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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

March 21st.

*Sigh* I love this man.
I decided to add an Edward quote to each post. This one kinda sounds like me at the moment.
"I wish you could feel the… complexity… the confusion… I feel. That you could understand."
Edward~ Twilight Chapter 13, p.277
Well, I guess it's official. The "Twilight" DVD comes out on March 21st. Pretty quick turnaround for a movie that is still in theaters. Not that I'm complaining. Hell no. I guess a part of me just wants the damn DVD right NOW.
Of course I have already preordered it. Duh.
I am anticipating the DVD almost as much (maybe more?) than I did the release of the movie. I guess actually owning the movie...and being able to watch it (and not all dark and shitty, like the versions I've been watching on the computer...but does that stop me? No.) whenever I want...makes my stomach flip. Rob makes my stomach flip. Sweet Jesus. ANYWAY...I digress. I am looking forward to the outtakes...and extra scenes...and to hearing Rob's commentary on the movie. SEX ON FIRE. You know, I think I had better stop typing for the moment. I'm getting all anxious...and worked up...the way Rob always seems to make me feel (and I'm still trying to understand the hold he has over me). How the hell can I feel like this over someone I have never met? What the fuck? Ugh. Another post for another time.
Bye for now.


Trixie said...

Rose - the commentary is going to send me over the edge, I just know it! And you know I'm going to go full-out pathetic with it and fucking memorize every bullshit thing he says!


Tess said...

He's beautiful... It's what's inside him ladies that has a hold on us..

PS: I completely lost my train of thought looking at the picture of Rob on the right here..(is it from instyle.. w/Kstew.. his gaze is penetrating)

Trixie said...

Tess - this quote from Twilight says it perfectly... "he's even more amazing behind the face."

And, yes, this picture is an outtake from the Instyle photoshoot. It kills me.

Rose said...

I guess it's not twins...it's TRIPLETS!!!!
And the pictures from the InStyle photoshoot are some of the best ever taken of Rob....
Not that there is a bad picture of him...but you know what I mean.

Love you girls.