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Friday, May 15, 2009

Thinking About Rob Pattinson...

Thinking about Rob Pattinson makes me...

Happy every time I look at his beautiful face.

Sad when I realize that my love is unrequited.

Happy when I listen to him sing.

Sad when I see lunatics stalk him.

Happy when he is Edward Cullen.

Sad when I see the paparazzi shove cameras in his face.

Happy when he is smiling and laughing.

Sad when he gets asked the same tired questions over and over.

Happy when I watch his movies.

Sad that I have to wait until November to see "New Moon"

Happy that the cast has the "Eclipse" script already.

Sad that I watched the video of Rob walking through the airport.

Happy that Rob's parents were with him for his birthday.

Sad that I wasn't with him for his birthday.

Happy that Rob signed 3 autographs for ME!

Sad that I can't stop looking at them and smiling like an idiot.

Happy when I see Rob and Kristen together.

Sad that my obsession/addiction is way out of control now.

Happy that I have the RobKats to share Rob with.

Sad that Rob is so far away.

Happy that Rob seems happy.

Sad that this post is really long.

Happy that I'm finally putting this post out of its misery.

Sad that I just have to have the last word... even with myself.

Happy that this is now over.

Bye for now


Trixie said...


Here is my "happy/sad":

Happy that Rob brought us together; Sad that we live so far apart.

<3 you BFT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok - I'll give it a shot too.

Happy with the "Let Me Sign" music I hear right now on your site. :)

Sad that we can't have a big RK New Moon premiere get-together somewhere. :(

Tess said...

Wonderful Rose!

Happy: That I we all have one another to share our thoughts & feelings with.

Sad: That it's not physically possible to 'see' you all RIGHT NOW.

Mandy said...

Great post Rose!
Happy: to not be alone in my infatuation.
Sad: to feel that I may never be free of this infatuation.

Ellie said...

My turn:

Happy that we can all share our heartfelt and innocently protective feelings about Rob.

Sad that he probably isn't reading all these positive and encouraging testaments to him.

As always, sweet Rose, well done...