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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Robert and Kristen and Tom... Oh My!

Remember this?
Thomas and Kristen (and that other guy)
Do Tom and Kristen look adorable here or what?
Kristen with her arm around him...
Smiling and hiding behind him...
I'm not sure what it is about Thomas...
But CUTE is always the word that pops into my head.

There is always SO much bullshit about Tom and Kristen.
Either they are secretly dating and Rob is just hanging around...
Thomas hates and despises Kristen and is only there
to make hanging out with her more bearable for Rob.

Believe it or not...
The same people regurgitate this bullshit.
Tom loves Kristen.
Tom hates Kristen.
Whichever works for them on any given day.

Tom has been seen with Kristen a lot lately...
It might have to do with the fact that 
Robert is his best friend...
and Robert has been seen with Kristen a lot lately.

Why is everything such a huge shitload of drama?

Do you really think Summit is forcing Tom to hang out with
Robert and Kristen?
Or is Robert forcing Tom to hang out with Kristen?

Or maybe...
Just MAYBE...
have minds of their own and hang out with
whomever they want to hang out with?

This is not a picture of someone who hates Kristen.
This is a picture of someone who is protective of her.
Someone who cares about her.
Oh wait...
I see Summit in the background...
There are 10 guns pointed at Tom...
making him be nice and thoughtful to Kristen!

It bugs the bitter foam out of some people
that Tom Sturridge...
Best friend of Robert Pattinson
LIKES Kristen Stewart.
That Tom mayhaps likes spending time with her.
That Tom mayhaps loves and adores Kristen
almost as much as Robert does!
They don't like that much.
Because it makes the connection Kristen has to Robert

Tom is willing to sit in the front seat of the taxi
and take the glare of the paparazzi cameras.
Look at his face.
I love how he pretty much ignores that there are probably
a zillion cameras in his face right there...
He seems to be pretty good at ignoring the cameras.

So it makes me laugh out loud when people are blathering and foaming
about how everyone is just Summit's puppets.
There is no free will.
Just puppets on a string
(Am I the only one thinking of The Godfather??)

“I refused to be the fool, dancing on the strings held by those bigshots.”

(Go watch this on youtube... it's funny stuff)
You gotta love this...
Sneaky Summit!

It matters little if Thomas is hanging out with
Robert and Kristen
going to concerts
or out to dinner...
He's their friend
They obviously adore each other.

What matters is what we don't see
when there are no cameras around.

And that's the way it should be.
We don't need to know the intimate details of Rob and Kristen's lives.
They share enough of themselves as it is.

I've got no strings to hold me down
To make me fret, or make me frown
I had strings but now I'm free
There are no strings on me
I've got no strings so I have fun
I'm not tied to anyone
How I love my liberty,
There are no strings on me!

This post is brought to you by the letter *P* (of course)

P for Summit PUPPETS!
Actors have to sign their lives away when 
they make movies...
Who knew?

P for 
I'm thinking some people really need to read this...

Don't you just want to
Forever and ever??

I do.

Bye for now.


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Anonymous said...

I'm first!! I beat Honey!!


Because you know she's coming...

Love it, Rose!! This needed to be said!! Thank you!!

Leigh ♥

DreamerKind said...

A colorful, musical and magical post!

Kami said...

Leigh!! Congrats for beating out the foaming sticky one!! But like a bad case of the runs after eating food sold from the back of someone's car...you know it's coming!! Great Post Rose!

DreamerKind said...

You're so funny and congrats on 1st comment!

DreamerKind said...

Have been catching up on yesterday's comments and am thanking you for your comments.

I enjoyed some great laughs and learned something, too. Best of the best!

jen said...

Oh, Rose, how I adore you and your blogging prowess and wit!

Look, I don't know about hyenas and their lack of hosting manners, but when a friend from ACROSS THE WORLD comes for a visit, me and my man HOST them. That means OUR friend stays at our house, eats with us, goes out with us.

I'm sorry...


God, I don't understand the confusion for hyenas, this isn't rocket science, it's just basic hosting manners for people you actually like when they visit! You VISIT with them!!

southforkranch said...

you're great honey! this is, what has to be said about all this bull with summit and how the firma took their life away!! i love your way of making a point!

angelica1 said...

I'm waiting for Honey to arrive and point out that Kristen is sitting closer to the taxi driver than either Rob or Tom,Tom is glaring at the taxi driver ergo, it's been Kristen and the taxi driver all along. Rob, Tom, Garrett, the CGI wolf and every other male Kristen has ever worked with are just Summit puppets

jen said...

and ps: LOVE how the net of conspiracy for "prsten" must get wider and wider and wider as the story moves along. Now, not only are K and R slaves to summit, so is Tom! And Sam! And Marcus and Andrew, and the valet outside the restaurnt, and the taxi driver too.....

Poor hyenas! lol

Kami said...

Dreamer! How's the foot, still not hurting too badly I hope.

Thanks for your comments Dreamer you're always so sweet to me! I know I shouldn't hang out so much on here it's just that with my hubby gone for a while I have so much free time on my hands and well hanging out here IS better than all the other bad habits I could engage in....drinking, shopping, eating constantly...prank calling the neighbors...oh wait I don 't do that one...~.^

Kami said...

Angelica1 lol hysterical...and unfortunately probably true..as delusional as the poor thing is.

deb said...

AMEN Rose I just Love Tom He really cares for Kristen he is a GOOD LOVING FRIEND to Rob and Kristen He makes sure that Kristen is SAFE to me thats what a good friend does And YES hes going to be around for a LONG TIME SHE is part of the family now A part of ROBS family and friends YEP its only going to get better Thanks Rose DEB.

30 said...


The first pic Rose put up gave me a scare for a minute! Ya know that is Honeys Favorite! Her twitter avi and all. *!#*!^*&:-

ROSE. Where do you find these pics? OMG the puppet one! I nearly pissed my pants over here dam, I was not expecting that and I thought I saw it all when it came to the Saga. LMAO

Love this post Rose, Tom seems like such a nice guy, not many friends would put up with what he does. Rob and Kristen's life is a bit nutty and he hangs in there with them threw it all. You don't find that many people are willing to do that in this life, A TRUE friend is hard to find. That is the truth, especially when who ever hangs with Rob and Kris are dragged threw the mud from the mags and online crazies.

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Christopher Robin to Pooh”

Dee83 said...

Rose, seriously what are you talking about?
Nobody hating on Tom and Kristen's relationship.
Have you even read comments on twitter or blogs?
They love Tomstew and hating on Robert or Robsten.
I mean come on you can't be that ignorant. I think it's time to face facts.
Rob gets so much hate lately. honey,stewridge etc.
Lainey and Ted keep writing trash about Robert.
Why don't you defend Robert? just for once Rose.
I am not going to ignore them. Not anymore.
This is no longer entertaining.

Sydney said...

It's always one extreme or the other. Tom hates Kristen or Tom is dating Kristen. I just don't understand why these people can't see that the simplest explanation is probably the truth. Did we land on the moon? Was 9/11 an inside job? I mean, Jesus, get a life and put to rest your conspiracy theories.

I literally joined twitter today for the sole purpose of reporting Honey's homicidal ass.

Anonymous said...

Yea Rose!!

How DARE you have an opinion?? People are SICK of it I tell you!

I have it all figured out now!! You are PR for Tom and Kristen...


Love you and your opinion, Rose!!

Leigh ♥

Kami said...

Dee83: Far be it from me to speak for Rose...but I THINK that today's post was a DIRECT slap at the people you have just mentioned and their delusions....it was just encased in sarcasm. Please, and I mean no disrespect here, please do not call Rose ignorant, it was unkind, untrue, unwarranted, and uncalled for.

Dee83 said...

I'm sorry if I offended anyone but seriously all I keep hearing is 'die Rob' 'he is coke head' or 'Tom is a true gentleman' 'He is better for kristen'
Ted,Lainey etc. This is so gross and disgusting. I feel sick. The hate is unbelievable and It must stop. Now!

30 said...

Well Dee, here's an easy answer.

This is Rose's blog. You don't have to come here, post, whatever it is you do if you don't like what she writes about. Easy. :)

Sydney said...


I can't speak for Rose...but I imagine she does not acknowledge Lainey or Ted because she would prefer not to dignify their drivel with a response. Lainey has ALWAYS been full of shit. Everyone knows that. So no one cares what Lainey says because no one believes her. The number of times she's been wrong about things is too high for me to count at this point.

And Ted does nothing every day but embarrass himself. His sources are the fans and twitter and other no-nothing individuals. Ted does what he does for hits. His board is a cesspool of the lowest dregs of society. Do youself a favor and don't go there. Rose loves Rob, she doesn't need to defend him against outright slanderous lies.

Kami said...

Dee we refer you to yesterday's comments when we all went on Facebook and reported Honey for her hate directed at Rob...We all love Rob here, but we love Kristen and Tom too...no one gets away with hateful remarks about any of them.

Kami said...

Oh and most importantly Dee we love Rose, and her point of view.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kami, DK, & 30!!

I know she'll be here later...I mean Rose's post today speaks directly to her kind! I was just glad that she didn't get to post first ;)

I hope everyone has a great afternoon! I'll be back later tonight!

*hugs* to all :)

kharma1 said...

Happy Wednesday...
and Hi Rose,

Oh what another great Post, I also love Tom, He's such a good friend to Rob. I'm sure he's like a brother he never had and because he cares about Rob, he cares about Kristen.

For the nonstens/hyenas that are obsessed with Rob, be happy for him. In the crazy world of HW that he lives in, he has loyal and trusting friends that keep him grounded.
Can you imagine him being alone in Hollyweird where they are ready to eat 'em up and spit him out.
He has a great support system and the love of a wonderful girl who also loves and supports him.
Of course Tom is going to care about her because she's important to Rob, plus I bet she's so cool to hang around with, hey, I'd love to hang out with her.

Thanks Rose. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Rose great blog as usual. In my opinion everybody needs a friend like Tom. You can tell he loves Robert and Kristen, and he is very protective of Kris, which shows how much he cares for her. I am hoping Tom will accompany Kris to the Scream Awards if Robert cannot go, so she won't be on her own. I like Tom and I would love to watch some of his movies. Can anyone tell me the names of some of them? I look forward to your blog everyday, so keep up the good work. Hopefully Honey is speechless, but I doubt it.

30 said...

Dee, we have have been reporting as much as possible. Like Leigh just stated she opened a twitter acct just to report that nonsense. We love Robert, but there is only so much we can do from online. I am sure Rob and Kris handlers are very aware of the pics from yesterday.

MLH414 said...


Great post!! Kristen and Rob are very lucky to have such a good friend in Tom...and Tom is lucky to have good friends in Rob and Kristen. You can see how he (Tom) cares about them and looks out for them, especially Kristen.

One would be soo lucky to have a person like Tom in their lives!! :)

I try to ignore the drama everyday, it's just soo hard to!

And the Twilight puppet saga? Too funny!!

Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Awwwwwwwww so sweet. Who doesn't love Tom--I mean, what's not to love right.

And I gotta say like the Dee83 person--seriously you ever read this before because Rose is pretty damn loyal to Rob. But even if you disagree don't call our friend Rose ignorant because Rose knows!
And you really don't want to piss off the Roselanders--its not a good thing.

Happy Wednesday!


hi Roseland!!

DreamerKind said...

I totally get Robert, Kristen and Tom's closeness.

For years, my husband, best galpal and I, went everywhere together, all of the time.

It was a natural progression that my lifelong friend would become his, after we married. And it turned out to be the case.

Strings, bonds, chains of love are the ties that bind us.

Buttercup: "You can't hurt me. Westley and I are joined by the bonds of love.
And you cannot track that, not with a thousand bloodhounds,
and you cannot break it, not with a thousand swords."

The Princess Bride-1987

Anonymous said...

I try to stay away from posting, and I usually like what you have to say. This time I decided to post, I get what you are trying to say, however, I believe it may have the opposite effect. It sounds like you are implying there is something more then friendship between Tom and Kristen. I know that’s not what you meant, but it does come across that way. My take Rob and Tom have been friends sense they were children, they are like brothers. I never thought Tom hated Kristen or he cared about her more then the girlfriend of his best friend (brother). Just your line Tom cares about Kristen all most as much as Rob does. I would hope not, that would certainly strain Rob and Tom’s relationship. I believe he likes her, but like a sister, because he thinks of Rob like a brother. I could be wrong, but I am guessing your point was he (Tom) enjoys her company and likes her for herself. I am not saying I don’t agree with that if that was your point you were making. Unfortunately it doesn’t come across that way. I think it’s great that Rob’s friends not just Tom get along with Kristen and they like her. Nothing hurts a relationship more if the person you love doesn’t get along with your friends. I see nothing wrong with them hanging out together, Tom and Rob are in a foreign country, thy lean on each other, there is nothing wrong with that. That’s my two cents.

30 said...

1rosefan! How are you sweetie? Nice to see you here :)

DK, Love that quote, and it's so true. How are you feeling sweet DK? I left you a post on your FB last night. Hope you had fun with your son. :)

DreamerKind said...

Am a little raggedy around the edges today, for Margaritaville was the ultimate destination last night.

Otherwise, all is well, and I will be checking FB soon.

So nice to be friends with you!

Anonymous said...

Leeeeeigh!! :) I love your avi.. have I mentioned that yet?

Hi Kami, 30, DK and all the other fabulous ladies on here.

I for one, thinks it's wonderful that Thomas loves and supports Kristen and Rob. It is a rare thing to find a friend like that. And the puppet picture snuck up on me!! I LOL'd at that one pretty hard.

As for all the crazies out there?? you know what you can do. I've got a hoodie that's got some pretty straight forward instructions on it for ya..

30 said...

Same here Miss DK! :) though I have to admit, not having my truck or any available transportation until tomorrow is driving me a bit nutty, I have been online/FB WAY to much the past 2 days, not healthy LOL

DreamerKind said...

Hullo, Smitty! Shine on....

SueBee said...

I just don't get what's so difficult to understand.

Rob is with Kristen. Tom is Rob's best friend. They all go out together.

Where's the conspiracy here?

katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

Hi Tracey! :)

SueBee said...

Besides, everyone, how can you argue with STUPID?

katy said...

I feel sorry that Tom's name has to be drag into the drivel of these hatters too.
Rob and Tom are BEST friends...Kristen is Rob's Girlfriend...Kristen is also/ONLY a great friend of Tom, They all Love and suppot each other
...there's Nothing more to see here.


I laugh at the "PR" rumours because the people who spread these rumous obviously no nothing about PR.

Awesome Post Rose!!

HI Roseland Ladies, Hope everyone is having a great day.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Post, Rose!!

Yay!! Tracy is bringing the hoodie back out..LOVE THE HOODIE!!

Hello Everyone!! I hope you are ALL having a great day!!

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
30 said...

SueBee you cant, so I am SO trying not to even try LOL

No conspiracy, just the dumb asses reading WAY to much into Rose's words as usual LOL (Was that to mean?) oops Should I edit? LOL

DreamerKind said...

manjen, Tracy, SueBee, katy, 30 and the other Fab Ones from A-Z,

Great minds, think alike!

And we're closer to the weekend already.

30 said...

Ladies and Twi fans,take a quick look at this, anyone from Portland? So sad.


katy said...


stewridge aka Honey Twitter and her Rob's hate facebook page have been reported...I don't and will never tolorate any hate towards Rob, Kristen and Tom.

Lainey...No one believes her, she's full of shit. Ted...just likes to stir the pot in hopes of starting a shitstorm of drama...My advice to you don't go to AT boards.

Elaine said...

Rose-omg!!! PR for dummies? I really just can't stop laughing. Thank you for making mr smile ;)


Lisa said...

LOL Funny stuff Rose!

LJ said...

Ok....first things first.....

TRACY!!!!! I got the blanket today and its absolutely beautiful. You are sooo clever and I love the beautiful gift box...I honestly welled up when I opened it.
Thanks Tracy my friend, love you!!!
Now I need to go shopping for a suitable thank you gift :-)


Hi everyone! hope you are all having a great day.

Perfectly put Rose, its all bullshit and screams of desperate people clutching at straws. These people probably have no friends of their own, which must be why they find the concept of loving someone as a friend so hard to grasp.

Smitty!! hey my friend great to hear from you...sending my love to you all.

Much love,
Liza ღ

Anonymous said...

@ Kami, I cracked up when I read that you girls reported Honey to FB, lmao that 's great. I read ystrydays post about what was posted on the AT boards, I can't stand to go there so I don't. Too much hate goin on there. Now Rose you I love my snarky friend. Great post today as always. I'm curous why the haters even think Tom is better for Kristen, it's not like they know these people personally for crap sakes. I mean doesn't he have a girlfriend? Guess when your crazy none of that stuff matters, fortunately Rob and Kristen are happily together with their good friend Tom and hopefully they stay away from the hate spewing blogs online. I can't imagine reading that crap and knowing it's a lie but being helpless to do anything about..anyhoo rant ovr lol thanks Rose.

Hope said...

Dee....Big mistake attacking our beloved leader Rose....perhaps you should go back and read her countless adoring posts on Rob to set your mind straight.

RK...glad you had a postive doctor's report

Kami,Caroline....Bring on the Yankees!!! Go Rangers...took long enough.

And Tom...attentive, clever, gentlemanly as always.

keset said...

No picture of Rob? I'm here for Rob.

Also, I have to agree with you http://jules60 and I hope the situation is as you wrote and not as Ros...

Melinda said...

Rose this post made me laugh really hard. The "PR for dummies" is priceless!! I will contribute to the PR for dummies fund so we can pass them out to all the PR conspiracy nut jobs out there.

Tom is a great guy. Any woman would be lucky to be with him. How could you not love him.

JULES- I don't think that Rose is implying that Tom and Kristen are more than friends. IMO, I believe that Tom loves Kristen but it's purely platonic. Same way I love and adore my own brother. I have a fantastic brother whom I spend a lot of time with (as well as his wife and my adorable nieces).

Sadly people (not you) will try and twist everything that is said or done to suit their own delusions instead of seeing what's right in front of them.

Leigh- too funny beating Honey!

Smitty- you make me smile when you say "you don't want to piss off the Roselanders"- yeah we are a fierce bunch-learned from the best!

DK- love the movie Princess Bride! Thanks for that quote.

To all the rest of you wonderful ladies...hope the day has been good to you.

I'm sure I will pop back in later. Got a late night once again.

Anonymous said...

LIZA!!! :) *hugs*

I'm glad you like it.

SUEBEE!!! *massive tigger like tackle hugs*

I've got to run out for a bit. Deal with insurance stuff from where my truck attacked the Prius. We'll catch up later though.. promise!!

Hi Melinda! Saw you sneaking in there ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

Thanks to all my silliebillies for the kind words and comments.

And to... well... I'm too lazy to look up your name.
1. You come to my blog to look at pics of Rob? Well... OPEN YOUR EYES, my little muffalump. There are pictures of Rob plastered all over the place.

2. I'm not insinuating that Tom and Kristen are together. Good fucking grief. I guess I should add READING COMPREHENSION and SARCASM 101 as prerequisites needed before you read my blog.

3. Hi Smitty! I miss you <3

Anonymous said...

And Manjen, yes.. I've brought the hoodie back out. Sometimes it just needs to be said. w00t!

LJ said...

Tracy!!! I flove it and our little nephew Tom will love it too. You are one talented lady! hope I get to talk to you later :-)

I fucking love that hoody!


Annie said...

Geez Louise!
Some people clearly feel the need for drama! I love it that Rob's friends love Kristen too and are very protective of her.
I'm sure all of us remember that all important meeting of the best friends of our boyfriends, husbands or significant other............Will they or won't they love me?

Kami said...

Hi Tracy! sorry I missed you...have to agree with Liza..beautiful blankie for little Tom!

Smitty!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry have nothing else to say just glad to see ya!)

Hope: Feel free to join Caroline and me in KamiWorld...where the Cowboys are Super Bowl Champs, The Rangers have won the world series and the LongHorns are national Champs, we stare at George Strait all day just cause I flove him....it's our happy place!

DreamerKind said...

Kami & Caroline
That's some terrific Happy Place you've created.

Now, if the Chicago Cubs would play the Chicago White Sox in the World Series, that would be mine!

dowlingnana said...

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of the PR angle that keeps popping up towards these two "in love" people. Tired, tired, tired!! And to quote Forrest Gump: "that's all I have to say about that!!" donna


LJ said...

Kami, love your pic....that is one ugly hyena! :-D

Kami said...

As one of the members of the "Silliebillie club" I'd like address something that's bothering me it's so stupid...(shocking I know...I have an opinion bout something)
All of us know he and Kristen and Tom aren't dating, well the sane ones do, he is Rob and Kristen's friend...together and separately, isn't that wonderful? And sorry Jules...but Yeah I think Tom cares for Kristen almost as much as Rob does, but here's the difference...in a different way.
Besides where is it written that men and women can't be friends?

Just because the evil sticky one has chosen to use Tom as the delusional boyfriend of Kristen doesn't make Tom a villian..so come one people let it go..

Rose sarcasm 101 might be needed after all...and that makes me sad. better add Snark 101 too

Kami said...

Liza thanks sadly it -------->
reminds me of Honey

DreamerKind said...

Donna, I couldn't agree more... How have you been?

Scary pic, that hyena one!!

LJ said...

Me too Kami....as long as it doesn't remind you of me that thing is scary!....lol!

Kami said...

Liza...You a Hyena? pffft...please you're very unhyena like! =)

Hope said...

Kami...Sounds like fun...I'll bring the beer!!!

30 said...



I don't believe him for a second!

Anonymous said...

I want to have the courage to tell what I think, I know that many of you now will hate me, but I'm relly tired about this guy; I love Robert and Kristen, not that guy; I follow from 2 years Robert and Kristen and not that guy. I believe that with that unoffensive face, he's gonna make a lot of publicity on him. Why the rest of Britpack, that contains also Rob's classmates don't make to see themself in this way like him? Rose, you're great, I love your post and I read it every day and you've done a very good defence of Tom Musselridge but for me, now, it's time for him to hide a little and it's time that he thinks also to his life and not that about Robsten. A close friendship will mantein also not seeing each other constanly and in this obsessive way but also thinking about his career. Someone could tell me in which way Tom has obteined his part in OTR? Thanks to his abilities? Please, I've stopped to believe to the fables when I was a little girl! And all the travels in first class and the dinner in luxury restaurant every night and every night again and again? Please, I want ROBSTEN with all my heart and stop !!!

Brenda said...

I'm starting to think they are into threesomes. LOL

Kami said...

and I'm starting to believe that there are a bunch of Ass Clowns showing up today for some unknown reason.

Hope said...

OMG..Perez Hilton on Ellen today admits to being a bully and vows to STOP !!! Says he is "changing his website and wants to be a part of the solution NOT the problem." Let's see IF he keeps his word.

YEAH!! Ellen said she got a lot of slack for having him on the show(maybe she read my email..lol)

Now if she will answer emails about having Kristen on her show we will be all set.

Anonymous said...


"Tom Musselridge" Bwahahahahaha!!!!

This is too funny! Poor Thomas, maybe he should reconsider his friendship with Robert...

Pft!! Who in the hell are these people who have no concept of friendship? It makes me happy to know that Rob and Kristen have someone in their corner like Tom. EVERYONE should have 'family' that they have CHOSEN to be a part of their life. No person is an island.

PR for Dummies my ass...maybe we need to have a Friendship for Dummies class!!

LJ said...

Erm....yeah....I think that says more about you than them Brenda.

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Traaacy!!! I keep missing you! I'm off to take Little Miss to dance class. I will be back later!

*waves* Liza!! I know you will be in the land of dreams when I get back! Have a nice night!

Susan...I'm thinking we need another entry! Lots of material today!

See you guys later!!

Kami said...

Seriously who left the door to the Mental hospital open?????

As nice as I can put it...Brenda, three people can hang out together without having a threesome. Happens all the time.

Robstenland1: Tom is in the pictures because he is with Kristen and Rob...they didn't ask for our permission for them to be together. I like Rob, I like Tom, I like Kristen..I hate all this blather about something so fucking stupid.

30 said...

Kami, I got my ear muffs on today LOL nope, nope, nope. I am not feeding them trolls today!

Hope, did you see the link I left? I agree with you, and that shit head needs to publicly apologize to Kristen and Robert, actually to ALL the celebs he harassed and beat down verbally.

I believe this new found mission of his is a publicity stunt to be honest.

SHIT. I just had to delete for a sp mistake and WHO do I see? Queen Fuck nut!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! It's like a trainwreck!! All the effing loonies are out today!

Honey! What took you so long??
Bwahahahah!! You are SOOO amusing!!

Crazy but amusing!


Sierra said...

ive seen that puppet saga it was funny i agree.

Teeth said...

You know, I always come here for my daily dose of rob, rose and roselanders. I'm beginning to highly Dislike the "Randoms" and their little comments about this blog.

Drop it already! No ones fkn makes you read something you apparanlty don't like!!


30 said...

Honey NO NEED to apologize.

Do you really think we give a shit about your delusions? LMAO YOU have been reported for your blood filled pics of Robert and are being watched. FYI, Now fly away pest.

Anonymous said...

Sure they do Teeth!!

Haven't you seen the pictures of Rose with a gun to their head??

They can't help it. Rose is AWESOME and they just have to come and read her words! Even if it makes them foam all over the place!!

Anonymous said...

I knew that saying what I though would have attacked. Anyway, it doesn't matter! I always hope that other people is educated and not offensive but I knew it was in the bill!! Go Robsten go !!! Forever! Without that mussel!!!

Kami said...

Honey, I'll let Rose address you, if she chooses for the comments you made. But I'd like to ask you something. Honey why does it matter to you who Kristen is with? I'll admit I'm a fan, but when I turn my computer off or walk away from it, real life begins, I don't constantly think of Rob, Kristen, Tom or any other celeb, any more than they think abot me. I come here to be around people I like and we talk about Rob, Kristen and Tom, but not endlessly, we have life experiences to talk about and recipes to exchange and lives...but you don't seem to have a life away from this Honey and it worries me for you, please find outside interest, please talk to your mom, dad, sister, brother, priest, doctor whoever about your rage towards someone you don't know (Rob). I want you to please get help, Honey I worry about you and I hate the thought of you sitting in your room surrounded by the decapitated remains of rats and mice all wearing "Get off My Dick" shirts typing delusions online...please sweetie get help

30 said...

Leigh, HONEY thinks she sane! LMFAO

Ya know what they say... People who are crazy totally believe they are sane.

"A delusion is a fixed belief that is either false, fanciful, or derived from deception. In psychiatry, it is defined to be a belief that is pathological (the result of an illness or illness process) and is held despite evidence to the contrary. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, dogma, stupidity, apperception, illusion, or other effects of perception."

Sound familiar Honey/garret/Stew?

DreamerKind said...

I certainly don't believe that anyone here hates you. Like who you like, and that's that.

Name calling isn't really all that much appreciated here, but again, que sera, sera.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, no matter who stops by.

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hope said...

Hello 30...yes...thank you...I watched the clip from the Ellen show because as noted yesterday I was upset she was having him on.

Indeed...he should apologize to Rob, Kristen, Miley and tons of others he has degraded and maligned.

In the clip...he 'seemed sincere' because of the Teen Suicides,etc...so we shall see...but this horrible bullying on all fronts must end.

Hope said...

Hello 30...yes...thank you...I watched the clip from the Ellen show because as noted yesterday I was upset she was having him on.

Indeed...he should apologize to Rob, Kristen, Miley and tons of others he has degraded and maligned.

In the clip...he 'seemed sincere' because of the Teen Suicides,etc...so we shall see...but this horrible bullying on all fronts must end.

LJ said...

Bye Leigh! *hugs*

Bwahahahahahaha Honey you are seriously fucked in the head. I really can't be arsed to respond to you because the shit you spew is so disgusting...

JFC though....Toms hands are always all over Kristen and they are obviously sleeping together!???? My guy friends touch me like that all the time....put a hand on my shoulder....put their arm on my back protectively when we are out....hug me goodbye....and sometimes...omg I can hardly say it for the shame, they kiss me on the cheek!!!!!!

Arghhhhhh my secrets out! I am sleeping with all of them! In fact I'm amazed I haven't got pregnant by now with all this bodily contact!

Honey you are a dick...end of.

Kami said...

Why Liza...you cheeky little minx

Sydney said...


Rob's drug using status? And where is that in the open? I know you're trying to pretend Lainey talked about it in her live blog...but she did not. If she did...PROVE IT. So, you think Lainey is always right? Knows everything? Let me enlighten you as to what Lainey DID say in her blog:

Monique--I have long maintained it was never "Robsten's" intent to hold a press conference announcing their status. They would just, over time, begin showing more and more in public so everyone will get over it and it won't be the focus of their careers. The minute you admit it, everyone expects you to talk about it. As long as your not talking about it, no one expects you to answer those questions. It's a good move for them, really. As for Kristen Stewart--she's growing up in the public eye. All that awkward and dumb*ss stuff we all did in college, she's doing in front of cameras. Some things go over fine, others don't. She's figuring it out.

[Comment From sarah ]
do you think Robsten many date nights was a PR for kristen's WTTR?

Sarah--No. Neither KStew nor RPattz, to their credit, engage in those kinds of games. This is their pattern, though. When they're both in LA they go around to a bunch of concerts, etc for like a week then they won't be seen again."

Do you know what I did this morning? I had a nice little email chat with the folks at twitter about your page, Honey. We went back and forth over email about your threats to Rob and your verbally abusing other twitter users and about your vulgar pictures of Rob. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon.

Additionally, I printed out your entire twitter history and all your doctored photographs and mailed copies today to Rob, Kristen and Tom's respective agencies. I know people have previously stated they did this, but I decided if you want something done right, you should do it yourself. I would be careful Honey, with your violent, psychotic rants. You never know who is watching.

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


To me that's the amusing part of Honey's personality! She thinks she's sane! LOL!!

Because we all know that she is seriously delusional and plain old crazy! I mean really what can you do with that other than report her crazy ass and laugh at her??

30 said...

Sydney, I ♥ you.


Teeth said...

bahahah! I was wondering why rose had guns?

Oh honey, honey, honey, your just Gods gift to earth aren't you?

I cannot take her insanity anymore, it has literally forced me out of my lurking state:

All in favor to ban Honey say "I"


Anyone else?

SueBee said...

Wow! I'm not even sure where to begin.

Still trying to wrap my mind around the stupidity.

This person HONESTLY believes that we make shit up so WE can sleep at night?


Who here thinks about Rob, Kristen, and or Tom and the status of their relationships before bed?

That's just the first question I have.

Kami said...

teeth I'd vote to ban her but then who would we laugh at? but I'll give a vote to haveher committed.

LJ said...

Go Sydney!!....love it :-)

Hi SueBee!! **HUGS**

Rob & Kristen no. Errrrrrrm do I think of Tom before bed!?..........lol

SueBee said...


You know, I was going to say "except for LJ" but I thought that was a given! *wink*

Hope said...

sorry for the repeats...my computer is acting up...hmmmmm

Hope said...

sorry for the repeats...my computer is acting up...hmmmmm

LJ said...

Heh heh...you know me too well SueBee my friend ;-)

SueBee said...

I also think there needs to be a lesson given on platonic touching and what that involves.

Honey--let me help--"platonic" means nonsexual or friendly.

A hand on the shoulder is not first base or anywhere close to the goods.

Please tell me you're not still at the age where you think people get pregnant by kissing????

Oh and "doing it" means sexual intercourse. Shall I explain that as well?

I'm concerned that you might consider "doing it" means sitting in the same car, eating at the same restaurant or breathing the same air.

Just saying...

Sydney said...

HaHa Suebee:

Maybe the Hyena Chronicles needs a visit from the Sex Ed teacher. I think you're right...Unless I missed the pic where his hand is on her vajayjay. A hand on the back to help one to and from a car is not "all over her."

SueBee said...

Oh and Honey, I'm not sure if you deleted your post again but here's just a little more advice.

The phrase you want is "FATHOM the possibility" not "FANDOM the possibility."

Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.

Kami said...

Sydney...you are amazing my friend and I love the way you trotted out Lainey for Miss. Honey!

Anonymous said...

@ Sydney, your my hero! We can only hope that someone who matters actually sees Honey for the psycho she is. Who hopes someone dead other than a crazy person. I've seen her post that here more than once. I hope that Kristen, who she says she's a fan of actually reads the crazy shit she's posted. I don't think she'd be inviting Hiney, oops Imean Honey, over to visit. What a dumbass. I hope we never see her here again.

Kami said...

And Honey..keeping with SueBee's theme... (might want to write this down)

It's ok if Rob doesn't touch Kristen in public...he's probably doing plenty of that in private.

ok off to pour bleach into my eyes.

SueBee said...

And where is this allegation that Rob is using drugs coming from?????

Kami said...

SueBee: from Honey's warped mind

Anonymous said...

The allegations are coming from her "sources" (a.k.a. the voices in her head)

SueBee said...


Hi! (HUGS)

Yeah, I was thinking it was the voices again!

Annie said...

Honey thinks that Rob is doing drugs?

I think the only drug that Robert Pattinson is doing is Kristen Stewart and he's doing that exclusively!
Now Honey, can you please evaporate into nothingness!

Anonymous said...

SueBee!! **HUGS BACK**

Maybe you need to do a chronicle dedicated to the voices!!


SueBee said...

The voices seem to be yelling in her head a bit more lately, don't they?

gwen said...

Hello All and Rose!

What's with the drama for today? Seriously peeps, youre way too analyzing the pics and what is being written about these three. Why cant you enjoy what they have wants to share with us. Its none of our business anyway and we dont know more much except which shows in these pics. By that, it is a standpoint of being a way too obssesive/crazy if you analyze every little things they do.

By the way, im having a crush with tom lately, isnt he a cutie?,no he's beautiful. Ive notice him in teen vogue pictorial of next young hollywood.

Kami said...

Susan, Honey is desperately searching the "Ask Lainey" site for the Drug use comment...according to her twitter account...I had to go check to see if she was foaming.

Kami said...

Honey you fuckwit...the drug use you keep blathering about was not even about Rob...it was bunched together with an interview with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas..who admits that at one time SHE had a drug problem...something she's talked a lot about.

geesh girl please do better than that if you're going to lie.

Anonymous said...

The voices do seem to be saying alot more than ususal, as proven by how much she put into her last comment and they seem to keep her entertained!! We MUST make sure that her delusional ass is entertained!!

Hey did you happen to see Gwen's Avi??? I must say that I LOVE IT!!

Kami said...


gwen said...

kami, manjen

isnt he cute? if only H is half the cuteness of this baby maybe she bearable :)

all these gossips are tiring. Do they have nothing else to do but analyze whats going on with R/K/T. I think they need other hobbies to occupy their time and stop obssessing about them (why do i have a feeling thats from the twi-book, only i change the context, lol).


Hello to you my night buddy ;) im just dropping by, off to work and im not going to dampen my day coz its raining so early in the morn and some comments.

Enjoy your night ladies!

DreamerKind said...

Completely entranced with the Chilean miners rescue. #32 will be loaded and outside very soon. It's a small world after all.

Back here later, buds.

Boogie with Stew said...

good evening everyone all the regs and newbies ~ waves ~ looks like the shit keeps hitting the fan.. can't fix stupid! Great pics Rose and of course you lay it all out there.. keep up the excellent work.. Leigh that was great & love the new avi! DK you are right on point hello, mend quickly... when you date someone or marry their friends become yours hello..and I think TOM being the gentleman he is & best friend of Rob is protecting his buds girlfriend..what's so wrong with that? not a damn thing.. those links I just can't go there..gotta keep my ruby slippers on here in Roseland, it's such a great place..
hmm isn't there some kind of magical force shield against hyena's?..love to all..life is Rosie here..Stephanie aka Boogie with Stew

Boogie with Stew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
olivia said...

Because Roseland has members around the world:

! Misio'n cumplida !
<<33 milagros>>
! Que viva Chile !
! Que vivan los mineros !
Gracias a Dios.

DreamerKind said...

In Honor of the Chilean Rescue:

"United We Stand"
by the Brotherhood of Man- 1970

Get some inspiration/hope here:

Anonymous said...

I was reading over all of the comments from earlier. Now, I know that all of my friends here in Roseland understand this but I think I must clarify for the sake of all of the muffalump's.

Pretty much everything I say is said with *sarcasm*. The only thing I was truly sincere about is the fact that it makes me happy that Rob and Kristen have a awesome friend like Tom in their lives.

I never want the muffalump's to think that I in ANY way agree with them! God forbid!!

Leigh ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi DK!!

How are you tonight? Taking care of yourself?

DreamerKind said...

I'm good, dear.

Yes,for clarity, you it's always good to confirm, that you are a sane and loving member of Roseland and Planet Earth!

We know that you are all of that and so much more.

Anonymous said...

Awww, DK!

You are so sweet :) Always such a positive member of the Sisterhood!

Did you have fun with your Son last night? I'm getting excited for my Daughter's B-day party this weekend! It's a costume party. I can't decide what I want to be...any suggestions?

DreamerKind said...

Let's get together, yea, yea, yea!

Because it's "Easy to Be Hard"
Three Dog Night-1970

Make a difference,
by choosing differently:


DreamerKind said...

Lots of fun was had by all, especially me!

How old is your daughter and what characters is she fond of?

Anonymous said...

She will be 13. And Twilight is her favorite :) Let's just say...Bella I'm not! LOL!!

DreamerKind said...

I am proofreading my comments, only to realize, that I am off to a good start making typos and grammar mistakes again tonight.

What can I blame it on today? Any suggestions?

DreamerKind said...

How about being our darling Catherine Hardwicke? Wear a long blond wig, some cool duds, and you could play a director, bossing everyone around, and maybe get away with it after the party, too.

Anonymous said...

Had any chocolate? Vino?? Hehehe!

I do it all the time because sometimes my fingers move faster than my brain :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny Dk! Nobody would think anything of me bossing everyone around! LOL I am the Queen Biotch around here. Bwahahahah

DreamerKind said...

Or how about that waitress from the restaurant when Bella and Edward had dinner in Port Angeles?

She had that 50's hair going and a flirty style?

DreamerKind said...

Or even dress up as that man at the cashiers counter who Edward said was thinking about his cat-he looked like a cat I thought!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! Thanks!

Well I'm out of here for the night. Tomorrow is Thursday and that means busy day for me! It was great chatting with you :)

Have a wonderful night to all!


DreamerKind said...

I had chocolate with caramel earlier today but no alcohol as the bod needs a break tonight.

DreamerKind said...

Goodnight Leigh, fare thee well.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Well damn...i just got in from work (on call today) AND JUST READING THRU THE COMMENTS.Did Honey post and then delete??I cant find her post! But guess it doesnt matter, its the same crap anyway
I enjoyed Roses post today. Why cant people see the humor??She has a warning on the front page of this blog that says if u dont have a sense of humor or are "sensitive" dont come here.
ANNIE...loved ur comment about Robs drug of choice being Kristen. Clever answer to come back with.
DK thought about u today at work> it was mostly orthopedic surgery on the OR schedule..i know u didnt have to have surgery but i always say one never knows what a day will bring so keep your belly buttons clean...that grosses us OR nurses out more than anything..u cant imagine how dirty they can get!Goodnight ALL.

Anonymous said...

Hey DK!!


Is the ankle better?

*waves* to Leigh.. tomorrow's bitch shoes day, right?!?! w00t!!!

DreamerKind said...

Ankle is good, and bone chip was off of the foot. Best news possible to get and dancing within 4 weeks, ole!

How's your head?

DreamerKind said...

Oh, how funny about the nurses pet peeve, dirty belly buttons!

I sure can see the point though. Extra special hygiene that should be daily, ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

My head is firmly attached to my body.. thank heavens!! But the headache has subsided. I may avoid going to soccer games for a while, so I won't have to yell at incompetent refs.

DreamerKind said...

Isn't there some new breakthrough for migraines recently?

SueBee said...

Dirty belly buttons? I have an outie so I don't have any problem keeping it clean! :o)

DreamerKind said...

Hello, is all quiet on the homefront? Ready to write something?

Anonymous said...

Dunno, DK.. I'll have to find out. My latest headache was soccer related.. stressed. The girls had to play in conditions they never should have been exposed to. 80 minutes is a long time for girls to be out on a field when there's lightning all around them.

SueBee! I'm glad you can keep your outie button clean. :)

Atticus said...

Sydney...you're my hero as well.

Leigh...congrats on beating the sticky one to the first post.

DreamerKind...ditto, Hooray for the rescue of all the Chilean miners.

DK...awww, hope ankle gets better.

Super RN Gas Passer...fucking hilarious moniker, love it!

All my fellow silliebillies...love coming here because of you. Do some of you ladies know each other? That's the vibe I get.

Rose...there simply isn't any words. Love your snark.

Last but not least...love Kristen & Rob and yeah, Tom too.

Cate said...

Dirty belly buttons???

Ewwww…not sure I want to know why.

*hugs* and *waves* Susan, Tracy, and DK

SueBee said...

Tracy! Of course. It's one of my hidden talents!!!

DK--I don't know about writing anything right now--my muse isn't speaking to me :o)

SueBee said...

Hello, Cate!!!

My belly button is clean! I promise!

Anonymous said...


Have you gone back to licking the windows?!?!

oh dear..

Cate said...

Awww…good thing….clean buttons

We freak my sister out just by pointing at belly buttons around here.
For some weird reason someone picking their belly button is like nails on chalkboard to her.
Makes her queasy.
Did I mention she’s weird?

Tracy….it was either that or a pic of the dog. Had to post to Africa today.

Melinda said...

Hey all! Finally home for the night. Woo-hoo!

I see someone spiked the koolaid at the institution today. Sick hyenas I tell ya. Great reading material for the chronicles from Susan.

Tracy- the blanket for baby Tom is awesome. He will be comfy cozy for sure.

Cate said...

Hi Melinda!!

There is no place like home at the end of a long day.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it arrived to Liza safe and sound :) I made one for another one of my friend's babies.. about 7 years ago.. He still has it and won't go anywhere without it. It's cute :)

Cate said...

Tracy…I wear the window licking like a warning label. Especially if I’m here during the week.
Brain cells are kind of used up by this point in the day.
Besides…my window licking seems to come in handy around here after the daytime run through of foamers.

:)Good thing I like to clean!

Melinda said...

Cate- so true, especially late at night and the house is finally quiet

Tracy- that's sweet about your friend's son and his attachment to his blanket

Melinda said...

Oh Tracy- making the bailey's brownies tomorrow for my mother's birthday. Can't wait to try them as everyone has said how good they are.

Found a recipe in Food and Wine magazine for Maple Apple Upside Down cake that sounds delish. Going to make it soon so if it is good I will post the recipe. Sounds like a good desert for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Food.. gah.. I'm hungry.

Where'd DK go?!?

DreamerKind said...

I got hungry, too and went to the kitchen.

Cate said...

Ok...just so you know...I'm sharing whatever you all are having so eat up. It will only be half the calories :)

SueBee said...


DreamerKind said...

What I want is cookies and milk, no cookies here.
But I am having apples (Honey Crisp) and hot tea.
May have to go and make a small sandwich and you can have half of it.

Melinda said...

Cate I like the way you think...


DreamerKind said...

Glad you came back like you said you would earlier. Have a good day?

Anonymous said...

Psshhhh.. that Cate.. brilliant ideas. We totes had a cheeseburger, coke and chocolate cake together for lunch the other day. It was awesomeness. And only half the guilt!!!

Anything good to eat, DK?

Cate said...

DK..I'm not a picky eater so what ever works.

Melinda...anyting to help out :)

AND free food of course!!

Melinda said...

Tracy- how is Elaine doing? She has only been doing "drive bys" the last few days. I'm assuming it's b/c she is busy but wanted to know how she is holding up with the situation.

Also how are you doing in regards to your dad? I know it wasn't the news you wanted.

DreamerKind said...

I've got brownies from the store but they are a week old and weren't that good in the first place.

Kalamata olives, yes! Some cheeses, like pepperjack, wine cheddar log, parmesan...

Melinda said...


My day was busy. It gets crazy the last few months of the year for our business. Everyone wanting something, people are more on edge as the holidays approach etc.

How was yours?

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cate said...

Tracy…that was the best lunch ever! No guilt…AND no bloat!
It totes worked :)

Anonymous said...

Melinda, E's been busy with work.. got slammed with a bunch of meetings and stuffs. Then there's things with Em.. still being difficult, but she's trying, I think. I think she has some vacay time coming up though :) It'll be good for her.

And the dad sitch? I'm dealing with it best I can. Kinda been off kilter lately, but I'm working on getting things back on track :)

SueBee said...


Wait, did I already say that? I'mn hungry!

SueBee said...


Wait, did I already say that? I'mn hungry!

DreamerKind said...

I wasted most of the day sleeping off margaritas, and online. Managed to unpack a suitcase with some stuff remaining in it, since 2
weeks ago. Folded laundry. Wow, my day went by so fast!

Anonymous said...

I think SueBee's REALLY REALLY hungry!

Someone get that woman some brownies! STAT!

Melinda said...

Thanks Tracy for letting me know. I know things are personal and I don't have the need to know details just wanted you to know that I have been thinking about the situations and hoping for more positive things for both of you.

Susan- FOOOOOD! :) Now ya'll are making me hungry...

DreamerKind said...

As superficial as I seem tonight, I have thought of you Tracy and Elaine for the same reasons as Melinda. Wishing you both, what you need the most.

The miners final rescue did rivet me for a few hours, too.

DreamerKind said...

We had ice cream of some sort the other night, but my is all gone. I do have some chocolate and stale, old brownies for you, if you'd like them?

Anonymous said...

Oh, DK.. me too! I've been glued to my tv and phone today waiting for updates!! My grandfather used to do mine rescue for the coal mines. And when he got older, he taught it to other people.

Always makes me happy to see it successful :)

Melinda said...

Susan- I have never told you this but you remind me of my aunt when she was younger (she is in her 50's now) and her name happens to be Susan as well.

wig4usc said...

Sydney - you're awesome!!

And, like others, are you maybe new to Rose's blog? You don't get her snark, sarcasm and humor? The whole point here is demonstrating, through humor, how silly it is that people can't get that Tom and Kristen are friends!!!! Yikes. There are too many people on both sides who take this way too seriously. Lighten up, people!!! :)

Melinda said...

About the miners...I think the company that they work for should give them 70 days of paid vacation whenever they want to use it in the next year. It's the least they can do for them for what they experienced.

SueBee said...

I found jalapeno pretzel pieces. I'm good now.

Melinda-I look like your aunt?

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

It will be interesting to see what happens in the miner's lives after this. They need some adjustment therapy after their experience IMO.

There is talk of books, tv shows, and some are not up to the hype, so they said and want to be left alone. But where money is to be made, well, you know the drill.

DreamerKind said...

Me, too. I went down into a mine in Northern Minnesota's Iron Range once. It was very intense for me, and I couldn't wait to re-surface.

Imagine those miners, all over the world, who are down deep in the earth, and all that denotes.

In the South, many generations in families work the mines, true?

DreamerKind said...

You deleted my jalapeno pretzel pieces! I was munching on that second bag of them.

Melinda said...

Susan- you remind me of her looks wise when she was your age (you are in your 30's right?) but personality wise nothing alike. She is a nut case (I can say this b/c she only related to me by marriage and she will never find this blog).

SueBee said...

Sorry, DK--I'll share mine!

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