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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Since I Saw Him Standing There...

I'm not sure how I got through yesterday.
And I'm 100% serious.
Getting bombarded with all these pictures...
Rob looking so beautiful...
Actually getting to see Edward/Bella come to life.

I was consumed by the images.
Of course, a lot of people
had a lot to say about these pictures.
Unfortunately, once again...
Relegating Rob into something that
you gnaw and chew on...
But that's another post...
for another time.

I would rather focus on the pictures.
So many glorious pictures...
Rob and Kristen looking gorgeous
in every one.

But the one that moved me the most?
The one I put in this post.

It's SO Edward and Bella to me.
He's holding her so tightly...
His arms pressing into her.
His face nuzzled in her neck...
She is wrapped around him...


So yeah...
Rob Pattinson is sexy hot...
He had his shirt off and looked

But he was a whole lot more...
He was Edward.

Bye for now


Suz, Rest In Pattinson said...

And I was broken for a long time
But it's over now, it's over now
Mm it's over now, now, now
It's over now, it's over now.
It's over now, now, now

Anonymous said...

Good post, Rose. I think that's what really got to me about these pics. Yes Rob is SHIRTLESS! HELLO HAWTNESS! but R&K really are Edward and Bella.

It made me a little emotional to see this poignant scene played out and brought back all the feelings from the book.

The reunion scene is such a just as intense in its joy as the break up scene is in its devastation. Stephenie Meyer knows how to pull on the heartstrings.

Anonymous said...

My fav of the lot also. Teh haaaannnnddddz!!!! My second fav was the one of Rob in the doorway listening so intently to Chris's direction and KStew standing by with her eyes closed and earbuds in.
The pic you featured from Cannes was also, in my opinion, the pinnacle from that lot.
You have great taste. Duh, obviously, considering over whom thou dost obsess. Thanks for an enjoyable site.

Tess said...

I've pictured this scene in NM as intensely as I pictured the Meadow in Twilight. But unlike the meadow scene in Twilight, I don't think this one is going to disappoint. I love the CWs vision.

I agree Rose. Rob and Kristen have brought these two characters to life. All the pictures from this scene are beautiful.