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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

About Three Things I Was Absolutely Positive...

So I've been thinking about stuff...
and I thought if I wrote it down it might help me.
Do I really believe that? Not really.
But it seems like a 'sane' thing to say.
Self analyzing and all that bullshit.
Honestly, I've been writing this blog
since September of last year...
Do I SEEM any more in control of my emotions?
Is there even a glimmer of rational thought?

Didn't think so.
At least I'm still present enough to realize
how fucking far gone I really am.
Anyway. Some thoughts.

1. Robert Pattinson truly owns me.
He might as well have a collar around my neck...
(oooh... so Domward)

2. I'm so in favor of Rob/Kristen hook-up.
Seriously, this is something else that I have thought about.
I don't get all caught up in the intimate details
(I do have feelings, you know)
And I know I have discussed this before...
But there is something so real between them.
The body language... the way they look at each other...
The smiles on their faces when they are together.
They are so intimate with each other...
An intimacy that 'friends' don't share.
Now, maybe I'm OK with this because
of the whole "Twilight" thing...
Transferring my love of Edward/Bella
to Rob/Kristen...
And that's very possible.
But there is no denying the attraction
between them.
People can argue and rant and rave
all they fucking want.
But you can't dispute what is right in front of you...
You all can see it... You know you can.

3. Michael Arag...Arangano...
Ah fuck it.
There was a video of a bunch of people
kinda making fun of Catherine Hardwickes
'behind the scenes' stuff in Twilight.
So we have Nikki Reed and Oregano
hamming it up for the camera.
OK. (And why aren't these 2 knuckleheads together?)
Nikki was downright annoying...
squealing and chirping...
And why do I feel like she's ALWAYS like that?
And Oregano.
Sweet Jesus.
He's a total dork.
(Kristen... seriously... WHAT.THE.FUCK?)
Not only is he all stumpy and squatty (you know it's true)
But he's goofy looking...
And his voice???
Man Oh Man...
I looked up the definition for BLAND...
And you tell me if it fits OREGANO.

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
tasteless; undistinctive
banal , blah*, boring, dull, dull as dishwater, flat, flavorless, ho hum, humdrum, insipid, milk-and-water, monotonous, nerdy, nothing, pabulum*, sapless*, tame, tedious, unexciting, uninspiring, uninteresting, unstimulating, vanilla*, vapid, waterish, watery, weak, wimpy, wishy-washy*, zero*

Yeah. That's about PERFECT.
Every one of those synonyms equals Oregano.
Sorry Mike...
Truth is fucking truth.
You really should just call it a day...

The party is fucking OVER.

I you, Robert Pattinson.
Always and Forever.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Bahahahahaha! I saw that vid a while ago. If I ever thought I might be wrong about NReed, that just reinforced my original opinion about her - LOOKATMEREED.EGO! The girl is as self-absorbed as they come.

Kristen's bf is forgettable. I didn't even notice Orega ... Wait. What was I talking about?

Tess said...

You always speak from your heart and I love you for it. I'm going to have to add my two cents here, because I can't keep seem to stop myself ;)

Sometimes we see what we want to see because we want it so bad. In my opinion, I feel this is the case with the whole Robsten speculation.

Yes. They do have on screen chemistry. Yes. I feel there was a crush going on during the making of Twilight. Perhaps this was a result of Rob throwing himself into the psyche of Edward? Much the same way he explains his younger fans of adoration of him. They don't love him.. They love Edward. He wasn't crushing on Kristen, he was crushing on Bella. I don't sense the same sort of feeling now.

I don't think Oregano is boring and invisible, we just don't see what Kristen sees because we're so focused on someone else. I could never imagine Kristen with anyone boring and bland. They're young. Love at this age rarely goes the distance, so only time will tell. But what she has said - time and time again -She's dating MA. SO, I have to take her at her word until she tells us differently.

And Nikki?? she's just a typical hollywood actress looking for her next opportunity. This is what the industry can do to people without strong character.

Love you Rose.. sorry for the long post.


Rose said...

Well I appreciate your opinion, Tess. We all have one, don't we?

You say that I just want to see something between Rob and Kristen.... and I say you just don't want to see it. Heh.
Do I think there is something more between Rob and Kristen? Most definitely... you don't see it like you did during the making of Twilight, because they are so much more guarded when out in public... so much more aware of people taking pictures and dissecting every little thing.
But when you do see the rare picture of the two of them... where they think they are not being watched? I still see the same chemistry and attraction that I saw before.
As for Oregano... I still think he is in Kristens life... but he has decidedly been less visible. He wasn't even in Vacouver for her birthday... which I find VERY telling.
It's not even that I want Rob and Kristen TOGETHER actually... its just the fact that Rob always looks so damn happy to be with her!
I love happy Rob...
Even if it's without ME!!!!!

LOVE YOU TESS... always and forever!

Trixie said...

Great discussion going on here! Wish I could join in; however, I can't get past the picture...


Tess said...

I definitely used "Sometimes people see what we want to see" If reference to both of us Rose. I Love you like mad and know I can write this without you taking offense.

I don't know anything except what my rambling mind tells me.. and it's been so far gone for the past few months, it could tell me I'm a Plymouth Rock reincarnated and I might believe it.


Rose said...