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Friday, January 30, 2009

Midnight Sun...what if?

This is still one of my favorite pictures of "Edward". I think Robert really became him in this picture. I know it worked for me!

OK. I was on some "Twilight" site...and it was talking about the Stephenie Meyer/Midnight Sun drama.

It goes as follows:

A leak puts the bite on ‘Twilight’~
“Twilight” fans waiting to read Stephenie Meyer’s latest vampire novel had better not hold their breath: the author is still pouting about her unfinished manuscript being leaked online — and hasn’t touched the book since.
To the chagrin of “Twilight” followers, Meyer has no further plans to resurrect the would-be juicy read. “Midnight Sun,” the fifth tome in the series, was being written from bloodsucking heartthrob Edward Cullen’s point of view.
“Nothing’s changed,” a rep for the author confirms to us. “Stephenie has no plans to move forward with ‘Midnight Sun’ at this time.”

Old news, right? But it got me thinking (run for your life!!). Now, don't get me wrong...I love Stephenie Meyer. She brought me to Edward...who in turn brought me to Robert. Not bad (Who am I kidding? It's fanFUCKINGtastic!). But I'm still so disappointed in this. Because I feel she is punishing her fans...but anyway...

Which also got me to thinking about "Midnight Sun". Yes, I have read the part that was leaked on the internet. Yes, I absolutely LOVED it...mistakes and all. I will admit it, Edward is by far the most fascinating part of "Twilight". BY FAR. And being able to get inside his head and read his thoughts...his obsession...his every feeling...was incredible. More interesting than Bella....

So what would have happened...if they had put out "Midnight Sun" as a movie instead of "Twilight"? Instead of Bella's POV...we get Edwards. We get 99% Edward. His voice over. His story. And with that...we get Rob! More delicious, beautiful, gorgeous Rob. Fascinating thought. Would the tweenies have been more excited by the movie...seeing that it was all Rob/Edward? Or do they like seeing things through Bella's eyes? Bella is so relatable...does that make her version more appealing to women? Wouldn't the Edward version of the movie have had more action...more Cullens...more of an inside look in the life of a vampire? Who wouldn't want that? How could anyone who is a fan of "Twilight" NOT want more Edward???? Obviously Robert has millions of fan who probably would feel the same way as me...and I know that "Midnight Sun" as a movie...would be...fucking brilliant. All Rob All the time. *sigh*

Right now, though, I would just settle for the book being finished and published. I'm dying to see the meadow scene through Edwards golden eyes. I'm sure SM will get over all this. Hopefully sooner than later.

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Rose - the thought of Midnight Sun as a movie had never occurred to me! What a brilliant thought - brilliant.