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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who are the men in white coats? And why are they here?

What is fucking wrong with me? Why does the image of Robert Pattinson sucking on a cigarette fucking make me fall apart? I can't seem to shake this overwhelming urge to fucking TASTE him...to get a hit of the nicotine...off of his mouth.
What. The. Fuck.
I've been rather morose, lately. In fact...fucking surly. I'm not sure I understand the WHY of my feelings...I just know the reality.
The fucking reality.
God, I miss him. So much.
So fucking bittersweet, isn't it? Wanting Rob to find peace. So fucking glad that he is flying under the radar (for the most part) and getting a chance to perform again...a chance to live his life.
But missing his laugh...the way he pulls his hand through his hair...his words....his face.
Ah yes...such is the conundrum of my Robsession.
Bye for now


Trixie said...

Rose - you just sent me over the edge with the "wanting to get a hit of nicotine off his mouth" comment.

Do you realize what a HOT comment that is?! Fucking scortching!

You know I'm with you...



ForeverEB said...

Oh... that is hot. I'm next in line.

I want me some Robster Lights... NOW.

Love ya ♥

MelissaB said...

Ah, Rose...this image of him sucking on a cig actually drove me to smoke the other day...crazy, I know...but something about him smoking is erotic...YUM

Kate said...

Have to agree 100%, there is something VERY sexy about him smoking, even makes me want one and I don't smoke at all LOL

And yes Rose I know what you mean about wanting him to enjoy his down time, I think the problem is we were so spoilt with news and new pics of him before he headed home that we just can't cope now. I bet he's having a right laugh at everyone, I can just see him in my head in fits of laugher. Yahe has us right where he wants us !!!;-)