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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

It's Kristen Stewarts 19th birthday.
I know Kristen gets a lot of shit online...
I feel she is misunderstood a great deal of the time.
Hell, I give her a hard time about Oregano...
but that's only because I'm so
PRO Rob/Kristen.
Doesn't she look positively beautiful in this picture?
Rob and Kristen are beautiful together.
She is really a pretty girl.
And I think she's a good actress...
I envy her proximity to Robert Pattinson.
I could easily hate her for that...
like millions of other lunatics....
Rob seems to enjoy her company.
Rob seems happy when he's with her.
He's always smiling and laughing...
He looks comfortable being with her...
and it looks like they have connected on so many levels.
That's the main reason I'm so
PRO Rob/Kristen.
Because she makes HIM happy.
I'm all for Rob being happy.
Happy Birthday, Kristen.
I'm sure you are hanging out with Robert
It makes my heart ache a little...
but when you make a wish...
and blow out your birthday candles...
Open your eyes and take a good look
at who is right in front of you
(and we know its not Oregano...cuz he's always lurking behind you)
It's Robert.
I'm sure he's right there...
Making you laugh...
Being all charming and goofy.
That's a wish I would gladly make for myself...
But yours can come true.
And so Rose goes
(from loonytoons.org)

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