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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Symptoms of Withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms:

Agitation ~ Has anyone posted new pictures? Why aren't there any new pictures?
Anxiety ~ I'm looking for you...everywhere. Why can't I find you?
Panic attacks ~ WHERE ARE YOU????
Confusion ~ Why have you left me? Where did you go?
Depression ~ If I don't see you soon, I'm gonna go see HSM2.
Euphoria ~ Perez Hilton posted about you!!!!
Fear ~ Will I ever see you again?
Hallucinations ~ I think I just saw you lurking around my house....
Headache ~ I'm clenching my jaw (oh God, his jaw!)
Hypertension ~ My blood pressure rises with just a thought of you
Insomnia ~ If I could dream, I would dream of you...
Irritability ~ This is just too much FUCKING BULLSHIT!
Nausea ~ I don't feel well...my stomach hurts...
Palpitations ~ My heart is racing...or is it breaking??
Psychosis ~ Rob loves me...he wants to marry me!!!
Restlessness ~ I keep checking "Robsessed" every 5 minutes
Weakness ~ I miss you, Rob....I'm on my knees....


Trixie said...

Rose - You are absolutely hilarious! AND, so very clever. Based on this post, I am convinced that I am also suffering from withdrawal. But, you aren't surprised, are you???

Kate said...

Nothing to add! Withdrawl is a bitch! LOL

Ellie said...

Shall we start a support group? Oh, wait, we already have one---it's called the Robkats!

Fucking wonderful summing up of our maladies! lol and xoxo

Tess said...

fucking amazing post.

I'm so jealous of this fucking amazing post..

I can't believe I didn't fucking think of it first! I have Post envy!

Oh yeah! we're twins... you must've read my mind ;)

Rose said...

I love you girls and your kind fucking words.