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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing?

"If Edward doesn't feel something
one-hundred percent,
he wouldn't bother trying
to pretend to anyone that he does.
I guess I'm similar to him in that respect."

~ Robert Pattinson ~

What a surprise that Robert is so introspective and thoughtful...
Just another charming quality that
makes me absolutely adore him.
Why are these feelings so overwhelming...
and hard to understand?
I've just about given up trying to figure it out.
Why bother?
Is it going to change anything?
Doubt it.

Well, anyway.
Couple of thoughts for today.
1. There was an article about the relationship
between Robert and Kristen.
It quoted Edi and Ashley saying that
there wasn't anything between them off-screen.
a. Do you really think either Edi or Ashley would
talk so candidly about either Robert or Kristen?
And are they really 'experts' on this relationship?
b. All I have to say...
is where the hell has Oregano been?
You know...this faithful, loyal lurker of Kristen's....
Who is always following her wherever she goes...
but has not been seen...since when?
He wasn't with her in Japan...
He wasn't with her at the premiere of her latest movie...
And that, my friends...is VERY telling.
Maybe he has finally figured out that he doesn't stand
a fucking chance...against Robert.
2. I also wanted to comment on
my latest rants about my "DH".
And while...and I have a rather large smile
on my face as I type this...
I would still push him out of the way for Robert...
I DO love him.
My husband is a great guy.
Wonderful husband...wonderful father.
And while he is a Dick Head some of the time...
I know I'm not all sunshine and lollipops...
(and...no...he has no idea the depths of my Robsession. NONE.)
3. Been watching the Twilight DVDs quite a bit...
Been loving the 'extras'....
Especially love watching the movie with the commentary...
even though I wish there was more of Rob...
Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob.
The DVD has made it all worse somehow...
like having total access to Rob...all the time...
And now that everything is so crisp and clear...
Is there such a thing as TOO much?
I used to think so.

Bye for now.

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