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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What comes first...the Edward or the Rob?

This has got to be one of the dreamiest fucking pictures of Rob that I have ever seen. And I have my sweet, dear twin sister, Trixie to thank for it. THANKS!
OK. I was having this discussion...about Edward...and Rob.
I know that my obsession starts with Edward. I loved Edward before I loved Rob. And now I am beyond obsessed...addicted...totally, completely devoted to Rob.
So the question is...if another actor was cast as Edward in Twilight...would I have become as obsessed...addicted...devoted to this actor as well? It is something to ponder.
Yes, I knew who Robert Pattinson was before he was cast in Twilight. He was the beautiful boy who made Daniel Radcliffe look short and ordinary....but he was beautiful. He had the same face...the same hair...everything...yet...nothing quite clicked with him.
Fast forward a few years. Rob is cast as Edward. I will admit to seeing a few pictures of him on the internet...and thinking to myself..."I'm not too sure about this guy" (can you fucking imagine that bullshit???). It wasn't until the 'dark' Edward promo pics came out...and then the teaser trailers...that I became totally convinced he was my Edward. I can't picture anyone else as Edward. Robert Pattinson IS Edward Cullen. But that goes back to the original question. Some other virtually unknown actor takes the role of Edward. Does he automatically become my Edward? Do I just start fantasizing about this guy...dreaming about him...joining another form of Robsessed? Would any actor who had been cast as Edward become my obsession? Or is it only the rare combination of Edward/Robert that does it to me?


Trixie said...

Oh, I'm so excited you used the picture! He is just... well, you know!

I think this is one of those rare instances where all the right variables just came together:

Edward Cullen + Rob Pattinson = PURE OBSESSION PERFECTION

It's kind of like that saying, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". We would have loved Rob without Edward and we loved Edward without Rob, but the two combined - HEAVEN HELP US!

Ellie said...

Rose, this is the first time I've read your blog...I love it! You're witty, insightful, and a girl after my own heart. Rob is all these things and more. You say all the things I feel. Thank you, my dear.

Tess said...


I loved the Edward's character in the books, but I only read the books because I stumbled upon the trailer and went...waahh! after seeing Rob... and then went and devoured the books.

So for me. Rob comes first.. second.. thirds..(oops? is that a freudian slip? do I want first, seconds and thirds of Rob?) why yes I do.

I love how your mind works missy.

Rose said...

Thanks for all of the kind words.
It's good to know that I'm not alone in my Robsession.

Olive Juice to all of you :)

Kate said...

Rose I love your blog, It's my first time visiting and I'll be back.
I'm the same as Tess I saw the trailer that a friend of mine posted on her blog (she now thinks I'm completely obsessed, but I have a feeling se thinks it's only with twilight LOL) saw "Edward" got the books and like everyone else fell in love with him.
I had never heard of Rob, I had no interest in Harry Potter, I saw the first film, went out and bought ALL the books but didn't get past the first one :-0 I still have the books!
I saw "The Bad Mothers Handbook" when it was on ITV and thought Rob's character was realy sweet but didn't really pay any attention to him IYKWIM ;-)I was watching it for Catherine Tate, I LOVE her!!!
SO ya I guess Edward kinda brought him to my attention if I'm honest and I do love Edward but there's a LOT more to ROB ;-)