert death threats also not so much as of late but this is my point, that kind of publicity and craziness cannot be good for them a new fan or someone interested in watching there movies might actually believe they are like that.

Rose said...

I wanted to say HELLO to my dear friends Smitty and Syd...
I've missed you both!
I've written emails and you say you have written emails...
But I haven't seen anything in a couple of days.
So now I'm going thru Smitty/Syd withdrawl and I'm telling you... It isn't pretty!
And Boris... Do I even have to say that I've missed you?
It's kinda a fact of life at this point... Isn't it?

Miss You!

Caroline said...


I hope that in addition to constantly smiling at your boyfriend when out in public, that you are also constantly groping him. Everyone knows constant smiling and groping are the ONLY way that people will ever be able to tell that not only are you happy with your boyfriend, but that the two of you are also together together as opposed to just being together-which is basically just one step up from "Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"

Anonymous said...

Random question kind of. Has anyone tried sushi??

DreamerKind said...


One of the greatest posts ever! Oh, happy day, when PR died, when PR died, oh, happy day..

Kami said...

Hope...I'm so sorry I knew it was you but I guess I had a moment due to my extreme depression due to how our boys are playing...please forgive me..=)

PR Pro...please do not fade back to a lurker..you have expressed much better than most, the reasons that the PR angle does not fly, how PR works and why it is used, you also made a valid and much needed point that PR is not some evil thing out in the shadows used only to torment Actors years away from release dates, before movies have even been made in order to keep a pretty much guaranteed hit (if there is such a thing) in the media. PR is a necessary tool in making sure the Public at large hears about a movie or event...it can be a good thing. You hit it out of the park and I thank you! Please come back and chat with us from time to time!

Anonymous said...



:):) From 1:00 and onwards, I find the best. :D

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Hi DreamerKind! :) :) How are you love?

Hi 1rosefan where ever you may be :) I am feeling where are missing part of Roseland as of late with out you three.

Anonymous said...

Why is a comment always deleted after I post one? :/

Sydney said...


Yes, indeed, my boyfriend and I are a regular PDA fest at all times. If I'm not hanging onto him or french kissing him as we walk down the street; if I'm not sitting on his lap at dinner or he's not reciting poetry to me on bended knee how are people to know we are together?

Plus, we work in the same industry, and I think the heads of our industry prefer we show as much PDA and affection as possible. You know, cause it's good for...the industry? And I'm all about pleasing them.

Caroline said...

Kami and Hope- I've decided that the Texas Rangers are sucking up all the good sports karma in Dallas. Heaven forbid we have a winning MLB team and a winning NFL team!

DreamerKind said...


Thanks, I'm playing it right now-such great harmonizing.

I've tried sushi but only can have the non-shellfish variety due to allergy bunk. Delicious!

Karen said...

I fucking love the pictures! They are both so happy, and holding hands, and laughing, and in love!! This is SUCH a good day. Thanks, Rose.

Honey, I just don't understand why you come here. Please be a good girl and go spread your misery somewhere else.

Hope said...

Caroline.....when is the final game??? Two Texas losses yesterday was all I could take...lol
Rangers MUST win darn it

Kami....omg....love what u just said to the new poster..(lurker) (See I forgot her name...sorry) Need coffee

Sydney said...


I'm not big on raw fish, but I love cooked sushi...like king crab and caviar rolls and shrimp tempura rolls and things like that. Mainly though, I LOVE Saki. Cold saki though, not hot. Hot saki tastes like microwaved rubbing alcohol. In college we would drop our shots of saki into glasses of Saporo for Saki bombs.

Speaking of getting hammered at Sushi restaurants...some lame tweeters (including Honey) are clinging to the Rob is an alcoholic theory because he had some saki at a sushi restaurant. If Rob is an alcoholic then I have already died from alcoholism. I drank WAY more than he does in college and still enjoy imbibing. Get over it goody-two-shoes.

Anonymous said...

It's probably the only Nuns film I'd watch- Sister Act 2. Great harmonizing indeed.

DreamerKind said...

I'm naming names today in celebration of K/R TOGETHERNESS & Roseland:

Rose, Tracy, SueBee, Liza, Elaine, manjen, Melinda, 30, Caroline, Bren, Hope, Deb, Kami, Sydney, Penny Lane, Leigh, Cate, Smitty, Syd, Boris, jentoo, Opy, keset, LIZ, katy, Sierra, and those I've missed from A to Z.

Sanity rules!

We told you so.

(Mai Tai, P & P, and all other suggestions noted/appreciated.)

Anonymous said...

And to both DreamerKind and Sydney :)

It's nice then? I can handle prawns, and muscles. Is sushi more than that? I've seen this sushi bar in this place that I've recently been too. Where it sells a lot of things inside this one big store. But I'm wondering whether to try sushi. Hmm, cold saki...I'll have to look it up, everything sushi - and see the appearance. I know I like seafood though. I can't imagine what raw fish is like, and that's apparently what sushi is. I can imagine raw chicken, or raw beef.

katy said...

Real PR PRO, thank you for your comment. Please fell free to come out of lurker mode whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

Sydney, I had a glass of wine last night. I must be an alcoholic too. We'll have to go to alcoholics anonymous and take Rob with us.

Anonymous said...

Awwwh, dreamerkind you didn't mention me! Grr. I love their togetherness as much as anyone!

Rose said...

Hello DK! <3

DreamerKind said...


I like the california rolls with salmon, veggie rolls, tuna (yum) and egg ones.


Yes, cold sake and Sapporo, love your style.

DreamerKind said...


Shouting out to you "Hurray"!

DreamerKind said...


That's because I have a special mention list and you are #1 on it, sweet one.

1. Kstewrocks

Anonymous said...

That's blasphemy! >_< You've forgotten my name in your list, even though there's been talk on Sister Act and sushi. Blasphemy!

Only joking.

Would you prefer to call me ksrocks for short btw? I noticed that's what you type.

Sushi with salmon? Isn't that fish on fish? O.o Woah.

katy said...

Hi Dreamer

How's your ankle...feeling better?

SueBee said...

Yeah! I've had a shout out!

Thanks, DK!

This honestly makes up for all of those times that lady NEVER said my name at the end of Romper Room.

Anyone remember that show? LOL

Caroline said...

Hi DK!
How are you today? I hope you're taking good care of yourself and resting that ankle as much as possible.

Here's a little "I Told You So!" dance to go along with your post:

Sydney said...


Woah, maybe the sake has been affecting me more than I thought since I forgot how to spell it.


Sushi actually means rice. Sashimi is raw fish. But people say sushi as a general term, mainly consisting of seaweed, rice and raw fish. There are a lot of variations. But I would go to a reputable sushi bar with someone who has had it before for your first time, because a bad experience with sushi could swear you off it for a while.

DreamerKind said...

I am no Tracy, SueBee or Elaine, so forget about my multi-tasking too much.

And I am slower than usual today.

However, I will obviously continue drinking copious amounts of hardcore booze and fine wine; in honor of Rob and the rest of the great Celebraters of Living Life Well.

As for PDA, blatant displays suit me fine, need the partner for the crime!

Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks Sydney for that advic. Yeah I don't think I'd be brave enough either way on my own walking in and eating sushi. I'll try and find too a sushi lover amongst my friends. I can pass the sushi on to their dishes.

Oh fair enough. I've only ever heard one term for sushi. Thank you for that interesting piece of information. You learn something new everyday is pretty true.

Anonymous said...

Anyway night people.

Off to do work.

See you in the next post. This'll no doubt go up to 300 between 700 comments.

Melinda said...

Thanks DK for the shout out! You are a really cool woman (amongst many other cool women and two swooners').

Susan- nope never heard of Romper Room...guessing it was a kid's show?

Rose- We are with you on the missing part. Glad to know they are happy and well though.

Kstewrocks- I don't eat seafood. Can't tolerate the smell. I have had sake while in Japan. It's pretty potent stuff.

DreamerKind said...

How funny cause I looked up the spelling before I wrote it and it can be spelled either way.

Nice and easy to type, like DK instead of D______K___!

Romper Room! They didn't call my name either or I missed it if they did.

Ankle feels okay-why is that, shouldn't I suffer more?

Me being good girl and taking it easy.
How is your ankle, if I recall right, didn't you get hit with a cart last week?

Kami said...

DK thank you for the shout out!! (((((gentle hugs)))))) hope the ankle's not too sore today and if it is..I hope you have great pain pills.

Susan...I never watched it, but yeah lol I remember Romper Room!!

Carolin and Hope:
I agree about the Rangers...now thinking back on it...any time the Rangers do good close to or in Post Seasons the Cowboys are horrible!

Kstewrocks: I've never tried Sushi, although I've always wanted to, but up until a year ago we lived in West Texas (the desert part) and I was always afraid, considering the only place to get it was Bubba's Sushi and Tackle shop..(joking of course,it was actually Bubba's Sushi Bait and Tackle shop)..

Well gotta go, I'm way behind on my smiling today and I just can't have people saying I'm miserable now can I?

LJ said...

DK my friend thanks for the shout out :-)

Hi Rose & everyone else!



Kami said...

Hey Liza!!!

omg my spelling is way off today...kinda like my brain...I apologize CAROLINE...I think I need a nap!

DreamerKind said...


I read all of your chronicles but sometimes leave a comment on that site instead of here, just sayin'.

Where's Ms. Tracy?

Vangie said...

i feel, so hurt now, some wrote that kristen, tags along, behind rob, so i found it was offensive, so since, i thought, the statement was offensive, i asked for it to be removed and i was denied, now ladies, am a 1005 rob fan but hell no you do not insult kristen, i felt really hurt, that i did not expect

Anonymous said...

Rose, great pictures kinda hard to not see what's really going on in them...lovve. Unless of course your an idiot (JennB,Honey) ya I named ya. lmao I'm sorry you have to waste your time reading all those stupid excuses for them not being together. Your right Rose, the foam is going to be flying...cause now the haters gotta know they've been wrong. Not that they'll admit it though.lmao! Thanks Rose.

kaylafryer said...


I Havent Posted In A Very Long Time, But That Dosent Mean I Stop Reading. I Will Always Read Your Blog, Know That.

Those Pictures Had Me Smiling So Big, I Feel The Happyness Radiating From Them. It Makes Me So Happy To See Them Happy.
I Still Cant Get The Smile Of My Face =D

I Have Now Seen The Foam, I Havent Seen It Before But JennB Put It Out There,, She Was The First To Comment, I Still Dont Gett Why People Come On Your Blog And Bash What You Have To Say,, Its How You Feel And Its Your Blog, Why Do They Continuously Read If They Dont Agree,, If They Feel That Strongly Why Dont They Make Thier Own Blog,, That Will Surely Help Them, They Can Read Back And See How Anger They Are About Two Peoples Lives, Who I May Add They Dont Even Know!

I Conclude This With Saying, I Love Your Blog Rose, Ang I Love Seeing How Utterly Happy Rob & Kristen Are Together.


MLH414 said...


Great post as usual!!

When you see them smile like that, you can't help but want to smile too!! :)

I think that it's funny that the hyena's are the ones who post here first, but I'm just gonna ignore their foam!!

Have a good Monday everyone!!


DreamerKind said...

Hugs out to you, don't worry, be happy!

Love your unique style of writing with the caps. and agree with you, too.

Like that you're calling them out and naming em.

And the uncoverted, will be converted, in the long run. (No religious intent here only LOVE)

Be back soon-

Marjorie1211 said...

Susan I know how you feel I never got a shout out on Romper Room either. Kids shows certainly were a lot more innocent in those days.

Caroline said...

Hi Liza!!!

DK- My ankle is much better now, thanks to a dear friend who made me follow my doctor's orders. Hmmm, I hope that same dear friend is being just as diligent in looking after her own injured ankle. "Hint-Hint! Wink-Wink! Nudge -Nudge! Push-Push! Twirl-Twril!" ; )

Real PR Pro- Your post was so refreshing to read after months of supposed "PR Experts" screaming their RK PR theories based on their 6 degrees of separation from an alleged $uper $ecret $ummit insider.

Kami-I need a nap too! : )

Bren said...


Thanks for the shout out, you are the "sweetest".

Paul Young coming at you,..."Everytime You Go Away", he is some mighty fine "eye candy" in this video....enjoy.


Bren said...

@ Sue Bee,

Romper Room? OMG, I had not heard that in ages...thanks, for making me giggle.

Atticus said...

Hi everyone! Rose, fucking love you.

Ahhhh, those pics...Kristen's hand on Rob's thigh and Rob caressing Kristen's hand, restaurant pics where Rob is either serving Kristen some sushi or helping himself to something on her plate, those beautiful smiling pics...just sigh...fucking priceless.

I know Rob was smiling but Kristen can sure light up a pic with that smile. She looks beautiful, no matter what her facial expression is. They both can.

Twirlspin, everyone!

shoegal2547 said...

Rose, there is all kinds of "happy" here today...banner, pics and troll talking! *joining you in the munchkin twirls, faster, faster, faster!*

Happy Rob = happy me...there is no rhyme or reason for it, just is! Thanks for posting! ;-)

30 said...


I LOVE doing "I told you so's" LOL

Annie said...

I love, LOVE those pics of Rob and Kristen! The paps are annoying as all hell but those pictures are just so great to see. I'm all for Rob and Kristen cuteness!

Those in denial about Rob and Kristen being together are so royally shitfucked and I'm so bloody happy and loving their state of shitfuckness! :)

30 said...

OMG You guys have to see this LMAO


I hope Rob, Kristen and Taylor will get a laugh from this shit! :)

Honey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Did I date myself too much with the Romper Room comment? LOL

Oh well, I'm an old lady!


Hi, Sweetie!

Traaaaaaaaaaaaacy? Where arrrrrre you?

katy said...


Ohh, thanks for the shout out too.

what happed to you happened to my hunt and she was always complaining how much the pain was intolerable and she had to use crutches.

But I guess some fractures are wrost than others...glad yours don't make you suffer to much

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Sorry!! Couldn't resist ;)


LJ said...

Honey...shut up!

SueBee!! loved the new diary :-D

Leigh...heh heh love it.

Barbara Fenwick said...

First I want to say to Honey and JennB - what the hell are you doing on this site? I suggest you crawl back under the rock you came out of. Okay, Rose I loved the pictures, first I have seen of them. They look so happy, how can you look at them and say they do not love each other --- It is plain for anybody with any intelligence to see and you never see those expressions on Rob and Kris's face unless they are together. Are all these people stupid? I loved the blog as usual dear Rose, and I am twisting and twirling and getting all kinds of strange looks, but I don't care. I knew this fall was going to be a great one, and it is already happening. Take care, dear Rose, and I will look forward to your post tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you will still be here when I make it back later.


Have a great night :)


Thanks for the shout out! Love you, too!! You know...us SANE ones must stick together!

katy said...


Put a sock in it...don't you ever get tired of being WRONG.

LJ said...

Probs not Leigh so **HUUUUUUGS**
back! :-)

30 said...

HONEY, You are disgusting. I hear its YOU giving Rob MORE death threats over at Ted's Board, (Like right now) If anyone wants to report her and the comments, also E should be reported for supporting this crap every single time. Honey the disturbing lies you spread from blog to blog will catch up to you. I cant even stomach you, you little shit.

DreamerKind said...

I'm listening to it right now! Thanks.

Yes, yes, time to be smug and dance the "I Told You S0" (me in a chair, for now)

Going to see the bone doc tomorrow late morning. Rest easy.

30 said...

DK you ok? I know you said you hurt yourself earlier in the week.

Sydney said...

Another drive by post from Honey?? She is so creepy.

From now on, instead of arguing with her, I'm just going to post this every time Honey comments here. For obvious reasons:


Never enter into a battle of wits
with an unarmed man.

Kami said...

Honey...I see you have a point you want to make so I'm offering you this uh....hmmm I guess chance to prove it..All you need to do is post pictures of every single person on the face of the earth smiling 24/7 and I will believe. It shouldn't take you too long there are only like 6 Billion people for you to post. See you when you're done! Until then we will all understand if you are too busy to grace us with your presence...hurry along now Honey...Time's wasting.

Hope said...

@ Kami...good one...let's see if she answers you...maybe with some cartoon characters since this is HER reality...maybe Mickey and Minney Mouse...lol...they're a smiley bunch!!

deb said...

HONNY it is YOU that YOU are seeing unhappy not kristen you are looking at YOURSELF maybe one day you well look at yourself and be as happy as Kristen is you see SHES very much in love with Rob and being in love makes you happy If you say you like Kristen then be happy for her I know I am. DEB.

Kami said...

Hope, you're right bout the Mickey and Minnie photos she should have lots of those since she was recently "rescued" by a Disney Cruise line (Thanks and shout out to SueBee for being Brilliant), hey maybe she'll send us lots of pictures of Goofy!

Hope said...

OMG Kami...thank you for that obvious tie-in....of course...the Disney Cruise ship...duh...'where all your dreams come true'.....

see..I told you my mind was not fully functioning today

Bren said...

@ Sue Bee,

You are certainly not old, the comment was super cute!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about the PR claim, why would Summit pay them to do PR for movies outside of Twilight. Not only that, but I was under the impression that Rob/Kristen/and Taylor are all being paid the same money. Why would they be paid the same if Rob/Kris were required to do more work?

And anyway who does PR a year in advance of a movie opening. I mean really, PR for the filming of BD? I don't even think they're trying to make sense anymore

Annie said...

I read about your injury earlier and I do hope you're feeling better.

As for Honey.........Well, we all know there's really no hope for her and her deluded silliness.

Anonymous said...

Great Post, Rose!

Love the pics!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

SueBee said...

Kami & Bren

Thank you :o)

Yes, Goofy and Mickey adore Honey. Rumor has it she was quite a little minx on the ship...just sayin'!

SueBee said...

Hello, Manjen!

About time you stopped by!

HUGS and more HUGS!

LJ said...

Manjen!!! hello my friend :-)

DreamerKind said...

So far so good.
I mean to get hurt while "dancing your feet off" is a privilege in life.
It could have happened just getting out of a car or something else so trivial. And now I have something to do, that's different, and interesting to study.
Hope I don't become a bore about it, but I'll try not to do that.

Believe me, I wish it was something wonderful to talk about like getting married or having a baby (ha, ha).

I'm a believer in divine order or perfect order, even in seeming chaos.

Cha, cha, cha.

Kami said...

ok here's another obvious one...but my mind is slow...so...apologies.

No she wasn't a minx SueBee she was just fucking Goofy.. (I'm so sorry.)

Anonymous said...




Kami said...

Oh and Susan...remembering Romper Room, doesn't make any of us old.

You know if you think about it we were called Middle Aged, elderly, young women and in my case..a teenager with PMS all in one day..that has to be somekind of record

DreamerKind said...

Thanks for your kind wishes.

Team Roseland!

Where's the Tracymeister?


Anonymous said...



SueBee said...


Fucking Goofy? LOL Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere!

Too funny

Kami said...

like I said...lol could not help myself

DreamerKind said...

That MAD magazine cover was crazy! Used to buy every new issue of it the day it came out.

I miss it and Captain Kangaroo, and Bozo's Circus-talk about nostalgia.

DreamerKind said...

And Kukla, Fran and Ollie, too.

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood-the first TV Roseland.

Kami said...

and Captain Kangaroo..(never watched) and way too young to have seen it live but "The Howdy Doody Show"

olivia said...

Dear Rose,
Love the post!
Happy, happy, happy that Rob and Kristen slipped out again for another "date" together.
*Hand on heart, smiling*

And it's not only merely dead, it's really most sincerely dead.
Yes, let the joyous news be spread The wicked PR at last is dead!"

Love the OZ reference Rose. You keep it real and that is so appreciated.
Hugs to all and to our fab trio too!
Olivia (TX.)

DreamerKind said...

It's Howdy Doody, time! La, la, la, la,la,la.

Sure, it's silly to be happy because others are, but try and not be, and you'll see how hard that is.

SueBee said...

Found the perfect quote for Honey

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.." - Oscar Wilde

DreamerKind said...


The OZ lyrics-so perfect I agree.

How's the work going, did you make your deadline?

DreamerKind said...

That Oscar Wilde was no kidder!

I'm going quote that on my FB status, right now.

I had to take down the penis and scrotum songs as folks were scandalized, tee, hee.

Penny Lane said...

Hi DK, Kami, Bren, Annie, Manjen, Sue, Hope, Liza, 302004 and everyone else. I'm sorry, I'm getting old and can't remember everything.

I remember Romper Room and Capt Kangaroo so we're all "old" together.


Penny Lane said...

Olivia, I forgot you. Hi and thank you for the recipes.

Penny Lane said...


Who would be scandalized by those delightful little tunes?


Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

I so love your post-spot on

Oh My God, what a way to end the day..to see a picture of Rob and Kristen soooo happy...

I cant keep the smile on my face..
and I'm also twirling...
So much excitement..

But of course, i see hyenas roaming around-they're foaming again--LOL

I love your term ' oxymoron" LOL
i think she's just a moron..

LOve is in the Air..Robert and Kristen Love..

Have a wonderful day..

Penny Lane said...

Ok, don't ask me where that 2004 came from on that one post of mine cause I don't know.

30 said...

Penny LOL assumed you meant 30 !

SueBee said...




Just thinking about you!

Opytaylor said...

I think it would be a good idea to get Real PR Pro to do a guest blog --- here or on mine If she is willing

Hope said...

Let me pull out my Magic Mirror...

Oh...I see....

Fab 3
and all my other friends who came out to play today....lol

Boogie with Stew said...

hello all..been MIA sharing 1 computer and dealing w/ kaput frig. LOVE LOVE LOVE..the post Rose darling ... .wearing my anti foam jacket..hope everyone is well! blow me down popeye love the "smiley touchy pics" ♥ things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmm...Stephanie

olivia said...

You're welcome PL. Hope you enjoy them.

Honestly, from Aug. till May, there never seem to be enough hours in most days. I love what I do so that is the good thing. It keeps me feeling young; at least I stay busy and out of trouble! : )

And, yes, I do remember watching all those shows. Can even remember the very first episode of the Mickey Mouse Club. Oops, yes, I did let that slip
: ) Spin and Marty were my favorites.
Do have a soft spot in my heart for the Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Fractured Fairy Tales, and all the little extra characters, Dudley Do-Right, Boris, Natasha, Mr. Peabody and Sherman........It was a great show.

Penny Lane said...


Rocky and Bullwinkle was great. Were fractured fairy tales the Aesop tales? It was soooooooooo long ago I can't remember.

You're right I did mean you.


DreamerKind said...

I was so in love with Spin and Marty, or one of them. That crush lasted for as long as the series did. Even went to a dude ranch for a few days once, looking for my own personal cowboy, ah.

SueBee said...


Maybe PR pro will let you quote her for your blog.

Her post was indelible proof against the PR relationship theory.

Kami said...

Ok...did anyone else get "Slam Bang Theater"(and no it's not dirty) as a kid...or was that mainly an Oklahoma-Texas thing?

Penny Lane said...

DK and Olivia,

I think you're going back a little before my time here now. I know Rocky and Bullwinkle were shown in syndication when my son was young, but I don't have a clue who spin and Marty are.

SueBee said...


Something to be said for a cowboy! :o)

Not too late to find one, you know. Although they are probably scarce in Chicago...

Yep, you'll just have to revisit the dude ranch!

DreamerKind said...

Penny Lane
Would you believe that the ones who commented to me on FB, were 34 and 60 with many OMG, OMG, OMG's?

Say, maybe, they were moved by the songs and I mistook the OMG's.

Penny Lane said...


It is surprising what offends people. Were these women? Maybe like you say, they were just speechless, not offended.

Kami said...

DK here's another link...put it up and if they OMG you tonight tell them they have a dirty mind..


DreamerKind said...

Don't recall a Slam Bang show, but have knowledge of slam bam stuff.

SueBee said...


OMG!!!!! (just kidding)

Kami said...

Slam Bang theater was a show on in the mornings weekdays when I was a kid...it was out of Dallas but we got it when we lived in Oklahoma. Showed the 3 stooges, heckle and Jeckle, Dudley doo right, George of the jungle...etc.

Penny Lane said...


Never heard of slam bang theater. Must have been just in your area. I've lived in the midwest all my life.

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