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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Feel Very Protective... Of You.

"When something or someone is hyped
and you're put at the forefront
of a lot of things,
People want to tear you down.
That's kind of scary."
~Robert Pattinson~

Once you're becoming the 'hot' thing or whatever,

magazines say 'Oh we want to do a feature'

and I've just started to say 'NO',

because as soon as you start putting yourself out there-

People want to tear you down.

And I don't want to tempt anybody to want to tear me down."

~Robert Pattinson~

I love Robert.

I love how he thinks about things...

I love his mind.

I really do.

I want to protect him.

I don't want anyone to try to hurt him...

or tear him down.

I want him to be OK...

I want him to be happy.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

I love the way your mind works, Rose. I feel exactly the same way, especially since the nude Dali photo.

He kind of brings out the maternal instinct. Excellent post, as always.

Tess said...

Thank you for this post Rose..

XO You as always..


Trixie said...


Great post, as always. What is it with him and our need to protect him?


xoxo Trix

Ellie said...


I just want to hold him and tell him it will all work out wonderfully.

and them have my way with him, of course!

Great one today, Rose!


Anonymous said...

Ellie my thoughts exactly!

I want to whisk him away somewhere safe to protect him from the world and while I have him, I'll just have my wicked way with him...

pregnancy said...

He is very warm to say that! if there is a real nice and caring vampire exist in this world, I think I would like to become one of them too :), you are so sweet Edward.