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Friday, May 8, 2009

Remember When...

Remember when....

Robert Pattinson was just that guy
who played Cedric in a Harry Potter movie.

There were only 10 followers at ROBsessed...
and you knew them all.

Twilight was a time of day.

Oregano was just a spice.

Sex hair meant something completely different.

You heard Rob sing for the first time...
and were surprised.

Robert Pattinson could sing at pubs and bars
and people didn't care.

There was no such thing as Facebook and Twitter.

You were perfectly satisfied with your life.

Stephenie Meyers was just a housewife.

FF meant fast forward.

The name Edward was just old fashioned and kinda ugly.

Vampires weren't sexy hot.

Forks was just some cutlery.

You weren't anxious and overwhelmed.

You could function like a normal human being.

Edward Cullen took over your heart.

You didn't have a blog dedicated
to your feelings about one man.

You saw Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen the first time.

You went to see Twilight alone... 5 times

You finally admitted your addiction.

You could remember when...

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

LOL! Loved this. Yes, I remember when I thought Edward was the geekiest name evah!

Rob has made 'Edward' and geeks like Daniel Gale and Art all kinds of schmexy.

Brilliant post, Rose.

Tess said...

Fantastic Post Rose...

Is there an acronym for this?? BR and AR??