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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Rose Colored Sunday

Oh Kristen.
How do you always manage to look so beautiful?
It comes naturally.

So Kristen did show up at the SCREAM awards...
The drama that ensued on Twitter!
I actually witnessed a lot of it...
but managed to keep my fingers still.
It was hilarious.

So much drama over whether or not she would be there.
Like if she turned up in L.A. it immediately spelled
for her and Robert's relationship.
Or for some reason that I cannot fathom
(being that I live in the 21st century)
It was a matter of great inconvenience for her to fly
to Baton Rouge
and then fly back to L.A.
And now she has to fly to NYC!!
However will she manage???
I know I'm being a bit sarcastic
(a bit? bwahahaha)
But some fans just are so damn extreme about everything.
Every little thing is huge bullshit drama.
That's one of the reasons I didn't comment last night...
All I would have typed over and over again would have been

Back to our lovely Kristen.
LOVE the dress.
LOVE the shoes.
LOVE everything.
and guess what?
I'm loving her walk.
(OK, it doesn't affect me like Rob's walk, but nonetheless)
The girl knows how to work the walk.
She swings.
She sways.
She OWNS that walk.

And just like on Leno...
Kristen is glowing.
She looks so damn happy.
Big Smiles.
All over the place.
And I love that Kristen is happy.
Robert does seem to have that effect on people...
Can only imagine how intense it is
when you are up close and personal with him.
Like Kristen is.
All the time.

Rob and Kris in Baton Rouge.
Needless to say
(but you know I'm going to say it anyway)
There they be.

This was before the SCREAM awards...
So where is Robert now?
In L.A. with Kristen?
Getting ready to fly to NYC with her?
Is he still in Louisiana?
I guess we will find out soon enough, won't we?

Will we see this at an airport soon?

(Dammit... she's so cute)

Will we see her accompanied by him...

There has to be a law against someone who looks
so damn good traveling.
And the shades.
Good Lord.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a picture like this.
*fingers crossed*

Either way?
We will be seeing lots of bitter anger.

So beware the FOAM MONSTER.

It's pretty pissed off right now...
And IF (when?) Robert turns up in NYC with Kristen?
There's no telling what it might do.


This post is brought to you by the letters *S* and *W*

S for Smitty
You got through it.
Nobody does it better.

W for WHEN
Because let's face it...
It's not IF...
It's WHEN Robert and Kristen are together.


Wherever Kristen is...
Robert is usually close by.

To lead a better life...
I need my love to be here.
and Everywhere.


Bye for now


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paty said...

lmao rose the foam monster is hilarious!! i just ignore all the hyenas by now, i dont care! all i do is support r/k and be happy for them. and i steal ur laugh at times when they end up together everywhere. *bwhahahahahaha* lol

southforkranch said...

Oh yes....kristen looked georgeous! so stunning, rob must've freaked out, when he'd seen her! but he sees her all the time ;) so, did anyone notice, that the only jewelery kristen wore was 'the ring'??? just 'the ring' and nothing else??? what does this mean??? we will see and the foammonster will freak out and the hyenas will be more angry thatn ever...but, do we care???NO!! we love, that they are happy together and we certainly hope, that it'll be this way for a long time (forever will be just fine with me!!) THX Rose!!!

ChelCP said...

I don't think Rob will be in NYC, but it doesn't matter either way. I just have to say that the photo of her walking is my new favorite photo of her. So gorgeous!

Kami said...

Great Post Rose!

I find it so funny when people get all upset and out of sorts simply because a couple doesn't spend every waking second together. Anyone who's every been in a relationship knows you can't be together 24/7...but then again the people spewing the toxic foam most likely have never been in a relationship.

Once again, didn't Kristen look amazing last night?

Jane said...

What great pictures and Dean is back. Wonderful. Rob and Kristen wil be together every day and night filming BD for five or six months. They will be so in love by then, they will want to get married. I wish. What a pair.

jentoo said...

I do so love sarcastic Rose! She's my favorite Rose ever!

I just posted this on yesterday's, but I'll say it again...loved everything about her outfit last night from her head to fingertips to toes! And that smile! Just so beautiful! And yes, Rose...she definitely has a way with that walk..& I'm thinking we're not the only ones who think so...lol!

Honey said...

Rob isn't in LA. Hes in Lousiana. Hes was spotted at a hotel there yesterday.

Although there was no mention of Nikki I know many here hate her. Well guess what Kristen and Nikki are still friends. They look pretty happy to be standing next to each other here http://bit.ly/a7Lccf Do they look like they hate each other?


What about the ring? Did Kristen tell you that Rob gave it to her? No she didn't. For all you know it could have been a gift from her father.

kstewrocks said...

The monster's pretty, but I doubt behind the monster it's pretty.

Kristen was lovely at the Scream awards. I'm yet to see a video of her collecting her award, with the whole clear speech and all.

The new images of Rob and Kristen. Do you believe Rose that they're sharing a place together? (: With the accompanied images, the article says they are living together in Louisiana. Wouldn't be too surprising though. =]

jentoo said...

Kami.....eggzackley! I've never understood the crazies who obsess over the 'being apart' issue. Hubby and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary in Dec, and we were apart for much of the first 8 years as he was in the military. Some people just don't get that when it's there, it's there...no matter if sometimes you have to be apart for hours, days, weeks,or even months at a time. Yeah, it sucks to be apart...but the reunions are some kind of sweet!

lacey8 said...

Wow, Rose says it all! That Robert has most definitely snagged the hottest woman in Hollywood! High five and drink to you Rob!

jentoo said...

Now, everyone please excuse me. Hubby is working for 12 hours today, and I have to decide whether or not I'm going to divorce him for not staying home today and holding my hand while I do these 5 loads of laundry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!...lol

MLH414 said...


Great post as usual...didn't see your post from yesterday until now! That was a great post too!! :)

Kristen looked absolutely beautiful in those pics from yesterday!! The girl has got some serious swagger going on! Loved the glow and smiles...can't help but smile when you see the pics

BTW, love the foam monster!!

Have a great football Sunday everyone!!


Angela said...

Great post Rose, love the monster its exactly what I imagine all the foamers looked like when they saw Kristen at the Scream awards, she looked absolutley stunning, glowing and really comfortable. Robert's one lucky man.

Loved the photo of Rob and Kristen at Baton Rouge, the filming of Breaking Dawn is getting me really excited, we'll get to see loads of photos in a working capacity and not paps in their faces.

Love to you all keep the good banter up, you all give me a good giggle when you get going.

Spk Soon Ang XXXX

Penny Lane said...

Hello Roseland,

I just love this post. Kristen looks beautiful in that walking photo. I imagine its difficult for her to be at award shows like that but she pulls it off.

It is so funny to read the different twitter comments out there. The diehard nonsten element come up with the most ridiculous reasons for things just to perpetuate the idea that Rob can't possibly like to be with Kristen and would never do so voluntarily.

Anyway, have a good day all and lets hope the troll monsters don't show up here.


SueBee said...

That's the best you have Honey? Try for something more controversial or something true--give that a shot.

manjen said...

Great post, Rose...LOVE the Foam Monster!!


I think Honey may be running out of steam...

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roselanders!

WOW! Kristen is beautiful in those pics! Rob is sure one lucky guy and Kristen is one lucky girl. Heart them both!

saphire1231 said...

Awesome Post Rose... as usual.

I note Honey 1note is commenting today (how unusual).

Gosh it must be difficult being so negative in the face of so much positivity.

There, there sweetie, I know how much displays of "Robert & Kristen Happiness" upsets you.

Never mind, you will just have to "suck it up" dear and get used to the idea that they love each other and they love being together and, further, "they do not need your approval". LOL.

Those of us in the positive stream of life, know very well where "the ring" came from and believe in Robert & Kristen's relationship.

A note of caution Honey... you know what happened to a certain individual who was fixated on a ring in a particular story involving a ring... hmmmmm? - You know,... the story where he refers to "said ring" as "the precious".

He too got all bitter and twisted!

On a brighter note...

Kristen looked stunning. Absolutely glowing, (who wouldn't) when you have Robert as your partner in life?

I am loving all this PDA and beautiful togetherness I am seeing from them lately. Watching all their happiness is "my personal brand of heroin" LOL.

Kami said...

Disgusting sticky one..I mean Honey...about that ring you took Southforkranch to task over...do you know for certain that Kristen's dad gave it to her? Did Kristen tell you that? No she did not, for all you know it might be from Rob. Then again it might not, maybe her cat gave it to her...or she could have bought it herself ...fact is Honey, YOU don't know either, so don't come in here and say shit to one of us like you're Miss Know IT AlL. YOU know nothing...You'll lose the battle of wits Honey...I promise.

Jentoo, ahhh give your hubby a pass for today for not holding your hand while you do laundry, just make him scrub the toilets. My Hubby and I have been married 21 1/2 years and he has had to be out of town a lot for the last year, kinda makes us like newlyweds when he gets home.

Kami said...

saphire1231 You have nailed it on the head, Honey reminds me of Golem

Wildhart007 said...

Great avi Whack a Troll!LMAO

Kami said...

Linda, LOL yeah I saw it and knew I just had to have it!...k off to do the laundry for real this time

LJ said...

Totally beautiful and just radiating happiness....I absolutely love it!!

Go Kristen!! :-D

As for you Honey...**coughs loudly and points to STFU hoody**


Liza ღ

Ann said...

Rose- i love your posts- every single day! The foam monster was classic & hilarious! Kristen looked awesome, so stunning (get a life haters!) and i know i would have a huge ass smile on my face too if Rob was beside me, loving me, etc! Anyway- i am so happy for them both & hope they get some peace while filming BD! Hey- did anyone see Dean is back?
Thanks again Rose for a great post and great laughs!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope said...

Win! Win!!

Radiant Kristen walking on stage in that dynamite dress... and then turning around to walk off and revealing the stunning back of the dress!!!

SueBee said...

Wish I had legs like that!!!---And the ability to walk in heels without breaking an ankle!

Bren said...

Rosie, you are one sneaky little mama....You never want to let the cat out of the bag completely--but sometimes the kitty just wants to jump out by himself.LOL

One thing posters are learning from this blog,is that we are now able to see what is right in front of us, and also mastering how to read between the lines that is for certain.

Rob is definitely in LA, and is headed to NY with Kristen....oh happy day!

I totally agree, Kristen nailed it last night, she looked breathtaking.

deb said...

Rose I'm so happy just because I can see that Rob and kristen are happy I bet he is so proud of his girl i know I am cant wait to see where they end up next GOOD THINGS ARE COMING got my dancing shoes on I feel like dancing dancing the night away Yep got that BIG FUCKING SMILE on my face thank you hun . DEB.

katy said...

Hi Rose!!! great post, HI Roseland Ladies (the sane ones)

Kristen was stunning at the Scream awards, she lookded happy and glowing...she has every reason to be Happy, she has the love of that deliciously handsome man and everything is great with her career.

I think that they are lucky to have found each other and I am extremely happy for them.

Love the Foam Monster...Hatters are going to be pissed when they see Rob in NYC with Kristen...Yeah...I bet my money that he will be there with her.


Smitty said...

Hi Rose and Roseland,

I am loving that the awful M's couldn't find their back here! So glad its peaceful in Roseland.

Honey all I can tell you is that if you look up "wrong" in the dictionary you will find reference to your post. You could not be more dead ass wrong.

Liza--give it to her friend--STFU!

And, in unrelated news, I got through working with one of the worst people--evil, vile, bitchy, criminally insane type bitchy. Thanks for the support ladies--I needed it and whether you know it or not I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Okay--too serious--lol.

Rose--something was missing from your post today. Kinda thought we had a deal buddy?? A certain soup ingredient. Okay, maybe sometimes soon? Please?

Bye guys--happy Sunday!!

SueBee said...


I'll help


SueBee said...


cow c*ck

bovine tallywhacker

moo moo hoo hoo

sorry that one kind of ran away from me! LOL

Julie said...


Again, I don't post much here but do read the comments. And as many have said Rose, you nailed it agian. Can't wait to watch the awards. It's amazing to see how confident both Kisten and Rob have become because they have the support of each other. And yes, Kristen rocks in that dress and shoes.

Kami said...

SueBee you've just made my entire day, I turn on the computer and see "Moo Moo Hoo Hoo" and laughed so hard I almost wet my pants....good work!

Smitty glad you're done working with the bitchy...!

LJ said...

Smitty my friend!! :-)

I'm so pleased to get to speak with you twice in two days..yay!

So glad you got through working with bitchface...totally knew you would be fine because lets face it 'Your it...shes shit!' and 'Your hot...shes not!' (hehehehe can't believe I actually just wrote that, I sound about 12 but you get my point!).

Just remember I'll always be there in the background pointing to my STFU hoody....even when you can't see me :-)



SueBee said...


Kami said...


LJ said...

Hi SueBee, Katy & Kami!! *kisses*

ps SueBee T-Bone-r!!! bwahahahaha

SueBee said...

Hi guys!

Sorry my imagination has rum amok, amok, amok.

(Hug me anyway) :oP

Kami said...

Liza!!!! Kisses!

k back to the evil laundry...

SueBee said...

Sir Loins

manjen said...


I love when your imagination runs amok!! :-)

Hello Everyone!!

Kami said...

SueBee, I've been having a slow, boring, kinda lonely day...thanks so much for making it a million times better by making me laugh: (((((HUGS)))))

ps. My favorite so far is "Bovine Tallywhacker" reminds me of that scene in "Porky's"

jentoo said...

I'm voting for bovine tallywhacker...lol! Love it!

Rose said...

Smitty... SORRY! I honestly never thought of BP until you reminded me!
I will most definitely add that in tomorrow...
A deal is a deal! :)

Atticus said...

Rose, that was fucking hilarious last night...where's Kristen...pre-taped, live, who's on 1st, what's on 2nd.

Stunning, beautiful, glamorous, radiant, sexy, out-of-this-world gorgeous, delicious, exquisite, hooooot, to-die-for legs...that was Kristen last night, from head to toe.

Bring on WTTR press junket and hoping Rob will be there.

camilah-alves said...

Oohh I love this post!

Kris was so beautiful last night....
I didn't see so much drama yesterday, actually I saw a lot of confusing and it was really funny. hehehe

It would be more fun if you had commented with your "BWAHAHAHAHA" ;)


SueBee said...

Steak and mushroom-cap

Okay, I'm done now

LJ said...

Manjen!! hey my friend.

SueBee I'm trying to eat dinner here and I seriously keep choking!! cow c*ck....Sir loins....haaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'm thinking you need to work this into a diary entry...... :-)

Kami said...

OOOO Liza good idea, Please SueBee!

SueBee said...

A diary on penis euphemisms? LOL

Kami said...

Well you COULD work a visit to Honey from Simon and have him feed it to her...(no way to make that sound undirty)

SueBee said...

Touch my tallywhacker, Honey.


manjen said...



Kami said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA...."My....(raises his eyebrow) Bovine Tallywhacker"

SueBee said...

After the eyebrow raise, her hand changes direction for a spoon!

Kami said...

and as she takes her first bite...simon says "That's it Honey how do you like my Moo Moo Hoo Hoo"

omg LOL

manjen said...

I can't stop laughing...
Bovine Tallywhacker
Moo Moo Hoo Hoo...too funny!!

Kami said...

Simon tells Honey "It's from a very speical bull, we called him "Sir Loins"

ok I'm through LOL

SueBee said...


I like the way you think! LOL

Kay said...

I love it when I can peek in here and you guys make me LMAO!!! :)

Please, please SueBee!! Def diary material!!! :D

moo moo hoo hoo is the best! :D

Thanks for the laughs - back to the evil laundry and cleaning.

Kami said...

LOL well you can always count on me to have my mind in the gutter lol

Kami said...

darn, Kay just reminded me I have Evil laundry to fold...be back later...

Melinda said...

Rose- beautiful pictures today of Rob's other half. As tired as she must be with her schedule lately she still looks fab. Kristen is really coming into her own. She is one child star who has done it right. Kudos to her parents!

Honey- you know the more you speak the dumber you sound. You do realize that right?

You know you can get from the east coast to the west coast in the same day. So they were in Louisiana in the morning and made it to LA by the evening. That's my logic.

Furthermore Rob and Kristen are masters of stealthiness in getting from point A to point B without being seen.

Anywhoo- I am getting ready to get my hair done. It desperately needs some sass and life to it.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

"Roseland, LLC...waging war against infectious diseases"

SueBee said...

I'll have to come up with something. It has been a while since Simon has visited Honey--what with her being in lockdown for psychotic behavior and all.

Melinda said...

Liza- your comment at 2:00 had me LMAO with your inner 12 year old sayings.

Also since we are still talking about penis's...my mother used to tell my brother she was going to hang him upside down by his tallywacker when she was really mad at him. Ouch!

Okay getting ready to have my hair done for real...later.

Rose said...

*waves to the silliebillies*

I adore each and every one of you

LJ said...

I adore you too Rose :-) *hugs*

Hi Kay & Melinda!!

martialartslover said...

Miss Rose
Just saw the post from yesterday and today.
Awesome job as usual. Love it.

I am glad I spent all day long on saturday looking for an umbrella foam monster getting wat to big. I amnow ready.

I loved Kristen's dress. No doubt Rob was there and will be with her in NYC despite what honey says.

A big HELLO to the roselanders. I love the name

Kay said...

Hi Liza, Rose and Melinda!

The silliebillies love you too Rose!! :)

Okay, now I am REALLY going - stuff isn't getting itself done no matter how much time I give it, dang it.

Tracy said...

SueBee.... words cannot express how much I flove you...

Lizaaaaaaaaaa! I got the pics!!!! TOO cute!!! Love you! <3

Hey everybody! I'm still having soooooooo much fun! Saw a tshirt that reminded me of everybody.. it said 'I'm not foul mouthed.. I just like to say FUCK a lot.'

And I agree... Kristen looked absolutely gorgeous last night!!!

See everybody tomorrow! Only on for a minute! More places to go!

Smitty said...

Okay I may revoke the Cyber God's god status...it blocked me--sniff sniff.

I could read but probably missed half of you--

Liza-love that because she is so total and complete shit! What sucks is the bitch comes up to me all smiles and sort of kinda like almost tries to hug me. One of my buds was with me and sort of stepped in--lol--Gruff gave kind of prepped my friend about it but jesus...she has balls. (literally probably)

But you know how it is--I can't like fucking react the way I want to. Like after I'm like--I should have said this or that but at the time I just fucking freeze. Okay that probably is not something other people do but yea, not exactly a think on me feet kind of gal.

So thanks--

Sue--love it all--you are so funny.

Rose--thanks--it doesn't have to be tomorrow. Its your blog-lol--but you know-if you think of it I would laugh. Okay I do have a question...wasn't it released that Kristen would be there? Like why the drama because I saw it awhile ago. Just didn't understand that part but unless I am stalking you (lol) or Syd is stalking you we aren't on twitter. Just weird that if its released why people wouldn't just chill out.

Hopefully I can post now--

LJ said...

Tracyyyyyyyyy....love you, miss you, glad your having a fabulous time!!!!

Tom was snuggling in the blanket all afternoon on my knee....he loves it :-)


Penny Lane said...

OMG this is so funny all this tallywacker talk. I think that's my favorite although moo moo hoo hoo is a close second.


It was announced that Kristen would be there but then Marc Malkin announced that she wouldn't so I guess that's where the drama came from.

Hi Liza, Kami, Kay, Sue,

Sunday must be laundry day for Roseland.


Smitty said...



Glad you are having fun--I heard you went to one of my recs for dinner. Hope it was okay and you liked it.

manjen said...

Tracy!!!! Miss you bunches..glad you are having a good time!!



Smitty said...


It um, confuses me when you talk about your nephew Thomas.

I was like wth is this about??

LJ said...

Smitty she sounds like a cow of the highest order, but do you know what...your doing exactly the right thing by saying nothing. Just blank the bitch and stare at her zit with a disgusted look on your face. Sometimes when you say nothing it shouts the loudest.

The best thing you can do with bitches like that is show them how happy you are and how much you are loved. That says 'In your face bitch' better than any come back you or me could come up with :-D

Love you lots my friend,


LJ said...

Here he is on Tracys blanket...


Bwahahahahaha Smitty.......if only Tom S had been snuggling all afternoon on my knee. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon that would be! heh heh heh, stuff dreams are made of! :-)

Hi Manjen & Penny!

DreamerKind said...

Tally Ho Smiley Roselanders.
Moo Moo Hoo Hoo, too.

Stunning Rose post
Stunning Rob & Kris
Stunning Scream Awards pics
Stunning comments here
Stunning sunshine
Stunning donuts to eat!
Stunning-no laundry day

It don't get no better than stunning on a Sunday.

Smitty said...

Thank Penny--just wondered.

Hi Manjen!

Good advice Liza--our employer is really big on everyone smiling and playing nicely--its going to be a long few months.

Your nephew is ADORABLE! Omgod--seriously just spent like 5 mintues just staring at him--so so sweet!

DreamerKind said...

Stunning nephew Thomas with Tracy's stunning blanket

Stunning performance of non-bitchslapping

Stunning new words for penis

(One more cup of coffee and I won't be so stunned.)

SueBee said...


I know how you feel. I get in those situations and then when I'm in bed at night I come up with all of these awesome things I wish I could have said.

Too bad life doesn't come with cue cards or a teleprompter.

Penny Lane said...


Little Tom is soooooo cute. Really, I mean that. I'm not one to say all babies are cute because they aren't. He looks really alert too. Is this your first niece/nephew? I bet you are having so much fun. Just wait until Christmas time.

Hi Manjen,

Didn't see you there.


SueBee said...

Traaaacy! Have you eaten bananas foster and a beignet for me yet? I'll never get there in this lifetime so you have to hook a sister up.

Hope you are having fun!!!!

Kami said...

Yeah, I always think of the best things to say...way after. Then I lay there at night thinking "Why the hell didn't I say this, or that?" So Smitty, never fear it is a normal fact of life even with those of us who have a habit of speaking out minds on here. Oh and every time you have to look at bitchface picture her hanging upside down suspended over a pool of sharks and YOU have control over lowering or raising the rope...then you'll be able to smile at the bitch as you picture feeding her to Jaws. I used this ALOT when having to deal with my husband's Step-mother, I smiled so much at the bitch she actually still thinks I like her.

Penny Lane said...


I think Liza gave the perfect advice to deal with the bitch. Hold on to your happy and just shove it in her face whenever you can. Your happiness will make her miserable.


LJ said...

I guarantee you Smitty bitches like that get their comeuppance eventually and I'll be laughing on the sidelines with you when it happens!

You will also have AWESOME people around you who love you...I'm sure the months will fly by!

*hugs hugs hugs my friend*

Hey DK!

SueBee I love your new pic :-)

SueBee said...

I have trouble faking "like." There is this woman who sometimes goes out with a group of us. She has had her boobs enhanced to the point that a porn star would be jealous.

Let's just say her shirts are cut low enough to see just about everything.

She likes to go up and "hug" all the men in our group and when she talks, she makes sure those puppies are right under everyone's nose.

She tried to hug my husband but he wouldn't get up out of his chair so she could do it. (Definite husband points!!!)

Not to be deterred, she came up to him later, pulled his hair, and said she liked it rough.

He told her not to touch him.
So anyway, I can't pretend to like her. I can't be in the same room with her and she is starting to notice.

Kami said...

SueBee that would have been one deflated bitch after I reached in her mouth, down her throat and pulled out those fake boobs, I would have shown her ROUGH...I'm proud of you for not killing her, even now, cause I would have been looking for a place to bury the body.

manjen said...

Hi Penny Lane & Kami!!

I have an aunt that does the same thing! It's like the implants made her into a different person..she puts them in everyone's face!

LJ said...

Hi Penny! yeah he is gorgeous and he looks exactly like my brother even though hes only 4 weeks old! he is really alert, he kept turning his head to look at me today and smiling :-)

He is my only nephew and I have a really small family so hes a much loved addition!

SueBee that woman sounds disgusting! women like that make me sick, I love the fact your husband told her straight...go Mr SueBee!

Kami said...

Hi Manjen

SueBee said...

She just couldn't stand that a man wasn't giving her the attention she wanted.

Yes, I would love to stomp on her until she's drowning in her own saline but I doon't want to embarrass the rest of our group.

Plus she wears this cloying perfume that makes me gag.

She sits down and I get up.

DreamerKind said...

Hi, Penny Lane, SueBee, Kami, Liza, Smitty, manjen, Melinda and All!

I'm my usual self now with a little of the FairyGodmother thrown in since I've been voted that....(fairy dusting this site)

Glad I hang around with you all, cause I get great ideas and feel safe.

Go Kami-you got game
Go SueBee-hubby rocks

Kami said...

I have an ex sister-in-law like that, She is without a doubt the biggest...well you can imagine...ever, however she is the mother of one of our nieces, so we bite our tongues and fake smile A LOT....just to keep the peace. But she is constantly touching and flirting with every man she sees...except my husband, cause i'll break her hand.

DreamerKind said...


We need a special name for the Boobettess, yes?

SueBee said...

My sister has hers done but it was basically to help fill out her sweater. She dresses with class.

This other chick has to wear a robe over her clothes before she leaves so her kids won't see what she is wearing out.

manjen said...

Hi DK!!

manjen said...

A special name...I call my aunt Tits McGhee!!

Kami said...

hi Dk! And on a side note...I'm really one of the nicest people in the world, as long as you don't touch, make a pass at or propsition my husband.

DreamerKind said...

How have I lived so long and not met women like this?
I am fascinated with these stories about women preying on other people's men.

Kami said...

LOL Dk trust me they have ALWAYS been around...just not as in the open sometimes.

Manjen Tits Mcghee..LOVE IT

SueBee said...

It's not that I even felt threatened--it was about the disrespect she showed my marriage and me. She has even commented on how sweet she thinks our (hubby and me) relationship it after so many years.

I have plenty of names for her but I don't think it would be polite to repeat them here. :o)

Kami said...

SueBee, exactly it's not that you're afraid they can take your husband, it's the fact that the bit.....witch is disrespecting you and your marriage.

manjen said...

You are right..she was being very disrepectful towards you and your husband and your marriage!!

LJ said...

I never understand where women get the confidence to flirt like that, its so strange. I don't think I have ever properly flirted with anyone in my life.....and especially not when I actually like someone. I'd die of embarrassment!

Is it quite common over there for people to be...erm...surgically enhanced?

lol Manjen!

Kami said...

Liza, normal more so now than a few years ago...but the majority of women usually are real

DreamerKind said...

Oh, I agree and it's even beyond disrespectful to your marriage.

It is another example of women against women.

My sister always brings up the fact that we outnumber men in this country, and that competition is fierce.

So you have to have eyes in the back of your head, around other women.

SueBee said...

She just an annoyance. She wore a top last time that had only the middle 2 buttons buttoned.

*eye roll*

DreamerKind said...

I personally don't know any women with implants, but I don't judge those who do it, it's not my life to live, after all.

DreamerKind said...

That image was beyond cheesy, lol.

You said she covers up in front of her kids? Sad, very sad.

manjen said...

When my aunt takes her coat off, it's like she does it in slow motion making sure her boobs are protruding..it's terribly embarrassing.

DreamerKind said...

What if all of the women present just started giggling out loud every time Tits made a display like that.
What would happen then?

DreamerKind said...

I meant that her behavior is the problem but probably huge, exposed breasts can cause a lot of awkwardness in a group for a lot of reasons.

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Everyone!

Just wanted to say little Tom's pic is adorable. Enjoy him Liza!

Susan and Smitty I'm sorry you have to deal with such awful people. It's like they aren't happy and want to make you unhappy and try to bring you down to their skanky level. I'm someone who can't think of anything to say at the moment but replay it later and wonder why I did not come up with a brilliant come back at the time.
All I got is Karma will bite them on the butt one day.
Flove you all


SueBee said...

Karma-yes-she is a bitch!! LOL

I only have to see my bitch on occasion.

Smitty has to deal with hers daily, yes? We need to strategize ideas on how to make that more bearable for her.

Penny Lane said...

I cannot deal with women who flaunt their "attributes". I used to work with a nurse who had her boobs done but didn't own up to it. What she did do is flaunt her sex life to anyone who would listen. She was married and liked to tell anyone who would listen how often they had sex, where they had sex and the positions they liked. It was a bit much to walk into work at 7:30am and have to hear about her sexual antics against a tree or a rock or wherever.

What was really sad was later on I found out that he was abusive towards her so she must have defined herself by her sexual prowess.

Dinner time, be back later.

manjen said...

My aunt is the kind of person who just doesn't care, so there is nothing we can do other than put up with it.

As for what Smitty can do about her situation....my grandmother always said...Kill them with kindness...though this is VERY hard to do!

Wildhart007 said...


I agree, dealing with someone like that on an everyday basis will get old in a hurry. I like the showing how happy you are gets them the best, and especially when the hubby or boyfriend puts them in their place.(like your husband does)

manjen said...

Hello Wildhart..I didn't see you there!!

LJ said...

I'm just watching Superbad.....soooo funny!

Oh and I think we need to get Smitty a STFU hoody she can wear whenever needed.....so when she wears it the face is smiling sweetly, the hoody is saying 'fuck you bitch!'

Wildhart007 said...

Hi Manjen

Just stepped in, been grocery shopping and doing other mundane household chores. I just wanted to show my support on this topic.


Wildhart007 said...

I like the hoodie idea Liza.

Also, we never got our Tshirts for Syd. How bout Syd's Sassy Silliebillies

Smitty said...

God--what is wrong with these women--Sue Bee I can't even imagine. The whole plastic surgery thing is just ridiculous. Where I live, you see these like YOUNG (15-16) girls getting nose jobs, boob jobs, lipo, anything to make them look like barbies. Its sick. I really think they should put a law on the books so that you can't do it without being like 21 and having a psychological exam first.

I wrote a whole bunch I just deleted about the bitch I deal with but its not worth it and probably not wise. It'll be fine now guys but thanks.

SueBee said...


Sometimes its theraputic to type it out even if you delete it!

Smitty said...

Manjen--sorry about your own personal bitch. Lots of fun huh?

I kind of like "kill them with kindness" but can't we just kill them? Kidding kidding.

And thanks for the thought on the hoodie--I would get in so much trouble...lol. Nice thought though. I used to have one that said "nuns with guns" and you would have thought it said I want to fuck the pope or something the way people reacted. People are nuts.

Honey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...


LJ said...

Ha ha lol Smitty I used to have a tshirt that had a picture of a nun with her face pressed up to a laptop on the front, then on the back it said www.nakedpriests.com

Loving the sound of nuns with guns!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaa

Honey.........fuck off!

manjen said...

Yes my aunt, affectionately referred to as Tits McGhee, is serious business and loads of fun!!

Kill them with kindness always works...although is is extremely difficult to do..trust me on that one..I mean when what you really want to do is pop somebody in the mouth!!

manjen said...

Oh I just noticed Honey has graced us with her daily words of ignorance!!

Wildhart007 said...


WTF You never give up. Is that your mantra, "Keep it up, no matter how stupid you look!

Why does it matter so much to you? Does it personally involve you?

SueBee said...


*whispering* that's why she is in the institution!!!! She slipped her restraints.

Wildhart007 said...

Whispering back, you're right I should have just typed and deleted, lol, same results.

Kami said...

Honey, I'm sick so I'm going to make this short and sweet... quit addressing people here..so basically

Honey fuck off and die

Wildhart007 said...


Hugs! hope you feel better!


Smitty said...

What the hell does Honey even mean?? I so often just don't even follow her. I'm not trying to be mean but is she a child or non-English speaker because the way she writes is just so odd.

Wildhart007 said...


It's just pure CRAZY!


manjen said...

Who knows what Honey means...maybe it's a good thing that she doesn't make sense to us...

Kami said...

thanks Linda...and don't underestimate the sticky one, she can make sense when she wants to...but she's effing nuts..her twitter and facebook page still gives me the creeps

30 said...

Hi Ladies! Hi Rose! :)

Rose I saw the meltdowns some people were having on twitter also last night. I was just shaking my head LMAO at some, "I mean like OMG" the world will end if something came up and K couldn't make it to the Scream awards.

Some people were having coronary's! Gotta laugh at the Fuckery sometimes though :)

Speaking of fuckey, I see Honey graced up with her presence. How Lovely!!! New delusions to read! :)

By the way, Kristen's shoes were another . fuck hot win last night :) Work it girl!

manjen said...

I have never seen her twitter account, I have an account, but twitter REALLY confuses me..

LJ said...

God knows what shes going on about, I try not to take too much notice of it.

The shit she writes offends my eyes.

manjen said...

She does tend to live in her own little world of delusion!

Kami said...

Manjen I don't use twitter either, but you can see it on the computer...it's creepy, she's replaced Rob with Tom which is cool, but she has pictures of Rob bloodied, beaten up, and she's got one video of him on a loop where he gets slapped over and over. Plus she is starting a movement to "put him in a hole and bury him" also she wants God to send back Heath Ledger and take Rob..she's a fucking nut.

gwen said...

hello everyone!

Rose love the foam monster, lol. Yes kristen was stunning at the awards. I love the swagger with the hair effect then when she turn around...bamm...hello there sexy..love the total package,lol.

BTW, great post and youre always right, foam storm coming!

manjen said...

Kami...OMG...she is a nut.

I don't understand how some people can allow things like that to take over their lives..it's just creepy that if would get to her that much!

Kami said...

actually though for Honey that was almost a warm and fuzzy post, she's excited because BD preproduction has started..guess I should have read that..oh well..oh and on her facebook page she's written "Die" across Rob's picture.

jen said...

She looked gorgeous last night. And very happy and straight up giddy. Good for her!
Ohhh...the foam is bad too. Hyena sites are really reacting to all this-to the point they are spinning the most outrageous, vile "insider" stories to match all of this rob/kris goodness to ensure the troops that this is still pr. VILE lies, trust me about Kristen. the more it looks like they are together, the more horrible the slander gets.

But never mind about them, they are predictable. kristen looks happy, so does robert. All is well, even if some folks can't handle it...lol

beacullen said...

That foam monster is all kinds of nasty lmao, great post Rose. Kristen looked awesome at the scream awards, could her legs be any longer? So not fair..pout...cant wait til they start filming BD! thanks again

30 said...

Kami, FB hasn't taken her page down yet? I don't get that. It is a complete Hate page.

Kami said...

I haven't been back there...I did check in on the twitter page earlier though, and it's still there as vile and sick as ever

30 said...

Hi Smitty Dear :)

Bren said...

Hi Guys,

The Bronco game is totally driving me crazy, so I picked up my lap top...

I did see our favorite visitor is back...

I couldn't sleep the other night so I went online...even DK had gone, so it was pretty late. I started reading different blogs and in at least two or three of them Honey was mentioned--all calling her a nuisance or crazy...
so I guess she is an equal opportunity bug!!!LOL

Denver just scored---talk to you later...

LJ said...

Ok I'm heading to bed, early start tomorrow...

Night all!!!

Hope to catch you again soon Smitty my friend, please give my love to Syd when you speak to him *sighhhhhhhhhhhhh*


Liza ღ

DreamerKind said...

Adieu, CB!

Penny Lane said...

Good night Liza.

Hi to everyone else!


DreamerKind said...

Been out truckin?

DreamerKind said...

What will you do during the typhoon?

DreamerKind said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Penny Lane said...


I was just reading in the NY Times about an neighborhood of Chicago that is supposed to be a great area to see. It's Andersonville and they're promoting it as Village life in the Big City. Are you familiar with the area? Would it be worth checking out next time I go?


DreamerKind said...

Penny Lane
Andersonville is very quaint with some excellent restaurants. Was originally a Swedish/Scandanavian enclave. Good bakeries, too.

Yes, you'd enjoy it and you'd better let me know when you are coming here, so I can greet you properly.

gwen said...


Same as usual. I really hate working in this weather :-(

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi, Rose and Roselanders...i havent posted in a few days but have been reading the posts...busy and also not feeling too well yestrday so i got caught up on sleep,etc.
Smitty...i work with a bully. i have written her up twice in the 10 years she's worked with us in the OR but they never do anything to her. i get my kicks in doing little things to annoy her. she wants everbody to be miserable so i smile and am over the top happy as much as possible if she around. she is a neat nick...u know the type i mean? have to take
ur shoes off if u go in their house. her handwriting is like its typed and everything is perfectly charted and documented.she also recycles aluminum cans and has taken it upon herself to have collection boxes all over the hospital. so the other day a co-worker threw a coke can in the regular trash just to get a rise out of her...she went nuts! one day soon im going to empty all the cans in the regular trash and see what she does. pay back is hell!!!

DreamerKind said...

Sorry I missed you, must have been one of those rare early to bed nights for me.

How's your team doing now?

DreamerKind said...

Yes, yes! That's the ticket. She isn't your supervisor, is she? Sounds like a perfectionista.

DreamerKind said...

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

DreamerKind said...

You wrote my favorite word of the day-amok!

Things run amok, go amok, give amok, plain amok.

Kami said...

Hope, and Caroline, sniff...sniff..
I join you in the sadness that we face today...our Boys, 1-4...now a moment of silence as we bury any Super Bowl hopes...sniff sniff...

hopefully the Rangers will not grab defeat out of the jaws of Victory. Kami

DreamerKind said...

If I go away for a while, and take a shower, will I come back and find someone to keep me company? Boo, hoo.

Kami said...

if I don't pass out from fever I'll be here DK....lol

DreamerKind said...

Football fever or the hot body type?

Sorry about the Super Bowl.

Penny Lane said...


Thanks for the info. We usually drive to Chicago area a couple times a year so I'll check it out. I'm thinking about going over around Christmastime. I'll definitely let you know if and when.


I laughed when you wrote about the coke cans and recycling. We have 10 cent bottle and can return here so whenever my nephews used to visit I would have to dig cans out of the trash because they don't do that in their state.

I almost made those decadent brownies today but decided on apple pie instead.

Penny Lane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Friends, I'll be soaping up and back soon, if that image doesn't drive all away, lol.

jessicarose237 said...

Sooo Pretty..!!!!


I'm also loving this photo, be it real or fake, iv wanted to see one of them together, to get a feel of the characters acting together.. now i just wanna see a pic that has Rob with them tooo :D One happy familyyyy :D

Fab post Rose, take care allx x x

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leigh said...

Hi Everybody!

I'm just getting caught up. Wow, a lot happened this weekend :)

Kami said...

Penny, not sure just all of the sudden spiked a temp. going to drink lots of fluids and head to bed...and go to the dr. tomorrow

30 said...

DAM it's so hard typing with long nail, to many typos.

DK no I have been out working LOL Now I will be off the next few days. So I will be around more ;)

Penny Lane said...

Hi Leigh,

How was the party? Are you exhausted?

DreamerKind said...

You are deleted. Hurry back. See you soon.

Kami said...

Hi Leigh

DreamerKind said...

Ah, I see the long nails thingy. Happy you'll be off for playtime at the park with me.

DreamerKind said...

Lovely Leigh

DreamerKind said...

Cashmere Bouquet awaits me...

Penny Lane said...


Thats how the flu works. Comes on all of a sudden, high fever, aches and pains, fatigue. If they catch it within the first 48 hours, or 72I can't remember which, they can treat it to lessen the severity.


Leigh said...

Sooo exhausted! But it was worth it :) And the party was fun...had a little drama but when you have that many 13 year old girls together...what can you expect?

It's really hard to be the Adult sometimes in a situation. My Daughter's school has a rule that if you invite one person in the class you have to invite them all. There is a girl in her class that she doesn't get along with and hasn't since kindergarten. She's a mean little witch. Basically a bully. She came! And tried to get a few of the girls there to be mean to my Daughter.

I'll be quite honest...I wanted to bitch slap that girl!! When I said something to her she told me I couldn't tell her what to do!! I mean it was REALLY hard to be the adult!

Penny Lane said...


I remember those days well. My daughter was quiet and some girls were so mean. I understand the logic behind having to invite everyone but it makes it so difficult. Do you know the girl's mother? Is the little bitch-in-training maybe like her mother?

Hope said...

Just returned from fun Cowboys party. Thank God there was a lot of booze to ease the pain...it was an exciting game but they blew it... again. WTF!!!
Our hopes are still alive with the Rangers...tomorrow nite...NYC...yeah!!!

Hope you feel better...oh dear...not the flu?!!

Leigh said...


I do know the Mother because we have had problems for years. She's the type that her children NEVER do anything wrong. It drives me crazy!

My Daughter is so quiet and shy I worry about her sometimes. I have tried to explain to her that you don't like everyone in life. Sometimes peoples personalities just clash. As long as you don't go out of your way to be mean to someone that doesn't mean you have to like them. Just stay away from them.

But then it seems that she is to nice and gets bullied. It's so hard to tell her to be nice when this girl is SO mean to her. It breaks my heart! I really don't know what to do. She's at such a pivotal age in her development now. Parenting is the hardest thing I have EVER done. And little girls seem like they are so much meaner than they used to be...

Leigh said...

*too nice* I hate it when I do that!



I hope you feel better. The flu sucks...hopefully it's just a bug.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

DK...no shes not my superviser...i would have to leave if she were. which reminds me of another "tweek" that SMITTY could try... there r several acne triggers for adults some r more suseptible to some than others...we just need to find out which ones...sugar, marihuana,stress, dairy...
im not normally a cruel person but when it comes to bullies, its war, plain and simple
PENNY LANE hi...u probly were wise to eat the apple pie but if u have an occasion to make those brownies, there will not be a crumb left.
i had a patient on fr. 86 yr old lady with not a tooth in her head all she could talk about was how she wanted to go home so she could have a "reefah"(reefer)LOL i had not heard that term in 30 or 40 yrs...was soooo funny.

Penny Lane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Uh Oh! Reefer Madness!!!! LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...

LEIGH just read ur post...u r right they are meanr than rattlesnakes!!! my daughter is 23 and married now...she had girls bullying her from first grade right on thru..when in he fifth grade she started getting sick in the mornings and not wanting to go to school..after numerous trips to the doctor and the hospital for a barium swallow to see if there was somethiong wrong with her stomach she finally admitted that a girl in her grade was being mean to her...the teenage years were even worse..but u know what, she is grown and very happy and well adjusted.u cant protect them from everything..they have to find coping strategies...best of luck.i understand how u feel .. my best advise, just keep an eye out for that kind of stuff but intervene if it gets out of hand.

jentoo said...

Suebee....how about a lil reefah to go with your bovine tallywhacker soup...lol

SueBee said...

Bovine Tallywhacker Bisque?

jentoo said...

Sounds yummy!...well, the reefah does anyway...

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