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Monday, April 27, 2009

Robert Pattinson Does "Bad Things"

I don't have much to say today.

I'm having a "Love" day.

It's a term from "A Life Extraordinary" FanFic

(great FF...highly recommend it)

It's sort of a day where your feelings of love for someone are so intense...

Your passion is so overwhelming...

That you can't think of anything else. Anyone else.

You are consumed by your emotions for that person.

You can't get close enough. You can never be satisfied...

So...Yeah. I'm having a "Love" day for Robert Pattinson.

I wish it was something I could control...

But, alas... my heart doesn't listen to me.

It mocks me... teases me.


I wanted to post Trixie's FANTASTIC video "Bad Things"

It is one of the BEST Rob videos out there. Sincerely.

Great pictures... Beautiful videos... Perfect song.

Excellent. Brilliant. Perfection.

I can watch it over and over again. And I do.


Bye for now


Trixie said...

Look at YOU posting a video on your blog. Just LOOK at all the techo crap you are learning as a result of your robsession! Hahahahahaha!


<3 you BFT

Tess said...

I'm having a "love" day for you Rose!

And I second what Trix said! LOOK at you man!


Anonymous said...


Ellie said...

Ah, a Love Day...
I just love that fanfic...Edward at his best!

Proud of you posting the video!!!
(wish I was that media savvy!)