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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dark Edward.

Yeah, this is pretty much it. Because this picture looks more like Edward than it does Robert. At least in my mind (take that for what its worth). Edward looks like he can be so dangerous. I love that about him. This picture is the one I saw of Robert...when I knew that he could pull off the whole Edward thing. Yeah.
So anyway.
I've been writing in here a few months now...I'm not sure what it is doing for me, except making me look like a complete lunatic. I've been reading other peoples blogs...some of them are so serious. Some of them are hilarious. I'm not sure what mine is. It's just constant blathering about Robert Pattinson and/or Edward Cullen. Over and over again. But I didn't come here to talk about my husband and kids...cuz, well...they wouldn't appreciate me telling personal info on a Robert Pattinson Intoxication blog, and I don't blame them. I made this blog so I could figure out my obsession to Robert/Edward. At least I can admit that it is both of them that make up my addiction. I can at least be that honest with myself. I didn't make this blog thinking that I would get all sorts of attention. In fact, it would kinda scare me if anyone read this with any sort of regularity. Now, I have no way of knowing whether anyone reads this or not...I'm assuming not. I have gotten a few comments along the way...but other than that...I'm in this alone. I just found out today that I have no 'followers'...so I guess that's a good thing. At least I can slowly lose my mind without anyone watching! I do follow a few blogs...people that I find amusing. I'm all for amusing. I suppose I don't really have to follow them to read them. OK..now I just sound weird.
"You may be right...I may be crazy. But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for!"
Gotta love Billy Joel.
I'm a lunatic. Classified. Grade A. Number 1. Lunatic.
And guess what? I didn't curse through this WHOLE post!
I am so proud. And weirded out.
Now I feel like I am talking to myself.
Oh oh.
Bye for now:)


Tess said...

Oh Rose! we're like twins... separated at birth only to find one another again here.. On your blog.

translation: I feel your pain/pleasure/dismay/WTF am I doing obsessing about this man?


Dark Tess... ever since you beeatches went on and on about WA I'm now an addict

Rose said...

Oh Tess...Twin daughters of different mothers. I love it!
Thanks for not reporting me to the nearest psychiatric facility....I would just have to escape...again.