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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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is purely coincidental.

Monday, January 5, 2009

No more F-bombs. Really. At least for this post. Really.

This is how I picture 'dark' Edward in "Wide Awake". Really.
And I don't need to add a certain F word to prove that point. Whew. This is kinda hard. I mean...I look at Rob...and I _____ want to say it. It's really _____hard not to type that word. How sad is it that I read someones fanfic...and I get all caught up in how she litters it with profanity? So caught up that I start _____ talking just like 'dark' Edward? I am so easily led. So easily addicted. So easily ____ prone to cursing like a _____sailor. Yeah. I guess anything that has to do with EDWARD is my ____brand of heroin. I know that's a lame line to put here...____lame, actually. But, I have to lay my Robsession, my devotion to all things Twilight, all at Stephenie Meyers doorstep. That , and I obviously have a _____addictive personality. I loved Edward first. No _____doubt about that. As much as I thought Robert Pattinson was ______adorable, I never thought much beyond that point (yeah, me and a zillion other people, right?). But then came Edward. And I _____LOVE Edward. Everything about him. And that led me to Robert. Who I now _____adore. I'm a fan for _____life. Yeah. Robert? I ______LOVE YOU.
I also wanted to note the passing of another year. It's now 2009. Bullshit. (I said no F-bombs, OK?) I'm much better in even years...and I'm not even sure why I say that. Must be the obsessive/compulsive part of my personality. Yeah. That's it.
OK. I love Edward. I love Robert. And yeah, I know that Edward is a character in a book/movie...and that Robert is an actor portraying said character. I got it.
Now get the ____out of here.