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Monday, January 26, 2009

Been Thinking 2 ~ The sequel

Been thinking that although I positively adore this picture, I find myself repeating my favorites...

Been thinking that letting my husband find my folder of Rob pics on the desktop computer was stupid. Now I will have to endure more "Noooo YOU'RE not obsessive" comments. (funny thing is? He still thinks its connected to vampires, and obviously has NO FUCKING CLUE to what depth my obsession really goes)

Been thinking that I miss Rob, but if he were 'around', what would he be doing? He would be getting stalked by paparazzi, looking annoyed, looking adorable, looking fucking perfect.

I digress.

Been thinking that I love listening to Rob's music with my headphones. It's like he's fucking playing just for me. And I can hear his guitar so clearly...and it fucking MOVES me.

Been thinking that Dakota Fanning is a pretty good choice to play Jane in NM. She definitely can give off that creepy vibe.

Been thinking that Robert Pattinson is fucking gorgeous.

Been thinking that I need to stop letting my sons push my buttons when it comes to Rob/Twilight. They know some of my obsession (why? Cuz they are nosey little shits) so whenever they get the chance to irritate me...they do. Nice boys I've raised. I'm so proud.

Been thinking that I know that I don't understand the why of the way I feel about Rob...but I've decided not to fight it anymore (and believe me, I've tried). Part of the anxiety I've felt is trying to squash down my feelings...and who needs more anxiety?

Been thinking that some people try too hard. It's OK to just sit back and observe (and aren't people fascinating?), you don't always have to shout so loud to be heard.

Been thinking that Robsessed has some talented bullshit writers. They are fucking coming out of the woodwork, and I am LOVING it!

Been thinking that I have no fucking idea how many times I have seen "Twilight". Seriously. I watch it A LOT. A FUCKING LOT. I just wish I knew how deep my obsession went...

Been thinking that I miss reading about dark Edward in "Wide Awake". I fucking LOVE that story...and that's no fucking bullshit.

Been thinking that I've probably said a lot, without saying anything. As usual.

Bye for now


Trixie said...

You HAVE been thinking!

Glad you aren't going to let your boys push your buttons anymore. Moms are people, too, and are allowed to have their own interests (no matter how pathetic they might be - LOL)!

Glad you aren't trying to fight the feelings anymore (I'm channeling that Air Supply song right now... "and I can't fight this feeling anymore...") You are right, the fight (and hiding)does cause some of the anxiety.

Oh, and just to add to the twin brain thing, I totally revisited Never Think and Let Me Sign last night!


ForeverEB said...

Rose... I love your "been thinking" posts.

I too love listening to Rob's music through headphones. You know he is singing to just us when we do that. It's a fact.

Just let the obsession flow freely... it's what it wants...

Love ya,

Ellie said...


Been thinking that you say the exact same things that I am thinking, but that I am too tongue-tied, writing-wise, to say about Rob and this obsession that we all have (yeah, I said Rob and tongue in the same fucking sentence...yum).

Keep up (okay, another one I said) the wonderful writing. I love that you can read my mind.


Tess said...

I wish I were closer to you... because I really wanna hug the shit out of you!

I had more to say, but I completely got distracted by the picture of Rob at the Sex drive premiere and lost my train of thought.

going to go finish watching The Bad Mother's Handbook now... because I just need to. I'm sure you know what I mean.

love ya,