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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rob and Kristen- You Know They Do

It's one of those days when I don't have a lot to say...
You know what that means.
Grab something to drink...
Make sure there is food nearby...
Because I will probably ramble aimlessly for a while.

Today is the DH's birthday.
Right now he's at Home Depot!
Fun Fun Fun till my daddy took the T-bird away.
So it's B's birthday...
And he's doing his usual Saturday shit.
And here I am doing my usual Saturday bullshit.
I guess when you get to be of advanced age...
(I am supposedly quite ancient if you listen to some people)
Birthdays just don't mean what they used to.
But I will say this...
I cannot imagine my life without B in it.
Happy Birthday B!

2. Remember these pictures?
Kristen ever so obviously wearing Robert's 'notched' t-shirt?
There was a lot of drama 
(shocking, I know)
Over that t-shirt.
People were saying she cut a shirt to look like Rob's...
That still cracks my shit up.
My thoughts then and now...
When you pick up someone else's shirt
and put it on...
It kinda means they took off the shirt in the same place.
And you changed clothes in the same place.
So clothes were coming on and off
in the same place.
Get it?
You know they do.

3. She is SO playing footsies with him under that table.
She's giggling.
He's giggling.
I just have one question.
Where the HELL was the photographer who took this picture?
He must have been some distance away for them not 
to have notice him snapping away.
Kinda creepy... not gonna lie.
But kinda cute... too.
 I like the giggling footsies.
You know they do.

4. Now that Robert and Kristen are working on BD
and working on the same project.
And working in the same city.
I suspect we may see a bit more of this sort of thing.
Some people would have you believe that they are getting
'reconnected' for their upcoming roles...
But come on...
When did they ever DISconnect?
They've been connected since the summer of 2008.
You know it.
I know it.
That dark haired girl making the strange face knows it.
You know they do.

What number... 5?
5 it is
5. LOTS of rumors about Rob and Kristen renting a house together.
They spend all their time together anyway...
It just makes sense.
Well... I know the word SENSE is foreign to some...
Unless you put NON in front of it.
Yeah, I'm sure we will see them out and about every now and then...
But let's face it kiddies...
If you had Robert Pattinson to yourself...
What would YOU want to do?
Go out and hang with other people?
Be all greedy and selfish
and want to be alone with him?
Let's see if the SENSE kicks in.

You know they do.

6. I don't really have a six.
I just wanted to post this picture (again)
This was the straw that broke the hyena's back.
This was the beginning of the end for them.
Such a gloriously happy picture.
So intimate and sweet.
Love this picture.
Love seeing Robert and Kristen so happy.
So in love.

This post was brought to you by the letter *B*

You know the truth.
We all know the truth.

You know they do.

Bye for now.


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rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

LOL, love your blog, keep meaning to tell you that!
And yes...we KNOW they do!

Patricia said...

I hope your husband has a Happy Birthday. Mine is Monday.
Grazie for the post and great pictures, but to tell you the truth, I can barely get past that BANNER. He is so GORGEOUS.

Stien' said...

love your post today ;)!

lancia96 said...

Love this post!!You're sooooo funny!!;)

LJ said...

Hey Rose....happy birthday to your husband I hope you have a wonderful day!

Great post......especially loving the Beach Boys reference :-)

Much love,

rochelle said...

really loooove ur blogs.. they r soo true and funny .. i still dont know why there's people saying Robsten isn't real, when there's sooo much prove of their love... i read all ur posts and cant believe this is actually the 1st time im commenting.. anywhooo.. keep posting ur truelly awesome!!

SueBee said...

Happy Birthday Rose's Husband!!!

Popping it to say hello to my friends!

SueBee said...

Oh and thanks to everyone who told me to have a good time!

If the party sucks at least the drinks are free! LOL

Okay, I'm off to do a massive makeover--time to get out the power tools and paint pallete!

Have a wonderful day my friends!

Kay said...

Happy Birthday to your husband, Rose! Hope it is a wonderful day for both of you. :)

Good morning Roseland!!

Good morning Liza, Kami, Caroline, Penny, Leigh, Cate, Hope, Olivia, Linda, Annie and anyone else I missed! whew!

It is cold and rainy here today, too - perfect day to watch football and bake SueBee's cookies. :)

Have a great day everyone!

Kay said...

SueBee! Have a fabulous time!! You look awesome in your costume!!! :)

Kami said...

Happy Birthday Rose's Hubby

Happy Early Birthday Patricia

Hello Kay, how are you?

great post today, love all the pictures, and like you said...it just makes sense!

Sue, once again you're going to be gorgeous, have fun and if you can't have fun get lots of drinks.

LJ said...

SueBee I have just messaged you in case I didn't catch you....

Hope you have an awesome time, you're going to look super gorgeous!

Have fun!!!


LJ said...

Hi Kay & Kami! :-)

Elaine said...

Rose-Happy B-Day to your hubs!!!
Great post-and yes, we all know they do ;)

Hi Liza, Susan, Kami & Kay.
Hope you all are having a great day!

LJ said...

Hi Elaine my friend....hope you are also having a good day!

Lots of love :-D

Elaine said...

Oh! and Susan today is the party, right?
You'll be a hit for sure-most beautiful there.
Have fun!


Kay said...

Hi Kami!

Congratulations to the Rangers - so exciting for you and Caroline!

I'm doing well today - my son is home from school for the weekend to celebrate his birthday early and I get to show him how much I love him by cooking, baking and doing laundry. WIN/WIN for both of us - watching and and talking football now. :)

How are you doing? Won't be much longer before your husband makes it back - he sounds like such a sweet man with all of the extra care and thoughtful deliveries while he is gone. Very lucky girl!

Melinda said...

Rose you are being cheeky today! Love it!

As for renting a house, good for them. I had read on another blog that supposedly the rest of the cast are being put up in another place (not giving location) but that people had already gotten wind of it and so the cops have already had to be called in for some crowd control.

For the sanity/security of all involved I hope they are able to keeps things tight. It's a college town so should be interesting.

Oh well, things to do. Meeting my bestie for a movie tonight. I think we are going to see "Red"-heard it is really funny-great cast so I doubt I will be disappointed.

Susan- knock em dead tonight!!

If I don't talk to anyone later I hope everyone has a super Saturday!

katy said...
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katy said...

Hi Rose !! Great post

'WE all know the truth'...it makes sense

Happy birthday to your husband!!

And HI LJ, Sue, Kay, Kami, Elaine...Hope you're all having a great day!

Kay said...

Hi Liza and Elaine - how are you doing?

E - how is Em doing? I've been thinking about all of you....

Melinda said...

Oops forgot to add happy birthday B even though you have no clue who I am but we love your wife. Thanks for sharing her with us!

Kay said...

Hi katy and Melinda!

Elaine said...


I'm having a really great day...really, really great :)

Kay-She's doing pretty well, thanks for keeping her in your thoughts.


LJ said...

Elaine I'm glad you are having a really, really, really great day because you deserve it!....

....and thats awesome news about Em :-)


khushboo said...


loved d post again....
i was smiling thruout ..:)

so haapy n seren n divine is ROBERT N KRISTEN love u cnt jus help bt fall in love wid dem n der love......jus love sdem...

n i love d way u potray ur thots....reallly wise..:)

bt ma♥ ROBSTEN ♥lovee....
aww...m alwaz in heaven lookin at der pics...
dats also smilin n content n happy n ofcoarse...
soooo in LOVE....♥♥♥

agin 4 ma ROBSTEN forever love...♥

‎"When the day of ressurection comes only my heart will keep on
pounding, repeating relentlessely your name, my sweetest angel, my one
and only love!"..♥

alwaz wish to see dem together n happy n in love n i knw dey will be weever dey r alwaz TOGETHER...
dats wer dey belong..
in each others arm n WORLD....♥

love u...♥

love ma ROBSTEN sooo much...♥♥

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday to the DH. I hope you guys have a fabulous day!

This was a awesome post. I love Random Rose :) She Rocks!!

Everyone have a fantabulous day!!

MLH414 said...


Great post! Happy BDay to your hubby!! :)

Have a great day everyone (norm and sane)


Anonymous said...

Awesome Post!!

I hope your husband has a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Saw your comment on last post...I just need to say...WDE!!

LJ said...

Manjen!!! **hugs my friend**

Anonymous said...




Penny Lane said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Rose!

I had to laugh when I read the Home Depot line. That is my DH's favorite thing to do on a Saturday. He actually conned me into going with him today and I just returned from there and read this post. Too funny.


I keep missing you. Enjoy your weekend with your son.


Hope you're having a good day.


Let me know how Red is. I think we're going tomorrow so warn me off if its bad.


Kami said...

Hello everyone..taking a break from evil cleaning and thought I'd check in here and I wanted to say
@Gisel I saw where you posted on Rose's last blog "Rob and Kristen- Who Do You Live For?" and I think your name is beautiful. I hope you don't mind me asking but how do you actually pronounce it?

Kay: you're right I'm a lucky woman to have such a wonderful guy. If all goes well he might come home for a day or two next week before heading back until Nov 7th...so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Ok back to cleaning and reminding myself over and over again that I love my animals and won't kill them for peeing in my floor....

Kay said...

Hi Penny!

Sorry we keep missing, but maybe I have caught you?

Thank you for your offer to listen if I wanted to spill - I have actually been typing things out to send to you and that in itself has been helping me to work through things. I really do appreciate the offer. The main issue is that my son's birthday next week would have also been my 20th wedding anniversary had my husband not lost his battle with cancer. So, this weekend I am really working hard to keep my focus where it belongs. I am doing okay and I do know it will get better. Eeyore will be gone soon.

How are you doing?? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)

Kami said...

Kay, I know you addressed Penny and not me but just remember if you need us..we're here and I will be glad to talk to you, with you or just listen to you..I can't imagine what you're going through and I hope and pray I never have to experience it...So here's a Texas sized (((((HUG))))) feel free to e-mail me if you need to talk...anytime. k back to work

Kay said...

Kami - thank you for the Texas size hug and your support - I really do appreciate it!! After I actually put that out there I started to think, oooh, that is TMI...but then I thought, it is part of who I am. So there you go, the real me. You have all been wonderful to me here in Roseland and it really means more than I can say. :)

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Rose....Enjoyed ur post and u r helping me work thru my obsession and understand it better..so heres my list of WHY

1.Incredible Good Looks...u know how bella "gasps" at the end of New Moon, i do that when i see certain pics of Rob LIKE THE BANNER u have up now!

2. The Imbodiment of Edward Cullen
no explanation required!

3. Nice and Humble and Sweet and Funny...not a jerk like the typical actor.

4. The way he looks at Kristen. The intensity and the quality of their relationship is astounding i think for such a young couple. They r truly soul mates and its sort of addicting just to watch that. It makes me happy that they are so happy.

OK. thats enough therapy for one day.
I wish all of Roseland a wonderful weekend!

Kami said...

Kay, always show us who you are...makes you even more beautiful. Don't be afraid to lean on us, we'll hold you up through this difficult time...that's what friends do.

LJ said...

Kay...*huuuuuuuuuuuugs* my friend

Penny Lane said...


Are you still here?

I'm sure you're having a lot of remember when moments right now. Believe me in this, there will come a day when you will be just as glad to see you son leave as to have him arrive.

My son just grad. college after just 3 years. He drives me crazy because he wants to start his evening at 11:30pm. He sleeps half the day, and stays out half the night. This is what they are used to and don't want mom to say anything.

So enjoy your time now. Please, do send me an email when you're ready.


30 said...

Hi Rose! Hi Roseland :)
Hope all is well, Happy Birthday to Mr. Rosesee! :)

Have a kick ass night Sue Bee! I am also going out tonight to a club for a Haloween party. Maybe.. I will post pic if I get drunk enough lol

FYI If anyone likes hard punk music. This is my "x fiancee" (daughters daddy), band Ash Monday,http://www.myspace.com/ashmondaynj

If you wanna ck it out. He is the guitar player and wrote all the songs. Its hard punk not for all though :) My fav is Curse. Go figure LOL

Have a nice day all the sane people of Roseland!

Hope said...

Rose...Happy Birthday to the DH!!
Another funny post...you make me laugh.

Hi Kay....Happy early birthday to your son....hope you have a fun time together while he is home.
I am sorry to hear about your husband. Please know that we are all sending you love and blessings...especially next week as you remember your 20th anniversary.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the DH!!

Ever wonder why they call it common sense when it's not so common sometimes? I mean.. it's obvious that those two aren't having to "reconnect" because they never "disconnected" in the first place after the last filming. It's obvious that they would want to stay together if they were filming. It's obvious that they are completely smitten with each other. Makes perfect sense to me!

Hi to everyone :) Hope everybody's having a great Saturday!! *HUGS*

DreamerKind said...


The best to your husband on his birthday. Thanks to you for a reality check post.


Part of my heart is here with you, too, even though I won't be on here much today. Par-taying, ya know.

Have a sassy Saturday!

30 said...

DK are you going out tonight also? We should all meet up tonight and have "Drunk Fest 2010" ;)

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vangie said...

hello ladies, i see you ladies are all happy seems rpattx and i avi are the same.

Vangie said...

no, it is not ,i am sorry! i read that, rob and kristen and the other cast members had dance classes, i guess it's for the wedding.

DreamerKind said...


Son's 30th birthday bash at local pizzeria/bar tonight. Overnight guests here at my palace.

Otherwise, I would join you, lol.

deb said...

Rose I hope you and your hubby have a very nice day/night he is a very lucky man to have you and i'm sure you well make it one of the best for him Once again i love the banner but what can i say ITS ROB and we all know how we love any pic of OUR GUY Have a good day my friend.cant wait to see our to lovers I miss seeing them. and SueBee have a good time to night we well be thinking of you BE SAFE OK. DEB

Anonymous said...


WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

Woot Woot ;)


Luz said...

LOL I loved this post! This is my favorite RobSten blog. You are so much fun. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...



Kami said...

Ok gotta be nosey...what happened Leigh and Manjen? All I saw was that Auburn won. =)

Penny Lane said...

Is football over for the day? Please?

Kami said...

and by the way CONGRATS on the Auburn win!

Kami said...

ahh comfort Penny...I think it's over for the most part today..and you've got like 17 hours until it starts up tomorrow...hang in there

Penny Lane said...


That is so reassuring. I'm going to the movies tomorrow anyway.

Kami said...

LOL Penny

Penny Lane said...

Did anyone make Cate's soup yet? If so, what does a leek taste like?

Kami said...

I did and it is so good

a leek kinda taste like a green onion

Penny Lane said...

So does the soup have a strong onion flavor?

Anonymous said...


That's what we are SO excited about :) Auburn won!! That was a GOOD game!!

Hi, Penny!

How are you guys?

Penny Lane said...

Hi Leigh,

I'm doing great now that the daily football watching is over (ducking away)

Kami said...

Penny, I didn't think so, but then I love onions...all I know is that it is so good..

You can always omit the Leeks if you aren't sure, the soup would be good without them too

Kami said...

Leeks taste like onions, only they are milder and sweeter...and very very healthy for you. So they aren't over powering to the soup

gwen said...

Hello Rose, Regs and the lurkers of Roseland!

Oh Rose this post keeps me gigling like an idiot here. Now if i have Robert effing Pattinson, i would be selfish and have him all to myself, i think for quite long while?, LMAO! Fuck the haters...

I'll be out of here today, me girls and i are having GDO, hope im not broke after this, LOL..

Happy weekend to you guys and happy birthday to Rose DH!

Penny Lane said...


I think I'll try it. Worse thing that can happen is I don't like it and just don't ever make it again.

Anything is good with the right wine. I suppose that would negate the health benefits, you think?

Anonymous said...

Lol Penny :)

You don't have to sneak away. I'm actually still watching football :)

Bama vs Tn...go Vols! LOL

I'm going to try the soup tomorrow :)

I'm excited about it. That's kind of sad huh? To be excited about soup. LOL

Kami said...

Ahh Penny never fear I've got your back on this one...if you make it a red wine...it will be very healthy for you....

as for the leeks if you've cooked them before then forgive me for telling you this, but be sure to wash them really well after you slice them...I usually soak them in a bowl of water then drain them, otherwise you'll end up with dirt in your food..which wouldn't be healthy..lol

Penny Lane said...


Soup is one of those things that goes hand in hand with fall.

I'm actually contemplating hair color change. Time to get back to my more natural color.

LJ said...

Hi Kami, Leigh, Penny & Gwen!!

Hope your all having a great day!


Penny Lane said...


Thanks. I actually was just going to ask what I do with the leek since I've never cooked with them.

We're on the same wavelength.

You and Leigh have great memories by the way :)

Kami said...

LIZA!!!!!! Hugs

My day has been long and I'm planning on a nice long, hot bubble bath, a nice glass of wine and lots of candles.

Anonymous said...

There you go Penny. That's what I will tell myself :)

I'm excited for Fall! Sounds like a good excuse to me. And I did that this morning...went back to my natural brown without blond highlights :)

Penny Lane said...


How's your day been? Enjoying the rain?

Kami said...

thanks Penny =)

Anonymous said...



Did it ever stop raining today? And I had a fabulous day :) Thank you very much.

Penny Lane said...


That's exactly what I'm doing. Except my blonde highlights have evolved into full on blonde.

Everytime my mother sees me she says I"m not her browneyed brown haired girl anymore.

Anonymous said...

Well, don't they say Blond's have more fun ;)

And thanks! :)

Penny Lane said...


I'm still waiting for the more fun.

One more week of working and I'm out of there. It was fun to do but I'm glad to finish.

Anonymous said...


Well, at least it kept you busy for a bit. Now you know that you do not want to go back to work full time :)

If you were wondering I mean...

LJ said...

Kami *hugs back* that sounds glorious! I love a nice bubble bath.

Penny, yes the rain did stop eventually! lol.

Leigh! *hugs back* glad you are having a fabulous day my friend.

I had a good day thanks...the rain stopped and I have just been out to dinner to my favourite restaurant so can't complain :-)

Much love to you all!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad it stopped raining and you had a nice dinner :)

I'm out of here Ladies. We are about to leave to go to the fair! Yummy! Fair food :)

Have a nice night!

*hugs and smooches*
Leigh ♥

LJ said...

Bye Leigh have a great evening!

Penny Lane said...

Well, I'm going to find a movie to watch.

Should I watch Remember Me or Pirate Radio?

Maybe I'll flip a coin or something.

See you later.

Kami said...

have fun leigh! yummy fair food...funnel cakes...mmmm

LJ said...

Well I haven't seen Pirate Radio and Remember Me makes me cry, so I can't recommend either Penny :-D

Karen said...

Happy birthday to B, Rose. Hope he had fun at Home Depot!

Patricia, have seen you on the board in a while, my friend. I gotta agree with you. It is awfully hard to move past that gorgeous banner!

Love the last few days posts. Rose. I'm looking forward to some leaked pictures from the set of BD.
It's always such a joy to see R&K together and happy.

Karen said...

Oops! Patricia, that should e haven't seen you on the board in a while.

Karen said...

Penny, I have seen Pirate Radio and really liked it. I remember when the UK had pirate stations. Tom is good in the movie.

Anonymous said...

Liza! PEnny! Anyone else I didn't see!
Hello! i wamt to no how suebee did as floapper girl!!

Anonymous said...

Liza--YOU didn't see The Boat That Rocked?? OMgod you have to see it asap. LOL! you can see tommy's touchey--lol.

Kami said...

Hey Smitty...haven't heard from Suebee this afternoon..she sounded pretty excited this morning though..said if the party wasn't fun at least the drinks were free

Sierra said...

haha the black haired girl is pic 4! hahaha there are no words for it.

but ur right we all know it.

and having Rob all to myself, (though I do perfer Tom over him any day) but yeah I would want alone time if I was Kristen as well.

She works like 360 days out of the year dude like give the girl a break.

and now they're like making her lose all her weight and shit for breaking dawn. what kinda world do we live in when you make a size 4 lose weight??!


but hoping this house RUMOR doesn't cause trouble like last summer did. they went through hell over that house.

all I can do is shake my head on that one.
and on that note I just had to stop by I'm supposed to be studying so I'm off this..

bye loves!

LJ said...

Heyyyyyy Smitty!!! hows your day going my friend :-) *massive hugs*

Ha ha no believe it or not I haven't seen The Boat That Rocked (although now I'm thinking I definitely need to see it!) in fact I haven't seen any of Toms films.....strange huh!

Lots of love!!!!!!!!

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Penny Lane...just got home from a wedding and reading thru the posts. I w a s a brunette at one time but have had fairly heavy blonde highlights since the spring. Everbody seems to like it, even my husband so i guess i'll keep it.People say it makes me look "younger" heh...nothing wrong with that!

KAMI..HI... I guess i'll be cleaning tomorrow..weekends sure fly by fast. Im having lunch for the extended family tomorrow for my nieces 19th birthday. We've had beautiful weather today. not a cloud in the sky. just went to outside wedding at 6pm.It was beautiful.

Penny Lane said...

So who is here?

I passed on the movies. Didn't want to cry and forgot I lent out Pirate Radio.

SuperRN if you're still around, I liked the blonde but when it gets too light it washes me out. I go through this every fall. Time to change things up.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Yeah Penny L im still here just reading and fixin to turn in a little early. My husband is out of town and my son watching USC play Vanderbilt.

Penny Lane said...


Let me pick your brain. Best OTC retinol product?

Anonymous said...

B for Bwaahahaha, that's great! love it, thanks for the post Rose.

LJ said...

Ok bedtime for me......on your recommendation Smitty I have just purchased The Boat That Rocked on Amazon and shall be studying 'Tommy's touchey' closely in 3-5 working days!

Ha ha ha.............

Hope to catch you again soon,

Melinda said...


Okay I just got home from seeing "Red". Really funny movie! Great cast and great script.

I loved both Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker. They were both fantastic.

John Malckovich (sp?)was his crazy zany self. He does that so well.

I would say go see it for sure. Just wanted to let you know what I thought of it.

Melinda said...

Liza- haven't seen it either...it is next to be sent to me from Netflix (at home movie delivery system here in America). Everyone says it is a really good movie.

Have a good night!

Penny Lane said...


I got here just in time. So you really liked it? I love Helen Mirren (must be the accent :)).

Thanks for letting me know.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Penny...i cant really say as i dont use any of them. really the best otc line out there in my opinion is Arbonne. Its all about the ingredients, u generally get what u pay for. when u buy cheap skin care products, they r full of toxic ingredients and animal by products..the industrys dirty little secret. THEY LITERALLY TAKE DEAD ANIMALS (ROAD KILL).

Penny Lane said...

Melinda and Liza,

Pirate Radio is really good. Great '60's music too. Tommy's touchey is cute too.

Penny Lane said...


Never heard of that but i'll look into it. Thanks.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Liza,Melinda,and Penny...i saw the previews for Red,,looks very good. i enjoy Bruce Willis in his roles. I will be on the lookout for it also.

Kami said...

Hi SupreRn...glad you had a beautiful day today...I love fall.

Well think I'll head to bed, been a rough night, there was an accident down the road from me a while ago, 3 adults and a baby were all killed, some idiot speeding in our neighborhood, drunk, plowed into the side of their car as they were backing out of their driveway. He of course walked away without a scratch.

Aeden27 said...

Lovely Rose,

Been a while since i've been able to read your post..been kind of busy @ work..
As always, love your post..
By the way, i hope you Hubby has a wonderful bday!!

You never fail to make me smile with your thoughts..

Of course it makes sense that Rob and Kristen would be staying in 1 house while filming BD..LOL..
Cant wait for the filming to start..

cant wait for your next post..
Have a Nice Day..

Monica said...

Happy birthday and best wishes to your husband~

Really love your post today. Hyena are fated to fail, aren't they?~

Monica from Asia

shoegal2547 said...

Happy Birthday to the hubby!

BTW: thanks for the drink, enjoyed the ramblings...pics and banner!

wig4usc said...

Wow! A troll-free day?? That's got to be one for the record books!! :)

SueBee said...

Hi, guys. Popping in to say the party was fine. -------------> That's what the hubby and I looked like in our costumes.

Hope everyone is getting some wonderful sleep!


Birdie said...

Penny Lane,

If you are looking for cosmetic recommendations go to paulaschoice.com. She wrote "Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me". She debunks and critiques all cosmetics and rates the best. She has her own line that uses the best ingredients, no fragrances, no animal testing,no frills and very reasonably priced. I use all her skin products on my aging,sensitive skin and really love them.

Anonymous said...


You look SOOOO good woman! And your husband is hot too! I hope you had an epic night!

LJ said...

Morning everyone!

SueBee you and your husband looked brilliant...you look so pretty!

Glad you had a good time :-)

Liza ღ

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe if we try not to have a drink or food when reading this or any other post. Your ramblings often comes with sense, which often makes me want to laugh since well it's common sense. And it's too often that you point out sense.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Everyone!!!


You and your husband looked Awesome!!! I hope you both had a great time!!

Cate said...

Good Morning Roseland!

Happy Birthday (well now belated) to Mr. Rose!

Rose, I meant to say it yesterday, but in my haste forgot. This: “Just because there's not a picture...doesn't mean it didn't happen. Because it did. You just weren't there” was perfect! They didn’t sign contracts for a reality show.

Susan, you and the gangsta looked amazing! Hope the party improved as the evening progressed. If nothing else, hope there was one hell of a private party afterwards :)

Kami, my heart physically hurt when I read what happened in your neighborhood. You never have to look far to see why you should live each day to its fullest.

Kay, I hope you find comfort in your memories and in the loved ones around you. *hugs*

The boys won their football game yesterday (W00t W00t as Tracy would say :) so it’s on to the finals next weekend!

Road trip today! Back to college for my girl. 4 hours up, 4 hours back. Uggh…hate this part :(

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!



Melinda said...

Happy Sunday Morning everyone!

Susan- Wow! You and your husband make a gorgeous couple! Glad you had fun.

Cate- sending positive vibes for safe travels. Be careful.

Kami- what a horrible story. My heart hurts for the family that remains behind. As for the drunk driver, he will have to live with this for the rest of his life however long it may be.

gwen said...

Good Morning everyone!

Hope everyone have a great weekend...

Wow, It is such a rare to have a troll-free day for Roseland, LOL

Suebee-you and your hubby look great. I hope you enjoyed the party.

Penny Lane said...


You two looked GREAT! I hope you really enjoyed your evening.


That was absolutely horrible. So careless, a wake up call to all of us concerning drinking and driving.

Thanks, I have heard of her but totally forgot her until you mentioned it.

Good morning to the rest of Roseland.

Good morning to the rest of Roseland.

Anonymous said...

SueBee!!!!!!! You guys looked awesome! :) I hope you had some serious fun last night!

Cate!! w00t w00t! (you were right! It IS what I would say!) Way to go on the games! I always have mixed feelings when kiddo has wins that kept them in a tournament or something. Happy they won.. and then you realize that there's more games....

Kami - super massive *HUGS* for you. It's heartbreaking when our lives are touched by drunk driving.. even if it's just on the peripheral.. having lost a very very dear friend of mine in a drunk driving accident, I know how much it hurts.

Kay - super massive *HUGS* for you too my friend.

Lizaaaaaaaaaaa - I just love you. :)

G'morning everybody else who might have shown up while I was taking forever to type this.

karenczabai said...

I really love your posts. "They are meant for each other"

olivia said...

Beautiful Morning everyone!

Dear Rose, missed wishing your husband a very Happy Birthday yesterday, so please pass on the belated wishes.

Kami a huge hug for you, such sadness.

Kay, a huge hug of understanding for you, also. One's heart does recover but will always be altered. My difficult time is in May. He was only 33.

SueBee, you and your husband rocked the
Roaring 20's look. Hope you had a memorable evening! Such fun!

Liza, Pirate Radio is awesome!

Cate, the mom taxi duties are long and often, tiresome but I have fond memories of them. We did a lot of USTA tennis travels. Good luck in the finals. I am making your soup today! Can't wait to have it this afternoon.

DK, hope the birthday party for your son was a wonderful time for all! What a great mama for housing the out of town guests for your son.

Gwen, forgot to tell you several days ago...so glad that you are safe after the big storms that hit your part of the world.

Yesterday I was gone with friends to the little town of Brenham, home of the yummy Bluebell Creamery and lots of cute and funky little shops and boutiques. Had the most wonderful lunch. A sweet potato, vegetable curry served over couscous with a blueberry chutney sauce. Dessert was raspberry bread pudding. This evening, I will be hunting for a similar recipe for the curry stew, it was wickedly delicious.

Hugs to all of you,
Olivia (TX.)

Elaine said...


You looked beautiful-your husband and you made a great couple! Glad you had fun!

Goo Morning everyone!!

olivia said...

Hugs to you Elaine. Always wishing you the best. Keeping Em in my prayers.

Elaine said...

Thanks, Olivia!!!

Lots of hugs to you too :)


Kay said...

Good Morning SueBee, Smitty, Liza, kstewrocks, manjen, Cate, Melinda, gwen, Penny, Tracy, Olivia, Elaine and anyone else out there in Roseland :)

Kami – I am so sorry….how incredibly awful for that poor family. I really cannot find any other words. Sending you BIG hugs your way.

SueBee – You and your husband look absolutely fabulous! Glad you had a wonderful time.

Liza – Thomas movies…..I liked Pirate Radio and thought he was really good in it. I recently watched Murderous Intent (aka Like Minds), a very dark and sinister psychological thriller with Tom and Eddie Redmayne. Lots of Thomas in this movie and I thought he was excellent. He plays evil very, very well.

Cate – Wishing safe travels for your family. A big hug for you, too as mama bear having to leave your daughter at school today.

Olivia – a big hug right back at you…..I’m so sorry for your loss, too. You summed it up very concisely with those very wise words. As hard as everything was, he left me a better person for having been loved by him.

Thanks you all of my Roseland friends for your hugs and support – they mean so much to me.

Happy Sunday everyone! <3

Caroline said...

Hello Roseland!

Rose- "Well...DUH." That phrase is such an appropriate response to people who are only just now acknowledging that R&K "might" be more than friends. lol I hope that Mr. Rose had a wonderful birthday.

SueBee- You and Mr. SueBee looked amazing in your costumes...I totally "ship" the two of you together! lol

Kay- I hope you and your son have a nice time together this weekend. I know that this is a difficult week for you and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. If there's something that we can do to make this week a little better, please let us know.*Hug*

Cate- I hope you have a safe trip taking your daughter back to school and congrats on the football victory!

Kami- That is such a heartbreaking story. It's sad that it will take a tragedy like this to wake some people up to the dangers of drinking and driving. *Hugs*

DK- You were missed last night. My late night sneak peeks from work aren't as much fun without you and your songs. I hope you had fun at your son's birthday party.

Elaine- I'm glad to hear that you and Em are doing well. : )

Olivia- Your words to Kay were lovely and I'm sure very much appreciated. I'm jealous of your trip to Brenham, now I'll be craving Blue Bell ice cream all day. lol

Have a wonderful day everyone!

katy said...


So horrible what happened...heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go to the family who have lost their loved ones.


LJ said...

Tracyyyyyyyyy I love you too very much!!!! hope you catch you later :-)

Hi Olivia, Elaine, Kay, Caroline, Melinda, Manjen, Elaine, Cate, Penny, Gwen and everyone else!!!

Hope you're all having a fabulous Sunday!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday! I want more details
from Susan about the party.

Cate-congrats on the game! Woot!

like fun and yum on the chutney stew.

Rose- how was Baloo's birthday?

Tracy-- do you like nutmeg?


Anonymous said...

Liza-- you will like it.... And the movie is good too!

Penny Lane said...

Hey Smitty,

How is your head? No residual pain or wackiness, I hope.


You and Kay are very strong women to have suffered such loss way too young. I admire you both.

LJ said...

Smitty, I'm looking forward to it.......

Might be a lot of 'skipping back a scene' going on ;-)

heh heh heh

Wildhart007 said...

Hi! Roseland!

Kami that breaks my heart. Some things seem so senseless.

Susan. You and your husband were the cats meow!

Kay so glad you got to spend time with your son. Time heals .

Congratulations to all you Texas aficionados!


Elaine said...


How are you sweetie? I have two words for you...slow motion. You won't miss a thing!


Elaine said...

Hi Penny & Linda! Hope you guys have a great day!

Hey yo T!!! what up homes?

Smitty-hey woman! Hope your morning's going as good as mine :)

LJ said...

Elaine! I'm great thanks, hope you are having a good weekend?

Ahh my friend this is making me laugh so much, did you see Smittys post 'Tommys touchey' ha ha ha

I'm thinking this may swiftly become my favourite film ever!


Wildhart007 said...


What's up! Hope Em is doing good!

Y'all all have a wonderful day!
The grocery store is calling.


Kami said...

Susan you and your husband looked amazing!!! I'm glad you had such a good time

Thanks everyone for the wonderful words and hugs, I probably wouldn't have posted that but I guess I was still kinda in shock. I was out on my back porch and actually saw the whole accident, and while I was sure no one could make it through that..to have the police confirm it...anyway thank goodness my neighbor (the sane one) tackled the driver before he was able to run off too far, sadly the only injury the jerk was when his face hit the pavement he got a blood lip. Anyway..sorry about depressing everyone,but thanks for the support I needed it...I think I will spend the day watching football, talking to my husband on the phone and thanking God it didn't happen to him.

LJ said...

Aww Kami thats horrible for you...sending you big hugs.

Kami said...

uh I meant "The only injury the jerk had was a bloody lip." sorry

Wildhart007 said...

Had to say Tom's tushey in slo mo may cause you to get a bit over heated! Lol. Enjoy

Elaine said...


I have no doubt that this will become your favorite movie of all time ;)
With many repeat viewings!


Wildhart007 said...


So sorry you had to witness such an atrocity.

Wildhart007 said...

Okay to the store so I can get back and watch the Titans

Anonymous said...

Oh Liza.. I hope you bought it in blue-ray. Hi def!!!

Smitty.. these questions.. I'm curious to see where you're going with this, so I'll answer.. Nutmeg.. yes.

LJ said...

Tracy! *hugs & kisses*

Ha ha no I'm not technologically advanced enough for blue-ray I'm afraid! I will just have to settle for sitting on the floor right in front of the tv for an extreme close up *swoooooon*

Ha ha I'm shutting up now I'm starting to sound like a perv!

Oh and I also like nutmeg Smitty if you are cooking up a treat :-D

Anonymous said...

Tracy & Liza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LJ said...

Manjen!! **massive hugs** back!

Anonymous said...

Morning Roseland-

Liza don't sit to close! The sight has caused women to pass out!

Tracy- do you enjoy peppercorn?

Rose- I miss you! The birthday is over so I plan on gushing soon again with your permission.

LJ said...

Syd you caught me looking forward to perving....how embarrassing! Bwahahahaha


SueBee said...

For the record--I like nutmeg but I prefer cinnamon. :o)

I also love peppercorn.

Super RN Gas Passer said...

KAMI, I JUST SAW UR POST..about the accident last night...how awful...my husband was hit by a drunk driver when he was 15.. i wont go into all the details except to say he suffers everyday because of it...seeing something like that puts things into perspective doesnt it?

Melinda said...

Liza- you are going to be the death of him but what a way to go!!!

Afternoon Syd...hope you had a good weekend.

If we are talking about spices- I love ginger and rosemary but obviously not together.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mel did it too--90

SueBee said...

Did you count me?

Melinda said...
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Penny Lane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Sue you can't count. She did make me dinner and it was delicious.

Deduct 20 gorilla--you blew it. Coming back love! Never lose!

Melinda said...


Glad I am helping you win at something.

Your little bets are too funny. Are you really betting on getting people to talk about spices or something?

Don't you owe him a dinner still?

See some interesting stuff at the five...

Melinda said...
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katy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

How come I can't count?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Hmmm delete it and u lose another 10!! Tough choice huh Rilla!!!

Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Okay, let me get my huffy voice out. I want to count and I want it to be for Smitty's side!

Melinda said...

Susan- this little bet of theirs has me curious as well...hope they spill.

Penny Lane said...

YOu know cloves are good

Kami said...

does anyone know where I can find:
saffron, nutmeg, pink peppercorn and red pepper flakes?

Penny Lane said...

I'm going to see Red now.

Mel and Sue hold down the fort.

Melinda said...

I like cumin, all spice, and basil as well if this helps...

30 said...

Helloooo! :) How are you all? Hope you all are having a great day so far.

SueBee said...

Hi,30! Little hungover, other than that, I can't complain! LOL How are you?

Anonymous said...

Hi 30!!

30 said...

Sue Bee relaxing today I hope? :) I am well, How did your party go last night? Mine went good! Though I noticed being in my early 30's I am def not burning the midnight oil like I use to be able to with no issues LOL

katy said...

cinnamon, coriander, Grains of paradise, Oregano...

30 said...

Hi manjen! :) Having a good day I hope? Where is everyone today? I cant believe this post isn't over 700 by now.

30 said...

Katy. What am I missing? some Halloween joke? LOL I see Syd and Smitty are up to something up there! ;)

Anonymous said...


I don't know where everyone is..you are right normally there are LOTS of comments by this time.

SueBee said...


Still searching for some positive things to dish about last night's party.

I'll come up with something soon!

30 said...

Oh Dear Sue Bee. Ok LOL

Well I saw a person dressed up as a "god forgive me".. a "pu**y" fill in the blanks there LOL I was SO freaked out! I swear where do pl come up with some of these costumes I will never know!

Bren said...

Hi Guys,

Hope your day just got better!

Sorry Tom---could not resist....


LJ, this one is for you!

SueBee said...

Nice ass

Could have done without the screaming face but the ass was good! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to agree with SueBee on that one!

Melinda said...

Well Bren that was a nice little present in the middle of a dull day!!

LJ said...

SueBee you look amazing! :-)

Erm Bren..thanks! ha ha ha very nice................*thud*..........passed out!

katy said...
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katy said...

Nice ass...Tom

SueBee said...

Thanks, LJ!

Let me help you off of the floor.
That first glimpse of Tom's ass is a bit overwhelming, huh? LOL

30 said...

BREN I was looking for that pic for Liza LOL I couldn't find it anywhere! Glad you got it for her! :) It's a very cute view isn't it?

Kay said...

naughty silliebillies ;)

LJ said...

Totally SueBee, is it weird that I've literally been staring at it non stop for about 10 minutes? lol

SueBee said...

Weird? Absolutely not! A good ass deserves some admiration!!!!

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