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Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Thoughts. OK, most of them are about Rob...but humor me.

I did a lot of thinking today...about a lot of things. One of my major faults (at least in my opinion) is my tendancy to overthink everything. Until the point of exhaustion.
Anyway...here are some thoughts.
1. Look to your left. Holy Mother of God. Sex anyone?
2. I was out running errands (meaning...doing shit that had nothing to do with Rob/Edward)...and I noticed that my 'fucking' mouth is indeed worse when I am driving. I mean...way worse. I'm not a patient person, let's just get that shit out of the way right now...but put me behind a wheel of a car? I am a bitch on wheels. It just seems to me that I am surrounded by assholes on the road. Assholes who pull out in front of you. Assholes that talk on their cells (or worse, text ) while trying to navigate traffic, and failing miserably because they fucking can't concentrate on both things at the same time. Assholes who drive 10 miles below the speed limit. I could go on...but lets just suffice to say...the world is full of assholes.
3. Rob. Let's face it. I think about him A LOT. More than I should by any means...but for some reason, overthinking about Rob...doesn't seem to bother me as much. Go figure.
4. Fanfic. HUGE fan. I'm always reading something. And its a good thing that with all the Twilight madness...there are endless stories out there to choose from. In previous posts, I waxed poetic (what the fuck does that mean?) about "Wide Awake"...and for good reason. Love that fucking bullshit story. But I've found myself drawn to other stories with their versions of dark Edward. Because let's fucking face facts, folks (that's a lot of F's) Edward is who I want to read about. Yes, Bella too...but I prefer reading stories from Edwards POV. I just love it. That's why I'm such a HUGE fan of "Midnight Sun"... Edward is who/what I find fascinating. He doesn't even have to be a vampire. Human dark Edward is fucking sexy as hell. I find it very interesting that as long as the names Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are in a story...I will probably read it.
Fanfic is probably what saved me from reading my Twilight series to dust. Just endlessly reading the books...back to back...trying to get my fix of Edward. At least now, I can let the books have a breather...and I can still get my fix. Gimme a P? Gimme an A?
5. Rob. I love that man. His face, his voice...even his smell. Ok, I have never had the pleasure of smelling him, but I find lines from that movie coming into my head all the damn time. It's kinda embarrassing. Especially when I post shit on Facebook, and I get friends who ask me "What is Twilight?". Sorry. You fucking can't be my friend ANY MORE. Sheesh. Can you imagine a life without Rob? Without Twilight? Without Edward??? Without ROBSESSED???? Hell No!!!
Gimme a T? Gimme a H?
D. I actually got shit done today. I mean...not just running errands and doing the dishes and the laundry...I mean like...taking a shower and getting dressed! HooRay for ME! I actually pushed away from the computer for a couple of hours.
Gimme an E? Gimme a T-I-C????
9. What's that spell? P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!!!!! That's ME!!!!!
42. I want to give a special shout out to my 2 Twin sisters. I adore you both. You know who you are (and so does anyone who can see who my 'followers' are..hahaha)
Enough thoughts. I feel dizzy from thinking too much.
Bye for Now :)


ForeverEB said...

Leather, freshly washed hair and a slight hint of smoke... it was fucking divine.

Olive Juice.

Rose said...

Too much fucking bullshit.

But I love you anyway.

ForeverEB said...

Oh, and the image you chose for that post.

Holy Testicles Batman... that is divine.

Love you too....

Tess said...

Oh Sis! all your posts fucking rock my world (have you been lurking in my brain) but this one rocked a bit harder... a bit sweeter.. and THIS fucking bullshit comment almost killed me.

1. Look to your left (or in this case up). Holy Mother of God. Sex anyone?


Trixie said...

Loved this post! You are my twin, indeed. Absolutely without a doubt!

Yes, there are too many assholes in the world. They are everywhere and are taking over rapidly.

Am too laughing at the "look to the left" - you KILL me.

I <3 U!