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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 Degree of Robert Pattinson...

I didn't have to look to know who it was;
this was a voice I would know anywhere—
know, and respond to,
whether I was awake or asleep…
or even dead, I'd bet.
The voice I'd walk through fire for—
or, less dramatically,
slosh every day through the cold and endless rain for.

Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 1, p.4

More GQ outtakes.
Everytime I look at these pictures...
I can't get over how
Rob looks.
His eyes...
Oh Lord... his eyes.
I had some stuff rolling around in my head...
silly, inane bullshit for the most part.

1. Robert Pattinson
He's always in my head.
As much as I try to get away from him...
I know it's impossible.
I don't even seem to be able to have
a rational response to all the pictures
and videos that are released on a daily basis.
I'm beyond connecting my thoughts
to any form of coherent communication.
I'm broken.

2. The rumors.
The rumors are rampant about Nikki/Rob
And it only goes to show that people
will believe whatever suits them.
One gossip site claims that
Rob/Kristen are totally together.
That Nikki is just a leech trying to
capitalize on her friendship with both of them.
Another gossip site...
claims SOURCES are saying
that Nikki/Rob are friends with 'benefits'
and that the studio
is trying to curtail photo ops
of Kristen/Oregano.
Because the "Twi-hards"
couldn't handle her and her boyfriend.
I'm incredibly sick of all the bullshit.
While I might like to speculate on Robs love-life...
I find all the lies and innuendo
completely tedious.
Every move gets analyzed.
Every look.
Enough already.

3. Creepy stalking fans.
All these pictures show up online...
Showing 'fans' who just 'happen'
to bump into the cast...
especially Rob.
Why is it that it looks like its the same
lameass chicks?
We aren't just talking Vancouver.
I mean...
these scary creepy chicks
show up EVERYwhere.
I think Rob and the cast
need a restraining order against these stalkers.
I'm scared for Rob.
Lunatics like that...
obviously don't know boundaries...
or don't care.
Back the fuck off.

4. Robert Pattinson.
I can sometimes go for a while...
without thinking about him.
A few stolen moments...
here and there.
When my life intrudes on my fantasy.
But there is always something...
to bring my thoughts back to Rob.
Everything comes back to Rob.
6 degrees of Robert Pattinson.
but its more like...
1 degree.
It never fluctuates much farther.

Bye for now


Mandy said...

Hey Rose, loved your thoughts in this post, all so true!

Tess said...

Dearest Rose..

All roads lead to Rob... Great post.