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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Have No Words...OK, Maybe a Few...

I have to address this.
There was a picture posted on all the blogs today...
A screen shot from "Little Ashes"...
Where Rob is 'tucking' himself...and posing in front of the mirror.

No... I won't be posting the pic.

Yes.. he is in character as Dali.

Yes... he looks pretty damn naked.

No... I'm not going to give my opinion.

Yes... it is rocking all the blogs with comments...

No... I don't think everyone will like it...or understand it.

Yes... I actually hope this movie will kill some of the Twilight hype.

No... I still can't find the words...
Yes... I can't wait to see this movie!

Yes... I hope Rob will be taken seriously as an actor...

Yes... he is getting a lot of negative comments from people...

Yes... the 'gay' rumors will really start exploding...

Yes... I read the comments left at Perez's site....

No... I wasn't happy with most of them...they were mean.

Yes... Perez is a hypocritical asshole, who has obviously turned against Rob.

No... I still don't have words.

Yes... the Robkats had an amusing (and expected) reaction to the picture!

Yes... I fucking LOVE the RKs...always and forever.

No... I don't believe Rob and Nikki Reed are dating.

Yes... I just threw that in there because I wanted to.

Yes... I guess I do have words...

Yes... I still love Robert Pattinson.

Bye for now


that girl with the 5" heels... said...

and we still love you for your honesty

tucked or untucked - we still love Rob!

Tess said...

Love you Rose!

No. I don't believe Nikki and Rob are dating either.. (at least this is what I keep telling myself)

I can't comment on the photo on the blog, but I can tell all the RKs what I feel via email... to me, he's beautiful. inside and out.

Anonymous said...

♥ you
♥ the blog
♥ RP (naked or clothed)