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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kristen Minus Oregano = Robert

This is a kind of follow up to yesterdays post.
I truly didn't mean to ruffle any feathers.
I was just giving my thoughts...
with a little sarcasm thrown in.
But I want to go into the
of what I was thinking.

+ Rob looks absolutely gorgeous as always.
That is always a plus.
No minus... no negative.
Always a good place to start... Yes?

Plus + OK... I don't know Michael Angarano
(see? I even spelled his name right!)
He might be a great guy...
He might be all kinds of wit and charm.
I don't have a clue...
but neither do you.
Minus- He's still short and stumpy.
Minus- He still has a goofy little face
and silly voice.
Plus+ He hasn't been around Kristen much lately.
Missed her birthday. (I think that's a huge deal)
Not doing his usual lurking thing.
Minus- Someone said that Kristen has said she
is dating Oregano (oh shut up, its funny)
But when was the last time she said that?
The end of 2008?
Some point out that she is holding his hand
in this picture...
But she was also seen holding Taylor Lautners hand...
and Jacksons hand...
I'm just calling it like I see it.
Oh... and Nikki Reed.
I think she's very pretty...
She always comes across very sweet in interviews...
But she needs to find her own way.
Glomming onto famous friends?
Minus ---------
Plus++ I love this picture.
A picture taken when neither one of them
knew it was being taken.
Again... I was reminded that
the chemistry shared between
Robert and Kristen has died down...
That its not the same as when they
were making Twilight.
And I say this.
While Kristen and Robert were making Twilight...
They were 2 goofy kids
Enjoying themselves... getting to know each other...
And in interview after interview...
It was obvious how attracted they were
to each other... and how intimate they had become.
They were having fun.
They aren't allowed the same freedom now.
They can't be themselves because they are always
being photographed and analyzed...
But once in a while...
in a picture like the one above...
You can still see it.
Plus +++++++++
Bottom line?
50% of what I say about Rob and Kristen...
is obnoxious sarcasm.
Because it always seem to stir the shit.
And I always find that amusing on many levels.
I'm a brat... what else can I say?
But a part of me also likes seeing
Rob and Kristen together.
Like in the picture...
++++++++ Pluses all around!
Whether Rob and Kristen
are 'together' or not doesn't really concern me...
I still think they have a real connection.
I still think there is a real sexual chemistry.
I still think they make each other happy.
And as I have said before...
and will no doubt say again and again...
I like seeing Rob happy!
++++++++++ PLUS!!!
So... while people might read this and think
I am just seeing what I want to see...
projecting my wants and desires onto
Rob and Kristen...
I feel that those same people
are believing what they want to believe.
It works both ways, doesn't it?
I can't help that MY way is the RIGHT way!
1. Rob and Kristen share something.
Something intimate.
2. Nikki and Oregano should hook up.
They make a cute couple.
Well... as cute as they can....
3. I don't apologize for being a smart ass...
It's better than being a dumb ass.
4. People need to calm down when it comes
to Roberts love life.
None of us know the truth...
We just like to gossip and speculate.
Some people let it consume them...
and some people get so upset
with the gossip sites...
Who cares what Laimey says... Or this Ted guy?
They don't know any more
than anyone else.
Unless I see and hear the words
come out of
Rob's mouth (now THAT'S a picture!)
I will take everything else with a grain of salt...
And have a nice giggle or two.
Isn't it fun?
It should be.
Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Rose - I "get" it. I know that a lot of what you say is tongue-in-cheek as it is the same for me.


Anonymous said...

Love this post! People who do not like what you have to say can click the little "x" box on the top right : )