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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rose's Top 10 (or something) Favorite Twilight Moments.

OK. I'm starting to think that I keep using the same Rob pictures over and over again. Because being the fucked up lunatic that I am, I can't keep track of what I have and haven't used recently.
Who the fuck cares, right? Right.
On to the Top 10 list of the Best Twilight Moments (and may I just inject here that of course this is just my humble but well versed opinion. I have watched the bullshit movie a couple of dozen times at least). I'm going to try and start from least favorite moment (does that even exist?) to my favorite. Well...shit. My favorite moment is anytime Rob is on the screen. Seriously, can you take your fucking eyes off of him? Exactly.
Ready? OK!
17. (Did I say I was going to start at 10? Sucker!)
17A. When Edward starts talking to Bella in Biology. Not a huge moment...but its close ups of Rob...and he does have a fucking fantastic smile. That's all it takes.
16. 2nd time Bella is in the hospital. I mean...again...CLOSE UP OF ROB'S BEAUTIFUL FACE. When he tells her she should go to Jacksonville, the pain on his face... I will try to get past the hoses all up in Bella's eyes...but that's another list.
15. The much overplayed scene of Edward saving Bella from getting squished by the van. This scene has lost its impact due to endless clips being shown everywhere...but you cannot let the look that Bella and Edward give to each other...be forgotten. Ah, to be that close to Rob...*sigh*
14. Vampire baseball game. Just because its one of the few times you actually get to see all of the Cullens. And they get to talk. And do stuff. And honestly, when Edward is 'protecting' Bella at the end of the scene...I pretty much fucking melt. The intensity in his eyes. LOVE IT.
13. Saving Bella in the Ballet Studio. This makes the list mostly because of the sweet, sexy tones of Robert Pattinson singing "Let Me Sign" in the background. Oh, and the way he sucks the venom out of her arm...it makes me shiver!
12. Salad Bar. Another overplayed scene...but worthy of mention just because I think Edward is being dazzling (not hard to do), and Rob has the cutest smile....and the way he says "which beach?". His 'American' accent is fucking to die for.
11. Bella's first time in the hospital (after the van almost squished her). The close ups of Rob's face, again. It will sway me everytime. Also, because Rob said this was one of his favorite scenes. He's trying to be kinda mean to Bella...it's not working.
10. THE TOP TEN!!!
10A. The Field Trip. Bella is thinking about the van...Mike Newton comes into her view. But he blurs out and you just see Edward...standing behind him...making an incredible face. LOVE IT.
Excellent how she can't see or hear anything...just Edward. Also want to add...that when Edward gets pissed off at Bella for thinking he regrets saving her...his fucking jawline when he gets on his bus. Hello? Where the HELL did he get that fucking jawline???
9. Woods/Meadow/Reveal Scene. You would think this would be higher up on my list. The book version would be. Although I loved seeing Rob yelling and racing around...and spouting the 'lion/lamb' line...it was a bit anti-climatic for me...which again, is for another list. You do have wonderful close ups of Rob...and he does 'sparkle' (OK, that's not a good thing, really). But the heroin scene...his leaning out of the tree...his fucking face is fabulous! Makes it all worth it.
8. Garage scene. This is getting tough, now...getting to my most favorite scenes... Anyway. Rob's look of complete angst...his staring contest with Rosalie...and of course...his leaning into the car...touching Bella's face...and saying "You ARE my life now" is all meltworthy. Does he say "Olive Juice" here? You decide.
7. "Since I'm going to Hell" scene. Robert in sunglasses? Does it get any fucking better? The smirks, the arm around Kristen....but the sunglasses. That does it for me.
6. Edward/Bella discussion scene. You know, after she knows what he is...she asks him all kinds of questions...well...he talks about drinking human blood...in the motherfucking rain. THE RAIN. Rob...wet...dripping...licking his lips...Sweet Jesus. I need a towel.
5. Port Angeles. So many things here. The 'look' he gives those evildoers. The way the Volvo spins the fuck around. Robs face (again with his face, seeing a trend here, folks?) in the restaurant. "Never Think" in the background. "I feel very protective of you" and "I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore". Then fucking DON'T!!!!
4. Prom scene. Seeing Rob in a suit. YUMMY!!! But one of his last lines..."Is it not enough just to live a long and happy life with me?" again...I'm a puddle of goo. And he kisses her. Again. *sigh*
3. First Kissing Scene. Rob's voice. His face (ha!)...the way he leans in to kiss her...and when he finally does? He fucking smiles....the breathing...the kissing sounds. Rob seems to kiss very loudly, doesn't he? All of his kisses, be it on the lips or the forehead, or the neck...are loud. Interesting. I also love his face after he is thrown back against the wall...so damn dreamy. It would be wrong of me to also not mention when Edward is just lying next to Bella...watching her sleep.
2. Edward takes Bella home. Where do I start? You get to meet the Cullens. All of them. And they are all perfect for their parts. Especially fond of Alice, Carlisle and Jasper. Edward takes Bella to his room. Did I mentions Rob's face? Edward slowly touches Bella...he makes it look hard to do. He smiles his crooked smile...he flies out the door with her...he calls her a spidermonkey.
Cut to Robert Pattinson playing the piano. The first time I saw this scene...I fucking cried...like a spidermonkey. OK, not like a spidermonkey, cuz...I have no idea how they cry...or if they cry. But it brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. Something very potent about Rob and his music.
1. Drum Roll Please!
Cafeteria scene where you first see Edward. When Edward opens the door and walks in the cafeteria...OH MY FUCKING GOD. The music...everything is perfect. And the way Rob smiles when Jessica talks about no one being good enough for him. WOW WOW WOW. This scene had the most impact on me when I first saw the movie. Catherine Hardwicke did a fantastic job with introducing Edward to the world. I shall never forget it.
And there you have it. My top 17 Twilight moments. Stay tuned for my Ten Twilight Flaws....coming soon to a theater near you.


Tess said...

Loved your list. I practically relived seeing the movie.

I loved most of the scene's you loved.

I loved the kiss. I've seen a lot of kissing scenes, but for some reason I think that scene has got to be one of the sexiest kissing scenes in the history of movie making.. not for it's explicitness (?) but for it's restraint... I loved how his character tells her 'Be very still (then you see them both sort of shudder) he moves in, "don't move" (I'm shuddering now) the fact that you could hear their breaths.. the exchange of air between them, so intimate... gahhh!!

I want him to tell me what to do..

I picture him ordering me around the bedroom, and I love it when a man has the balls to tell me what to do in the bedroom!

great post.

Rose said...

Oh...the kiss....Rob is just spectacular in that whole scene.
The sounds he makes are overwhelming.

Thanks Tess:)