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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rob & Kristen... Sitting In a... Limo.

I don't usually post twice in a day.
Even less on the weekend.
Hell, even someone as full of shit as I am...
runs low on something to say
every now and then.

But I had to comment on these new
Rob and Kristen pictures.
They were out at a New Moon Cast party...
Rob and Kristen got together in a limo...
And Kristen's legs are kinda...
Around Rob's.

I just have to make myself
perfectly clear in this instance.
I kid around about "Robsten".
I like to play the devil's advocate
when it comes to Rob's romantic interests.
But it's all silly sarcasm.
But I've said it before...
(many times today actually)
and I'll say it again...
Rob is always smiling and laughing
when he's with Kristen.
In fact, he looks downright dreamy.
Oh wait... he always looks like that.
But honestly...
He looks so HAPPY when he's with her.
That's all I really care about.
Rob is happy? Rose is happy.
The whys and hows of their relationship
doesn't really matter.
Well... it shouldn't really matter to anyone
except the parties involved.
Anyone seen Oregano lately?
I digress...
Something I do a lot lately.
I enjoy seeing pictures of
Rob and Kristen together...
Look at his face.
It's positively beautiful.
Huge smile.
Happy eyes.
It's a good thing.
And beyond that?
Sometimes you just have to say...
Who gives a fuck.
Bye For Now... Again


Tess said...

I agree Rose. People should spend time with people who make them happy. You'd be a fool to do otherwise. Happy Rob makes my heart swell. Happy Rose makes my heart swell.. I just wish with all my heart that I could make him happy.. that would make MY heart explode!!!

Mandy said...

I couldn't agree with you more Rose!
When you care about someone so much, you can't help but appreciate all the things and people that make them happy.
Happy Rob = Happy Me, Too!