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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Miss Rob Pattinson's Smile...

Rob looks so tired... so forlorn.
Make it stop. Please.
It's almost like whatever Rob is feeling...
I feel it, too.
He's happy with a huge smile?
I'm smiling.
He's grimacing at the cameras?
I'm pissed off.
He looks wary and sad?
I'm melancholy.
He looks exhausted?
I want to hug and protect him.
From all the silly rumors that are out there.
From all the squealing, scary banshees that call themselves "fans"
From all the rude and aggressive paparazzi.
I want to shield him from any and everything
that takes that incredible smile off of his face.
I want Rob to feel safe.
I want Rob to laugh.
I want Rob to have some peace of mind.
My hope is that "Remember Me" is almost done filming
and that Rob has a month off before "Eclipse" starts up.
That Rob can go home to London for a bit...
and recharge the batteries...
Calm the nervous system...
Hang out with friends (and lover... heh)
Play music...
And just be ROB.
I don't want to see that sad look in his eyes anymore...
The frustration... the resignation.
I want his smile... to reach his eyes.
Please take care of yourself, Robert...
I fucking you.
Bye for now

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