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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to Rob Anonymous.

I'm not sure how to put my feelings into words today. My thoughts are racing through my brain...leaving me feel all discombobulated. I can't seem to focus on one clear thought.
Fucking Bullshit.
First off...I was reading "Twilighters Anonymous" today, and there was an article about obsessed fans, written from the POV of a friend of a famous person that attracted screaming hordes of girls. I found the piece interesting, but not really telling me something that I didn't already know...but there were a couple of lines that jumped out to me...
"No, dedication to a craft is one thing. Admiring someone for their talent is another, but it really is none of your business if Rob Pattinson is dating anyone or if Kristen Stewart is getting enough sleep. Accosting these actors on the street for photos and autographs while screaming and crying is unacceptable behavior. Tracking them down to hopefully “run into them at a club” is just as creepy as conversing on a message board about whether or not Rob would date [insert random fan-a-tic here]. "
Does this person really equate conversing on a message board (something that I do on a daily basis...yes...I fucking do) to actually accosting Rob on the street, screaming and crying...or worse yet, stalking him? Really? Why is talking about Rob...creepy? Why is normal curiosity about him...such a bad thing? I was disgusted with the behavior of the screaming banshees that followed Rob wherever he went on the "Twilight" promotional tour...I hated seeing the frightened look in his eyes when he was virtually attacked in an airport. I cringed when he would come on stage...amidst the screams...and he would virtually fold into himself. No. NO.
I'm not THAT kind of fan. I adore Robert Pattinson. I write about him. I talk about him. But it is from afar. Even if I saw Rob on the street...or in a pub...I know I would behave like a human being. Why? Because I care about him...and I wouldn't want to be the one to put a frightened look on his face....
That being said....I do realize that this very blog is obsessive about Rob. It's somewhere that I can go and express the things that are in my head. I look at them...I try to figure out where they are coming from. I've never felt this way about anyone famous before (and yes, I've adored Paul McCartney for years...but still not to this extreme). I get it. I admit to my addiction.
"Hello, I'm Rose...and I'm obsessed with and addicted to Robert Pattinson"
"Hello Rose, welcome to Rob Anonymous"
I view this blog as one of my 12 steps...as a way of coming to grips with the why and how of my feelings.
But this blog, or my talking about Rob on a message board...isn't 'creepy'. It's just admiration...fantasy...and attraction. I'm not delusional, and I'm realistic enough to know that this is just a way to talk to some wonderful ladies...share a few laughs...and perhaps daydream a bit...
Nothing creepy about that.
Bye for now


Tenneil said...

Rose--- not creepy....I admire you for being brave to put it into words. I can not even do that... I read your words and your thoughts as my own.

Trixie said...

This post, for a brief moment, made me feel "un"pathetic :)

And, because you know me so very well, THAT is quite an achievement.

Thanks, Rosie <3

Tess said...

There is nothing wrong with admiring Rob from afar. Everyone needs an outlet and this is yours. Your insight and postings make me (for one) feel so much better.

We actually have quite a bit in common with the subject of our admiration! How many times has he admitted to obsessing over someone in the past? Several times. Did this make him a fanatic? disrespectful? No. This makes him human. Just like us.

Don't forget how fucking much I love you!

robsessed2themax said...

Rose, of course it's not creepy, watching him from afar this way. I believe all the people on Robsessed love him the "right" way and will all be able to act fairly human if any of us every has a chance to encounter him in real life =]. I also completely understand what you said about "never feeling this way about a celebrity." The intensity of my obsession baffles me.... So anyways, I love your entry and all your honesty =]