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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, March 23, 2009

That Old Black Magic...

"That old black magic
has me in its spell.
That old black magic
that you
weave so well.
Icy fingers
up and down
my spine.
The same old
when your eyes
meet mine.
I should stay away
but what
can I do?
I hear your name
and I'm aflame
Aflame with such
a burning desire.
That only
your kiss
can put out the fire."

So many things
to say.
But I am going
to just try
and focus on
these two pictures.
What is it
about Rob...
leaning against a wall...
with his leg bent...
hands at
his waist...
That is making me go
so FUCKING nuts?
Oh hell, who the
fuck am I trying to kid.
Any excuse to post
a picture of Robert...
and then proceed to drool
over some part of it.
I just want to
LOOK at him...
Is that so fucking wrong?
Is it?
Well...maybe just a little.
When it gets in the way
of my 'real' life...
And let me be the first to say
That I HATE when people
use the term real in quotations...
Because...no matter what is going on
in my god damn life...
Believe me.
It's fucking real.
Too real, maybe.
As much as it pains me to admit this,
My feelings for Robert Pattinson...
are VERY real.
There is no denying that he has
some sort of control over me...
a type of voodoo black magic.
What is it about him...
that tells me that if
for some mysterious reason...
he knocked on my door...
and asked me to leave my life
(and yes...married...with kids)
I fucking would?
No questions asked?
Probably knocking my husband
out of the way...
trampling him
on my journey
to Robert?
That's the fucking REAL
in my life, folks.
There ya go.
For fucking reals.
Bye for now


Trixie said...



"Probably knocking my husband
out of the way...
trampling him
on my journey"

Oh, you kill me - you really do!

And, yeah, rob leaning up against a wall... just, yeah.
xoxo Trix

Tess said...


I'm dying...reallY..