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Friday, March 6, 2009

F.U.B.A.R. ~ Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

So these pictures are taken from the Twilight 'outtake'
And this clip...
is fucking killing me.
Well...for one...
Rob is incredibly hot and sexy here...
The first thing that hits me is his voice...
and how it wraps around "Bella".
And just try and fucking tell me that
there isn't more to this relationship...
Just fucking try.
It's almost like there weren't any cameras on them at all
Because surely, Edward and Bella were
this intimate.
I'm guessing
Robert and Kristen...
How fucking steamy hot can you get?
Robert is smirking through the whole clip...
He pulls her down to the ground...
They fucking LEAN into each other..
Like they are going to start seriously making out...
"You want a taste?"
She sticks her finger in his mouth....
He fucking BITES it...
And the look on his face????
The noises he makes????
And what does she do when she pulls it out?
(god, that sounded all kinds of sexy)
She fucking licks it and sucks on it.
(again...all kinds of fucking hot)
They really can't take their eyes off
one another.
And I couldn't fucking
take my eyes
off of them.
That is so much more than chemistry.
So much more than just 'acting'
No one is that good an actor.
Some things just can't be faked.
That clip has
fucked me up
ALL kinda ways.
I'm so
Big time.
Bye for now

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