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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rob Pattinson-Still Intoxicated After All These Years

This post is all about Robert.
I really haven't written much about him lately.
I get shit about that.
(I know, it's hard to believe, isn't it?)
But what has Robert done for me lately?
Where the hell IS he?
Haven't seen him since he landed down in ol' Louisiana.
What am I supposed to write if the guy
doesn't show his pretty face?
And I know some people don't want to admit this...
But Kristen is connected to Robert now.
Writing about Kristen...
Usually means Robert is involved.

I've been reflecting on my 'obsession' with Rob.
I don't think I'm in that frame of mind anymore.
I don't think I have been for a while.
Oh don't get me wrong...
I still adore him.
I still am very much interested in his career...
I still adore him.
I still love looking at him.
I still adore him.
But not being as obsessed is good... right?
I've discussed this recently with someone who went through
this whole Robert Pattinson addiction/obsession with me.
She came out on the other side.
I'm still somewhere in the middle.
I might not be as angst-ridden when it comes to Rob...
But I'm still intoxicated.

I just happen to be in a better place.
This is a bit embarrassing to admit...
But just LOOKING at pictures of Robert
made my stomach twist in knots...
He had such an effect on me
(and millions of other women)
This is why this blog exists.
I keep trying to figure out WHY he affected me like this.
Why him?
Because no other actor has ever 
affected me like this.
I'm not a fangirl kinda girl.
But Robert...
He melts my heart.

It would be dishonest of me not to admit
that the whole Edward Cullen connection didn't have
something to do with my initial attraction.
I mean...
Edward Cullen.
I couldn't get enough of him, either.
Reading the Twilight books end to end to end to end
Finding FanFiction...
and reading about a sexier, more mature...
I love Edward Cullen.
And then Robert became Edward.
And I was a goner.
Wave goodbye to Rose!

I still haven't comes to grips with Edward.
But like my Robert addiction...
My Edward addiction has cooled off.
Probably not.

I still love both the actor
and the character he portrays.
I just have it more under control.

That being said...
I still love you, Robert Pattinson!!

I'm thinking I'm a fan for life.
I can't imagine going through this intense adoration
to let it slip away in a few years.
I'm very loyal to those I love.
But I don't give out my love to just anyone.
The only other beings that I have ever had this degree
of 'obsession' with...
The Beatles.
And more specifically Paul McCartney
(I know I have discussed this before)
I've loved the Beatles since I was 10 years old.
They seriously saved my life when I was a teenager.
Long story. Not exactly for a blog.
But that's how intense my love for the Beatles is.

And now there is Robert.

Sometimes I wish my love for Robert
was just based on something as shallow as just his good looks.
But you all know there is so much more to him than that.
And you all know that is why we all adore him.
He's special.
 So very special.
We all love him because he's not like the other guys.
We all fell in love with him after watching his early interviews...
All his charm...
All his intelligence...
All his wit...
All his humility...
All his adorkability.

Sometimes it makes me feel good knowing I'm not alone...
And sometimes I look around and wonder how 
I can even be in the same fan base as some people.

And last but not least...
Loving Robert means accepting that Kristen
is going to be involved in some way.
She just IS.
She's always there.
It just so happens that I love and adore Kristen, too...
So it's not a problem for me.


OK then.
I went through this whole post...
And I didn't 'eat hate with a spoon'.
I just talked about Robert.
And it felt good.
Because I have missed my Robert.
I have missed my intoxication.
And now I feel a bit dizzy...
So that's a good sign.

This post is brought to you by the letter *R*

Always and forever, Robert...

Bye for now


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dc said...

Once again Rose You spoke my words...How do you do that? The same wonder about how could I feel this...the why I feel this and as always...It comes down to this magical boyman...Rob

Anonymous said...

hello darling rose,

same as me i miss rob too, where the hell he is?? come up come up Rob show your beautiful face with edward hair...we in roseland miss you so much...this missing time to Rob, same goes when Kristen act ninja action shooting OTR, now Rob turn behave Ninja style...

we just hold on, hope, wait and see...soon or later we'll see Rob smile face..with his lovely lady beside..LOL

Robin said...

Great post, Rose.

I feel precisely as you do. My obsession with Rob took exactly the same course. I too fell in love with him during those amazing Twilight interviews. I had simply never seen a man so open, so completely exposed -- and well worth the trip.

But in the beginning, it was truly painful. For a long period I felt like I existed with two realities. I went about my real life, but I thought 24/7 about Robward, even dreamed about him.

Like you, I've never before had a crush on a celebrity.

But now, it's eased off a bit. I'm still mad about him, but not to the painful longing stage. I too have embraced Kristen and adore her for herself as well as in her capacity as Rob's girlfriend.

Thanks for putting so well into words what most of us feel.

Jenn Ski said...

Yeah Rob is special and so is Kristen. I sometimes feel weird loving/ obsessing over them both, but then I remember I'm not alone.

Wildhart007 said...

Agree with everything you said Rose

He is very special and so is Kristen

Those pictures just make me melt

The way Rob and Kristen look at each other literally saved me

I will always love them for renewing my hope in true love


Anonymous said...

My friend Rose,

First, thanks for changing the banner. If you read the comments and that is why just, like thanks but its your blog chick. We all come to see what you like and have to say. Don't feel I'm ever asking--unless I do-lol. But I wasn't.

Second, you know, there's been a lot of shit lately. Too much really and its wearing on us all. Reading this post, just kinda made me cry. Like I'm sitting here supposed to be doing 1000 other things and I had to get up and get outside and away--Cause you are so fucking normal and sane and good. And, there's not much of that around sometimes its seems. Its so easy to remember the assholes and forget you and Roseland and the people here. This place and what you write scares me because it means alot to me--and my friends. Gotta show my friend this later on. When I'm not like losing it because he'll think I am nuts. But it makes me think back to like when I first was looking for something sane out there to hold onto so I wouldn't be such a fucking mess (although I am still a mess sometimes but not ALL the time at least). But yea, so this is the Rose I found and love...the normal, sane, sweet one. You--just you--I don't think that the one who gets all snarky about the hyenas and the bullshit on twitter and all that is really you. I know you have to do and say that stuff-cuz shit they attack you and your friends and you need to build up a wall and stuff. But I don't think that's your nature really...to be that way. But this was just you today--and it is why I was so drawn to you--just honest and cool. Not crazy obsessive and jealous and hateful. Even though the hate comes here the foundation like is still just cool--cuz its you. So thanks. Today was a good day to remember there are normal, nice, sane, good people. "Just think of Rose" is still a running joke but my secret mantra--do it all the time and probably always will. Thanks for that too. You know, if you ever wonder if, besides your kids and family, if you ever made the difference in someone's life, you did, for sure. Today and lots of days you make a difference to me. Thanks for that too.

Your friend-
Smitty (way way too emotional today)

SueBee said...

Hey Smitty---your favorite banner is up! LOL Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue--I see that! And it makes me happy.

Okay--you in that flapper thing is so fricking adorable--like seriously! You must be so stoked for this party!!


LJ said...

Gorgeous new banner + gorgeous post Rose.....

Ok so I'm sat watching the trailers in the cinema and I really shouldn't be checking Roses latest post!

Just had to say oh Smitty! What you just wrote seriously made me well up. Your amazing my friend.



dc said...

Rose, I did some research and found that the song on the play list called "Jessica" is really a song called "River Runs In You" by Yiruma, a Korean pianist 2001. It's still beautiful and it reminds me of Rob

Anonymous said...

Liza---are you at the movies? LOL--that makes me laugh that you are in Roseland even there.

Enjoy--let us know what you are seeing? Hope its good!

And I've done that too--like turned the screen brightness way down and checked Roseland from the movies--lol--and bathrooms.

(((HUGS))) Liza--and hello from Syd too.


SueBee said...


Okay, I'm going to sound like a little kid, but I've always wanted to be a flapper--love the time period-etc.

I've never had the opportunity to dress up like this because for the last so many years, Halloween has been centered around my kids. (Still is to an extent)

It's kind of a bucket list sort of thing! LOL

Since the invite to this party, I decided to go for it before I get too old!!!! I'm usually pretty shy so it's a big step for me to do this.

Okay--probably talking too much! Sorry.

BTW, glad to see you back here. It's going to sound odd--but getting to know you as a person, and I hope a fried, has been pretty cool.


Melinda said...

Oh Rose you know how to make us women happy!!! That jaw! :)

Yes we are have all been intoxicated for awhile. It's good to know that there are others who love him for who he is in a non-obsessive way.

There are so many things to love about him! There is just something about him that melts the heart. Best thing is I don't think he sees that in himself.

Love it is a beautiful thing...

back to work-love pissing people off sometimes when they don't get what they want-it's good to be in charge sometimes!

SueBee said...

That was supposed to be friend not fried.

Damn keyboard!!!! LOL

Melinda said...

Susan- that was sweet. I feel the same way.

Penny Lane said...


Don't ever be embarrassed for being emotional about what matters. We're all happy you can find some peace and fun here.

As we prove everyday, we're all the same. It doesn't matter our age, lifestyle or background. We are the sisterhood. I never thought I would say something as trite as that, but it's true. We can cry or vent here and someone will always listen.

deb said...

Well Rose when you find the answer please let us know Im sure we all want to know WHY we are SO INTOXICATED over Mr.Pattinson I miss that face to But like always i'll wait Thank You rose and All you guys for being GOOD LOVING FANS to OUR GUY. DEB

Penny Lane said...


I agree. What is it about the jaw? I find myself looking at other men and checking for the jawline. It's really a little disconcerting to find myself doing that.

Jane said...

Everything you said is so true for all of us. He is such a part of us and I have to sit and look at your banner, memorizing every inch of his face before I can even start scrolling down the page. It is just so hard to describe the fellings you have looking at him. Feelings that I will have for him for the rest of my life.

derın said...

aww Rose...

you took the words right out of my mouth :)

I have never love/adore with celebrities like Robert before. I just can't help it. He is just... There are no words to describe him.

I know, it's good that he is enjoying his pap free time and I know its selfish - BUT I REALLY MISS HIM :(

LJ said...

Heyy Smit! Watching The Social Network. Trailers still on at the moment but that's bad enough that I'm on here!! Ha ha oh well!!

Lots of looooooooove!!!! We need to chat properly soon!!

To Syd all my love, hugs, adoration, kisssssssssses etc. I miss you.....in a big way.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, as always. That handsome man is one truly remarkable kind of guy. I will always admire him for the person he is. And I will always admire Kristen for the same reasons.

Liza!! :) *HUGS & SMOOCHES*

SueBee! I love the costume. I rarely dress up for Halloween.. The kiddo does, but doesn't do the trick or treating thing anymore.. it's all about the parties.

Smitty!! *HUGS* Yo!

Melinda! You snuck in while I was typing! :)

Hi Penny :)

And everybody else I might miss!

SueBee said...

Hi, Leeeeeeeeeeza! Hope you enjoy the movie!

Yes, I'm a fan of the jaw too.

SueBee said...

Traaaacy! You and your mad ninja skills.

jentoo said...

Love it, Rose. It's always a win/win with them and with whatever you write:)

You guys are being so sweet to each other you're making me cry!..lol I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to start posting so I'd be more familiar with everyone. The past few months have brought so many changes in my life...I turned 40, my oldest son went away to college, my middle son became a teenager, and my baby son started preK. So, here I sit after 18 years of taking care of kids without a damn thing to do with myself during the day, and feeling a little lost. I mean, you can only load and unload the dishwasher so many times a day..lol!

Penny Lane said...


You're back. Well rested after the journey? I always need a vacation after the vacation just to get back to normal.

Kami said...

Very well said Rose!

Yay!!! Tracy welcome back!

Ok...leaving it at that...my husband just sent me roses and I'm slightly emotional..better go before I start rambling and blubbering about how much I miss him..bye Yall

Anonymous said...

AWESOME post today, Rose!! LOVE the banner!! ;-)

Glad you are back!! I hope you had a great time!!

Love your AVI!! You look AWESOME!!


Hello Melinda, Penny Lane and Smitty!!

SueBee said...

Hi Manjen!!!!! (hugs)

Hi Melinda, PL, and Kami...and everyone else I missed or is hiding from me!

Anonymous said...

I've been working on my ninja skills :)

Will ninja my way to the grocery store here in a few minutes. I've been stalling because I just don't want to go.. but I have no bread. No bread means no toast with my tea, and I just can't have that.

Penny, I had a marvelously exhausting amazing time on my trip, and I've spent the past day and a half recovering from it :)

And Jentoo, you're not too late to get to know all of us! :) I don't think we're going anywhere soon.. I'm glad you're here. :)

:) sounds like you've got a good hubby. We'll have to catch up soon.. I missed everybody while I was gone!

Hi Manjen!! It's nice to be back, but I miss the music already.

Amanda said...

This is my first time posting here. I don't follow Delaney, so I can't DM her, but I was hoping one of you could pass this along to her. It's very ominous sounding and I think she should know about it. I found it at the AT boards. Thank you.

Amanda said...

proud nonsten Thu, Oct 21, 2010, 8:09 AM
Boo booo I'm so scared of you, BWAHAHAHA. So Delaney knows about our plan. YOU DON'T KNOW S HIT QUEEN SHEPARD. Darlings, one thing is for sure, IF Kristen loves her job, her career...I think she might leave Rob...did I say might...me thinks I should say "will". BWAHAHAHA. Rob won't say s hit, stop being so delusional shippers. Oh, THEY'RE NOT MARRIED. THEY'RE NOT ENGAGED. BWAHAHA. It's so easy, really. Maybe you could use the other half of your brains, M and E is all you can think about? PFFFFFFFFFFF. Loosers. Delaney, honey, THE GOLD BAND MY **** Just wait. Youuu just wait (wink wink) XOXO

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b206624_bitch-back_wait_sec_are_shia_carey_on.html#ixzz130jLfpwR

proud nonsten Thu, Oct 21, 2010, 9:12 AM
poor kristen...she was so sad...almost about to cry in australia...hard time she had...bet you she doen't want that to happen again...mmm...someone should email ruth...she needs to take care of kristen career's...maybe she could leave rob and get a new boyfriend...maybe...wink wink...me thinks if she cares for rob's career, leave is the better option...oh, and this is just one little, little part of the plan, just wait, I love surprises!. In nonstens com there are lawyers, psychologist...we know our things. Ask Delaney wink wink. Yeaaah, big green smile...happy things to come...

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/the_awful_truth/b206624_bitch-back_wait_sec_are_shia_carey_on.html#ixzz130m2EFsK

Wildhart007 said...


You have made me cry now thank-you it's a good cry

Hi! Fellow Roselanders!

Heart you all!

Gotta get back to work


Anonymous said...

Hey Kami..I didn't see you there!!

Hello Jentoo!!

The music there is great..I know you all had a wonderful and relaxing time..You were REALLY missed here!!

Patricia said...

Rose: I agree with everything you said. Except...... I'm JUST as INTOXICATED with him as I was from the beginning. I also love that he's found and is madly in love with Kristen. I think they were meant for each other. Grazie for that post and those pictures.....THUD...DEAD. And that BANNER is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roseland,

Thanks for understand I get all fangirl on Rose. LOL! Just love her and you guys so much sometimes. Penny thanks for understanding.

Sue--I love the whole thing--you look adorable and will have a totally awesome time for sure. And its been great getting fried with you too (lol--i know--i saw the correction--but I kinda like fried)

Liza-I'm sure the previews are over but hope you love it as much as I did. its really well done and just such a great story.

Tracy-YO! Oh--and I just ate a big salad with a chicken breast. So there... :) Love the little pic by the way--very cute.

chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said...

Dear Rose, when did you start thinking they were together? Do you think they were together when he was in the Details magazine, with all the naked ladies? I just started reading your blog, I also want to know why is it that I AM sOOOO devoted to this guy, I saw twilight movie before the books so for me its more Rob then Edward. I think it does have alot to do with the early interviews. Also the way he says "probably", you must know what I'm talking about!! I am worried about how much is him and how much is marketing, i think the things i like about him is HIM, but in the back of my head i always worry that someone(like a publist or manager) is telling how to be endearing, I jusy tell myself I'm wrong. (but the fear is still there) do you have that fear? Like we think he cares about the roles he atkes bc hes an artist, but maybe the image his manager wants to have is that of an artist. (but i dont think its true, its just a worry.)Im just like that I also only thought they were a couple once montreal pictures came out, like I didnt want to get my hopes up all those years. So I guess now I dont want to get my hopes up that he really is as intelligent/witty/artistic as I think he is.
from, High Hopes for Robby

derın said...

to amanda

AT boards? Seriously?
Please... So tired of all the bullshit and hate at the AT boards. don't bring it here...
I would rather surround myself with positivity. That's why I come here.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...not today. just fucking one day without it. Not here at least.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post, I just feel the same... hope it stays like this forever!

SueBee said...


LOL Yes! Fried friends! Nothing better!

I had chicken breast for lunch too--nothing is happening yet--damn it!

Annie said...

Apparently common sense is not so common.

SueBee said...

Oh Smit! (sorry, that sounded funny in my head)

I finished watching The Lovely Bones--cried and cried. Good movie but the subject was difficult since I'm a mom. My girls got kissed 3 different times after going to bed!

After the 3rd time, my husband was like "Geez, it was just an effing movvie!"

I'm a sap--cry easily!

Anonymous said...


Good to know :)

And the pic is one of my favorites.. makes me happy.

SueBee said...

Movie not movvie--please forgive my typos today, everyone!

jentoo said...

Thanks yall:)

I know I'm kinda new here, but I think I can speak for everyone and say please don't bring shit from that vile place here to Roseland...PLEASE!!!

Penny Lane said...


I happened on this blog last year some time. Never read the comments, just liked Rose's take on things. Finally commented when something struck me as needing a comment and then I was hooked.

I think we all get along pretty well. Sometimes we might piss someone off but it all works out, just like real life.

I've been a stay at home until just recently and that ends very soon so I'll be back to staying at home again. Join in whenever.

Hi to Sue, manjen, and all. I'm in and out so its hard to keep up.

Anonymous said...

I think SueBee's keyboard has a gremlin in it... has a mind of it's own.. Tricksy keyboard.

Oh geez.. dog just spooked the hell out of me... jumped up and started barking.

I'm out for a few.. groceries aren't gonna make their way to my house without me freeing them from the confines of that big bad store.

Malice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

LOL, Tracy. Do you think Cate finished bedazzling that helmet for me yet?

Anonymous said...

Rose, truer words have not been spoken! lol seriously I could not have said it better myself...my poor husband, I can't see myself ever not loving Rob and Krisen, and Twilight.. Thanks Rose

SueBee said...


You are awesome and beautiful. I know I'm supposed to ignore the trolls but if you want me to slip my leash--just say the word.

Anonymous said...

Um Malice,

Since we are about 10 feet away from each other and one of my "friends" just looked at what you are typing, and confirmed this is coming from you, and took a pic on his phone of you doing it, do you think maybe you could just continue to harass me and be a bitch in person as opposed to bothering this place? Say whatever you want about me-i was done caring a long time ago but leave these people alone or I will escalate this shit.

I believe there's some clauses in contracts about this activity that might be worth a review.

Now, as one of my good friends says SHUT THE FUCK UP>

Penny Lane said...

Its always the M's.

jentoo said...

Dayum! Well played, Smitty...well played! I think you're my new hero...lol!

June said...

Nearly 3 years following Robert Pattinson, hundreds of Rob's pics, the Twi movies, interviews, so many things... and I never get enough of him. Same for Kristen.

I'm always longing to see Rob or Kristen or much better, both of them together. This is really an intoxication I don't want to get over on.

I feel exactly like you Rose, so thanks for putting my thoughts in words.

Anonymous said...


Rose and people who matter are well aware of the crazy AT boards. Please delete that shit and don't bring it back here again. Your intentions are probably good (I hope) but nobody wants or needs to see it here.

Thanks and post again but not about that kind of bullshit.


Annie said...

I know I should ignore but damn sometimes the BS is just too pathetic to ignore.

Now Malice why don't you just fuck off because we really don't give a rat's ass about your delusional, pathetic rantings.
The AT boards are a river of sludge inhabited by people who really do need to get a serious grip on life!

Now again............Fuck off!

Melinda said...

Looks like Medusa is back.

SueBee said...

Oh good--sounds like permission!


Shut the fuck up you jealous, evil bitch!

Anonymous said...

OIC. Fascinating indeed. Reminds me of Twitter a few months back...

Either this is an immensely well played game or real indeed. I'd prefer the first option, that would be less worrisome.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm kinda sick of fucking hiding and just taking it so yea, feel free everyone--I think the M's deserve some special Roseland asskicking. If they are stupid enough to do it again I am pissed and sick of it enough to blow this shit up.

Ha--Malice--slamming down the laptop lid--kinda blows your cover you stupid bitch.

They can shit on my all day but not Rose and certainly not you guys.

Anonymous said...

We love you Smitty!!!

Awesome post!! Thank you!!

Hi to all the sane peeps!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leigh--I love you guys too.

jentoo said...

Penny...thanks! I always enjoy talking to everyone. I loved being a stay at home mom, but now I need to find something to do with myself while the kids are at school. I'm usually in and out during the day too..I leave this page open on the computer and check in between whatever the hell I'm doing that day...lol!

Suebee... meant to tell you before that I love the costume! I wish I had a party to go to. I can't remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. Sounds fun!

Penny Lane said...


No one should mess with the Rose Brigade. We're armed and waiting to fire.

Annie said...

Malice should know if you can't take the heat, stay out the fucking kitchen!
The ladies at Roseland DO NOT tolerate BS!

SueBee said...

Wellllll since she is being an unconciounable bitch to you and she did call me a rosetard (seriously?)---


If you are who I think you are I hope you choke on your evil. This is a place for friends to chat not a forum for your petty bullshit.

You have nothing better to do with your life than to be insulting?

No one cares about you.

We do love Smitty, though!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Malice may have a little issue with jealousy!!

Malice...Go the FUCK AWAY!!

Anonymous said...


You have those meds for a reason. FUCKING TAKE THEM already! Also, just one word: KARMA!

Go back to the AT boards, you psycho.

SueBee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penny Lane said...


I went through different phases when I first stopped working. First I baked, then I cleaned and then came acceptance.

Volunteer work helps with the social contact, but it took me a long time to commit to that on a regular basis. My biggest problem is everyone I know works and that is why I'm doing a consulting job right now, but it ends soon.

SueBee said...

Damn, I hate when I have a good rant going and I spell a word incorrectly--



Unconscionable Bitch!!!!

Annie said...

Jealousy is such a bitch!
It is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.

Penny Lane said...

I wonder if that old saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" applies to poor, pathetic Malice. Kind of sounds like it.

jentoo said...

Penny...I used to substitute teach between my last two kids, so I've been thinking about going back to that. I can't really do a normal, everyday job because I'm also responsible for taking my mom where ever she may need to go. Substituting was good because I could just say I wasn't available if I had something that day.

SueBee said...

I guess I do feel sorry for Malice since she is left in the shadows. Of course, cockroaches do love the dark.

Anonymous said...

I do believe Malice is one of those people who are nice on the surface but ROTTEN TO THE CORE!

It's sad and pathetic really!! Poison to anyone they come into contact with...

Give me a genuine imperfect HONEST person ANY DAY!!

Malice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

@Penny Lane:
It seems to me the fuckwit person was summarily dismissed!

Amanda said...

Hi all. So sorry about dampening any spirits, and indeed I had good intentions. I adore both Rob and Kristen, and I usually do not pay attention to the fuckery at the AT boards; these posts just caught my eye today and gave me a bad feeling. Anyway, I'll try to keep it positive in the future. Peace.

MLH414 said...


Rob seems like such a sweet old soul...humble and down-to-earth, just like Kristen...and don't let us forget, gorgeous!!

Love the banner. Kristen and Rob are very lucky to have someone like you write such an awesome blog! Your words are soo kind and sweet.

I love coming here to read about them, even though it gets invaded by assholes that like to spew shit!! BTW, I think that some deletions are needed?

Have a great day everyone! Well, the sane and normal people!!!


shoegal2547 said...

I haven't posted in quite some time because it has not been about Rob, so I'm happy to see it! Oh, and BTW, thanks for the BEAUTIFUL BANNER, IT'S BACK! *happy dance with a few twirls*

I'm not a hater of Kristen, but I adore Rob and if she makes him happy, then I'm happy! ;-)

Thanks for the post...I loved the Beatles as well, but my favorite was John!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Leo-I love you.

Okay, so that was stupid. Seriously, what is wrong with people.

Back to the fun huh? I gotta do some work. Stay happy Roseland--Leo will guard the walls for you so you can chat.


Anonymous said...

Jealous much?? Because that's all I see and hear. Sour fucking grapes!! And there are WAY to many people who have the utmost respect for her for it to all be a act. Think about that...I know I do.

It must suck SO BAD to want everything someone else has and know that you will NEVER get it. Love, respect of your peers, and happiness.

I almost feel sorry for you. ALMOST. With acceptance comes peace. I truly believe that. Maybe you should really think about that fact. Then you wouldn't become a bitter old hag.

MLH414 said...


All I have to say is karma is a bitch!!


Anonymous said...


I just noticed you AVI!! LOVE IT!!

chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said...

anyone have a tumblr? robstenftw.tumblr.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks manjen!!

I felt it was appropriate ;)

Melinda said...

Medusa is rearing her ugly head.

Someone needs to start living their own life instead of living through another. Pathetic.

Jealous much???

I am aware that people aren't perfect. That what makes me like them. There is no such thing as perfect people. We all have our vices.

I hope this gets finished and then people can chill in peace here in Roseland.

jen said...

You know what this fandom's biggest problem is?

everyone wants to be a fucking insider.

seriously, every commmunity has an "in" to rob. Or kristen. And then what spews forth after that claim? A bunch of fanfiction that can be seen from a mile a way.


Whatever. lol You start talking like that, and I begin to reach for the lithium mask to send your way.

THAT'S why I love Rose. Rose isn't ever trying to pull that insider crap on me. She uses her common sense and her respect for rob as a fan(who realizes she's just an observer, not a player unlike the rest of the fandom)and says effing sensible things.

I adore Rob too. As a fan who observes from a distance. I never want to meet him - why? So I can say some empty compliment he hears 100 times a day? No, I'm just content on watching him, and kristen, do great things at a young age and be happy for them, together, and apart.

So thanks Rose, for giving me a little safe place to visit, fangirl like I'm 12, and then move on with my day.

Some fans just want to do this as a side hobby, not a full time job like a good number of freaks that say crazy town things all day on twitter and boards and forums(winking at Malice).

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SueBee said...

Malice (appropriate name)

If anything, we know your true nature now. All those smiles cover up such a mean spirit.

Anonymous said...

LOL Jen!!

I love it!

'So thanks Rose, for giving me a little safe place to visit, fangirl like I'm 12, and then move on with my day.'

How true! It looks to me like someone *cough*Malice* needs to move on with her life...

Annie said...

Being so malicious is such a waste of a life. No one should go through life with such malice in their hearts and at such a young age. It's so very sad but I feel no pity for someone like that, as I normally would and should.

What a waste of a life!

Anonymous said...


Your words are SO TRUE!!

Hope said...

Rose....I am in need of smelling salts after nearly passing out looking at the handsome photos of Rob...does the guy take a bad photo!! NEVER!!!!!!

I love Rob because of the way he looks at Kristen. My 10 year old daughter dragged me to see Twilight and it was then that I fell in love with the series. It was Kristen and Rob's chemistry that got me hooked into Twilight...NOT Edward/Bella.

Smitty...*lump in throat*...thanks for letting us see even more into your beautiful heart.

On that note...will NOT let the vile creep(s) that keeps popping in destroy this happy post.

Penny Lane said...

See you all later. I've got a meeting to attend.

May the force be with you.

Melinda said...

Can I just say I am proud of all of ya'll for what you have said!

I think someone is miserable because they don't have someone who loves them the way another person is loved by family and friends alike.

If you hate your own life so much then CHANGE it. I believe someones circumstances give them way more opportunities to do so than the norm.

What a miserable way to live.

Anonymous said...


You know how some people have that certain something that shines through and shows what a honest, caring, and real person they are?

Then you have those people who just give off that vibe. They try to act perfect but you can see...they are just sick inside. I agree. You know that you should feel bad for someone like that. But you can't. They bring SO much of what happens to them in life upon themselves.

Karma is a Bitch!!

Jenny said...

I remember being introduced to Robert through Twilight. I was pregnant at the time and thought, I need to see this movie that everyone is talking about... So, I watched and up until the cafeteria scene I thought it was the lamest movie ever... Then at the moment Robert walked in I was completely sucked into the movie. I had to go to the bathroom and I even asked my husband to pause the movie-- I usually don't do that. Then after that there was something that completely drew me in. See, I've never been involved in any actor/actress life or career, but Robert's was something special to me (perhaps because I envisioned him as the perfect Edward, even before reading the books). My husband and I went to the nearest store to pick up something and there I saw one of those tabloid magazines saying that Robert and Kristen were engaged, now that my attention. Since watching the movie, I thought they had something special between them and that just blossomed into my obsession. Soon after, I was googling them what seemed like constantly, watching interviews, that Vanity Fair photoshoot video REALLY drew me in, and I've been obsessed since! I wish we can see more of Robert and Kristen and I live through your blog and Robstenation and several others...

Anonymous said...



Too true!! Only you can change your life. Hating on someone else isn't going to do a damn thing for you in the long run. Very well said!!

adele' said...

Why do ya'll trolls have to ruin this beautiful post for us? Really sad.

Anyway, that was really beautiful Rose.
I am still just as fascinated by Rob as ever. Just can't get enough of him. It's not all about his look. He's definitely much more than just another pretty face. He is intelligent and down to earth and smart and funny and talented and adorkable.
We all adore him for so many different reasons. I hope he never changes.
I also like to see him with Kristen. I like Kristen. I can see that she is a sweet girl.
They seem genuinely happy to be in each others lives. I think their fans should be happy instead of letting haters/trolls upset them.

Anonymous said...

Well said Melinda!!

Thimbles said...

Wow. Rose. Just. Wow.

I think you can add me to the lot of us who can't simply explain why this man is so magnetic. I'm old enough to be his older sister, but I remeber seeing him on the bigscreen in HP:GOF and remarking to my girlfriend about him. She preferred the Krum actor's muscles. I preferred the "look" in his eyes. Something much older, very...genuine. Does that make sense? But beyond a beautiful outward appearance, it's his inner beauty that I find refreshing. And I cheer that on, especially in the profession he's in. I wish him a long and fruitful career...and his lady love, Ms. Stewart? Nothing but the same...and I hope they take the long road absolutely side by side.

shoegal2547 said...

@chabad_fishbiscuit_770: I came to Twilight with the movie as well. I didn't have any agenda except taking my niece to see it. BUT HOLY MOLY, I bowled over by this Pattinson guy!

I began reading the books and viewing every interview...I felt R/K were a couple from the beginning, just didn't know how to formulate it since she was dating someone else. From their interaction during interviews and videos that were being made by HoneyBuzy, CaliNative70 (RIP), Diandravideos and Heddan2 (You and Me), and so many more, that captured special moments between them, it was quite obvious something special was happening or had happened! I believe the emotion was a force larger than both of them.



Anonymous said...

Dearest darling Rose and Smitty and all the lovely Roselanders!

First, Rose you are so sweet and wonderful I am just at a loss for a new way to tell you how much I adore you and am blessed that you are my friend.

Smitty, um, look love this hardass persona is a new one, and somewhat entertaining but let the big guys do their jobs and you do yours. Nobody believes a word of her shit so don't get drawn in. I have to say though, I was kinda scared just reading it and I didn't even see what icky wrote. Love you and miss you. Oh--and turn your phone on so I can text you some sexy messages since you enjoy that so. LOL!

Liza--you went to the movies without me darling girl. Well, I hope you enjoy it.

To the rest of you crazy lot of wonderful women--enjoy your day. I miss you and will try to find time to do more than a drive by but uh Gruff called and said to check it out--sad, surprising and a bit awe-inspiring today too.

Love to you all-

A (in honor of Tracy's picture)/Syd

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jentoo said...

Gee, Kami...tell us how you REALLY feel!...lol love it & agree with everything you wrote! Now, I've been waiting for you to share some of these secret good things that happen when we turn 40.....please, spill!

Kami said...

LOL well Jentoo I've been waiting a few days to explode on the skanky bitch she's/he's nothing but a bully and whew do I feel better...and speaking of better...well let's just say that ~.^ "things" get even better over 40...who whould have know it could get better right? But we are talking much much better.

Ok believe it or not i'm blushing lol so back to work..

Melinda said...

Kami do you check email often?

Anonymous said...


William Penn once said..

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves”

Just remember this. Eventually they choke on their own bile. A very smart chica once said...

"Just be happy and fuck all of them"


Hold on tight to your happy!


To all the rest of my friends, I'm going to get the kids from school. Have a fabulous afternoon!


angelica1 said...

Kami - Yes, I too was very pleasantly surprised indeed to find that "things" do get MUCH MUCH better over 40, in factI'm being to resent my 20's and 30s.lol

Kami said...

Melinda if I'm working like today I try to check it once and hour so that I have a reason for a break but usually when I'm bored I check it..

that is what hatred and Malice looks like in 20 years

Kami said...

Angelica1 I know what you mean..I mean it was amazing back then but nothing like now...ok going to leave now before my face explodes from embarrassment.

sorry guys for the TMI

jentoo said...

Kami...Now THAT'S something I had already learned...and welcomed...and enjoyed...immensely!..lol I guess when you look at the big picture, that particular bonus makes the fact that every now and then I have to pluck a hair out of my nose a little less bothersome!

Melinda said...

Kami- okay I am going to send you one in a couple of minutes. I'll put my name in the subject line so you know it is me.

Kami said...

Ok Melinda.

Elaine said...

Rose-wow! I have no words. You have no idea how much your post has done for me today. I am sitting in the most horrible place waiting and reading your words has calmed me in a way that you will never know. You have truly helped me today-thank you. Your words are pure-clear-just lovely. And Robert represents all that-like you say there is so much more to him than just looks. And all that is visible in the way he loves Kristen-and we only see a little bit of the reality-imagine how powerful it is from close.

Smitty-I have no idea what happened I guess I came late, but how anyone would want to hurt you that way is beyond me. You're just wonderful and genuine and true. It shows on your words to Rose and your actions.

We all have friends that save us on a daily basis and today mine have been my lifeline. I want to thank them all-especially one that really gets me and in a very short period of time has shown me how much she cares. I love u!!

OK guys!!! Have a lovely day-please keep Roseland full of love, laughter and loyalty you'll never know who might need it-today I was the lucky one!

Much Love,

Melinda said...

Elaine- sending hugs your way. Hope it gets better for you.

Kami-sent let me know if you didn't get it.

Kami said...

got it and sent one back...thanks Again Melinda (((hugs)))

wig4usc said...

Hello, Rose and the rest of you Roselanders!

Its funny how many of us seem to have followed the path to Robert. I didn't really know who he was other than that cute kid Cedric from HP. So, one weekend, with time to rent my "chick flick", I watched Twilight and my love for the saga and Robert were born.

I, too, couldn't get enough. And just this AM, I was thinking almost exactly what you said. It no longer feels like intoxication, but I'll always always adore him! I also don't get all crazy about celebs/actors, but he's one exception!

As for the trolls - look, if I wanted that AT garbage, I'd go there! Enough, you have your place for that idiocy, don't track that dog shit on the bottom of your shoe over here.

I'm looking forward to pics and stories of the upcoming filming. I've got my twirling shoes on and I'm ready to roll!

chabad_fishbiscuit_770 said...

great rob and kristen videos, only if you have a sense of humor, they do make fun of some twilight stuff, but its great and funny/ and they do love twilight so its ok. http://www.youtube.com/user/OohJoy#p/u/13/VNG_t8cF1ho this is just one, watch them all, they are kinda mean to Kstew which i dont like but other than that, also mean to hardwcke, but theyre really funny

Kami said...

OOO OOO I'm late to the party but please please please let me tell Malice what I think of them...pretty please!

First of all Smitty You are an amazing person and I truly wish I was more like you. I love the way you speak your mind, I love the way you stand up for your friends and I love the person you are...ok no more mush

now..MALICE...seems to me that you are severly jealous that someone is getting more attention in life than you are...and that the same someone has a wonderful man in love with them. A man who in all likelyhood you make sick to his stomach because you're so fucking fake, a man who sees who the true beauty is and it sure as hell isn't you . If you for one second think that you are hurting anyone's image but your's here you are sadly fucking mistaken, because I think she is wonderful and no skank is going to ever change my mind especially not a skank like you...now crawl back under that fucking rock with all the other scum.

k back to cleaning

sorry for the repost just hate misspelling words

Melinda said...

No problem Kami- gotta do what we can!!

Now I need to get off here and get some work done.

30 said...

Hi Rose! Hi Roseland! such a heart filled post. I am with you 100%. What brought me to Robert is Edward, BUT Robert's honesty, awkwardness, down to earth interviews, his passion for his music is what brought me to my knees in the beginning. I mean to me, he was perfect. Then hearing his beautiful music.That was it for me, a fan for life. Now I have to admit in the beginning I was following Roberts career more than Kristen's, but then seeing how he looked at her.. I mean not many men will look at a women THAT way.

Some guys love,then leave, but that passion for her in his eyes. God it was explosive in every way. So I fell in love with them both on screen and off, protected them as much as I could online from the crazies and even though I don't know them personally. They BOTH have my respect and I will always support there careers, together or not. I just hope they know how supported they are. The crazies are just loud, there are many other sane fans that are not here at Roses blog, who feel as me. I wish they both new that. After Breaking Dawn, the crazies will get bored, hopefully not be interested as much. This feeling that Rob belongs to them is just insane and gets so very old, it wont last forever. I cant wait to see what they both bring in the future :)

Oh and Miss Smitty, you are mighty Feisty today! ;) Loving it!

30 said...

Kami... What is your avi today? A pig? LOL

Kami said...

LOL well you could say that...it is actually a Hate and Maliced filled female troll, who moonlights as a pig

Kami said...

malice filled **

30 said...

Oh Dear Kami. I defiantly need protection from.. that thing. LOL I mean, I might even have nightmares now! ;)

Kami said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

Thank you for all your kind words and for being such a good friend to Smity. I am not sure, should I be happy or upset with this change in your attitude?

I also wanted to say that if I was ever forming some sort of mafia or gang I would recruit all of the friends here because you are very fierce and protective. Plus, you would be good companions as you all seem to have a good sense of humour. I cannot always follow what you are discussing as you seem to switch from bugs to how wonderful sex is after 40 (very happy for those of you enjoying this time of your life-ha!) but it all seems to work for you and I pray it continues for a long, long time.

Its been too long Rose. I hope you are well and realize how much you mean to so many people.

With my sincere thanks and admiration,

Anonymous said...


I was remiss, Smity says she got your message and will talk to you in a little bit. She's still needed here for awhile and I am just waiting for her to wrap up.

She was quite insistent "you HAVE to go look at Rose's thing today--you HAVE to." "Did you look yet? You HAVE to go." So, you see, you have quite a fan and loyal supporter in her.


30 said...

Mafia Gang! who us? LOL

Melinda said...

Gruff- if you see this give her a HUG from all of us. I think she needs it today.

Love how you and that other guy are so protective as well. Even more than we are no doubt.

You two should have an in home date night and join us in some MFK one time. You would probably get a kick out of it.

Anonymous said...

Something like that yes!

angelica1 said...


You're really sweet. I for one would be more than happy to beat the crap out of anyone who upsets Smitty or yourself.Afterwards we can drink lots of vodka before I head home to make my husband happy again :) Kami - I have absolutely no "TMI" filter.lol

SueBee said...

I'd be happy to be in the mafia gang. Sign me up!

30 said...

Well, I am from Jersey so I can definitely hang! lol

Anonymous said...

Sue the flapper--heard all about you and Smitty was correct--you are beautiful. You are also the cookie recipe queen right? Those are deadly delicious. Thank you for sharing that.

Hope the party is epic-

Melinda said...

You know if we are going to be in a mafia gang we need to get "Sillybillies with guns" hoodies made up for us!

Better yet we need to come up with some "street" names for ourselves.

Any suggestions?

30 said...

Oh this is to funny.


Edmund the Vampire. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think with all the cast, they have now gone undercover. I don't think Vancouver and Louisiana will be the same. When they filmed in Vancouver, they were seen a lot of the time.

SueBee said...


Thank you so much!!



Yes, I'm the cookie lady. (Queen? Okay! I'll take it!) Glad you enjoyed them.

Smitty is a wonderful person and I'll be the first in line to jump on anyone who attacks her.

Rose said...

My dearest Syd, Smitty and Gruff...
Reading all the comments today really did touch a place in my black shrunken Grinch heart.

Smitty- It's incredibly mutual. Everything. Thank You.

Syd- I'm so crazy crushing on you. A man who makes me smile owns a piece of my heart.

Gruff- *sigh* I love that you are intoxicated with Smitty. See? being intoxicated ain't so bad!

Fellow SillieBillies- I <3 You all.
Thank you for all the kind words.


Melinda said...

Susan- since Gruff brought up the cookies, do you have time to copy/paste so I can get it? I have no idea which post it was put under the first time.

katy said...

Hi Rose, great post!! Hi Roseland ladies (the sane ones)!! hope everyone is having a great day!!

I love and adore Robert. I admire the person that he is, he's humble, down to earth and doesn't let fame go to his head...he stays true to himself, he's talented, also love his sense of humor, his charm and wit and his obviously gorgeous...it's like you said Rose 'he's special'
And I also love and Adore Kristen too...so for me is also a Win/win situation. Always and forever a Robert and Kristen Fan.

As for the mentaly unstable (malice)...it must hurt to know that you will NEVER EVER have what Kristen has and that you will NEVER EVER BE half of the woman that Kristen is. You are a jalouse Evil bitch

gwen said...

hello everyone!

Rose, i got nothing to say about the man but one thing for sure, we adore him.

Who is this Malice shit? Some bitch again spreading her shit in Roseland. And like a cockroach she just disappeared...

Dont worry Syd and Gruff, we can handle the likes of her. Cockroach can be easily be eliminated simply by stepping on them. I hate them anyway, they're the dirtiest and ugly insect of this world.

I in for this mafia thing, by the way, lol.

Anonymous said...

We get to be in a mafia? Sweet!! I would SO be willing to do that these days.

We'll always protect our friends here. And we'll always do everything we can to keep this place a calm, quiet spot to just rest and relax and have fun.


SueBee said...


I'm so sorry I forgot to post the recipe! Remind me and I'll type it up tonight for you.

I'm heading out for some shopping and dinner with the family but I'll be back tonight.

30 said...

Sue Bee, I have to make these cookies I keep hearing about, I must have missed them on here somehow. :)

angelica1 said...

I think the point with both Rob and Kristen is that although they're both gorgeous,they also seem relatable.Rob's like the adorable brother we all wanted Kristen's like the fantastic friend who's always there for you and tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear.
There seems to be pattern between the sane ones and the others, we all seem to have happy lives and relationships, I'm guessing the "others" probably don't and in my experience happy people want others to be happy :)

Melinda said...

Rose- we have been upgraded to first class- we now get to have guns! So us silliebillies with guns heart you too!

Susan- no worries. Enjoy shopping and dinner. Talk to you later.

Tracy- forgot to say before but glad you are home safe and sound!

30 said...


"Sillybillies with guns"

We could get a cute T shirt with that written on it right? then posts are RL pics as are avis wearing it! YES!

Penny Lane said...


I see we've been recruited into a gang now. I love it. Women's Mafia.

We need a name.

I didn't say before that I loved today's post. It was sweet. It was honest. It was what drew us here in the first place. Thanks Rose.

Toni said...

While I generally don't post very often, I am always so awed to see the amount of camaraderie you all demonstrate here. All of you who contribute to the overall wonderful atmosphere here are all truly beautiful people!

Love this blog and all the people that make and keep it a great place.


deb said...

So I think that Malice and Amanda are POSTORDER Boys for AT board THEY dont Know or even give a FUCK about Rob or Kristen Ted is so FULL of him self Dont know SHIT only what he finds from other boards NO I DONT GO TO HIS ASSLINE blog dont care to read SHIT We get enough of that in here some times So I go on with my head up high KNOWING what I see and FEEL and that is ROBERT PATTINSON is a good MAN WHO LOVES MISS KRISTEN STWART and that my friends is good enough for me say what you want think what you may BUT ITS NOT GOING TO CHANGES WHAT IS TRUE. DEB.

Anonymous said...


What is a sillybilly? You need a glossary for this place.

Rose said...

Boris- A troll used that word to 'insult' us here... calling us all SillieBillies and Muffalumps.
I'm not sure where the hell those words came from or what they mean...
Maybe something out of the 19th century?

Anonymous said...


How are you? I forgot that you were part of this place as well. You are a good friend. And I am sorry to hear about your daughter's soccer team.

You enjoyed NOLA? I heard you loved the music and the food and the people. It is a wonderful city.

30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jentoo said...

Ha!...a sillybilly is what one of the meanies called everyone for defending someone...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha--I love that! Those are wonderful words! At least you have creative trolls part of the time. Unlike the bitch troll who, well,

Muffalumps...its cute. It brings to mind a small furry little creature with huge eyes that might sort of make a little guplump sound when it was scared or hungry.

gwen said...

Right you are. There's something about them that gives this vibe to protect and adore them. We know they can protect themselves from those haters but its maternal instinct (though im not a mother yet) i guess that compelled us to protect them. Im not behaving like this to other HW celebs, maybe coz they're real, they dont hide who they are behind the cameras. Good people attracts good karma.

Silliebillies w/ guns, now that's a good thought, lol.

30 said...

OMG Rose, I forgot about that one! We have been called way worse haven't we? LOL I will take being called a sillie billie any day!

Melinda said...

Don't forget we are also rudlings because we defended someone when she needed to be defended.

That is one nutty troll. Nuttier than a fruitcake at Christmas.

angelica1 said...

I can't stop giggling at Muffalump, it's what my daughter calls our extremely dim labrador :)

30 said...

Melinda, even though that night was just complete fuckery. I was LMAO at us all. We kicked ass!

RobPattinsonBerlin said...

I feel the same. Thank you for your awesome Blog!

Melinda said...

30- that was some funny stuff that night. I'm glad I am sane that's all.

gwen said...

the one i really remember that time is when she thought Smitty was on her side and turn up not. Then of course who wouldnt remember the famous battle royale of her and honey. God even today i cant help but laugh at them. They give us a good laugh then

Wildhart007 said...

Never been in a gang another first here at Roseland!

I think I like the new definition for Muffalump


katy said...

Hi Boris !! Hope everything is great it you.

I think the troll that used the words SillieBillies and Muffalumps was the same posting here today...at least that's what I think...same bullshit

Take care, much love to you and Smitty

DreamerKind said...

For me, it's all about the heart...

Robert P.
We saw it, too, the heart in the eyes, and it clutched onto our hearts, and we simply keep you close.

We've not met, but your words are ablaze with heart, your real nature, revealed. So grateful for you, a gift beyond measure.

Again with the heart, you've so much of it to give, and you do. We hold you tight, as you said to and as we must.

Heart & Soul
F. Loesser & H. Carmichael 1938


Bom ba bom, bom ba dip, da dip,dip da
da, da, da, dun, dun, da dingity ding, da ding.
Bom ba bom, bom ba dip, da dip,dip da
da, da, da, dun, dun, da dingity dong, da dong.

Heart and soul, I fell in love with you,
Heart and soul, the way a fool would do,
Because you held me tight,
And stole a kiss in the ni-ight...

Heart and soul, I begged to be adored(ooooh ooh),
Lost control, and tumbled overboard(ooooh oooh ooh),
That magic night we kissed,
There in the moon mist.

Oh! but your lips were thrilling, much too thrilling,
Never before were mine so strangely willing.

Uh huh, but now I see, what one embrace can do,
Look at me, it's got me loving you,
That little kiss you stole,
Held all my heart and soul.

Bom ba bom, bom ba dip, da dip,dip da
da, da, da, dun, dun, da ding, da ding, da dong.
Bom ba bom, bom ba dip,da dip,dip da
bom, ba ba bom, bom, dip, da dip, da dip.


Oh! but your lips were thrilling, much too thrilling,
Never before were mine so strangely willing.

Yeah, but now I see, what one embrace can do,
Look at me, it's got me loving you,
That little kiss you stole,
Held all my heart and soul.

Jan & Dean-doing a classic in 1961


LJ said...

Ok so I obviously missed that crazy, self obsessed, miserable, dead behind the eyes, excuse for a woman, bitch again did I? Looks like Leo has it taken care of but just in case she sneaks back in...'SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FUCK THE FUCK OFF!'.........


Tracyyyyyyyy please tell me you are still here because I miss you *pouty face* and I haven't gotten to speak to you for about 9 years......ok slight exaggeration but you catch my drift....LOVE YOU!

SueBee you look freakin gorgeous in your sassy dress! hope you have an awesome time, your going to be turning heads all night. Can't wait to see the pics :-)

Smitty I loved The Social Network, great film! Love you my friend, the rare times we get to chat because of the timezone thing mean so much to me.

Hi Boris...you are awesome!

Syd, you know you would be my first choice of movie companion....a couple of hours in a dark room with you??? goes without saying ;-)


Liza ❤

Susan said...

Hi Roseland!


Your post reminded us all why we come here everyday to read you blog ... our mutal admiration and love for Rob, and also his 'love', Kristen.

How comforting it is for them to have found each other, true soul mates, at such young ages.

I wish them both many years of personal happiness and success.

30 said...

Yup Gwen that was the night!

DreamerKind said...


Don't play that song I just posted because you won't be able to stop!


Anonymous said...

Hello all of you who said hello to me.

This place moves fast.

What is a rudling? Again, Rose provide a glossary sometime for me please. And a directory.

But I do spy Liza...and lord woman do I know about you! All good, all wonderful but it is hard to find someone who Syd lusts after and Smitty can stand also. You are a rare woman. And, I believe you have a jacket that Smitty wants for a present--STFU? Is that you or Tracy?

DreamerKind said...

30, Susan, gwen, Boris, Smitty, Rose, katy, Melinda, Linda, Tracy and other lovelies with names from A-Z:

So happy to be with you Muffas, Sillies, Rudils, bananahead types.

Later, though, I have to straighten up :( and fly right :).

Anonymous said...


Really, the same? So this has been going on for quite some time. How sad and pathetic. I wouldn't believe the soulless bitch has a creative bone in her so that surprises me. She probably found those words somewhere else and bastardized them.

Penny Lane said...



You think you could fit anymore fucks in that statement?


Did you sleep in today? You're a little late to the party here.

Anonymous said...

Ha--I am going to say goodbye. Its been lovely. Rose it was wonderful to "chat" a bit here in your little kingdom. Quite a lovely place. I need to stop by more so that I understand what Smitty and Syd are talking about because, quite often, I am not sure who they are discussing.

Have a great night everyone and again, Rose, you should know how much I adore you and your kindness.

Melinda said...


I guess a rudling would be a person who is rude.

This is the same troll that got into a "cage fight" with Honey about who was better Rob or Kristen. Remember the night we passed around the maryjane and moonshine?

Anyhoo- like I said total nut job. As a person (talking about myself here) who actually holds a degree in psychology I do believe she has a true mental condition.

As for the bitch troll, well she is a bitch. Always thought that always will.

DreamerKind said...

Pretty Penny

Who said I am late to the party?

Why I have had my coffee, a ham sandwich and a full 7 hours of sleep since last I posted at Roseland.

More partying for me ahead, out to dinner with friends and back after, to meet you, at RL (not real life but Roseland)

Rose said...

Boris- You've made my day :)

Melinda said...

Gruff- I don't think the bitch troll and the silliebillie troll are one in the same. They may be working together possibly.

Kami said...

Silliebillies with Guns...I like it...I'm in as long as we get to take down trolls every once in a while. Never been part of a gang before this COULD be fun.

Penny Lane said...


I'm confused. Do we address Boris as Boris or Boris as Gruff? Or is he Gruffy Boris?

I didn't know you had a psychology degree. That would explain why you are always so rational.


Kami said...

OMG Penny I love your avi and I LOVE those shoes!!!!

LJ said...

Heyyyy Boris!

Ha ha well I'm glad what you have heard is all good anyway....and I'm extremely glad that Smitty can stand me! because I love that girl she is awesome (not that I need to preach that to you! lol).

The STFU hoodie was originally Tracys but she was kind enough to lend it to me, so that when I am on bodyguard duties for Smitty I can cough loudly and point to the hoodie when any of these crazy bitches get out of hand!

Oh and as for Syd....sigh....well my thoughts towards that boy are well documented! *blushes*

**HUUUUGS** to you and Smitty, please give her a big old squeeze from me :-)


30 said...

HI DK! :)

Bye Boris! Stop by again soon, we sillie billies are kind of cool IMO. :)

katy said...

Boris, have fun

take care

Anonymous said...


You've made many of my days as you have provided support, friendship, needed distraction and many happy giggles to someone I love.

...and you make Smitty happy also. Haha!

Penny Lane said...


Thank you. Since we've enlisted, or been recruited, in the mafia now I think its appropriate.

Anonymous said...


Did you enjoy the movie? Awesome wasn't it?? I loved it :)

How is everyone this afternoon??


I saw you sneak in here earlier with your mad ninja skills :) How was the trip? Did you have a biegnet and muffaletta for me??

Melinda said...


I still call him Gruff b/c that is what S and S call him.

I also have a criminal justice degree under my belt.

The mind has always fascinated me. I find people (even these trolls around here) fascinating. How people think, how they act, etc.

Kami said...

hmmm I wonder if my husband would buy that I need a pair of those shoes in real life to be part of the S.B. Mafia (sillie billie)?

Anonymous said...


I am doing well, thanks for asking :)

Yes, I loved NOLA. I miss being able to just walk outside the hotel and being able to be listening to some live music. The food was amazing, and I had some very good places recommended to me. I was disappointed I didn't have time to try every place! :)

Liza!!!!! It feels like it's been forever!! We need to coordinate schedules so we can catch up!! Love you too!

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