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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Rose and Robert.

Random Thoughts.

1. You ever notice how Rob can do no wrong?
Things that Rob does are sexy and hot...
but if people in my life did the same?
Not so much.

Rob smokes. Some of his sexiest pictures are those that have
a cigarette hanging out of his mouth...
(give me a second... whew... OK)
Other than that... I'm not a fan of cigarette smoking.
It stinks... it gives me a headache...
Not even going into the health issues.
If husband smoked...
Well, lets just say... he probably wouldn't be husband.

Rob is a slob.
He admits that he doesn't clean his apartment.
He obviously doesn't give a shit about his clothes.
Yet... the 'dirty boy' image is sexy as hell.
Well... husband is kinda a slob, too...
but not so sexy... just hell.
It just irritates me.
I mean, honestly...
He leaves his garbage on the counter.
The fucking garbage can is 6 inches away.
Whatthefuck is THAT about?

2. Nikki Reed.
I feel kinda guilty for bashing on her.
Don't get me wrong... all her damn glomming
onto Kristen and Rob was incredibly annoying...
But all those rumors that Kristen and her
were no longer friends...
That she and Rob had a falling out...
Obviously total bullshit.
Nikki and Kristen looked very chummy
at Comic Con.
And it was cute.
And Nikki behaved like a good friend...
and didn't glom...
And she looked very pretty.
Sorry Nikki.

3. Robsten.
*cleansing breath*
I'm finding the whole thing rather tedious.
While I do like to stick my paddle into the fucking pot...
and I do like to fucking stir the shit out of it...
I don't take it seriously.
I have fun with it.
Some people get SO damn upset about it.
My basic thoughts on Rob and Kristen?
They like each other.
They are comfortable with each other.
They smile and laugh with each other.
That's fucking good enough for me.
It was good to see Rob have a genuine smile on his face...
After watching day after day of him with his head down
while being stalked in NYC.

But one more thing...
Rob hasn't been seen since Thurs at Comic Con.
Wonder who he is hanging out with?
I hear Rob is REALLY into Joan Jett these days.


4. Outside of this blog...
My online presence has been... quiet.
So not like me.
But I get tired of the same shit...
Different damn day.
It's not Rob... It's what goes on around Rob.
It's like there is no original thought anymore.
No individuality.
Just Sheep. Sheeple.
And all I hear is...
Baaaaaaaaa? Baaaaaaaa. Baaaaaaa.
Nothing new.
Same tired bullshit.

5. I'm still passionately crazy about
Robert Pattinson.
I have no control over it...
Wherever he wants to take me...
I will gladly follow.


Bye for now

1 comment:

Tess said...

I had a good giggle at the beginning of the 3rd paragraph Rose..

I completely understand your need to be less visible on the blog, etc.. I feel it's really not my place to chime in on the mans' personal life, and this seems to be all anyone wants to talk about these days.

squeee you.