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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, January 16, 2009

Groundhog Rob

Dear Rob,

I'm glad that you have had some time away to recoup and rest. Lord knows you deserved it after putting up with all the screaming and the grabbing and the yelling and the interviews and stalking and the paparazzi...
But seriously now...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Look, I'm not asking for fucking much here. Just a peek. A little token of your affection.
Even though I can always see your beautiful face anytime I want...it's not the same. I'm worried about you.
I need to know you're OK. I need to see for myself.
And oh yeah, I wanna see what you hair looks like a month later.
So come on ...throw me a bone here (did I just say bone??).
You don't have to stay out for long...just one little picture...
Just pop out of your hiding place long enough to see if you can see your shadow or not....
I hope you don't...
But I'm guessing there will be at least 6 more weeks of a Rob-less winter.

Yours whenever you want me,



Sabrizzle said...

I totally agree with you Rose! I wish he would just emerge from his hiding spot for a day to give us some new pics and then he can go back into hiding for awhile. I need something new to help me keep what little sanity I have left.

Trixie said...

"Yours whenever you want me" - I LOVE it!

And Sabrizz - you actually HAVE sanity left? I'm afraid I am fresh out of sanity...

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Sanity what's that Mine's gone out the window.
Who are we talking about, oh yeah, George......Edward.....I mean Rob oh ya he's gone to Santa Barbara with an unidentified Redhead isn't he they were going for the weekend I think?? It was all ove TMZ the other day, did ye not see the pics. Oh no sorry I'm wrong he's in Italy with Bella, he's in big trouble, her and Alice are going to save him. Oh hang on Fanfic overload. What's that you say Rob's in England????
Sanity what's that, I lost it a long time ago!!LOL

Ellie said...

LMFAO, Rose! A bone WOULD be nice, wouldn't it? Just a quick little glimpse of a jaw, or something...
Loving this blog, lady.
And Kate, my sentiments exactly; it's hard to keep Rob/Edward/Dark Edward apart in my mind.
haha, I said hard and Rob!

Tess said...

Ok. this is my new favorite "Rose" post..

Love the Groundhog day ref.. so very clever...

You know he's off sequestered somewhere.. alone with his dark thoughts of what a complete dick he is..