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Friday, March 13, 2009

Do I Dazzle You? Frequently.

You have all seen the GQ pics by now.
They are all over the place. Robert's face...is everywhere.
Not that that is a bad thing...
There were 5 pictures in the magazine.
All of them were beautiful....for different reasons.
I'm not going to go into that right now...
mostly because I am unable to focus on more than one at a time.
The picture in this post...is my favorite. Hands down.
It's not only that Robert just looks fucking fantastic...I mean...
come on...doesn't he always?
It's his eyes. They are smoldering, to be sure...
but they always have a look of...
"Why do you want to take my picture? What's so special about me?"
He looks...incredulous...
He is beautiful. He is perfection.
And seeing the pictures, and reading the GQ article...affected me BIG time.
I had to push myself away from the computer for most of the day.
Seeing those pictures...
made my stomach flutter and my heart ache.
They made me want to cry.
Should I feel foolish for feeling this way about Robert Pattinson?
No doubt.
But it is what it fucking is.
I don't understand it,
I don't know why Robert is the one that all
my emotions run wild for...
I don't get it, either.
But scanning the Internet yesterday...and seeing the reaction to the article...
In some ways...it was heartbreaking.
This GQ article, was by far...the best and most candid interview of Robert.
He was open and honest (as usual), baring his soul.
All the things I love about him...were magnified...in this article.
And yet...
Women all over the fucking Internet...
were verbally raping him.
Like he has nothing more to offer than his looks.
Like all he is...is a gorgeous piece of meat.
And he is SO much more.
These women may want to "do" him...
But you know what I want?
I want to hang out with him.
Sit in some smokey, noisy Pub...
and talk about music, movies, books and things that interest him.
I want to laugh with him, and make him laugh.
I want to look into those unbelievable eyes...
and get to know him...and just talk.
That's the kind of intimacy *I* want from Robert.
God, he IS so beautiful...
but everything else about him is...

Bye for now


Aarti said...

I've been reading your blog now for a good while and I had to finally comment. First of all, I love what you have to say. You are one of the first besotted, enamored ,obsessed fan that's actually sane. That actually makes a hell of a lot of sense in your love for all things Pattinson. And in that you're just like me. This blog hit home for me because I felt that the GQ pictures across the internet were treated the same way:Eye candy and nothing more. I feel as though these "girls" ( yes even the 25-40 yr. olds) because most of them act like it, only talked about the physical. They only talked about wanting to "do" him etc. Robert is SOO much more. He is mind, body and soul. He is intelligence. He is profound. He is me. He is you. He is a MAN. And an honest one at that.
And he's almost always treated like a piece of meat.
So kudos to you for noticing it. Kudos to you for actually calling it out. What you're feeling for a guy you don't know is too intense and unreal to even describe. And I love you for it. Because you know what girl? I feel the same way, God knows. And it hurts to think that there's nothing I can do about it.
It hurts...

God Bless,


Tess said...

Bravely and beautifully written Rose.