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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yes. I know. Every damn picture just reeks of unicorns!
I spent a lot of time 'watching' Rob yesterday. He's been out of sight, but most definitely NOT out of mind. So, I decided to watch "Twilight" for the zillionth and one time....and to rewatch some of the TV interviews that Rob gave, that I happened to save on my DVR.
The first one I watched was The Tonight Show/Jay Leno clip. It's my favorite interview with Rob. Now, I'm not sure if its because of what is said, how he looks (OK, its always about how he looks, so don't even go there), or the fact that it is in HD...and you can REALLY REALLY see him. *sigh*
First off, Rob is so damn sweet. You can tell how shy he is just by the way he kinda nods at Heidi Klum. He doesn't do the fake Hollywood "kiss kiss". Cute. But all through the interview, he keeps looking at Heidi...kinda getting her reaction...but he tells his charming 'joke car' story...they talk about his hair "right out of the box"...and of course, he talks about not having any sense of hygiene or style. Can the man get any more attractive? He pulls his fingers through that messy mop of hair...he laughs...they do a good number of incredible close-ups of his face. *swoon*. Yes, this is my favorite episode.
Another interview I saved was the one from "Ellen". I love Ellen. Rob still looked a bit uncomfortable (and truly, I don't think he will ever be all that happy with doing this kinda thing), but Ellen managed to get him to talk about relationships (his sense of humor? Wonderful), his hair (of course), his 'joke' car (again) and then got all into the scraper and windscreen...and GOD he is so charming and adorable. Ellen was good with him.
I also saved the "Tyra" show. Um. I don't like Tyra Banks. It actually pained me to have to watch her stupid show just to see Rob (and Taylor). Tyra is all about Tyra. LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME. IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. She might as well just scream that all the time.
Anyway. Rob and Taylor come out...and I must admit...Rob looks a bit more disheveled than he normally does. And he seems to be slurring his words, and looks a bit...out of it. Now, I'm not sure if he is just over tired from doing all the press...or he is fucking drunk(or stoned?). Maybe its a combination of the two. I don't blame the guy for having to get a bit numb to put up with Tyra and her "Bite me, Robert" in her lame, scratch that, INSANELY LAME fake British accent. What was awesome about it, was that Rob laughed at her and called her out on it...Hahahaha.
But, yes, she asks Rob to bite her...and of course, Rob being the nice guy that he is....he does. And then its all about Tyra again..."Did he leave a mark?" blah blah blah. She also gives Taylor and Rob some lame g-strings with their names on it. Taylor is clearly embarrassed (he is only 16, after all) and Rob says (hahahahaha) "I think mine has a stain on it"! hahahahahaha. Oh man, I LOVE THAT GUY!
I also have an interview from Fuse, "Number One Countdown". It's with Rob, Kristen and Taylor, this time. It's pretty good, they talk about music...and it's always more interesting to see Rob and Kristen together....they do good together. I like it.
One more note. I'm starting to like Taylor Lautner more...He's still so very young...but I have to admire the fact that he worked his ass off to gain weight and muscle...to get the part in New Moon. Good for him. And to be honest? He looks pretty amazing. I'm not a muscle bound kinda gal...I like my guys long and lean (SURPRISE!), but Taylor had some pretty big guns...and his stomach was much more than a 6pack. Seriously. It was truly a 12pack. WOW. I can almost see Bella falling for him now...I can almost see why she would. Before I had a hard time seeing how Jacob could possibly compete with Edward. He was such a kid in Twilight. But I'm impressed. I think he will do OK. I'm so looking forward to it!
OK. Again. I let myself fucking ramble on and on. Bullshit Lunatic. We all know I need serious help...
Bye for now:)


Trixie said...

Rose - this twin bullshit is getting fucking scary - LOL!

Let's see, what did I do last night while my husband was giving my son a bath? Oh yeah, I decided to watch the Ellen interview AND the Tyra interview. Just to spend some time with Rob. I don't have the Tonight Show on TiVo (so I have to hate you for just a minute) but I did watch it on youtube!

How can we MISS someone we don't know? I didn't think that was possible.

I'm loving your blog. It makes me happy :)

Rose said...

Oh Trixie...I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Truly missed our 'pathetic' chats yesterday...

Thanks for being such a great sister. :)

ForeverEB said...

Ok... he's so pretty. I think I love him.

Tess said...

Thanks for making relive all the lovely Rob memories..

You think he's off somewhere in seclusion so he can play tortured Edward in NM?