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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Couple of Things...

I've been having a few random thoughts today...
So I thought I would put them down here.
1. I use a lot of pictures on this blog.
I own none of them.
Now, I realize that this is a
teeny tiny
itsy bitsy
eeny meeny
little blog...
But I just wanted to point out the fact
that I use other peoples pictures.
I don't do it for any gain...
Or because I want to take credit...
I do it because they are beautiful
and because they are of
Robert Pattinson.
2. There is an article/interview going around online...
Holly Conway
who works at a radio station in Canada...
ran into Rob at a restaurant
and got a chance to talk to him
It's a wonderful story.
Here is the link...
I highly recommend listening/reading her story.

The point I'm trying to make here is this...
She has done...
what I wish *I* could do.
She got a chance to not only meet Rob...
but she got to talk to him...
and he listened.
And he looked at her
and answered her questions.
And he remembered her name...
and touched her shoulder...
and he was so Rob....
being all charming and sweet...
and beautiful...
And Holly and Rob had an actual
Outside of the time involved
(well, yeah...I would want more than a few minutes)
That is my dream.
I know I could easily hate Holly...
Knowing what I know...
about her doing what she did...
But I don't.
I admire her.
Not only because she met Rob..
but because she was thoughtful
and considerate of him...
and asked him intelligent questions.
But she also kept her word.
She promised not to publish
the picture of her and Rob.
And she didn't.
Thank you, Holly.
For doing the right thing.
For taking care of Robert.
For treating Rob...
like he deserves to be treated.
Thank You.

Bye for now

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well said, Rose. I love what she had to say and he won her over.

I think he could charm the flippers of a penguin.