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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Obviously red is a color that Rob looks absolutely delicious wearing. Kinda makes me think of him being....ripe and juicy.
Now THAT'S an image.
I wasn't sure I had anything to really say today. But I did want to comment on the 'leaked' pics of Rob that have been surfacing recently. After a barren month of no Rob...all of a sudden a flurry of 'pub' pics have been posted online. Now, I don't pretend to not want to know what Rob has been doing with his time away. A good obsessive fan is always curious. And these pics were relatively harmless...one where hes laughing (always good to see), he's walking in a field (I think), a couple with some chicks in a pub (and yes, I hate those bitches), and of course, a couple of Rob on stage...singing. Harmless, yes? Pretty non-intrusive, considering he was snapped in public places...doing public things. But somehow or other...these pics were leaked onto the Internet...and some people got all huffy and puffy.
HOW DARE YOU POST THESE PICS!!!! Now, I'm not sure who they were angry with. The fact that other people were posting the pics? That they somehow felt that the pics were for their eyes only? That Rob had hired them as his personal protector and savior, and they were just doing their job? I don't get it. The pictures did end up on Perez Hilton's trashy site (and while Perez likes Rob at this time, it doesn't take much for him to start trashing someone) but I still don't see where all the hub-bub is...Bub.
OK, again, I will admit that I feel somewhat protective of Rob. Of course, I just want him to be happy and enjoy his down time before he falls back into the Twilight madness. I do wish people would just leave him the fuck alone. BUT. That being said...once the fucking pictures are out there...what's the point of bitching about them? And getting so fucking bent over nothing.
Believe me..Rob doesn't give a flying fuck about some lame ass (and so not intrusive) pics on some random bullshit websites. Like he's not used to having his picture taken by unknown people, and having his shit posted all over the Internet. Yeah, exactly.
So...my advice to those people who feel that Rob is their personal property...
1. He's not yours.
2. Really, he's not.
3. Take a deep breath.
4. He's still not yours.
5. Just stare at the juicy pic I have on this post.
6. Relax.
7. Guess what? He's not yours.
8. Step back and count to 10.
9. Rob doesn't know who you are...and he's still not yours.
10. Whew. We reached 10. Now start all over again...until you realize that Rob is a public figure whose pictures are going to be taken and plastered all over the Internet, and there isn't anything you can do about it. And he's still NOT yours.
Bye for now


Trixie said...

Rose - GREAT post! I especially liked you 10 step method - LOL!

And, "ripe and juicy" rob - ummm - yummy!


ForeverEB said...

Ohhh.... the Vman pick and "ripe and juicy" are messing with my mind.

Oh and remember - he's not yours!

Tess said...

I know he's not mine (GD it).

If he were mine... I'd take lot's of pictures of him... loving me up, so then I could have my own fucking bullshit pictures to keep me warm when he was like going to bathroom or something like that. 'cause even if he were mine, I'm just into sharing 'THAT kind of personal shit' with someone I love.. Not even Robert Fucking Pattinson. So I'd need a few photo's.

Counting to 10 doesn't seem to be working for me. can you tell?

182 said...

hahah, the 10 steps!
in my world, he's mine. :D