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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Good, The Bad...and the Beautiful.

Can I just say...
Now that we got that out of the way.
I've been thinking about the pros and cons of
obsessing over Robert.
The Good..The Bad...
BAD: It's almost Noon, and I am still in my PJs
sitting on the recliner...
with my laptop.
GOOD: I woke up. Alive.
Believe me...
It's better than waking up dead.
BAD: I need a shower.
GOOD: At least there isn't anyone
here at the moment to know that I need a shower.
BAD: I think about Robert Pattinson
GOOD: I think about Robert Pattinson
BAD: I get a bit snarky and bitchy
when someone interrupts my Robert time.
GOOD: Let's face it...
I'm a bitch all the time.
I can live with that.
BAD: I keep Pocket Edward
nearby just in case I need him.
GOOD: Pocket Edward.
Who would have thought
PE would be so much fun to have around?
BAD: I can't stop watching
the deleted scenes from Twilight.
Especially the kissing scene.
GOOD: OK....
Watching Rob kiss
is always a good thing.
BAD: People who don't understand
my ROBsession.
GOOD: People who DO
Thank You, Robkats:)
BAD: The fact that I like seeing
pictures of Robert alone in Vancouver.
GOOD: Robert alone in Vancouver
makes me think he is getting into Edward.
BAD: The way Edward has totally taken
over anything that I read.
GOOD: FanFiction.
I get to have ALL of Edward now.
Sexy, hot Edward.
BAD: The paparazzi stalking Robert.
He always looks so irritated...
I want to protect him.
GOOD: The picture at the top of this post.
Sorry. But...YES!!!!
BAD: Feeling the need to hide the extent of my
ROBsession from family and friends.
GOOD: Knowing that I'm not alone.
BAD: Feeling angstY and whimperY and getting
overwhelmed about Robert.
GOOD: Realizing that I am truly a fan of
all things Robert Pattinson.
Not just Twilight.
BAD: I'm loving Robert Pattinson.
GOOD: Loving Robert Pattinson.
Bye for now


Trixie said...
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Trixie said...

Great Post, Rosie - one of the BEST yet!

BAD: Looking in the mirror trying to convince myself I could pass for 30 so that I don't have to feel so embarrassed about lusting after someone 19 years younger than me. If I take my contacts out and squint my eyes really, really hard... maybe...

GOOD: Finding YOU!

<3 you BFT!

Ellie said...

No ugly...because you can't have Rob and ugly in the same sentence!

Super post, Rosie!
hugs to you, as well as a few kisses.

Tess said...

Gorgeous Post Rose... You make me smile even when I feel BAD, and that's GOOD.

XO You.