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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Forgive Me My Trespasses...

A couple of things I wanted to say.
A disclaimer...of sorts.
1. Obviously everything Twilight is owned by Stephenie Meyer.
Hell...I'm fucking owned by her.
I'm not sure if I should hate her guts...or worship her...
She has given me Edward.
Fucking Edward Cullen.
And I've never been the same since I've read "Twilight"
And of course,
Edward has brought me to Robert.
Fucking Robert Pattinson.
And I've never been the same since he's been connected to "Twilight"
2. I have a "Pocket" Edward.
I have for a while now.
There have been people who have written hilarious blogs
on the adventures of their "Pocket" Edward.
Did I say hilarious?
Add fucking hilarious.
I don't mean to tread on their shit.
I took some pictures of my
Pocket Edward.
And believe me
They aren't anywhere near as funny
or clever.
But a promise is a promise.
And its not something that I will be doing
with any regularity.
It was kinda fun.
3. All the pictures of Robert Pattinson
that I use on this blog...
belong to someone else.
I stake no claims on any of the pics...
I just use them...
Cuz they are so purty...
I don't mean to rain on anyones parade...
Or take anything that's not mine.
But he IS real purty...
For Fucking Reals.
I'm just saying.
4. Yeah, I don't have a number 4.
I'm just in a rambling kinda mood
I guess.
Oh yeah.
I fucking adore Robert Pattinson.
Can he GET any cuter?
Why does he have to be so
God damn
Enough already.
Bye for now


Tess said...

Rosie.. you must take more pocket Edward photo's

perhaps one of him tucked into bed... that would be nice ;)


Ellie said...

Ah, Rose, everytime I read your blog, the longing for Rob becomes so much stronger!
Love you for it.