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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rose Knows Rob

Rose was rereading her previous posts...

and let me tell you...

Rose isn't happy.

Well... duh.

But Rose is sick of the melancholy

and the 'I love Rob so much it hurts' bullshit.


We all know by now what a fucking lunatic Rose is.

Surely the fact that Rose is typing in the 3rd person...

something that irritates the living hell out of her normally...

is a huge red flag in that department.

But Rose doesn't fucking care.

Rose feels like fucking saying fuck every other word.

Rose is cool like that.

Rose follows her own fucking drummer...

Rose doesn't mind that she looks like a total

spazzed out idiot, either.

It's Rose's beat...

And Rose is fucking beating it.


That sounds fucking bad.

Rose is kinda sorry.

But not too sorry.

Cuz Rose doesn't fucking DO sorry.

Rose likes this picture of Rob.

Well... of course Rose just fucking loves Rob...

But Rose likes that Rob looks pissed.

Rose can relate.

Rose has a scowl on her face right this minute...

and if you could see Rose...

You would be fucking intimidated!

Rose digresses.

Rose... Rob...


Rob looks annoyed as hell

The Pretty looks a wee bit peeved.

It's a good look for him.

Rose realizes that every look is a good look for him.


Rose is rambling.

Rose is ranting.

Rose is ridiculous.

But Rose Loves Rob.

That much is true.

Rose says...

Bye for now


lostinphilly said...

Yes, Rose, I agree; I don't like it when The Pretty is peeved either.But we can all just love him all the same.It's okay to ramble and rant, Rose. Even though ANY look is good for him, we still want the happy Rob looks!!!!Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Is 'The Pretty' pissed ... or is he just saying, "Rose, my little flower, I want you NOW. HERE. ON THIS ROOF"?

Something to think about ....