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Saturday, March 7, 2009

And So Rose Goes...

This is probably one of my favorite parts
in all of Twilight.
Seeing Robert for the first time.
HUGE impact.
And he looks phenomenal....
So anyway...
I wanted to talk about a couple of things...
1. The DVD commentary was leaked online today.
I was a bit apprehensive about it.
Did I want to spoil it for myself?
Well...guess what?
Spoiled Rotten.
For some bizarro reason that makes
absolutely no sense...
I started listening on number 5
out of 11.
Yeah, Rose...good going.
Start in the fucking middle.
But...needless to say.
I fucking LOVED
listening to Robert's voice.
He laughed throughout most of his comments...
But just listening to him talk and laugh
was fanfuckingtastic.
And Kristen was way more relaxed here...
joking around...
It was good to hear.
2. I'm not sure how...
but my blog address got changed.
So...if you have a link to this blog...
It might not work.
But wait...
If you are reading this...
It worked.
But maybe you are reading this
after like being all fucking
annoyed and irritated...
But wait...
Why would anyone in their
right mind
get annoyed or irritated
by not being able to read
THIS blog?
Shrewd deduction, Rose.
I just hope that anyone who
DOES come here and actually
wants to read this...
was able to.
It's all kinds of fucked up.
3. I've kinda talked about myself in the
3rd person again.
I do find that annoying...
except when Rose is trying to be
pathetically amusing...
and of course...
Rose is failing.
It's what Rose does.
So let's just summarize...
1. Robert Pattinson is all kinds of sexy hot...
and listening to him talk about Twilight...
Was all kinds of sexy hot.
2. The blog changed its web address.
Big Fucking Time.
But hopefully its taken care of.
3. Rose is tired...
Rose has had a rather
shitty, irritating day.
Rose knows that no matter
how shitty her day was...
That there are people...
some that she knows very well...
Who have had far shittier and
more irritating days
than she has.
And so Rose goes.
Bye for now

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