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Monday, April 13, 2009

Please Mister Postman... Look and See, is There a Letter in Your Bag for Me?

"I folded the letter carefully,

and sealed it in the envelope.

Eventually he would find it.

I only hoped he would understand,

and listen to me just this once.

And then I carefully sealed away my heart."

Bella Swan, Twilight, Chapter 21, p.432

I'm going to admit to something here...
I hope you don't laugh.
But I honestly wouldn't blame you...
because it makes ME laugh.
I wrote Robert Pattinson
a letter.
A fan letter.
I've NEVER done that before.
Never. Ever.
I wrote it in November.
Before "Twilight" was in theaters.
It was hard to write.
I didn't want to sound like a lunatic...
but just the fact that I was writing
a 22 year old British actor
a fan letter...
made the whole lunatic factor
a moot point...yes?
I couldn't believe that I was doing it.
But I had so much I wanted to say...
and I wanted to say it to
At that time...
Rob was still answering his fan mail...
(or at least trying to)
So I foolishly thought I had a chance...
a slim wisp of hope...
that Rob would actually read my letter...
and respond...
(yeah...and fucking show up at my door...
and whisk me away...)
and at the very least...
I would get his autograph.
What did I say?
Well...I'm an idiot
(no fucking doubt about THAT)
I'm not stupid.
I will confess to
writing about his music...
his other movies outside of "Twilight"
I confessed my adoration...
but stopped short of admitting
my obsession.
That just wouldn't help matters, would it?
I also apologized.
For all the screaming banshees
that he had to endure
while he was on his 'Hot Topic' tour...
I told him I was sorry that his nervous system
had to be beat into oblivion...
That all the women out there who
loved and adored him...
Didn't behave like that.
We could appreciate him
for the actor...
the musician...
the man that he was...
and do it without screeching blindly.
It's been about 5 months now.
And since Rob has started filming
New Moon...
I have little hope of receiving a reply.
But a girl can dream.
When the mailman comes...
I still get a pang of anticipation...
Mister Postman
Look and See...
Is there a letter in your bag for me?
And so Rose goes.
Bye for now


Ellie said...

I'll keep hoping for your letter to come, Sweet Rose...in the meantime, we'll just hope and wish together on the blog and g-spot.

Tess said...

Hope is eternal Rose..

xo Times infinity...

Anonymous said...

Ah good for you Rose! He needs to know not all fans are screaming banshees!

I hope he writes back.