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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, October 1, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Let The Fun Begin!

So where were we?

1. Rob is in Los Angeles

2. Kristen is in Los Angeles

3. Rob and Kristen are in Los Angeles TOGETHER.

4. People are still trying to pretend that PR
is the only reason Rob and Kristen
are together in Los Angeles.

5. By together I don't mean in the same city...
I mean...

6. People seem to think because Rob and Tom travel together
That means they are never apart.
Even for a moment...
Which gets kinda uncomfortable because some 
people think Summit has Robert and Kristen handcuffed together too.
Such a dilemma

But First...
Thank you for letting me live RENT FREE inside your head.
I really do like the fact that you give me access
to that rambling, empty chamber...
(Hello... ello... ello...)
It's a good place to 
Lots and Lots of space.
All for free!
I can admit to getting a smug satisfaction
that you can't stay away from my blog.
So thanks for thinking of me...
Again (and again... and oh yes... again)

I was at the grocery store the other day...
And I was looking at the magazines
And you know all those Teen magazines?
I don't know their names...
But Justin Beiber is all over them.
And Taylor Lautner.
Taylor is all over those mags
Not so much.
Which for Robert... I think it's good...
I mean... I'm sure he would love to get beyond the whole
"BITE ME, EDWARD!" bullshit.
But see...
He's fucking MADE for that stuff.
Young, handsome, makes the tweenies scream...
If Summit really is as controlling as some would have you believe...
Making you give up years of your life to promote a movie.
Making you travel the world and hang out with people
even though you don't work just for Summit...
If Summit really wanted to control every move an actor 
who happened to be in their movies makes...
Why not Taylor Lautner?
It would make sense to promote the hell out of him... yes?
I mean... in his 'off' time
Like Summit seems to do with just Rob and Kristen.
No one else.
Just Rob and Kristen are under their thumb.
Summit must make lots of movies...
That they would LOVE to promote
So why not push some other couples together (by force, of course)
Does Summit tell everyone who plays lovers in their movies
that they now have to forfeit any relationships to promote their movie?
That you can't have a life of your own...
That you are in fact OWNED by Summit?
Let's face it... The Twilight movies really need little promotion anymore
They are fucking HUGE.
Throw the cast on a couple of TV shows...
Some Magazine covers...
People flock to those movies.
They don't need 24/7 PR.

And is this Movie Ownership thing...
Is it just Summit that gets to dictate
who you can see
where you can go
in your off time?
I mean...
Robert made a movie for Fox Movies...
Do they do that too?

Just wondering how it works.

Of course.
When the Big Bad Movie Studio theory doesn't work...
You can always fall back on 
"Rob is only there because of Tom!"

Summit and Tom Sturridge Rule Robert's Life.
Of course.
It all makes perfect sense.

So... Tom was hanging around when Rob was with Nina, too...
Does that mean that Nina and Rob were NEVER alone?
Or does that only work for when Robert is with Kristen?

People have to tear down Rob's friendship with Tom.
It's kinda sickening.
Not kinda.
It is sickening.
Robert and Thomas are obviously great friends.
They have been for a long time.
Their jobs/lifestyle afford them the luxury of being able
to hang out together.
Is that a bad thing?
Does that mean Robert forsakes all others for Thomas?
Does that mean Robert can't be in a relationship with Kristen
Just because Tom is around?
You tell me.

So work on Breaking Dawn starts soon...
6 months of Robert and Kristen
Every moment will be scrutinized.
Every picture analyzed.
Every  word... dissected(ized)

So when we get pictures like this for example...

Some people will be oooohing and ahhhhing
and some will be screaming

As my thoughts come to a close
(I promise!)
I just want to say one (or two hundred) more thing(s)
The above picture is one of my favorite pics of 
Robert and Kristen.
For the very reason that there is absolutely nothing fake
or staged or contrived about it.
It clearly shows 2 people who want to be together.
And one of them is incredibly happy about that
(and although we can't see much of Kristen's face...
It does look like she has a pretty big smile going on)


I guess in a few days the cast of BD will be making their
way down to Baton Rouge?
Will Robert and Kristen come out of hiding to travel together?
Only if Summit demands it!


Got a bit carried away...
It was almost like putting on...
RABIES colored glasses.
(Of course, Rabies isn't a color...
But for this post, let's say it's BLACK... because you can't see out of them)
Where you are cynical and obtuse
about everything 
You see things that aren't there
You ignore things that are.
You cannot wear those glasses for long...
They are depressing as hell.

This post is brought to you by the letter *R* and the number 0

R for Rose colored glasses...
I forgot to put them on today

0 for the number of times
That Rob and Kristen pretended to be
completely smitten by the other.
That's a big fat ZERO.


Bye for now


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Carly said...

well, Summit managed to talk Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero to marry to promote a movie. so why not a fake relationship?

*does the sarcasm translate?*

wonderful post Rose, even without the Rose colored glasses

Kami said...

Rose! Everyone missed you yesterday and will be so happy to see you back! Great Post and you're right, people have nothing better to do but come up with reasons why relationships are fake, kinda sad really!

Anonymous said...

Rose! Missed you yesterday :) To be honest I kind of FLOVE it when you aren't wearing your Rose Colored Glasses! Snarky Rose is the BEST!! Awesome post :)

Annie said...

That's a great love story between Redgrave/Nero.

The sarcasm did translate. :)

If people are still thinking that Rob and Kristen aren't together then there really is no hope for them....None at all!

Sierra said...


this post is wild girl,
give some of what you had when you woke up this morning. kuz im not feeling to up.

thank you for this post though, because you really just made me laugh my ass off.

Summit, Summit, Summit. (SMH)

time to get to twirlin' again!
have a good weekend everyone!

Patricia said...

Rose: 'Spot on' Every single word in your post is how I feel. Grazie for once again reading my mind.

BTW...Where in the hell were you yesterday? I checked about a hundred times. Yes 100 times. I'm obsessed. I was afraid another site went down that LOVED my favorite couple.

I'm sorry for the fact that the HATERS are trying to take over and some people are letting them.

Please lets stand up for our favorite couple like WE have all along?

Grazie for another great post.

Anonymous said...
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LJ said...

Great post Rose....kinda like it when you leave the rose tinted glasses off, you say what we are all thinking! :-)

Much love,

Lisa said...

Great post Rose!

The whole Summit is forcing anyone to do anything is crazy.. Lets not forget, Summit was a small studio with a string of flops behind it. Really, they had next to nothing going on until Twilight hit. R & K may (and that's a huge question mark) have let the studio lead them in certain directions or areas. But after it hit? No way.. They couldn't even bribe K not to cut her hair! R, K & T are their biggest assets! They're not going to do anything to jeopardize that! It's just the last straw the "non's" have to hold on to. Desperate and pathetic as it is.

BTW, I don't follow anyone who spews hate or foam. I don't follow any other blogs full time. But I have seen on twitter where many are closing down because of something a certain group is doing.. I'm not even sure what they're doing or who "they" are but it's a shame.. This is the craziest fandom ever! Which can be good I guess, but certainly has a lot of bad too.. :(

Have a great weekend all!

katy said...

Hi, Rose, awesome post.

I don't pay attention to the hatters anymore...they are idiots.
I suppose...Rabies affects the functioning of the brain!

masterofallthatiscrazy said...


*btw you know the only reason Thomas hovers so closely is because he's hoping to get some of his clothes back from Rob, but that's NEVER going to happen because Kristen owns them now. It's a vicious cycle I tell you! VICIOUS!

Rose said...

Hello Sweet Syd! I missed you, too

I'm afraid there were just way WAY too many comments for me to go through so I'm not quite sure what you are talking about being left out of... I guess I'm not in the circle of trust, either?

Hello to everyone else!
Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday...
I had so much I wanted to say, too.

Anonymous said...
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Angela said...

Hey Rose and all the lovely bloggers.

I'm in a good mood today, I feel relieved and lightened. Thank you Rose your wee rant about Robert and Kristen, you put into words exactly how I feel. Have you ever thought about being a therapist Rose, you seem to know exactly what us Rob fans are thinking, then you put it into words and instantly make us all feel better, and let us know we aren't alone in our robsession :)

Selfish as it is, I can't wait til Breaking Dawn starts filming, so we can see lots of new pics of Rob and Kristen while they work and I hope they get to spend their private time in peace. I've missed them.

Speak to you all soon xxxxxx

LJ said...

Ha ha...are you calling me a 'cackling hen' my beautiful Syd? after the love and devotion I have shown you?....

How rude! :-P

Anonymous said...
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SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh Syd!

Don't be that way ;) You know we love you! Did you ask Smitty? I'm sure she would tell you. Bwahahaha!

But I do have to say...I was quite impressed with your diabolical ways ;)

Sydney said...

Yay Rose. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. The PR thing makes me crazy. How does that make any sense. If Summit is so controlling, why is it only with Rob and Kristen? Are they going to make Taylor date Mackenzie for the duration of Breaking Dawn filming, promoting and release? They MUST if that is how operate.

So, how many of Summit's other movies did they control the lead actor and actess's life? Hmmmm....here's a list of Summit's movies...let's find similar scenarios.

Red (co-production with DC Entertainment and Di Bonaventura Pictures)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Letters to Juliet
Fair Game (co-production with River Road Entertainment and Participant Media)
Furry Vengeance (co-production with Participant Media)
Remember Me (co-production with Underground Films)
Step Up 3-D (co-production with Touchstone Pictures)
The Ghost Writer
B*tch Slap (co-production with IM Global)
Astro Boy (co-production with Imagi Animation Studios and Tezuka Productions)
The Brothers Bloom
Bandslam (co-produced by Walden Media)
The Hurt Locker
Knowing (co-production with Escape Artists)
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Next Day Air
Push (co-production with Icon Productions)
Red Cliff (part 2) (with Showbox, Mei Ah Entertainment, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Avex Entertainment and Sahamongkol Film International)
Sorority Row
Fly Me to the Moon
Trailer Park of Terror
Happy-Go-Lucky (with Miramax Films, Ingenious Film Partners and Film4)
Hottie and the Nottie, The (with Regent Releasing)
Never Back Down
Nim's Island
Red Cliff (part 1)
Sex Drive
Step Up 2: The Streets (co.production with Touchstone Pictures)
Once (co-production with Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Step Up (co-production with Touchstone Pictures)
Open Water 2: Adrift
Dot the i
Memento (co-prouction with Team Todd)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Does anyone remember anyone from those films being forced to give up their personal lives and date only their costars? Hmmmm...why am I not seeing a pattern? Weird.

SueBee said...


Hi, sweetie!

BTW, I wrote yesterday that I knew you wouldn't tell!

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

Hmmm.... am I supposed to keep the deleted comments to myself? Since I wasn't in this conversation...
Where do my loyalties lie?
Did Smitty ask they we not share with Syd?
So many questions...

Anonymous said...


I believe she deleted because she didn't want you to see it. I don't think she really cared about Syd ;)

We just had fun giving him a hard time ;)

*smoches* Syd...We love you!

Anonymous said...
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LJ said...

Syd, I could love and treasure you no more than I already do with out bursting.

You are the most wonderful, handsome and charming man I have ever known.....and you know I am devoted to you.

The fact that you would cast me aside, with out a second thought, leaves a hole in my heart that I'm not sure will ever be filled.

I'm going out to dinner now and no doubt,will spend most of the time crying in to my wine glass.

Forever yours,

Rose said...

I guess I better get on those comments... i've narrowed it down.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

On the other hand...she HAS had plenty of time to tell him if she wanted him to know...

And he sure is STILL trying awfully hard to get it out of someone!!

Rose said...

OK... so smitty didn't want ME to see it?? HAHAHAHAHA really?

Anonymous said...
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SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

She may have tried her hand at being pervy...

Just maybe ;)

Anonymous said...

I missed you yesterday Rose...
Great post today!

Hello Everyone!! I hope you are all having a great day!

Did we get called bullies by Syd???

Syd, Don't be mad! :-(

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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LJ said...

Sob.....I am leaving this place now, my heart has been officially broken.

katy said...

Rose, his trying awfully hard...he only wants to tease Smitty.

Anonymous said...



Your own personal knowledge! Yeah right!

Because you would NEVER tease Smitty--right??

Anonymous said...
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SueBee said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


You are going to make me cry...people are wandering into my office asking me what is wrong.

I don't know why you wont believe us. We tried to tell you it was all about Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Mayonnaise...

Rose said...

I have about 100 comments left...
Why do I have a feeling that more is being made of this than it deserves?

katy said...

I only said that because of your past behavior...always teasing poor Smitty.

Anonymous said...
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SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


All the great moments we have shared with him and just because we will not give him what he wants he jumps ship and calls us names.....


Hey did you ever try that thing with the mayo? (I tried the tomato thing and did not even get arrested! It was awesome)

Anonymous said...
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SueBee said...


Okay then!

jen said...

love it rose! Preach it.

hyena logic is silly, immature, reaching, and just plain weird.

Rob and kristen like to hang out. They probably like to hang out because well...by the looks of things they are dating.

This isn't rocket science, even when you strip away all the overly romantical shippy stuff.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


US try to make you look silly?

Why...Thank you!! I'm flattered that us mere Hens would have that power ;)

dowlingnana said...

AS ANNIE SAID:If people are still thinking that Rob and Kristen aren't together then there really is no hope for them....None at all!


SueBee said...
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SueBee said...


Why don't you try being a little nicer, hmmmmm?

I know! Write her a note!

Anonymous said...

I can HONESTLY say..this is the FIRST time I have EVER been called a hen!! AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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SueBee said...
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Anonymous said...

How about cackling manjen...have you ever been accused of cackling?

I'm kind of liking that...just in time for Halloween ;)

Rose said...

So on a more serious *giggle* note... Word is that some silly site that might be NONSENSE wants to shut down my little blog.
I guess they don't like what I have to say...
So sad.
Too bad.


Rose said...

Yes. I have found the comment.
So risque.
So naughty.
So sassy.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, Rose!

I was quite proud of her!!

Anonymous said...

Always, as every, an excellent post.

Summit is an evil mastermind.. THEY are the ones plotting world domination.. not SueBee and I... sheesh... ;)

And Syd, I offered to tell you! But then, I got interrupted.

Hi ladies!! :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

Can I be honest? I don't see what the big deal is.
Syd. You and Smitty obviously have a teasing friendship...
It was just something about Boris getting her a sub for lunch...

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha Tracy!



I would hope they would realize that even if they did manage to get you shut down...

Nah--never mind. Not gonna happen!!!




Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Nope never called cackling either..and you are right...it is just in time for Halloween!!

TRACY!!!!!! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

And... after going through quite a few (zillion) Smitty comments...
I didn't see where she asked NOT to tell Syd...
Did I miss something?

It's hard to refuse Syd anything...
You know that.

Anonymous said...


We tried to tell him last night it was about a sub and he doesn't believe us...hopefully he will believe you!!


twigirl_world said...

I absolutely 100% love you. I'll never meet you or know you but your mind is brilliant!
You really express Robsten the way I wish I could to the haters.
I wonder what will happen if they do stay together, marry...will that be a PR move from Summit too?
Of course, they wouldn't do it because they love each other?!? (sarcasm font)

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

Everythings cool, Syd...
The hater site just doesn't like that I believe Robert and Kristen are together and write about it.
All they have to do is stay away from my blog...
But they can't seem to do that.
Instead they read my words... and get all upset with me... and call me sweet names...

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

*tsk* Someone thinks they can shut our little corner of the world down?!

Can I laugh, like really really loud? Because that is just funny.

Rose said...

OK... here goes.

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katy said...


Smitty, was only talking about Gruff getting her a Sub.


I'm sorry, you have to deal with these hatters. Are they trying to shut down your blog?

Anonymous said...

Rose--Syd just texted--i'm kind of in the middle of stuff but who is trying to shut you down and why..What the hell. is that why you weren't here?? Are you alright because maybe i can help? That simply can't happen!!

Anonymous said...

What hater site--nonstener world? Seriously is that the same as CK because if its just that one bitch how could she do that? Are youreally concerned??

Anonymous said...

jesus--are we still talking about subs...lol!!

Rose said...

Smitty! No... it's nothing new.
Nonsense.com just doesn't like what I have to say...

Too Fucking Bad is all I have to add to that.
No one is holding a gun to their head (which I live in rent free) and making them read it.


SueBee said...


SO glad you're here. Last night end up well?

Tell Syd about the sub so he stops calling us names. :o)

Anonymous said...

God why do these fuckers even care that much--just don't read it. Fuck them. Seriously, if you need help ask me because we have some fun little suits that will help you if you needhelp.

Fuck them--lunatics.

How are you otherwise? Really okay??

MLH414 said...


Another great post! Some people are asses...that's all I have to say. And Scummit sucks!! LOL Keep spreading the love and ignore the haters!!


Rose said...

Smitty I'm great, actually!

Just trying to catch up on what I missed yesterday...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Hi Leigh :) SueBee :) Manjen :) Smitty :) Rose :) Syd :) whoever else :)

*hugs* all around!

I'm SO glad it's Friday.

Anonymous said...

You missed ALOT--lol--wthere are like 1200 comments. Roseland is a very popular place these days! Its all because of you Rose!

If you ever do need help let me know okay?


I gotta peace --later --people are getting mad at me.

Hi to everyone else!

Rose said...

Syd! We can't have that kind of talk on my blog!

katy said...


You didn't tell him!? see we told you, he was going to tease Smitty

SueBee said...

Thanks Tracy

So needed a hug.

AND I knew Syd would use the info to tease her.

Rose said...

Smitty. I absolutely adore you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Smitty--seriously, is that the best you got?


katy said...

Waves, Smitty

Anonymous said...

ROFL--Okay, whoever the hell you --SYD!!

Jesus--can we get away from these names??


SYD! Is that the best you got--FU!!

Rose said...

OK... all these names are making me dizzy.

Syd behave yourself or I will delete your comments.

Anonymous said...

How are ya SueBee... up for planning mischief later? :)

Maybe some MFK during the late hours of the evening?

Rose said...

I have the utmost faith that Smitty can take care of herself and needs no protecting from anyone.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Elaine said...

Rose-You're back!! Love the post.

Hi everyone!
Just stopping by to say hello, have a really busy day. I'll catch up with all the posts tonight.

Love you all!

Honey said...

Kristen is not in LA. Shes in Mexico. An OTR extra tweeted about it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Honey said...

Kristen is not in LA. Shes in Mexico. An OTR extra tweeted about it.

Anonymous said...


I really am heartbroken...you called me all kinds of names...THEN you used the information to tease Smitty.

I'll never be the same again...I see how you really feel :(

Rose said...

Hi Elaine *waves*

Sydney. I believe Boris/Gruff was here when the comment was made...

Anonymous said...

"So... Tom was hanging around when Rob was with Nina, too...
Does that mean that Nina and Rob were NEVER alone?
Or does that only work for when Robert is with Kristen?

Lol Rose, you act exactly like me when I used to rant and rave about what these people were saying.

And to Sydney, well I think there's no pattern because there is no pattern. I'd love to hear Summit answers to this bullshit. "Do you control your leads roles personal lives to promote a movie?" They'd probably laugh or be bemused.

Rose said...

Guess what Honey? I saw a tweet that said Rob loves Kristen with his whole heart and that they are together in Los Angeles RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

She's Baaaaaack!!!!

Anonymous said...

I adore you too Rose--don't worry about Syd. He'll wear himself out soon trying to be funny.

He's just mad and if he isn't careful I will let everyone know why.

Hi Katy, Sue, Tracy, E, Manjen and everybody else.


Elaine said...


Yes, let's play. But don't start early...how about after midnight (est). I should be free by then.

SueBee said...

Hi Smitty!

Sorry if I overstepped my bounds trying to protect you from possible teasing from Syd.

Now that he has his info, maybe he'll quit calling us names now.

He did exactly what I thought he would. Have at him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Smitty!!!!!


katy said...

Fucwit Honey is backkk!!!

Anonymous said...

Its all good Syd. Get used to the perv because if I keep hanging out with these chickas there might be alot more where that came from.

Can YOU handle it dude??

See Sue, Manjen, Tracy, E--I'm getting braver. Who knows--maybe I'll do what E did soon-lol--okay-maybe not but its a start.

Anonymous said...

I do have to go--talk to you all soon.

Bye--or should I say adios??

LOL :)

SueBee said...

What time do you want to do that Tracy?

Anonymous said...

Syd, be careful. You're fixing to stir up a hornet's nest. We weren't trying to protect her by not giving out her secrets.. (which Gruff already knew) We were being her friends. I adore you, truly.. and I wouldn't give your secrets away either.

And E! We'll probably still be up that late :)

OH MY! Smitty.. that would be epic!

Anonymous said...

One more thing--sue --do we get a new diary entry since psycho showed up?? Please!

Oh--and I made your cookies. OMG--sooooo good! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rose. The nonsten site are talking about you?? They're an exhausting bunch of people. And are ignorant. They have their site blocked to the people who are sane. I seriously think the whole lot need to go into a mental institution. I actually talked to a nonsten, with very good points. This nonsten I was talking to even agreed and said she'd get back to me. I thought, my goodness - a breakthrough! But as always, nonstens when they have the slightest bit of sense in their world, they need to block it out by pretending it doesn't exist. In simple words, they ignore.

So, if they can ignore such things and have the site blocked. Why don't they ignore coming onto sites where there are obvious believers?? It's part of their routine though.

What sad lives, investing time into hating. It's not them not believing. It's just that they don't agree, and hate the couple. Even if they had a sex tape, they'd still say "Rob's gay" or the most over used one "Kristen's a lesbian", then where are the images of her kissing women?? Dakota doesn't count: they were co-stars in The Runaways, acting as rockstars and lesbians. So it's not about nonstens not believing.

"Give it one more movie", oh really. Such retards they are. They won't give it one more movie between Rob and Kristen. They'll give it until they are all nearing their deathbeds. They'll continue to invest time into hating and saying things they can't prove. So I think they ought to change that line on their site. Can't wait till the day they do that. + the morons obviously need to find out that Breaking Dawn is two movies.

Anonymous said...

Let's just see how things go..

I've got to figure out how the kiddo is going to be today. Her knee is in some serio pain, and she's being a whiny snark today.. *sigh*

Rose said...

I guess I'm a lousy friend...

(although where did it say it was a secret?)

katy said...

My, internet conection sucks!


I think a new Diary is necessary!

Anonymous said...

It didn't Rose...

We just knew Syd would tease her. She never said specifically not to tell him.

And you are a AWESOME friend


Elaine said...


I'm loving the bolder version of you. Do it! You know we fucking got your back!

Rose said...

I guess I just prefer it all out in the open...
See... it's already over with!

Anonymous said...

What's all this discussion about?

Anonymous said...

Nobody said it was a secret.. but she said something with us around that she normally wouldn't say, and those of us that were there when it happened just wanted to keep it secret.

You're not a bad friend, Rose ;) We were having just having a little fun listening to Syd whine.

Anonymous said...


I flove that you changed to that picture.


Hope said...

Rose...you handle 'everyone' and 'everything' fucking perfectly!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

Gotcha Tracy. I understand.

I actually thought it was pretty fucking hilarious and I wish she hadn't deleted it!

Anonymous said...


That was VERY SWEET of you!!
Very Impressed!

Anonymous said...

Doofus--what the fuck is all that for??? I don't care Syd, we are good. What the hell. It was a big joke and not a big deal at all.

Rose--we are fine. where did all that come from?? What's wrong with him?? We are cool--honestly I am not upset at anyone. It was a fucking joke.

Why does he get so freaked?

Okay--I am going to get pissed if I get fired--I gotta go do some things.

Seriously Syd--lighten up dude. We are all good--I love you too though but relax!!

katy said...


We know you were joking...and we know you are the most sweet and loyal friend of Smitty and Gruff.

Anonymous said...

Syd, please understand why we didn't want to say anything. She didn't specifically ask us not to, but we wanted to. I get the teasing, and joking that you guys have between each other, and that's great. But we just didn't want to say what she said because it was said amongst just a few of us and she felt comfortable enough to say it. You can't ask us to betray that.

We adore you, you know that. But we adore her too. Don't get all bummed out, because one clusterfuck has been enough for me this week.

We're all good.

Will you be joining us tonight if we play MFK? I promise to throw in some hottie girl options!

Anonymous said...


We know you love Smitty. I was just picking with you. But what a sweet apology!

Far from being desolate...I'm having a fabulous Friday and I hope you do the same :)

Rose said...

Syd- You don't have to apologize to me. I'm not angry with you at all!
I really didn't see the big deal with the comment (I thought it was kinda awesome) and I know that you and Smitty have a teasing friendship. Please don't stop being Syd when you are here... what fun is that? Smitty gives as good as she gets... I have no worries for her...
or you.

I adore both of you.
You know that.
Whatever you feel about me...
Multiply it by a thousand to understand how I feel about both of you.


Anonymous said...

omgod--Really Rose? You are the BEST friend ever. You have to know this is all okay right?

If this is some good plot by you and Syd then you guys got me but otherwise I love you to death and you are always a good friend to me. Don't even say that.

SERIOUSLY--have to go...what is with everyone today??


SueBee said...


I think if I do a diary today, Syd is going to have a part in it

LJ said...

Hello everyone!......

Anonymous said...

send him to the fing island Sue--please--dude needs to chill.

Rose--really was that out of fucking left field or what??

dagger eyes gotta go--lol-smitty

Penny Lane said...

Hi Rose, Tracy, Sue, Leigh, Katy and anyone else that's here,

I just wanted to tell you all I've decided to go back to work starting Monday. It was an offer I couldn't refuse like they say. Anyhow since I'll be the "boss" I need to get my act together and won't be able to join in the merriment here as much. You've all been lots of fun.

Smitty, Syd, and Gruff,
It was a pleasure making your acquaintance, so to speak. Best of luck in everything.

I'll still be lurking from time to time so see you around.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi Liza *waves*

Are you back from dinner?


Be sure to pop in when you can! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I think I might stop coming here. Although it never bothers me on another site. This site is for Rose and her friends.

katy said...


That's great, really happy for you...Tought, I'm going to miss you. You are sweet and funny.

Elaine said...

One of these days I'm gonna fucking get fired!

T-I love you!

Everytime I want to write Syd my phone auto corrects to STD. Hahaha...I thought I should share.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you never offended Rose or Smitty... but boy.. going after the rest of us? Calling us hens? And being all pouty??? You were quite determined.. can't be all sweet and then call us hens because we won't tell...

:P Takes more than that to crack the girl code dude. Has hanging out with us all the time not taught you that?! We're pretty impervious to the pout.

Rose said...

Time for me to fly.

Hey Syd? I'm going to the lake house tonight! Aren't you happy for me?
I've missed the lake.
It's going to be quite cool this weekend, but Husband has to get the pier out of the water.
So all is right in my world.

LJ said...

Have a lovely time Rose!

Congratulations Penny :-)

Hi Leigh! yes I am back, only went to the pub after work.

Syd my darling love can I dry my tears yet?

Anonymous said...

Bye, Rose


I hope you have a relaxing weekend!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SueBee said...


Do I need your permission to use your "character" in the diaries?

Penny Lane said...

Thanks all for the well wishes,

I'm just freaking out a little right now as I have to reacquaint myself with Electronic Med Records and HIPAA and Stark laws as I've been away from this for a few years. Things will even out over time and I'll pop back in if you'll let me.


Anonymous said...

Well then

Yeah.. kinda feeling.. Bleh..

I'm out for now.


SueBee said...

I'm out for now too Tracy. Totally feeling the vibe. You know where to meet me to talk.

(Much love)


Anonymous said...

I'm out till a later day. :) Long day tomorrow, London underground and train journeus. New place. Roehampton - next to Barnes. It's going to be an amazing university trip. The area is amazing.

deb said...

Hell YA ROSE I'm with you all the way Got a BIG FAT SMILE ON MY FACE Thank you hun I love Rob and Kristen TOGETHER AT LAST DEB.

Anonymous said...

You guys he is totally and completely fucking with us. I'm sorry--he's a goofball. Ignore him--its Friday in Roseland.

Come on--lighten up and don't let him get to you.

Rose--if you see this have a wonderful time at the lake.

Um, okay--how about this one--

Matt Lauer
Bryant Gumbel
Anderson Cooper

(and yes, for purposes of the game they all are straight)


Did anyone notice btw I told myself toFU--lol--that made me laugh more than I should have with a bunch of people staring at me.

Melinda said...

Just dropping by real quick....

Rose you are a diabolical super genius, you know that right?

I for one love snarky Rose! I feel a little devilish knowing they can't stay away since they know you speak the truth.

Have fun at the lake house.

Penny- in case you drop in again, congrats on the new job. We will miss you around here and hope you pop in when you can.

Hey to all the rest of the crew! Have a great night.

Oh Sue- can't wait for the next diary entry.

Anonymous said...

Tracy and Susan--I don't know where you two are talking but can I come too?

LJ said...

I'm not sure I can do it Smitty.....you see Syd has totally and utterly broken my heart and I'm not sure it will ever be fixed.

I totally ❤ that boy, I tell him how much he means to me every day and he has cast me aside like I mean nothing to him...........


I think I need to go and lie down to get over it...

(heh heh)

Forever your friend,

Anonymous said...

*looking at Smitty suspiciously*

How'd you know Anderson Cooper was on my freebie five list?

Dude is hot. He was here, back in May.....


I'd kill Bryant Gumbel.. he bores me to tears.

I'd marry Matt Lauer because he'll do.

But I'd fuck Anderson Cooper..

And I wasn't going to say anything about telling yourself to fuck yourself.. that could lead to some very very very interesting conversations....

Elaine said...

T-Where is you baby?? I'm taking the last 15 mins of my workday to spend them chillin. Where are you babe?

SueBee said...


(crashing into you for a hug)

My smitty radar went off

Lets see

Marry Matt Laur

Kill Bryant Gumbel (He annoys me)

F**k Anderson Cooper

Anonymous said...

I'm brainstorming with SueBee..

And I'm fiddling around on my blog.. changed it up a bit.. so I'm over there somewhat.

Elaine said...

Fuck me!!! We're playing now!

Anderson Cooper-marry him...we'll keep eachother company. Not even for game purposes could he be straight

Gumbel-kill him, can't stand that guy

Matt Lauer-yes! Let's fuck ! I've had a crush on that motherfucker for the last 10 yrs

Anonymous said...

Liza--you have the right sense of humor for him!!

I would totally F Anderson Cooper too--that guy is so hot.

Bryant --kill

Matt-Marry--he seems so nice and normal. I love when he talks about his kids. Is their anything hotter than a dad gushing about his babies??

Sue--I'm glad you have good radar!

E--where is Tracy--her daughter must have really messed up her leg huh? That sucks!

Anonymous said...

Okay, how bout the Jonas Brothers




SueBee said...

The Jonas Brothers???

Put all three in a car, put a brick on the accelerator and watch it go off a cliff.

annnnnnnd --f**k Andy Whitfield

Elaine said...

Smitty-she's around. Luckily it was not serious with her daughter.

LJ said...

Ha ha can you imagine it....we could just give each other pure shit all day, love it!!

Right I've never heard of any of these dudes?? Can someone give me a clue? otherwise I'm killing all of them and I'd like to fuck at least one.....


Anonymous said...

brb--i gotta go try on something-lol--I am dying here.

and shit I ate a HUGE sub for lunch and am all bloated (okay =kidding!!)

Elaine said...

Smitty- Heck no, kill them all. Who the fuck wants to fuck a bunch of pansys.

Anonymous said...


They are a boy bank Liza--I thought they were everywhere.

LJ said...

I'm with SueBee, I'd have to kill all the Jonas's .....tooooooooootally not my type.

LJ said...

Oh yeah sorry Smitty I know the Jonas boys, I mean't the other ones.

Elaine said...

Smitty-bloated? Hummm, I could think of a few other words after enjoying a sub.

Anonymous said...

I'm with SueBee

except for her "F" option (i'm being watched)

Because y'all know who I'd pick for that one.

Anonymous said...

Lol--you guys are bad.

LJ said...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Liza!!! hehehehehehehe

How'd you know?!?!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy!!!

Elaine said...

T-yea yea jrm we know!! And let me tell you, girl you've been working him hard;)

Anonymous said...

Seriously just had some woman tell me I was too short. Gee thanks!

Okay, I know E has a big dinner tonight...what are the rest of you doing tonight/weekend. Big plans?

LJ said...

Heh heh heh....that guys gonna need some red bull or lucozade or something to keep him going!

*smooches back!*

Anonymous said...

Hi Smitty :)


The day is going well?

Anonymous said...

Really E--poor JRM! I thought you and your marathons with your husband were intense but that poor guy is going to need an iv when she's done with him.

deb said...


Anonymous said...

Yep--good day all around! better than last night--which set a pretty low bar obviously-lol!

SueBee said...

Should we make Gatorade the beverage of the evening

Anonymous said...

I'm all alone again tonight.. it's homecoming night at school, so the kiddo is going with the boyfriend to the game. Hubster is out of town til sometime tomorrow night.. so it's just me... and my dog.. and whatever I can find to watch on tv.

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