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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Better Hold On Tight, SpiderMonkey!

I've purposely stayed away from
discussing this
fucking bullshit
Well...how about everyone
in the fucking universe has gotten theirs
before me?
I mean, seriously...
Is that about?
Is this some sort of punishment
for lusting after a 22 year old?
Is this because I said I would trample
over my husband
to get to Rob?
(and for the record...I still fucking would)
(and no, I don't feel a shred of guilt about it)
(is that wrong?)
I actually didn't mind not having the DVD
over the weekend...
with my easily discarded husband
always lurking nearby...
I wouldn't have been able to enjoy
the movie and extras
the way I would have wanted to.
But now...
I'm fucking READY.
It will be so nice to watch the movie
with color...and clarity...
and dialogue that matches
the movement of their mouths...
and no little "A" in the corner...
(you KNOW what I'm fucking talking about)
(and if you don't...you aren't a true Twilight lunatic)
Ah yes...
To see Robert...
I have high hopes...
The mail hasn't come yet...
or maybe I am just pretending...
because my fragile mind
couldn't possibly comprehend
having to wait another
fucking minute
for this DVD.
I want my Robert.
and I want him now.
Bye for now (insert little red heart here)
You are NEVER
gonna fucking believe this...
but as I was typing faithfully away...
spilling my guts out...
The mail came....
AND I got a package from UPS.
I have gone from not having the DVD
to having 2 of them
in a matter of minutes!
If my grizzled black heart could
feel joy...
I'm sure it would be
erratically pumping away.
And one of them
is the TARGET one...
which we all know
is the BEST one.
Enough talk.
I need to get some watching in...
my DH
(oh yeah...some people say that
DH stands for Dear Husband...
*MY* DH stands for
Which at this point...
I'm sure doesn't surprise you at all.
Bye for now.
And no heart.
Cuz I just wanna go.

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Tess said...

rosie - PS: I love your grizzled black heart,,,,