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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, July 3, 2009

Can I Live Without Robert Pattinson?

Edward looked just as beautiful as he did in real life,
staring at me out of the picture with the warm eyes
I’d missed for the past few days.
It was almost uncanny that anyone could look so…
so… beyond description.
No thousand words could equal this picture.

Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 3, p.65

A summer holiday weekend.
Which means going up to the lake...
hanging out with family and friends.


No computer access.
No cell phone...
Virtually no Rob.

I keep telling myself
and anyone who will listen...
How damn happy I am
to get away from the

Because it's good
to dwell on other things.
Talk to other people...
about other stuff.

Am I telling the truth?
I'm not sure.

I feel like I NEED
to get away from this.
Stop thinking about Robert
Stop wondering what he is doing...
and what new pics/videos
are being posted.

to step back...
calm down...
take a deep breath.

Rob is a part of my life now.
And as silly as that sounds...
as weird as that is for me to even type...

It's the simple truth.

There is no denying
that Robert Pattinson
means a lot to me.

I will go along with the plan.
And I will laugh
and relax...

I will watch the fireworks
over the lake.
I will sit out on the deck...
watching the sunset.
And try not
to think about

Robert Pattinson.

I know.

I even have a smirk
on my face as I write this.

As fucking if.

So I have 3 wishes.

1. That I can shut down a part of my brain...
if only for a short while...
and try to remember what my life was like
before Rob came into it.

2. That I can laugh... love...
and appreciate all that I have.
All the people in my life.
And be happy NOW.
And live in the moment.

3. That everyone I love...
and everyone I care for...
Has a safe and happy
4th of July.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

you are not alone girl ...
there are a lot of girls just like you or me ... like us ...
your plan will go well, so calm down with it. I know that Robert Pattinson is SOOO DAMNNN great, but he is an Star in the sky ;)

Suz said...

A world without... is not a world we'd want...not anymore.
we are all (including The Pretty©) in this, together

Suz {Sways} Rose
Embracing the Intoxication

Tess said...

Sweet Rosie,

I love you big time and I love your honesty.

coexist baby... coexist.