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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Camilla Belle Shoots... She Scores!

Quote from GQ March 2009 Issue.
Title: Belle De Jour~Actress Camilla Belle Scores.

"Camilla was photographed leaving an L.A. cafe'
with Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson.
When asked about the purported affair,
all she'll offer is "I know what I'm doing".

Now Camilla is a beautiful girl. She seems very sweet.
Rob obviously likes her.
He always has this big goofy grin on his face when he is around her.
I like seeing Rob so happy...
so it makes me like her, too.
But... I never heard of her...
until I saw pictures of her with Rob.
At an award ceremony.
Walking and laughing... having lunch.
Yeah. She seems to know what she is doing.
Now she is on the cover of magazines...
being cast in A-list movies...
And she still gets to hang out with Rob.
And she gets to see him laugh and smile...

Clever girl.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Clever girl indeed. Now that we know nothing (according to Rob's public statement)is going on with them, this quote takes on new meaning.

She sure is getting her name out there now.

Romantic Fool said...

Camilla Belle has known Rob since she did a movie with his childhood friend Tom Sturidge in 2006. Rob always speaks highly of her, says she is a saint, visited her in 2/09 and is good friends with her. As soon as she stopped seeing Jonas (not serious) in May, Rob had her come to NYC to meet the Remember Me cast more than likely. Right now, she is in NYC and Rob was sighted at his friend Ed Westwick's girlfriend Leighton Meester's apt. I hope they had a chance to meet up under the radar. Camilla Belle is witty, charming, down to earth, not stuck up, beautiful, talented, smart, plays piano, speaks a foreign language, is classy, involved with charities, Catholic and wholesome. Rob and her would be as wonderful a couple as Taylor and Taylor.

God bless them and hopefully, Rob will realize that girls like Camilla don't come along often in life and snag her. Life is uncertain and love and family is all that matters in life. He said in Japan that he wants to have kids by his 30's. She cared for Rob when he was down and out and uncertain. She is not a user. They would be good together and for each other. Get to know Camilla, she is beautiful inside and out just like Robert.

Romantic Fool said...

You are mistaken that Camilla was an unknown and your implication is that she used Rob. She has an impressive body of work and has worked with major stars. She has a move From Prada To Nada coming out, just did Father of Invention, has Mary, Mother of Christ pending and did 10 Million Years BC, Ballad of Jack and Rose, The Quiet, When A Stranger Calls, Push and several more.

She is just not out getting stoned and drinking every night like so many celebrities are. I admire her charity work and that she conducts herself like a star and is a good role model.