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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Run, Rob... RUN!

To Whom It May Concern:
Well, actually. This concerns me.
The lunatic people out there that call themselves a 'fan' of Robert Pattinson.
I'm so incredibly irritated by all this bullshit.

1. Women stalking Rob outside of his hotel. OK, that's bad enough...
but then to fucking chase him down the street? What are you thinking?
Silly question. You are obviously NOT thinking.
How does chasing and scaring Rob make you a good fan?
Doesn't it connect with you that he was RUNNING AWAY?
And what happens if you catch him?
Do you fucking grab and molest him... demand an autograph?

2. It's one thing to show up where Rob is going to be in public.
Shit happens. It's another to keep showing up... over and over again.
Following him... stalking him... harassing him for pictures and autographs.
What give you the right?
Rob is famous... so he has to fucking sign your book? Or pose for your picture?

3. There is a video of Rob...
Surrounded by these fans...
And this one chick... just reaches out and puts her hand on him.
Again... I have to ask... WTF?
I'm sorry.
Would you like strange people touching you?
Putting their hands on you?
Did you see Rob's face?
He was clearly uncomfortable.

4. Lots of women stalking the movie set. OK. I get it.
You want to get a glimpse of Rob. I get it.
You uproot your whole life ...
to get a 5 second shot of Rob in a car.
You sit there for hours... days... hell... probably fucking weeks.
And that's not creepy to you?

What is beyond ridiculous is the sense of entitlement these lunatics have.
Like Rob owes them an autograph, a picture... his time.
They don't have boundaries.
They just push and shove themselves into his life...
like they have a right to be there.
It saddens me to no end.

One of the most charming and endearing things about Rob...
was his openness... how he went out of his way for his fans...
Endlessly signing autographs... enduring the constant pictures.
And that will surely disappear with this type of fanatical behavior.

Where do you draw the line?
Stop chasing him.
Stop following him.
Stop demanding he pose and sign.

Remember that Rob is a human being.
He's not a piece of meat...
He's not something to be mauled and pushed at...
Gnawed at and chewed on...


Just back the fuck up... and realize he has feelings.
He doesn't know you.
He doesn't owe you.
He doesn't.

Just stop.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

It's just gotten so out of hand, hasn't it? It's not like all this is going to die down with more movies coming out either.

Be strong, Rob!

Tess said...

People want to so much from him. He's given so much , now they feel entitled to their slice of Rob. You've hit on it perfectly Rose.

Be strong indeed Rob ~ and surround yourself with strong people

Mandy said...

I completely agree with you Rose, AJ & Tess. It scares me to think that this type of crazy fan stalking might force him into hiding.
This bullshit just makes me so sad. :( Robs generosity with his fans is just one of the many things I adore about him.
I hope his people are paying attention to this stalking and are watching out for him.