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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Monday, May 4, 2009

You, Sir, Are No Robert Pattinson!

I know people hate this shit.
Some of the bullshit out there is incredibly tedious.
But come on.
I don't give a rat's ass if they are in a bar...
The body language...
Says it all.
Look again.
Look at how she looks at him.
Not that I blame her, mind you...
But look at her eyes... look at him.
And better yet.
Look at how he is getting closer to her...
Uh huh.

And then we get the photo op.
Kristen and Oregano...
Pics of them
laughing and her jumping on his back...
She's walking in front him.
The body language says it all.
Oregano is always behind Kristen...
It's the natural order of things.

They are staring into each others eyes.
They are SO into each other.
There is no denying the chemistry.
It's been ongoing since the audition
on Catherine Hardwickes bed.
And by the looks of this picture...
It hasn't let up.
I've see countless pictures of
Kristen looking at Rob
just like this.
And I've yet to see ONE picture of
Kristen looking at Oregano
anything close to how
she looks at Rob.

Poor Oregano.
Short, Mediocre, Lurker
Everyone made such a big deal
out of these pics.
You could easily subtract the Spice...
and add anyone else...
and they would have come out the same.
Come on...
Oregano is bland.
A bit flakey.
and the most important thing?
He's no Robert Pattinson.
Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Excellent detective work there Rose! You demonstrate some good points. It's all smoke and mirrors in Hollywood - hard to know what's real and what's not.

I vote big time for a RobStew / RobSten / Krisbert connection.

Sorry Oregano. You're a good spice, but not the definition of spice. No contest.

Tess said...

Rose! You're killing me. ;)

Pffpt... on the Kbert connection.. I'm still holding out for Tessbert.

Mandy said...

Your so right Rose! There is no denying the body language.
It really hit home for me during the Twilight press in Tokyo.
Its great to see them so close and comfortable in each others company.
I think time & 3 more movies will tell if anything more actually eventuates.

Ellie said...

A picture tells a thousand words...
(Wait, did I get that right?)

just sayin'

Love you, Sweet Rose!